Hands of Love

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“A warm bath, a cup of tea and a massage,” he suggested. That was the plan.

She hadn’t slept well for two nights and needed her rest. Bath accomplished and tea consumed she lay back as he covered her with a thick white towel, kissing her on the lips, “relax now,” he murmured. Andrea Bocelli playing softly in the background as he lit two candles and turned off the lights.

His warm hands began to work on her right foot, she knew without opening her eyes that his robe was off. He never wore clothes when he massaged her. His thumbs worked the bottom or her foot as her left foot snuggled against the inside of his thigh, toes playing with his dangling testicles.

As he worked, she wondered if anyone had ever had too much of a foot massage. His hands caressed and kneaded her feet, slowly melting her mind. Thoughts slowed to mere waves, then ripples of consciousness.

He felt her relax, slowly covering her feet, he moved to her side to work her right hand. His eyes enjoyed the light flickering on her hair, her face serene as his thumbs pressed her palm. Each finger pulled and then pulled again.

Hands moved up her arm, caressing, kneading then stroking the length of her arm and hand. He moved to work her other side, she wondered hazily if he knew how good this felt.

Finished with her arms, he asked gently, “You doing OK?”

A faint moan was all she could muster.

He lowered the towel down her chest, her nipples just barely visible. the last of us izle His hot warm hands stroked and kneaded her shoulders and chest. “That feels so good,” she encouraged. Fingers stroked her neck then moved back down to her chest. She wondered how her chest ever got so tight.

Stopping only to get more lotion he continued to work her chest. She squirmed as the terry cloth brushed against her nipples as he rubbed her chest. Soon his right hand slid down her body, over her sternum and then back up over her breast. Then again with the left. Her nipples firming as he brushed over them again and again, but never stopping. Long strokes massaged breasts, chest, neck and shoulders. When he stopped, she waited breathlessly, praying he would continue.

Breath resumed as his hands found her tummy. Warm firm hands stroking crisscross her belly. As he worked his hands sliding down her hips and back up her sides, his eyes scanned the silky landscape of her slim body. Finishing the top he covered her from neck to hips and began to work on her long, firm slender thighs.

Fingers dug deep into the thick muscles of her right thigh, then both hands stroked from groin to knee. Briefly slowing to caress the back of her knee, he smiled as she relaxed, her thighs splaying open. He moved quietly to work on her left leg, watching her blissful face as he gently kneaded the inside of her thighs, pressing, pulling, teasing.

He paused and the lying life of adults izle got more lotion, smiling at the serene but wanton sight before him. Long beautiful legs spread wide below her towel draped torso. Her face a picture of peace and bliss.

Lotion warm in his hand he softly slid his hands up the inside of her thighs, stopping, his thumbs slowly, gently traced her lips. His left hand then lightly cupped her vulva, his heat warming her. His torso draped over her left leg, his right hand moved slowly up her left thigh, cross her hips, towel moving up as his hand traced her belly and found her right breast. Kneading her breast, he felt her pelvis push up, pressing against his hand. His right hand moved to caress, then knead her left breast, fingers finally pulling her nipples lightly. A quiet moan led to more pressure against his left hand.

His right hand lazily traced down her belly to join his left. Thumb and forefingers of each hand softly kneaded up then down her lips, pulling her open. Fingers tracing her opening, then up to raise her hood. His eyes blurred with lust as he played. Her quiet whimpers and gentle moans, saying all.

His fingers brushed and teased her clit as his thumbs slid inside her. Pressing and spreading her open. He stopped. She didn’t move.

A drawer scraped open, a cap unscrewed, then she felt his fingers apply a silkier lubricant all over her vulva and bottom. the passage izle Two fingers of his left hand slid inside her as his right thumb continued to play with her clit. His fingers traced the roof of her vagina the base of his hand pressing against her perineum. Her legs spread wider with a moan.

His mind was drifting as his cock swelled, stimulated by feel of his fingers inside her. As he stroked her, a third finger and then a fourth joined the others. His right hand teasing her clit and lips, while his left hand turned and rotated stretching her wider and wider. Fingers fondling her cervix, stroking, urging her on.

She pressed down, his knuckles rotated trying to get inside. She had never felt so open so vulnerable, so hot. She bucked against his hand.

His cock throbbed as he heard her moans and felt her hips undulate. He wanted his whole hand inside her. He mercilessly worked her clit as she rode his hand. He groaned, his breath hot and hips thrusting in sync with hers as he felt her begin to contract. Her muscles contracting in ripples over his hand, her moans now guttural as her body bore down and then released in wet spasms of joy and bliss. Her hands clamped down on his, thighs closing fast and tight as she luxuriated in the intensity of her bliss.

In the stillness, her vagina still convulsed in soft clenches around his hand. He lay still, mind blown at the intensity of what he had just witnessed. Slowly his hand slid out of her and he rolled out of bed to put away the lotion and snuff out the candles.

He crawled back in after covering her up, spooning against her back. “Ready to sleep now,” he asked?

“Mmmmhmm, but that was kind of one sided,” she murmured.

“It isn’t a tennis match darling,” he said, “I’ll be here in the morning.” “Sweet dreams…..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32