Happy Thanksgiving, Baby

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I show up to your place with a plate full of Thanksgiving leftovers sent by my mom. You pull me close, kiss me, and ask how my day is going so far. I tell you about lunch with my parents and sister. The things we talked about. You tell me about a no show client today and how frustrating that is. Especially on a holiday like this.

You ask “what’s your next stop?”

“Going to Mama’s next. Dave is already there. He wanted to spend the day with her. You know.”

We book our trip to the mountains. It’s only a few days away!! I’m so excited!

“I guess I need to get going to the next one” and I climb up into your lap facing toward you. Just want to kiss for a minute before I get going. That’s all. All I have time for at least.

Our mouths meet sweetly for a couple of minutes. Pecks and some slow thoughtful kisses. Then tongues start to play. My hands roam up to your face. The back of your head.

Your hands run up my thighs and onto my waist. I tingle all over. Dammit I wasn’t planning on doing this. I really just don’t have time today. But… god what this boy does to me. I feel the sandman izle my pussy pulse with wanting.

We kiss deeper. One of my hands wanders down between your legs. Barely touching but feeling you stiffen inside your pants.

“Teasing is mean when you have to leave.”

“But you like it. And, I like it” I chime. Nimble your ear.

“You’d like it more if I put my dick in your mouth.”

“I would like that very much”

“But… you have to gooo….”

I smirk at you and climb off of your lap.

I stand up and then so do you. I unfasten your belt. Slide your pants and boxers down. I crouch down at your feet. It’s a little more awkward in heels but I figure you’ll like the view of my cleavage and my legs spread wide on either side of yours.

I take your dick in my mouth. You suck in a breath. I pull him deep. One of your hands moves up to your mouth in a fist and you bite your knuckle. Your put your other hand on my head and run your fingers into my curls. I get him wet with my tongue. My tits bouncing just a little with the snow girl izle the movement of my head. Do you like the view?

Once he’s slippery, I grab your hips and push him all the way back. Past that threshold. You grab my hair with both hands now and fuck my face till I gag a little. You pull back and your fingers loosen. One must not fuck up the curls too much when I still have places to go.

“I want you to fuck me” I whisper as I stand up and kiss you. You spin me around and we pull my pants and lacies down to my knees. I bend over and grab your desk. You lean back just a little to fully appreciate the view I’m giving you. I press my hips and ass back against you. And him. Hurry up!!

Your hands are on either side of my waist. I arch my back. He slides between my legs. Feel how wet she is. You are so fucking hard. Damn, I love it.

I use my hand to guide him into her. You start slow but quickly pick up the pace. It’s a little bit of a different angle with the heels on and I like it. I moan. Damn your dick feels good.

I reach the spencer sisters izle back and grab your hip with one hand. You speed up a bit. Push into me deeper. He’s big. So fucking big. Filling me up in the best way. God. Oh. That hits a good spot. Such a good spot. Jesus. Fuck. How can that possibly feel so damn good?!

You bite the back of my shoulder and I cry out. You ride me till I can feel your breathing change.

You groan. “Oh god.”

“Yeah, baby?”

“Mmhmmm” You’re gonna cum. You moan again and I feel you. You cum hard and it’s glorious.

We look down to the desk and my phone is lit up. Dave is calling. You laugh “his timing is impeccable”

“I think I’ll wait and call him back.” We giggle. You pull out of me.

We grab paper towels. And clean ourselves up. I pick up my phone and keys. We kiss by your door for one more minute. “Up to the mountains on Tuesday!” We grin. We kiss.

“I’m thankful for you.” I say.

“I’m thankful for you too” and you kiss me on the nose.

We kiss deeply one last time. I turn around and start walking away.

“Tell Dave and your family Happy Thanksgiving from me.”

“I will!!! And he keeps talking about wanting to wash your car sometime. See you Tuesday!”

I get in my car to drive to the next stop an hour away. Thanksgiving with my husband and mother-in-law. I smile to myself. Being in an open marriage is just the fucking best.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32