Have Me! Take Me! Possess Me, Completely!

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Gene is closely watching his favorite football team on his large screen television. Only a few minutes remain in the fourth quarter. But his team is losing 14 to 17, and their star quarterback had just thrown a deep pass that had been intercepted by the other team. The opposition had the ball on their 42 yard line.

Gene says out loud: “That could have been a touchdown, if only it had been caught.”

Outside, the wind is blowing; it is raining. Some trees are still dressed in leaves, both green and their Fall colors of red and yellow. Some trees are bare on the top but still covered with leaves from their center and down. A few trees are completely bare — brown limbs completely exposed as they reached toward the gray afternoon sky. It is a cool Fall day.

The opposing football team had just run two plays. The ball is now on the 49 yard line. There is still hope for Gene’s favorite team — — if only they could get the ball. Then a long successful pass possibly could become a touchdown. Or a field goal could be made and possibly tie the game; maybe his team could win in an overtime game.

Gene heard a noise, looks up, and sees Sandra walk into the room. They were good friends, but becoming much better friends and companions with each passing month. Actually they were very special friends — — with each giving and receiving many benefits. Close benefits! Intimate benefits! Each has know the other, completely — numerous times!

“How are they doing, Sweetheart?” Sandra asks.

“Losing by three points. Their long pass was just intercepted. The other team has the ball. Less then a minute to play.”

Sandra stops about five feet from the television. She is wearing a heavy dark yellow bathrobe with black trim and a black belt. Slippers cover her feet. She is almost completely covered — only her head, hands, wrists, and ankles are exposed. Her finger nails are painted red.

“I just had a nice long soak in the tub. I thought you were going to join me, Gene.” Sandra states. “You could have rubbed my back. And any place else that you desired.”

“I was going to but this football game is longer then I thought it would be.” Gene glanced at his very special friend — — but his attention soon returned to the football game. He knew that benefits would come soon — — both would give and receive pleasures. Female and male pleasures. Many sexual pleasures.

The opposition ran the foot ball trying to get the first down. Their running back is still moving forward, his legs still moving. He starts to go down, as he is tackled for a possible loss — — but quickly tosses the ball backward to a team mate. The ball is advanced to the 46 yard line. But it is the 46 yard line of Gene’s favorite team. The opposition team had the ball, they had a new set of downs. Less then thirty seconds remain in the game. After a time out, the opposition quarterback got the ball and put a knee down on the ground. The final seconds tick off the clock. The game is over — — Gene’s favorite team lost: 14 to 17.

“They lost by three points. They had several scoring opportunities during the game but failed to score.” Gene says, as he turns off the television.

“I will let you SCORE with me.” Sandra says.

“How can I score with you?”

“In many different ways.”

Their eyes meet, both smile and softly laugh. Both know a variety of sexual ways to score.

Sandra walks slowly toward Gene. With each step, the heavy dark yellow bathrobe is slowly removed. The black belt is untied with the first step. With several more steps, she pushes the bathrobe off her shoulders. It fell to the floor. Slowly, Sandra kicks off one slipper. Then the other slipper is kicked off. Her feet are bare. Her toenails are painted red — and match her finger nails. She is wearing a sheer red gown. Her soft curves, nipples, and pubic hair are very evident through the very sheer red gown.

“Are you trying to be like the trees as they slowly shed their yellow and red leaves and become bare? Their bare limbs stretching toward the grey sky.”

“Yes. Then you can enter me with your erect limb and fill me with your manhood, and drain your male juice into my moist tunnel.”

“That sounds like you are saying: Fuck Me!” Gene states.

“There are lots of ways to say, do, and show something. But, YES. I want you to fuck me.”

“One of the things that I like about you is that you are direct and to the point. You do not procrastinate.”

Sandra continues walking slowly toward Gene. Her ample breasts push against the top of her sheer red gown. Her neatly trimmed pussy hair is evident through the sheer red thong. Sandra unties the belt of the red gown and pushes it off her shoulders. Like some of the trees outside, her top is bare — — her bottom is still covered.

Sandra stands directly in front of Gene. Slowly she moves her arms upward toward the ceiling. Her breasts move upward slightly.

“I love looking at your boobs, Baby. I love watching you play with your boobs. But best of all, I love licking and sucking your boobs şişli escort and teats.”

“Look, Sweetheart — — while I play with my boobs.”

For several minutes, Sandra massages her breasts — — while pinching and pulling her nipples.

“I love watching you play with your boobs, Sweetheart.”

“What do I get to play with, Gene?”

“You know what to play with. You make wonderful music playing my organ.”

Sandra slowly pushes the sheer red thong over her hips. It slowly slides down her shapely legs and touches the floor. Now she is stark naked, facing Gene, and stands about four feet from him. Her legs are spread, her hands are on her hips. She twists and moves her upper body. Her breasts juggle, bounce, and sway. She continues showing her smooth clean flesh for his pleasure.

Gene looks at the shapely female flesh that is his to appreciate and enjoy. And to know — frequently. Now and in the future.

Sandra watches Gene’s eyes as they move up and down and across her bare body. It seems that his eyes are touching her entire body like his hands touch her body. Gentle and light touches, some heavy touches, some massaging touches — — but always a variety of touching.

“You like watching me play with my breasts?”

“YES! I like a boob show. Always have — — always will.”

“Do you want me to continue the boob show?”


Both had been previously married, both had satisfactory marriages that had gradually become bad. Both had obtained divorces within the past two years. Gene was older, but each was at the age where common interests and similar experiences were much more important then age.

Both worked for the same company but at different locations in the same large city. Through work contacts, each had discovered the other. Their casual friendship had become more serious with the passing of each Season: Winter to Spring to Summer. Now it is Fall.

Quickly, Gene glances outside. The sky is gray — — a continuous blanket of clouds, it is still raining. The wind continues to blow and undress the trees of their covering of leaves. He turns his head and looks at Sandra. She is completely bare. Just as the trees had shed their yellow and red leaves and become completely bare and naked — — Sandra had shed her yellow bathrobe, sheer red gown, and red thong panties to become completely bare. Completely nude; her female charms readily available. Only her fingernails and toenails are covered with the red polish. She is not wearing any jewelry.

Sandra is standing directly in front of Gene. She is supporting the underside of an ample firm breast with each hand. Her pinkish-brown nipples are enlarged and completely exposed. Her legs are spread. Gene looks — — as she twists and turns her stark naked body.

“Like what you see, Gene?”

Gene looks at her neatly trimmed pussy hair. He looks at her breasts and nipples. He looks at her face — their eyes meet. He continues looking at her pleasing curves.

Finally, he says: “Yes. And I enjoyed watching you last night as you trimmed your pubic hair.”

“Thank you. I am glad you liked the shaving show. But you did some of the pussy shaving.”

“I enjoy shaving your lower lips.”

“Did you like the yellow liquid show?” Sandra asks, as she continues playing and massaging her breasts and nipples.

“Yes — very much. I enjoy watching you stand up in the shower completely naked and pissing.”

“You are the first man to watch me urinate while I stood up in the shower.”

“Thank you. I appreciated you doing that for me — at different times. But you handled my fire hose while I urinated into the toilet.”

“Just say I held your limp penis while you urinated.”

“OK. What are you going to do to make my penis a nice hard cock?”

“I can see a slight bulge below your belt. Something apparently is pushing against the fabric of your pants.” Sandra said.

“Last night my slight bulge became a hard firm cock before I penetrated you.”

“I really enjoyed the loving you gave me last night. You pounded my cunt for a very long time. Very wonderful — — very pleasing.”

“I enjoyed possessing you so completely, Sandra.” Gene says, and adds: “I liked our intercourse while sitting on a chair while you straddled my body, last night. But I prefer the missionary style.”

“Yes. Missionary is my favorite position. But I like variety. It spices up our sex.”

“I agree completely. Variety is the spice of life.”

Have Me, Sweetheart! Suck My Cock

Gene stood up and said: “Undress me. Then I would like a nice long blow job.”

Sandra quickly unbuttons Gene’s shirt and pushes it off his shoulders. She kneels down; her face close to Gene’s fabric covered manhood. She removes his shoes and socks.

Next, she unfastens his belt and unzips his pants. They slide over his hips and fell to the floor. In less then a minute, Gene’s undershirt and underpants are removed. Like a bare tree outside, Gene is also bare.

He sits down on the sofa, his legs çapa escort are spread wide. Sandra is on her knees, her face between his spread legs.

“It is somewhat flaccid, now.”

“You have told me that you liked sucking a man’s penis and feeling it become larger in your mouth.”

“Yes. I receive pleasure by giving pleasure. And I really said, ‘I like sucking your penis’. Only your penis. No other penis.”

“I understand, Sweetheart. I appreciate and really enjoy the many pleasures that we share. — — — Mutual Pleasures.”

“I like feeling your bare penis become a hard cock as I lick and suck your manhood. And your balls.”

“Suck me, Baby. Suck me.”

Sandra moves her head close to Gene’s limp manhood. She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. The tip of her tongue touches the tip of his penis head — frequently. Then his shaft is licked — from the rim to the base — frequently. Gradually, Gene’s limp penis becomes coated with her saliva.

“Oh, Baby. I love having you pleasure my bare cock — — B C B J. A Bare Cock Blow Job.”

“I thought you were giving me the call letters of your favorite television station.” Sandra says — her speech somewhat mumbled as Gene’s cock cock head and cock rim is in her mouth. There eyes meet — — both softly laugh.

His limp penis is no longer limp. It is starting to grow larger and harder. His penis is becoming a cock. A cock that will be ready to soon explore and penetrate into a moist opening between Sandra’s legs. A hard cock that will pound and ram Sandra’s cunt for a long time.

“Please pleasure my balls, Sweetheart.”

Sandra sticks out her tongue and licks the skin covering both balls. Then she focuses her attention on one ball. She opens her mouth and gently sucks a ball into her mouth. Then releases the ball. Again and again, the ball is sucked and released. Gene’s other ball receives similar attention. His hair covered balls are covered with her saliva.

“Please suck my cock some more.”

“You like me sucking your bare cock?”

“Yes. I like your head at the juncture of my legs — — — giving me a hard large cock.”

“But I want some “69” activity before penetration.” Sandra mumbles — over his swollen manhood in her mouth.

“Yes. Our favorite number.”

Sandra starts stroking and fondling his saliva lubricated balls with her hand. But she starts again sucking a large penis. Her head moves toward the base of Gene’s shaft, then away. His large penis moves in, then almost out of her mouth. Gene watch his shaft disappear into Sandra’s mouth, then reappear — but he never sees the head. He observes the shaft growing larger. His large cock head and rim is always hidden inside Sandra’s mouth.

“Yes. Yes, Sandra. Wonderful! Please continue!”

Sandra continues her head bobbing in and partway out — — Gene’s bare manhood has become a large and hard cock.

“Do you still enjoy feeling my penis become a hard cock in your mouth?”

“YES. Definitely YES. I love your thick cock in my mouth and in my pussy.”

“I think that a thick cock is better then a real long cock.”

“Yes. The first several inches of my love tunnel are more sensitive then deeper inside.”

Sandra opens her mouth and mumbles the words. But Gene’s cock head remains in her mouth. The bare cock blow job ( B C B J ) continues for many more minutes. Gene feels his cock start to throb slightly.

Have Me! Pleasure My Lips.

“My mouth is getting a little tired from sucking. Your turn to suck me.” Sandra says.

Sandra is now laying down on the sofa. Her legs spread wide — the foot of one leg is on the back of the sofa, her other foot is on the floor. Her sex is completely exposed and very available.

“What would you like, Sandra?”

“Some of everything, I just want to lay on the sofa with my eyes closed — — as your lips, mouth, and hands explore my entire body. Pleasure me, Gene. Pleasure me NOW!”

Their lips meet, tongues touch, rub, and explore. At the same time, Gene’s left hand and fingers rub Sandra’s brunette colored hair. His right hand and fingers are gently rubbing a breast and its nipple. But soon his right hand is moving down her body, pass her navel and comes to rest on her recently trimmed pussy hair. Several stretched out fingers press on the top of her slit, then slide down onto her clitoris.

Her clit is rubbed in all directions. Using his finger like a pencil, Gene makes all of the letters of the alphabet on her clitoris: A, B, C . . . . finally ending in X, Y, and Z. Her small female bundle of nerves enlarges. Her breathing intensifies.

“YES. YES, Gene.” Sandra says loudly, her eyes still closed.

Then Gene slides several fingers over her piss hole and into her moist tunnel. Finger fucking begins. One finger is in as deep as possible, then almost out. Repeated frequently. Her female lubricant starts to flow. Several times, Gene pulls out completely and rubs her clitoris.

Now two fingers are fucking her lubricated cunt. In as deep as possible, then almost fındıkzade escort out. His fingers explore and probe into her body for many minutes. She is wet — — very wet with natural lubricant. Several times, Gene rubs her clitoris with a finger.

“Yes, Gene. Yes. Please continue. Have me! Pleasure me!”

As the finger fucking started, Gene moves slightly. He starts licking and kissing the flesh between her two female mounds. Next his tongue flicks out numerous times — tongue tip touches teat tips. Finally, he starts sucking her nipples and breasts. Many minutes pass. Sandra’s eyes remain closed, but her body responds to the action of his mouth and fingers.

At last, Gene moves. He is massaging her breasts with his hands and fingers. Her erect enlarged nipples are pulled, twisted, and pinched. Her breasts are gently squeezed and pushed in all directions.

His head is between her legs. Sandra has reached down with a hand and spreads her pussy lips apart. Light from the table lamp falls on the juncture of her legs. Her natural moisture glistens from the light. Gene looks.

“I love looking at your sex, Sandra.” Most of your pink treasure is completely lighted.”

“Look all that you want to, Sweetheart. Just so I feel your cock penetrating me later.” Sandra says, then adds: “Please lick and suck my genitals.”

“You will feel my bare thick cock in you.”

“Yes. I want it bare. I want to feel your cum hitting the inside of my love tunnel.

For many minutes, Gene licks and sucks her lower lips and her clitoris. His saliva mixes with her natural lubricant. He swallows, often. Finger fucking also continues — from time to time.

A few times, Gene moves his finger lower down the juncture of her legs. And massages her ass hole.

“Yes, Sweetheart. Yes. Lick and suck me. Massage me.”

For only a moment, Gene stops and says: “How long?”

“I would like to have an orgasm, Sweetheart. Lick and suck me. But also finger fuck me.”

Now Gene is playing with a breast and its teat with fingers of his left hand. Two fingers of his right hand are sliding deep into her moist cunt, then almost sliding out. Finger fucking continues. Licking and sucking of her clitoris and pussy lips continues. Several times, Gene stops his sucking but his pussy juice coated fingers fondle Sandra’s clitoris.

Then he rubs some of her natural lubrication on her dry hole. He massages her ass hole. Next he inserts a finger a short distance into her ass — but only briefly. Soft moans escape from her mouth.

Sandra arches her body, as she pushes her sex at Gene’s mouth and probing fingers. Her breathing becomes quick and rapid. Finger fucking and clitoris licking / sucking continues — even faster. Her lubricant flow increases, pussy juice mixes with Gene’s saliva. He swallows, often.

Sandra starts to quiver, then her body starts to shake. Gene continues finger fucking and clitoris sucking. Deep in her body, a wave of motion slowly develops — — then spreads through her entire body. Her body shakes some more. Sandra has an orgasm.

“That was wonderful, Gene. Very pleasing. Thank you.” Sandra says, her eyes now open wide.

“You are welcome. Let’s rest for several minutes, then move to the “69” position. You can be on top.”

Now We Can Both Score!

In several minutes, the couple are in the “69” position. Gene is on the floor, his head elevated by a firm pillow. His penis is slightly enlarged, but not firm and hard. Sandra straddles his body, then lowers herself until the juncture of her legs is close to Gene’s face.

Now she is over his body, a knee on each side. She lowers her body, her breasts lightly touch Gene’s body by his navel.

Gene’s mouth is within inches of her open moist pussy lips. Her sex is exposed completely to his eyes. Sandra’s mouth is only a few inches away from his slightly enlarged penis. His sex is completely exposed for her viewing pleasure.

Each knows that the other is looking at the equipment located at the juncture of their legs. Each is also thinking about the pleasure they will soon receive as they provide pleasure.

“Now we can both score.” Gene says.

“Yes. Your football team did not score and lost. But we will both score in this position.”

“There is no winning or losing in this “69” event. Just mutual pleasure.”

“Less talk. Get started, Gene.” Sandra suggests.

“The lady always goes first, Sandra. Then I will quickly follow.” Gene says.

Both of Gene’s hands are rubbing Sandra’s body. One hand is lightly moving across her ass and lower back. His other hand is rubbing the outside of her leg — but soon moves up the side of her body until it reaches a hanging breast. Her breast is massaged, its nipple gently pulled and pinched.

“I have two breasts, Gene. And two nipples.”

“That sounds like an invitation to me.”

Quickly Gene’s other hand is massaging her other hanging breast. Its nipple is also gently pulled and pinched.

“Yes, Gene. Play with my hanging boobs.”

Sandra moves slightly. And opens her mouth — — an inch or so above Gene’s manhood. Fingers of one hand start to fondle and stroke a pair of constant companions. Stroking continues for many minutes on Gene’s hair covered balls.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32