He Filled My Hole

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It was the hottest night of the summer. I had central air, but it didn’t help when there was no power. Sleeping was hard, the rain poured then it would stop, then pour again. The steam hovered above the ground. In the distance you could hear a low rumble of thunder. I took another cold shower, trying to cool off. There was no use. In a tank top and thong I stood in my doorway smoking. I at least had my little radio. Thank God for batteries,( how many times has a woman said that). A song by N.I.N came on the and being the freak that I am, I thought of Jim, like I needed to be any hotter. My mind drifted, eyes closed I moved to the music. If people knew what went through my mind.

Finally, I slept but was woken to my hands being tied above my head. I tried to open my eyes and couldn’t. I was also blind folded. Scared I tried to struggle. His hands stroking up my body, I froze. He rolled me on my side. He was naked behind me. His body was against mine, rubbing his big dick against my ass. As his hand lightly trailed over my titties, so light it sent chills over my body. Only one person knew I liked this. My body instantly relaxed. I found my voice and said, “You bad little boy.”

“I’m not so little am I?” Jim said. “I wouldn’t want it any other way,” I said. With a stroke of his fingers my legs parted, his dick slid between my pussy lips. Not in my pussy, just between my lips.

We rocked our hips moving slow. He used his hands touching, rubbing up and down my body, he smacked my pussy. Then crept his way up, grabbing my tits rubbing his hand across pulling my nipples. Our lips met, his kisses the undeclared war izle at first were soft and gentle, playful. His Dick rubbed my clit, his hands and fingers squeezed a little harder. Our kissing became harder and deeper. He laid me on my back, taking his knee spreading my legs. He laid on top of me so his big cock, the head of it lay down by my hole. I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips and tongue around, sucking his big dick. Soon but, not yet. It’ll be worth it Jim.

When he rocked that ass, his dick rubs against my clit. He licked and sucked on my titties. It almost killed me not to use my hands, I’d be digging up Jims back each time he rocked those hips. Jim was grinding his cock against my wet pussy. I could feel my body giving up control to him, except it was too soon. The first time I came it was going to be all over his face. The thrusting of Jims hips was bringing me closer. I skipped my hips over so to stop the rocking of his dick. I looked up into Jims brown eyes, some of those looks he could give made me so fucking horny. I whispered, “I want to see if your mouth is as talented as your cock.”

Jim kissed me hard and deep, he went to my neck sucking and biting his way down. He stroked my very wet, very hot fucking pussy. Jim rubbed my clit, then sucking on it a little, then sliding his fingers in my pussy. Jim fingered my pussy as he licked the length of my pussy, hard and using his whole tongue not just the tip of it. Making it so it stayed fat not pointed. Jim would grind his face as he licked me, fingering me the watcher izle hard. I couldn’t stand it, he knew exactly how I wanted my pussy ate.

Jim reached up untied my hands, he laid down. I climbed on to 69 him. I told Jim to just work my clit over right now. I kissed around his dick licking just around the head. I took my head titled it a little to the side, parted my lips at the base of his hard cock, I sucked on every fucking inch of him. Sucking, licking his dick sideways, but not going all the way up to the head. Staying just below, working over that spot, licking hard up to the head making his dick rise up to my mouth. I brushed my lips across the head. “Flash” A picture was taken. I rolled my tongue around the head, I parted my wet lips wider, opening my mouth. Brushing my lips over every fucking inch his hard cock had to offer. Making Jims dick rock hard, rising up to meet my tongue.

I licked down to Jims balls. Softly sucking as I stroked his dick, sideways reaching the head working it. I stopped with the head between my lips, I straightened my head. Twirling my tongue around and around the head, my mouth had to still open wider. I said, “Whose cock is it baby?” He replied, “It’s yours, just yours.” Just then I tightened my lips sucking in every inch I could. Sucking hard in and out of my mouth. Jim moaned, “God Dam.” MY big creamy filled donut oozed a little in my mouth. Jim grinded his entire face into my wet pussy, from clit to hole. This time licking and sucking, grinding. Our rhythm quickened, sucking on just the head of Jims dick. the watchful eye izle

“Work it!” he begged. Down I went “Flash.” My hips rocked hard across Jims face, getting closer to cumming. My body couldn’t move, it’s all on Jim. He started tongue fucking my pussy. Pounding it into me, as I sucked hard and fast on his dick. The sounds we made told how dam good it was. My pussy began to drip, his dick began to spit. He grinded harder and faster I sucked Jims dick hard. Licking as I sucked, Jim began shooting his sweet creamy cum deep into my throat. As I creamed his face. We sucked every last drop together, our rocking hips slowed. We looked at each other said, “Fuck.”

He took me by the hand, leading me to my balcony. We stood in the rain our bodies drenched in sweat. We kissed long, our hands exploring each others bodies. I leaned back against Jim. His hands went to my titties. He whispered, “Big tits” at the same time, he grinded his dick against me. Forcing the head of his cock between my pussy lips, reaching around smacking my pussy lips. Jims big dick entered my pussy from behind, my hole ached as I felt the head enter. It was a good dam ache. Jim pumped his dick slowly in and out of my pussy. He stopped but stayed in me. I tightened my pussy muscles around his Jims cock. Jim rammed his dick hard into me. Harder, he squeezed my tits.

He told me to bend over, oh and I did. Jim fucked me hard from behind, in the hot dam rain. The sounds of us fucking echoed in the air. Jim grabbed my hair a little, smacking my ass as he rammed me harder. I was getting louder, the harder he fucked my pussy. Working that cock, a little bigger he became, the tighter my pussy was as it came. Jims dick just then, he pumped his cum deep into my pussy. Jim spanked my pussy one last time. I yelled, “Oh fuck.” Our bodies jerked as the hot cum exploded from our bodies.

He said when we finished, “Now that’s how the cream gets in a Donut.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32