Helping Out a Friend

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Helping out a Friend

My good friend Tina was going away to Spain for 2 weeks. She had recently met a new boyfriend, Rob, and it looked like it might be love.

We had spent a lot of time going out and having fun in our late teens and early twenties, but work and occasional boyfriends now meant we only saw each other a couple of times per week. But we were very good friends and would do anything for each other and frequently did.

Unlike myself, Tina was quite spiritual, believed in the alignment of the stars and karma and things like that. I was, and still am much more black and white. I have a head for business and try not to spend time doing things that don’t make money or bring joy or pleasure.

Being spiritual, she was very interested in yoga, meditation and massage. She had had several interesting jobs but wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. So after some deliberation she decided to go it alone and furnished her apartment accordingly to set up a sports and massage therapy service from her home. She mainly gave family members or friends head massages, occasional sports massages or all over body massages for mainly her female friends. I could never see her making money doing it, her rates were low. But she enjoyed it and seemed to have a growing number of regular paying clients, in addition to her friends and family. Her boyfriend also brought some of his friends who paid at ‘mates’ rates’, although I was never privy to those numbers!

I also wondered whether he had some kind of alternative motive for introducing his male friends to her massages. Unlike me, Tina was not such a sexually motivated person, many of her boyfriend’s simply gave up trying and moved on, although she seemed to have found her mojo with her latest boyfriend.

Tin had an amazing pair of breasts. I would guess a 40D, or maybe even a 40DD. I was envious of them and can understand why a growing number of male clients wanted to sign up for massages. Whenever I joked about this Tina quickly dismissed my ideas and would not entertain the idea that some men might purely enjoy a pair of large breasts and a pretty young lady putting her hands on them.

I was a little more worldly wise as well as aware of the look’s men gave me, I actively encouraged being flirted with and was way too easily tempted if an older man responded to my flirtatious behaviour. Unlike Tina, I was more of a manipulator, I looked for situations where I could exploit my femininity and sexuality and often seduced older men, or made it very easy for them to seduce me. My love of regular and hot sex was not matched by Tina and I worried that her new boyfriend would not be satisfied and that his attempts to turn her on with friends attending massages (if that is what he had in mind) would simply not work.

It happened to coincide that during the two weeks Tina was to go to Spain, she had been unable to move 3 massages that were booked and paid for. Before she reluctantly cancelled them and gave a refund, she asked me for a favour. She asked me if I wouldn’t mind stepping in for her and massaging her 3 clients. She explained what would be required with each of them and I listened intently to see if it was something that I would be able to do for her. She worried unnecessarily and I really wanted her to enjoy her holiday, so I tried to be as accommodating as I could.

In truth, I would rather have chopped my own leg off. She explained that Client Number 1, Steve, a lad of around 28, played a lot of football and required a relaxing head massage as well as deep tissue massage on thighs and calves. I had met Steve once and thought he was a little conceited. I could imagine him ogling Tina’s breasts as she worked his thighs, hoping for a grope or a flash. Not an unpleasant thought but I doubt he got much change from Tina.

Client Number 2 was a friend of Tina’s fathers. Reg was around 60-62 and I wondered why this was something that Tina’s parents (her Dad was quite possessive) would tolerate. But, unlike me and my dirty mind, everyone thought it was great that Tina would help out Reg with a deep tissue massage on his back, shoulders, neck and legs, as well as the basic head massage to relax him. He was a little highly strung!

Finally, an ex-work colleague of Tina’s, Ed. Another spiritual type, timid and sensitive. I had not seen him with a girlfriend ever and wondered whether he might be gay, although I had not seen him with a guy either. He liked the speciality head massage and also neck, shoulders and back.

Tina showed me how to perform the massages. We agreed that she would message my head and legs, then I would return the favour to see if I had taken in the information and what areas to concentrate on. Also, how hard to press the tissues, as it was not always advisable to go too hard as this would not release the pressure or knots and in fact cause pain and discomfort. I was a pleasure more than a pain type of girl so decided to err on the side of caution and have a slower and gentler slant to my massages. We agreed that this would ataşehir escort work, particularly as a one-off.

While massaging me I found myself transfixed with Tina’s big breasts, heaving as she breathed slowly in rhythm with her hands working the specific areas. I could imagine the pleasure this gave some of her male clients, but again resisted the urge to mention it, as it always seemed to annoy Tina. In truth, I was also turned on by the site. Her breasts were nothing short of magnificent, I would love to find a way to give them a good squeeze, If it did not spark a violent reaction in Tina.

I then fantasized about slowly removing her bra and revealing what I could make out were very large areolas and substantial nipples. Despite my temptation I resisted my urges and said nothing and enjoyed my massage.

In turn, Tina complimented me on my massage and assured me that her customers would be fine and would enjoy the change of scenery. Yet again, she failed to understand the amazing scenery she was providing, something I could not quite live up to.

I asked her what I should wear? and Tina gave me a white doctor /nurse style coat and some white loose trousers, she told me that she wore these most of the time. If not just a t-shirt and leggings when she got to know the clients a little better and felt safe and relaxed. I took the items but decided to give it a little more thought.

Tina set off for Spain, Barcelona would provide a wonderful break with everything she would need, including weather, scenery, culture and of course, amazing food and wine. I was a little jealous and also a little nervous about my 3 upcoming appointments.

All clients had received an email from Tina informing them that her friend Beth would be replacing her this week and had cc’d me on the mail. She told them how lovely I was and that they were in safe hands, but to not expect the exact same massage style. No one had complained so it seemed they were all happy with the change, or not prepared to cancel at any rate.

First up was footballer and all round arrogant self-loving asshole Steve!

He undressed to his boxer shorts and lay on the table. I put on the scented candles that Tina had instructed, and also the joss sticks and gave the room an aromatherapy spray, boy was she into this stuff! It did smell nice and definitely gave off a spa atmosphere and a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.

Steve lay on his front as I massaged his calves first, then up towards his thighs. His legs were impressive, not surprising for a footballer and he seemed to enjoy the massage, although working his strong muscled legs was certainly making my hands and arms sore. Tina warned me it was harder going than I might have thought, she was right!

He turned over and I continued to work his outer thighs as he lay on his back. It was soon very apparent that he had an erection, and also a smirk on his face.

“So have you been massaging long?” he asked.

“No, I do it for a hobby really and am just helping out Tina. How do you know each other?” I asked, pretending I gave two hoots and trying to get the rod in his pants to subside unaided.

“Actually we dated for a few months and have remained friends. Tina doesn’t want Rob (her new boyfriend) to know we were once together as he probably wouldn’t be too happy about her massaging me. Fair enough I guess.” He said.

“I’m sure he is confident enough; they seem very in love.” Was my observation.

“Actually,” he said, warming to his theme, “We still fuck every now and then, so if she stopped massaging me we would lose the opportunity, so best he doesn’t find out if you know what I mean.”

I was shocked but also unsure whether to believe him.

“I’ve known Tina a long time, we’re very close and I have to say I find that a little hard to believe. I see her as more of a romantic then a party girl, and we’ve been to plenty of parties together.” I responded, to let him know that if he is making up stories about my friend, it wouldn’t go down too well with me.

“Then you don’t know Tina as well as you think. She is sex mad, we fuck in every room in here and are at it for a couple of hours. She also massages my mate Dave, she doesn’t know I know but they’re at it like rabbits too. He tells me everything.”

A typical immature young guy. One of the many reasons I prefer to date older men. But to continue…

‘Well I’m surprised you think it is a good story to tell her best friend, and I’m not sure I believe you, perhaps I’ll ask her when she returns. But it’s her life and if that’s what she enjoys she will get no judgment from me (Obviously!!) I responded, a little icily.

“So what about you then, You fancy a little bit of fun? Don’t know if you’ve noticed but you’re massaging is working wonders downstairs here.” He said, pointing at his erection.

“Yes, I had noticed, Tina tells me this happens most of the time and to ignore it. I hardly think it is a good idea to betray Tina’s trust in her home when I am doing her a favour. avcılar escort And in any case, apologies, but you’re just not my type.” I gently broke the news to him.

“Suit yourself, but you don’t know what you’re missing, ask Tina.” He said, as he sat back and relaxed, a little forlorn, as I continued and finished with his head massage.

I finished and left him to get dressed. I returned a few moments later and he thanked me for the massage.

“Can I get your number?” he asked

“Why do you want that?” I replied, trying to give him a clear cold shoulder.

“Just in case you change your mind.” He smiled

“I won’t but thank you.” I said and showed him to the door.

What an asshole!

There was no way I would be interested in playing with an arrogant dickhead like that. Lovely body, pathetic immature mind.

He had got me wondering however about Tina. Was there more to her than I realised?

I texted Tina and told her, one down two to go!

She thanked me and asked if Steve was any trouble. I thought I would explore this a little, so I responded:

“No, nothing I can’t handle. He enjoyed revealing his erection to me, but he’s not my type. Maybe more yours…” I sent the message and hope it was ambiguous enough not to expose their tryst should he have been speaking the truth.

The reply came back.

“Not sure what you mean, but thanks anyway, Barcelona is amazing. Be nice to Reg tomorrow.” Came the reply. Interesting.

I made my way to Tina’s the next day and had just managed to wash and dry the white uniform she had given me to wear. I got there an hour before Reg was due to arrive and prepared the room in the same way. I was tired and anxious to get this over with and return home. I had probably assumed it was going to be as tedious as the previous evening, but Reg was of course a much gentler soul as I was soon to find out.

“Hello my dear.” He said as he came in. “Well this is a treat, you’re Tina’s friend, aren’t you?”

“I am, we’ve known each other for years and she asked me to help her out while she went to Barcelona. I hope you don’t mind I might not be as skilled as Tina, but I’ll try my best.”

“Well there is no doubt in Tina’s skills.” Reg chuckled as he replied, “But I am more than happy to spend an hour in your company. Now, where do you want me?” he asked, or perhaps I should say he flirted.

I was starting to get the impression that this profession was working better for Tina than I had realised. Reg definitely had a glint in his eye when I mentioned Tina. I decided to probe.

“It must be nice sitting and relaxing while Tina works her magic on you.” I suggested.

“Absolutely,” said Reg. “Her hands are pure magic; it takes me an hour to come back down after my visit.” No, no real clue which way that comment was heading!

“She’s a very pretty girl too is my friend Tina.” I continued to probe.

“Pretty and well proportioned.” Offered Reg, smiling to himself as he started to undress.

I left the room so he could continue and gave him a couple of minutes, When I returned, he was lying on his front on the massage table.

Well proportioned, I was right, he was ogling her huge boobs every week!

I started on Reg’s legs and moved from his calves to his thighs. I moved slowly and gently as I was careful not to hurt a man with much smaller and softer legs, also a lot older and if I may say so, a hell of a lot sexier.

I was enjoying feeling his legs and could feel that as I moved further up, Reg was sighing a little and almost moving his body towards me.

I caught myself and realised this was the friend of my best friend’s father. Better behave!

“You’re very gentle, it’s wonderful.” Said Reg.

Oh my god what was I going to do? All of my buttons were being pushed, I was in a position I love being in and here I was with a semi naked man beneath me enjoying my hands over his bare flesh.

He turned over and I started to massage the front of his legs. Another erection to deal with.

I pretended not to notice and moved up to his chest and shoulders. I was now very close to Reg and he was smiling as I massaged him.

“You’re having quite an effect on me young Beth.” He said.

I was aware of what he was referring to but ignored it as per Tina’s advice.

“Be a good girl and open that shirt a little, would you? Tina often does this in just a bra, or sometimes topless. Don’t tell her I told you that though will you?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it was starting to sound like Tina was the kind of massage therapist I would be!

“I won’t be doing either, now let’s try and behave and let me give you a nice massage, like Tina does every week.” I said and started on the head massage.

Reg whipped the towel away and revealed his hard cock. He immediately started to rub it and it was already leaking.

“Tina always finishes down here with her magic hands. Happy ending she calls it. C’mon, help me to relax a little here Beth.” ataşehir escort bayan Reg said as he looked at me lustfully, stroking his cock and squeezing his nipple with his other hand.

What was I going to do? In ordinary circumstances his cock would be down my throat by now, but I felt I had a duty to be professional and not put Tina in any difficult positions when she returned from holiday.

“Stop that Reg, I’m just here to help Tina and give you a massage, nothing else. You’re very nice and a very lovely attractive man, but can you please stop playing with yourself and put it away.” I could almost not believe what I was saying, I sounded like my mother! Not that she had ever, oh never mind…

He didn’t stop. “Come on Beth, I’m going to cum soon anyway, help me out. I want you to touch me while I’m cumming.” He groped my ass in my trousers as he said this.

For some reason I did not stop him, and I could see he was building up to cum.

“Just give me a flash of your bra, that’s all it will take, please Beth.”

I looked in his eye and undid a button and pulled my shirt back to show my black bra.

“Oh fuck Beth yes…..” Reg came all over his towel.

“I chuckled, you are a naughty old man Reg. But I’ll say nothing if you don’t want me to.”

“I don’t mind either way Beth. Just a shame I didn’t get your hands around me, Tina always helps me out and finishes the job. Never mind, I’m sure we’ll meet again. Thanks for the thrill, loved it when you opened your shirt to reveal your sexy bra, what a turn on.” He said as he scrambled his clothes back on and slowly made his way to the door.

“Ta ta for now.” He said.

The following week I only had Ed to massage in Tuesday at 6 o’clock. I got to Tina’s at around 5pm to prepare.

Just before 6pm the front doorbell rang, and I went to let Ed in. But it wasn’t Ed, it was Jack, Tina’s father.

I greeted him and let him in.

“Hello Tina, how are you? You’re so kind offering to help Tina out with her sports massages, thank you.” He said.

Sports massages I thought, is that another word for hand jobs?

Jack was lovely, I always had the hots for him when I was a little younger and I swear he used to look at me in ‘that way’.

He told me he had spoken to Tina earlier and now that she had a cancellation at 6 o’clock she suggested I wouldn’t mind giving him a quick massage. Tina massaged her Dad regularly and he looked forward to relieving the tension knots once a week. He ran a business and was often a little stressed although money worries had deserted him now that after 20 years, he had been quite successful.

But I was confused, I had come here to massage Ed. I checked my messages and sure enough he had cancelled. Nothing from Tina however regarding her father.

“Oh! I can see that Ed has cancelled, he only did this about 15 minutes ago, he could have given me a bit more notice.” I said.

“Well his loss is my gain,” he said, “I can see you are all ready so shall we get started?”

I hadn’t even changed; I was still wearing a white t-shirt and black leggings. I had a black bra under my t-shirt which was visible through my shirt and I would have preferred to change into the more professional doctor coat as provided by Tina.

“Ok, well where would you like your massage Jack?” I asked.

“Oh anywhere, everywhere, nothing like a good massage to relieve the tension. I’ll just get undressed and pop this towel over me if that’s Ok?” Jack asked, seemingly very keen to get started.

“Ok, I’ll leave you to it and pop back in a few moments.” I said, making for the door.

“No need,” Jack said, and he whipped his clothes off, turning his back to me and wrapping the towel around him. I’d never seen Tina’s Dad’s naked ass before. I liked it!

He lay on his front and I started to massage his legs. I climbed up to his back and worked on his back and shoulders. He was definitely enjoying it and was letting out a series of moans.

I was getting into it a little and could feel a level of sexual arousal running through my body. I ran down his back and pulled the towel down a little and worked the area just above his bottom.

“Oh, that’s nice Beth, keep doing that.” He responded.

So I did.

I carried back on down his legs and started to work hi thighs, moving my fingers slowly towards his butt cheeks and inside his legs.

“My word Beth, this is incredible.” He panted.

“Thank you, Jack, I’m glad you like it.” I said, my breathing was also getting heavy and I could feel a dampness forming on my panties.

Jack sat up and turned around, laying back down on his back.

He positioned his towel carefully, but I had already seen a huge erection.

“That’s better,” he said, “now I can get a good look at you.”

I smiled and started to work his shoulders and gently moved back down his legs and gently massaged, almost stroked his thighs.

“It’s hard to concentrate with that lovely black bra staring at me through your t-shirt.” Jack said, managing to somehow not sound pervy. “You are a very lovely girl Beth.”

“I’m sorry I’m not dressed properly, I wasn’t expecting you and Ed wasn’t due for another 15 minutes so I would have put my professional coat on.

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