Her Friend From The Gym

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The following story could be just a story, a fantasy, or even a femdom hypnosis script. Whatever your liking… enjoy


Hey Baby,

It’s been a long time since we’ve been together alone. I’m glad to hear that your wife is out of town. I have been so horny thinking about you…. I’ve been thinking about this moment… for so long… and what it would be like when I got you all alone… away from your wife… and all to myself

Baby… I have brought you a present… and I think you are going to love it. But first… I want you to get naked. Take off all of your close. That’s it… strip all the way down. Take off your shirt… slip out of your pants… and your underwear… That’s it… I want you to be completely naked for what I’m about to show you… I have a surprise for you… and I think you are going to love it. Now…. cum here… just sit down right here next to me.

“Hey SEXY!! You can come in now!!!”

Baby… this is my friend. I know you remember him. He is from the gym. I know you have seen him… and watched him. Now baby, don’t be nervous… nobody will ever know about this. It’s just you… me…. and him. Just relax. Nothing is going to happen, that you don’t want to happen.

Now… You know that I told you that I was going to tell you my secret fantasy. Right?

Baby… have you ever, had sex with a man? … You haven’t? Do you want to know what it’s like… what it’s like to be with a man… to touch him… kiss him… taste him? Have you ever been curious? Thinking about what it would be like to have a mans, thick… penis… in your hands… and in your mouth? To service him, worship his body… feel your body against his… To wrap your legs around him? To surrender to a man completely? and let him inside you?


I want to watch you with another man. I want to see you be with another man. I want to watch you kiss another man… and let him slip his tongue deep inside your mouth. I want to see another man make love to you…. to kiss you… taste you… and penetrate you…

And I know you want this too. I know that you are curious… curious about being with another man. I’ve seen the pictures on your computer; I’ve seen the way that you look at other men. Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen you watch my friend at the gym… I’ve seen you watch him while he worked out. I saw you looking at his body while he wasn’t looking, lusting after him. Wanting him. You didn’t think I saw it did you. Did you know, that he was watching you too? Baby… My friend is gay.

He has fucked many men from the gym. A lot of them said they were heterosexual. They told him that they were only interested in women. But once he got them alone… in a room… within minutes, he was seducing them… and fucking them. Do you want to know… how he did it? Watch him now… as he strips down naked in front of you. He is going to show you his body

Baby… I want you to look at my friend. He is fucking sexy isn’t he. Don’t try to deny it. Look at him. Don’t look away. Look at his body. Look at his lips… and his mouth. You want to know what it’s like to kiss him don’t you… to kiss him deep… letting him explore your mouth. Look at his chest, his stomach… look at his strong legs.

Watch him turn around, and pull down his pants… slowly… showing you his ass.

Now… Look at his ass baby… You want it don’t you, you want to taste him. Watch him turn back around… Now… I want you to look at his thick cock. Look at it. It’s so beautiful isn’t it. You want to taste it don’t you. You want to put it in your mouth. You want to service it. Baby, I know you want this… don’t try to run from this. Your own dick, is rock hard… just looking at him, wanting him, lusting for him.

Now… Just stay right here as he ataköy escort walks toward you. Stay seated…. don’t move. Now Baby… I want you to look at this big… thick cock in front of you. It is so beautiful… I know you want this… Your penis is rock hard and dripping wet. Your mouth is watering… just at the thought of sucking this dick in front of you. Now… I want you to put your hands on it. Feel it in your hands…. Feel the heat from it. Feel it throb in your hands. Now start to move your hands up and down on his thick shaft… Watch how it responds to your touch. Feel it, grow in your hands. Look at the precum dripping from the tip…. His penis is beautiful… isn’t it. Don’t shy away from this… now… I want you to lean forward…, open your mouth… open your mouth wide… put him in your mouth… that’s it… put your mouth on him… taste his precum.

OOH FUCK, this is so hot watching you do this

Move your hot mouth back in forth over his shaft. Feel his cock throbbing… and pulsating in your mouth. Worship this hard cock. Lick it… and kiss it… suck it…. Taste his dick… That’s it…, look him in his eyes… look up at him while you suck him. Take your hands and explore his body. Rub your hands over his stomach, chest… his back…, and down to his ass. I know you want this… you’ve always wanted this.

You feel his hand… press gently against the back of your head… Guiding you, while you service him… don’t stop… get into it… take him deep into your mouth…. feel it… slide into the back of your throat… Now just relax your throat. That’s it… take him deeper…. Your mouth belongs to him. Worship and service this cock… with your hot, wet, mouth. Suck it like a man for me. You know better than any woman how to suck him. This is natural. You’re going to make him cum.

Ooh Fuck… You feel his grip on your head, tighten. He’s going to cum. He’s going to cum in your mouth… and you want it so bad. You can’t get enough of his cock… you are addicted to his cock… you want his cum… I want you to swallow every drop of his hot cum. That’s it…take it. He’s gonna cum…

Suddenly… He pulls your head back… until your lips, are right at the tip of his penis. And then… he explodes… in your mouth.

…Ooh Fuck… he’s cumming. His cock is Exploding in your mouth… Shooting spurt… after spurt… after spurt… of hot cum, in your hot mouth. Take his cum in your mouth baby. Taste it… Feel it. Let his cum slide into your mouth… down your throat… and into your body. He is still cumming… shooting that hot cum into your mouth… and you can’t get enough of it… you are trying to swallow every drop… It tastes so fucking good doesn’t it.

You can’t get enough of his cum… but…

Suddenly… He pulls you up… and begins to kiss you. Ravishing your mouth with his… Kissing you… as only a man can. Forcing his tongue deep inside your mouth…

That’s it… Surrender to him. Surrender to his mouth… let him go deep in your mouth and taste cum. Your cock is rock hard as you let him kiss you deep. This is so fucking intense. He is kissing you like no other woman can or has… or ever will. You can’t get enough of his mouth as you two continue to kiss… groaning in each others mouths… You want him more than you’ve ever wanted anyone else in your life.

He wraps his arms around your body… You grab his face… and grind your body into him. Your kiss becomes deeper. Your cock is rubbing against him. His hand, slowly slides up your back, to the back of your head, smashing your face into his… His tongue goes deeper into your mouth… and into your throat… groaning into you. As you kiss him back… hungrily.

…then… he flips you around… and presses you up avcılar escort against the wall. He reaches around you and grabs your cock… and he begins to stroke you… while he is kissing, and licking your ear lobe. He begins to whisper in your ear… telling you how he is going to take you… slip his penis inside you… and fuck you deep… It takes everything within you, not to cum right then. You surrender to him. You lean back against him. You can feel his body against yours. His chest, against your back… His thighs against your thighs. His dick is rubbing back and forth against your ass.

You can feel his breath against your neck. He turns your head back as you kiss again. You want him to take you don’t you. You want him to penetrate you… You want him to take your virginity. That’s it…. give yourself to him. don’t fight this. Grind your ass against him… Oooh Fuck. This is so sexy, watching you like this.

Yes… He’s going to take you. He’s going to deep stroke you… he is going to fuck you… deep… long… and with passion… and when he is done with you… when he is done taking you… fucking you… and cumming in you… you will never be able to be with another woman again. Feel him as he licks down your neck. He is teasing you… making you want him… he is turning you…

As he strokes you with his right hand, he caresses your chest with his left hand. Sliding his way up… and pinching your nipples. Then, he moves his fingers up and into your mouth. You suck them eagerly, making them wet. This is driving you crazy. He removes his fingers from your mouth, and moves his hand down… and then, he slips a finger inside your ass. It hurts… but it feels so good. You know what this means… You know exactly what he is going to do to you. And you want it. He slips another finger into your horny ass… opening you up even more… as he kisses… and licks his way up and down your neck and shoulder… driving you insane with lust.

You feel his cock slide back and forth against your ass as he forcibly turns your head… and kisses you once more. You want this don’t you… you want to get fucked. This is why you kept cheating on your wife. You were looking for something that she couldn’t give to you. She can’t satisfy you. You need a man… you need a man to take you where she can not take you. You need to be fucked… you need a man to fuck you… you need a man deep inside you… You’ve always needed this. You just needed me to unlock this deep, dark, desire within you.

He slowly removes his fingers out of your hole. He’s going to fuck you now. You can feel the head of his cock, at your hole now. Then… You feel it penetrate you… You feel it begin to slide inside your ass. It hurts so bad… but It feels so fucking good. His dick slowly slides into your ass until it is lodged… deep inside you. You are his women now.

He pulls out slowly… and then, he pushes back inside you, this time even deeper. He slowly begins to move his penis in and out of you. You begin to press back against him, wanting him to fuck you… wanting him to pound you. He begins to speed up the pace…. Fucking you… Deep stroking you. His cock is deep inside you now… and you love it. He is taking you… He is breeding you… he is turning you.

Put your hands on the wall, and press your ass back against him. Give your ass to him. His dick is pounding you. It’s hitting your spot… and if feels so fucking good. He is grabbing your hips and fucking you and you are pushing back against him like a slut. You’ve never felt anything like this in your entire life.

Then… suddenly, he pulls out of you… leaving you empty. You turn around and he leads you to a chair nearby. He sits down, and motions for you. Is thick, wet cock is pointing straight beylikdüzü escort up. It looks so delicious, you want to just get down on your knees and suck him off again, but you need something else first. You go to him, and straddle him. He grabs your hips as you two look into each others eyes. He eases you down… your ass opening for him… effortlessly. He penetrates you, going deep inside you again.

You start to move up and down on him… feeling his thick penis move in and out of you. You grab the back of the chair behind him and begin to slam your ass down on his cock. You two begin to establish a rhythm… fucking. He looks into your eyes, you lean into him and kiss him hungrily. You can’t get enough of him. The way he looks… The way he smells, tastes… The way his body feels against yours…

You are unaware of your surroundings. It’s just you and him. Sex sounds fill the room, as you two continue to fuck… with passion. Kissing… groaning… mating.

You’ve gone all your life… living as a heterosexual male. You never imagined that you would ever be having sex with another man… And now, here you are… in a dark room… naked with another man. your bodies, dripping…as you continue to have hot… wet… wild, uninhibited gay sex with a man who you don’t even know… Fucking,…. like wild animals. His dick, pistoning in and out of your ass… his tongue, slipping and slivering deep inside your mouth.

He moves his mouth down and begins to lick and suck on your nipples, while you moan in ecstasy. You want to scream at the top of your lungs… because this feels so fucking good. you don’t even know him…. but you want his cum…. You want his cum inside your ass… you want him to fill you up. You want his seed to impregnate you.

This is so fucking hot. Ooh fuck baby… he is about to cum. He is about to cum deep inside your womb. Take his cum inside you…. take his cum deep inside you.

He grabs your hips even tighter… and he slams your ass down on his dick. You feel his cock expand… and he shoots his load inside you… flooding your body with hot cum. Feel it! Feel his seed go deep inside of you…and as he cums… you cum. You begin to have the most intense orgasm… that you have ever had, in your entire life. Shooting cum all over the both of you.

He pulls you back into him and kisses you again… deep, long, and wet as his cum fills your body. His body is convulsing… shooting jet… after jet… after jet, of his hot cum inside your body… while you continue to shoot cum, between you. Finally… you kiss him once again… lovingly… knowing that this will not be the last time… You wrap your legs around him and kiss him passionately. This is only the beginning.

From now on… you don’t want to be with women, you only want to be with men. This deep dark forbidden passion has been unlocked within you. And it will never go away, no matter how much you try to fight it. You have to have sex with men… You want to kiss… lick… suck… and taste, men. You want to rub your body against another man. You want to give your mouth, and your ass, to a man.

You want to surrender to him… worship him. Explore his entire body with your mouth. You want to kiss a man, taste his mouth. Lick up and down is chest. Suck his cock… his balls… explore his ass, lick his asshole. You want to make a man explode, in your mouth… in your ass… on your body. You need to be with a man. You need to be fucked…. in every position possible.

From now on, you will go and seek material on how to seduce men, gay… or straight. You will become an expert, on pleasing men. Pleasuring their bodies… and making them cum, better than any woman can. And when you are finished, they will be addicted to your mouth… and your ass.

Whenever you see an attractive male, you will figure out a way, to take him somewhere… get him alone in a room, …and seduce him any way you can. You will then suck him off and swallow his cum. And let him take you… let him penetrate you… and let him fuck you… and release his seed deep inside you…. again… and again… and again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32