Hot Tub Fun

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Heading home, she stretched her muscles as discreetly as possible while crammed in the crowded bus. This job was certainly giving her the workouts she had been missing! The lifting wasn’t heavy, but it was nearly constant and her legs, arms and butt were all feeling the burn. She was looking forward to getting home and sinking into the hot tub!

She picked the mail up out of the box on her way into the house. Sorting through the mostly junk, she spied a new catalog for her favorite toy store…that would definitely land on the top of the to-do pile! She smiled as she thought about her experiences with the last toy from that place…and shivered a little as she remembered a mind-blowing orgasm. Oh yes, she was going to look at that just as soon as she got out of her work clothes.

In the bedroom, she removed her shoes and jeans, then her top and the bra from hell. It was great for support, but by the end of the day, it might as well be a straight jacket! She looked at herself in the full-length mirror, deciding once again that her body wasn’t half bad. She liked her tits; at 38C they were still standing pretty proudly. Her tummy wasn’t as flat as when she was a twenty year old, but it wasn’t terrible. Her butt was firm and round, she got a lot of compliments on it from both men and women. All of that was perched on nicely toned legs; all in all, not bad.

Heading back downstairs, she got a glass of iced tea from the fridge and sat down Beylikdüzü escort bayan to look at her new catalog. There hadn’t been a new toy in her hand, or her pussy, for a long time! She skimmed the pages, looking for something exciting, passing the typical “real feel” dildoes and remote controlled vibrators. She paused at a double penetration gel dildo that looked like it could be fun. She loved the feel of having both holes filled and it wasn’t always easy to do with two separate pieces. She folded that page over to find it easily later. As she went along, she found a few things she thought she wouldn’t mind trying; one was a new glass dildo that sounded like it might be too hard for much pleasure. The reviews of it were entirely positive though; apparently it would heat up to body temperature and hold that heat during use. “Definitely worth a second look”, she thought, and folded that page down as well.

After going through the catalog, she decided it was time for a nice, long soak in the hot tub. Her sore muscles were demanding attention. She stripped down and stepped into the tub, setting the jets on high. Settling in, she began to think about her potential toy purchases. As she relaxed, she could feel little bubbles tickling her backside. She loved that feeling; it always made her think about being fucked there. That was enough to make her legs spread a little more open, hoping the bubbles would have Escort Beyoğlu easier access.

She began to fantasize about being filled with a large, glass dildo, wondering what it would feel like inside. She enjoyed being stretched wide and filled deep, so it would have to be a fairly large model to make her cum hard. As she thought about the feeling, she began to feel the water in the tub lick her pussy lips and clit. She opened her legs more to allow the sensation to continue, and was a little surprised when she felt the warm water actually going inside her pussy! She decided she must be imagining things and went back to her fantasy. As she pictured sliding a thick dildo into herself, she felt the water spread her pussy lips open and push farther into her, almost solid as it went in. The sensation of hot water reaching nearly to her cervix, along with bubbles playing at her ass and clit, was enough to convince her that she was going to have a very intense orgasm, and soon!

Still convinced that she was imagining being penetrated, she switched her fantasy to the double penetration dildo she was interested in. Nearly as soon as she pictured it in her mind, she felt the water tentatively poking at her bung hole. Intrigued, and very much turned on, she relaxed her ass and allowed the water to invade her there. Immediately, she felt the warmth and fullness of another rod. As she waited to see what would happen, the Bomonti escort water in her pussy began to gently slip out of her, only to plunge back in harder and deeper than before. As soon as a rhythm was established, the water in her ass began doing the same thing: as her pussy emptied, her ass filled and vice versa.

The water bubbles had been caressing her clit during this time, now it felt like they were licking it! She thought she must be losing her mind, but frankly she didn’t care. She was pretty sure that this was going to be the most intense orgasm she’d ever had!

As the water cocks were pounding away at her pussy and her ass, she opened herself up even more to them, wanting to be more and more full. They obliged by expanding and stretching her with each thrust. Soon she was unable to hold back, she could feel her feet begin to tingle and she knew she was about to cum like never before. At that instant, both cocks began to pound into her in tandem, harder and deeper until she exploded in orgasm. The licking at her clit kept her cumming for what seemed like hours. Finally, she couldn’t take any more and pleaded with the water to let her rest. Slowly, the bubbles at her clit became gentle again. The water cock in her ass slowly became smaller and pulled out. The water cock in her pussy began to lose some size, but gently fucked her a few times on the way out. Finally, she was completely empty and completely exhausted.

She lay in the hot tub for a while longer, unable to move a muscle. She dared not think of anything sexual, afraid the tub would oblige and that might just kill her right now! She knew, however, that she would be spending a LOT more time in this magical tub. And she knew she wouldn’t be ordering any toys any time soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32