Hot Tub Host

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It was just another workday in the middle of a hot summer when he started texting her. She always loved to text with him. In fact, since they were married to other people and texting on the weekends was off limits, she had learned to really look forward to Mondays just so she could text him. His messages always started off pretty friendly and almost businesslike. Sometimes they would email and text off and on all day and the conversations would switch back and forth between business, to family to her favorite topic…when the two of them would “play” again.

This day after texting for a few hours and determining that they both had some free time to sneak away from work in the afternoon, she got a text that read,

“Do you want to go hot tubbing?”

As she looked at her phone and read the text she thought, “Interesting. But I’m not sure that hot tubbing is really a verb.”

But of course, she simply responded,


Then he replied,

“When can you leave and where do you want to meet?”

She told him when she would leave and suggested a place for them to meet and as she did the usual nervous excitement coursed through her body. She had learned to really enjoy their little adventures. They were always different and though some turned out way better than others, the best part was getting to spend time with a man who made her heart beat wildly when she saw him or even thought of him and who gave her butterflies in her stomach and made her wet between her legs when he pulled her close and kissed her.

An hour or so later she pulled into the parking lot where they were meeting and locked her car jumped into the car with him. For some reason, it always felt slightly awkward when she first saw him though that did not make any sense given how many texting and emailing conversations they had had and how often they had been together and how intimate they had been on those occasions.

As they drove to the host’s house, she laughed to herself at the absurdity of the situations they placed themselves in, and yet they both had gotten so use to the routine of what they were about to do that they drove towards their destination as if they were just driving to a business meeting.

Soon they found the neighborhood where the host and his hot tub resided. They pulled up in front of a regular looking house in a normal suburban neighborhood. As they exited the car, she felt her anxiety begin to rise. It was always a bit nerve-wracking to meet a new playmate. Her lover knocked on the door and it was answered by an ordinary looking man with thinning hair and a bit of paunch around his middle.

He invited them in to his home and guided them to the back of the house and into a large kitchen. He seemed like a pleasant enough guy and right away indicated the towels and robe for use in the hot tub. He was very chatty, which to told her that he too was nervous and pretty soon she heard the host telling her ataşehir escort lover that he and his wife were swingers but that his wife was out of town and that was why he had invited new playmates over.

The host showed them the backyard and the hot tub, which was large and bubbling and steamy. It was also located in the backyard of a home that was surrounded by other neighbors with clear views of the hot tub and it was broad daylight. After they had seen the hot tub they went back inside and the men took off their clothes right away and wrapped themselves in the towels on the counter.

It was never quite as easy for her to just take off her clothes in front of strangers. No matter how many times she had done this, she just could not get use to that part. She needed more warm up and yet there never seemed to be time for the warm up and the guys did not seem to need that part as much as she did. The guys started out to the hot tub and left her inside, which seemed to be ok at first until she got undressed and headed out to the hot tub and saw that both men were already in the hot tub under the water and hidden from view. So now, she had to take off her robe and step completely nude into a hot tub with two men who she knew would be watching her every move.

Once she was in the hot tub she began to relax and soon she wanted desperately to kiss her lover but it was always awkward with someone else there. Her lover moved close to her and started to kiss her and touch her. He pulled her onto his lap and put his arms around her from behind and started to play with her nipples, which she totally loved. He invited the host to join in, which was only fair she guessed as it was his house, but she would have much preferred to be in the hot tub alone with her lover.

The host started touching her then and she turned to him and kissed him and though it was ok, it paled in comparison to the kisses she shared with her lover. She turned away from the host then to pay attention to her lover and started to suck and nibble on his nipples and he moaned in pleasure. Then the host and her lover decided to kiss each other and that was different for sure but she watched them and found that it excited her to watch her lover kiss someone else! She could watch his lips and his tongue slide in and out and knew that is how he looked when he kissed her. It was sexy as hell!!

The water was getting hotter or either she was because it was becoming very steamy!! Her lover pushed himself up out of the water so that she could put her month on his hard cock and so she bent down and took him in her mouth and sucked on him and he moaned loudly as she teased him with her tongue, lips and mouth. It was very hot sucking on him as the water from the hot tub flowed in her mouth and she had to suck and spit out the water at the same time since it kept getting in her mouth while she sucked on him.

The host wanted a turn so she relinquished her lover’s avcılar escort hard cock and let the host take a turn sucking on him while she licked and sucked on her lover’s balls and played with his nipples. Things in the hot tub were getting hotter and hotter and then the host said that they could move inside whenever they wanted to and then he said something that sent a thrill through her. He said,

“I have a playroom”

She thought she knew what he meant by that and so did her lover and then the host went on to provide further detail explaining that his playroom had restraints on the bed, and toys including blindfolds and whips. Her lover, knowing her fantasies well, told the host that he was quite sure that they could have a lot of fun in his playroom and he looked at her and smiled.

They proceeded to dry off and the host showed them the way to the playroom, which was downstairs in the basement of the house. She knew that she should have been scared, she was being led down to a sexual torture room of sorts in house she had never been in by a man she had just met, but strangely enough she was not the least bit frightened. A small part of her brain was telling her that this kind of stuff was totally crazy and that normal women do not participate in things like this and that this could be very dangerous but she was so excited by the prospect of being restrained and blindfolded in front of her lover that she pushed all the nervous feelings aside and concentrated on the excitement of the moment. Besides, her lover was there and he would not let anything bad happen to her. She trusted him with her life.

When they entered the room, the host took charge and told her to lie in the center of the bed. He placed the restraints around each wrist and then blindfolded her. She was so excited as she lay there totally naked and at the mercy of two men. Her lover started touching her then, kissing her and caressing her, then he put his cock in her mouth and she began to suck on it enthusiastically. He said to her then,

“Since you are blindfolded you will not know which cock you are sucking.”

She smiled at the thought but said nothing because she knew that she would most definitely know the difference between her lovers cock in her mouth and that of a man she had never met. She found it funny that he would say that because she had fantasized about this moment for a long time, the idea of being blindfolded and sucking on different cocks and not knowing whose was whose but she always knew she would be able to tell the difference.

While her lover was busy playing with her, their host had chosen some toys and she felt a vibrator touching her clit and her excitement started to build. He pushed it inside of her and the feeling was electric and she started to writhe in excitement. Her mouth was full of her lover’s cock so she could not scream out but she moaned in pleasure as the vibrator was pushed farther inside her and ataşehir escort bayan she began to cum. A smaller object was also being placed in her ass and the sensation of having one there at the same time as the vibrator was in her pussy was overwhelming but amazing.

She still could not see exactly what was going on, but she knew that the men were having a good time playing with her and perhaps each other, since she was tied to the bed and blindfolded it was hard to tell exactly what was happening but whatever it was , it was all amazing and she continued to build towards orgasm after orgasm.

The blindfold came off then and she could see both men and the host came toward her with what she recognized as nipple clips. She had never had them used on her before but she knew what they looked like. He put one on each nipple and surprisingly enough they did not hurt. They had a chain attaching them and their host pulled upward on the chain and it made the clips tighten slightly and she could feel the pain then but it was slight and a pleasurable type of pain, the kind that turned her on.

Their host was close to face then and she took his cock in her mouth while he continued to play with her nipples with the nipple clips and then her lover moved between her legs and as soon as his tongue touched her clit she moaned in pleasure and he started licking her and sucking her and touching her and she was cumming again and again and still she was sucking on the host’s cock!

They asked her then what else did she want and she surprised herself when she said,

“Well I don’t think that I have been whipped yet.”

The host did not miss a beat and told her to turn over on her stomach. He undid the restraints so that she could move and she flipped over and he put the restraints back on. She was now face down on the bed and restrained once again. The host started to lightly swat her on her ass with a small whip and then he handed her lover a riding crop and instructed him to swat her too!! It was amazing! She loved being whipped, it was not painful at all, it was soooo exciting!! The host put a large dildo in her pussy and a small one in her ass and the men continued to swat her at the same time! The sensations were overwhelming but amazing at the same time. Her lover asked her,

“Have you had enough? Do you need to rest?”

But she shook her head no. They gave her some water then which was much needed and then undid her restraints so that she was free! Her lover laid on the bed and pulled her on top of him, she knew then what he wanted, his favorite position was her on top of him, so she climbed on him and smiled down at him as she moved up and down and he pushed himself farther inside her. She could tell he was very excited now and as his excitement built so did hers. As he started to cum she could see the ecstasy on his face and it made her move faster and she started to cum too!

She smiled at her lover and he smiled back and she knew he was thinking how hot this was but also how odd, just like she was. This was supposed to be a hot tub fantasy day but had turned into something more, but it was perfect because they experienced it together!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32