Hotel Hookup

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Big Dicks

It wasn’t the first time we hooked up and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. We were both aware we had hit upon the sexual jackpot guys in our situation found ourselves and neither wanted that to change. It was 6PM and I had been back in my hotel room getting ready for his visit for about an hour. In addition to the shower, I had been nursing a drink or two as the excitement that started the moment I stepped on the plane for this business trip built to its impending conclusion.

My business trips to a mid-sized, not-too-exciting city were how we met during the good ol’ days where married guys could easily hook up via Craigslist. Drop a post in a decent-sized city and you could have your choice of men within a few hours. Unfortunately for me, I was picky. I had a type. Being a mid-40s, married business traveler I always had a thing for guys in my situation – the suburban dad who liked to fuck around with other men. The suburban dads who got off not on romance with another guy, but the primal sex they could have. The grunting, the cum, the release and the knowledge that this was about getting off and nothing more. Like I said, I was picky. I would get emails and critique their grammar and content for any clue they were anything other than what they claimed to be. I got off on the other PTA/soccer dads and I had to work to find them.

Ted, my buddy, has initially responded to a post I put up offering no-strings blow jobs in my hotel after work. His email and pic showed me exactly what I was looking for. He was in his late 40s, married, goatee, hairy chest, 6’3, decent shape, but with that slight dad-bod. He was, in my opinion, hot as hell. He just wanted to swing by, drop his work slacks, fuck my mouth and split. We exchanged the necessary hotel information and at the designated time, I propped the door ajar, turned down the lights and waited on my knees. I guess it’s true what they say about not needing to brag when you have a great cock, because he hadn’t bragged, but it was definitely the perfect, thick, 8″ cock of porn dreams. His balls matched the size of his cock and were huge. That first of many blow job was quick, the load was pumped straight down my throat and he was out the door and on his way. His holding my head and growl of, “Swallow it” (as if I needed to be told) when he came sent me over the edge. Within minutes, I sent a follow up email telling him thanks and giving the offer of taking things to the next level. I was more than willing.

He took me up on that offer and two years of almost consistent every-other week fuck sessions, I found myself counting down the minutes until he arrived again. I sent that week’s room number earlier when we started our usual back and forth emails we sent on days we met up. I was wearing what he liked me to have on which was a simple pair of basketball shorts with no underwear, shirtless and the taste of scotch on my breath. I was ready to fuck, prelubed, buzzed from a few drinks and raging horny from a day of thinking about getting railed and used while having to endure countless useless business meetings. I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased to see a still-fit hairy body that could still turn somebody on. I downed the last of my drink as the time approached.

Always punctual, he knocked at the door when expected and I let him in. Although I am what most people would consider tall, at 6’1″ I had to bend my neck up to kiss him. As soon as the door shut, he took me izmir escort and started kissing me with the urgency I understood all too well. As was often his MO, he pushed me against the wall so he could grind against me, feeling my cock through the thin material of my shorts and letting me feel his thick one through his suit pants. He kissed/chewed his way across my bead and down my neck. Meanwhile, he ran his hands through the hair on my chest and started the game of tweaking my nipples because he knew it turned me on even more. He loved hearing me beg for his cock and that move often lead me to begging to get fucked.

After a few minutes of being pressed under his weight against the wall, he flipped me around and kissed the back of my neck. I reached back, frantically trying to grab any part of his body I could touch. With his left hand, he pushed against my shoulder and leaned back to watch his right hand trace down my back to the top of my shorts. With a single finger, he slowly pulled them down and whispered to me, “I’m gonna fuck that” and then let his finger slip between my furry ass cheeks to what he really came there for. I was clean and lubed and willing to let him completely have me however he wanted in whatever position he wanted. In past sessions, he would fuck me right there, pressed against the wall while he used me and came in my ass This time, he slipped his index finger in my ass, leaned in close as he wrapped his left arm around my chest and in between small bites to my neck and shoulder, said simply, “That’s mine and I’m gonna leave here with my load dripping out of your ass.”

What can I say? We knew what got the other going and that was the trigger for me and him. With my shorts off, I was completely nude and ready to get him in the same situation. He took off his suit jacket and tie and allowed me to remove his dress shirt. I laid it and his undershirt on the desk chair and slid to my knees in front of him. I let my hands travel up his legs and across his crotch where I could feel the thickness of his cock under the wool of his pants. I unzipped him and his boxers allowed his cock to easily slip out.

I didn’t immediately take it in my mouth, but instead spent time pulling out his unshaven bull balls. I admired the animal nature of his cock and balls against the blue pinstripes of what most would consider his corporate clothing. Both exuded strength and masculine power that made me want to take some time to worship them. I began by kissing his balls and slowly running my tongue across them, then moving up to the base of his cock and into his pubes where I could smell the musk that made my head buzz like a hit of poppers. I eventually teased my way to the top of his cock which was, as always, dripping with precum. I took him into my mouth and he sighed.

I knew he liked being worked on orally before the fucking, so I cupped his balls with my left hand as I used my mouth to provide the suction and speed I knew turned him on even more. I would occasionally pull back, look at his cock and say “Fucking beautiful” before taking it back down my throat. I had sucked him off may times, from a hotel room, his car at countless lunchtimes, in a park restroom while his daughter played soccer a few yards away, a restroom at his office and even in my rental car parked down the street from his house one cold November night. I knew how to get him aggressively horny with suction and alsancak escort tongue work around the thick mushroom head , but didn’t want him to cum down my throat this go-around. Honestly, neither did he.

I stood up and we kissed hard, our tongues dancing in each others mouth. The occasional “Yeah” or “Fuck”was whispered was the passion continued to build. Our cocks ground together and he reached around with both hands, cupped my ass and started walking us to the bed.

He removed the rest of his clothes and we fell to the bed. As always, we kissed as our hands ran over our bodies, knowing what would come next. I was on my back as he chewed lightly on my nipples, causing me to involuntarily arch my hips up. With one swift move, he moved his face back up to mine, kissed me deeply, and used his thighs to force mine open. I moved my lower back so we would align better and I could feel the head of his cock moving through the hair of my ass crack. I was lubed from before his arrival, but the precum from his cock added to the slippery feeling. He reached over to the nightstand, took the bottle of lube, placed some on his cock and slid back into place.

He would keep just enough pressure so I could feel the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass, but not enough to actually go in just yet. He was a master of “just the tip” play. The tease of the softness and hardness soon had me begging for more. I would slide forward and he would move back. We had long forgone condoms and I loved the warmth of his cock against my ass.

The same move this had started that part of our dance was used to take us to the next. He once again moved up to kiss me, our facial hair rubbing against each other and he used the size and strength of his body to easily spread my legs and slide his cock into me. I let out a moan I know the guy in the next room could hear, but I was so driven by the moment I didn’t care.

“That’s where it belongs,” he said as he gave me a minute to get used to the thickness. I was so overcome with passion, I didn’t need it, but instead enjoyed the sensation of his weight on me, his smell, his heat, and the feeling of being filled and used.

He began fucking me with me on my back. I would reach down and grab his ass to feel it flex with each thrust. I loved being fucked in a missionary position. As I held on, I would push my hips up to meet his thrusts, wanting him to go as deep as he could. My mind was swimming with lust and I wanted nothing more than to feel him cum. We had gone from the fun of the initial rush of sex to the animal nature of two men fucking with the common goal of getting off.

The room had a full length mirror and he told me to go stand in front of it so he could watch himself fucking me. I did as was told bent over and felt the familiar girth of his cock slide into my ass again as I closed my eyes and let out a groan. The time for taking it slow was over and he had entered me in one quick thrust. I looked up into the mirror and was amazed by what I saw. He held me by the shoulders, his wedding band glinting as he pummeled my ass with thrust after thrust. Our eyes locked and we both knew what the other was thinking – this was passion, this was what being in heat was like. We both were getting to the point of needing to cum.

With my hands on either side of the mirror he reached under and started jerking my cock with one hand and using the buca escort other to hold my shoulder so he could keep pulling me back with each thrust.

“I want to fuck you with your own cum.” It wasn’t a request. You could tell by the tone and deepness of his voice it wasn’t. It was something he often demanded when fucking and I was happy to oblige.

With the friction of his cock going balls-deep over and over, I was soon cumming in his hand as he jerked my cock. He never stopping pistoning in and out of my now-stretched ass. After I stopped cumming, he pulled out and quickly slathered my load that was on his hand on his dick and slammed it back in, taking me by my hips. I knew when he got to this point, it was just a matter of time until I got my reward.

I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart so he could look down and watch as his was eight inches buried over and over. He spit on his cock that was already slick with my load and lube.

His time was running out. I knew he had a limited window to work with before his lie to his wife that he was working late would start to sound fishy.

He muttered as he now stopped pulling almost out and slamming back in with every thrust. Now he buried his entire cock up in me and used short, powerful thrusts in an attempt to almost get as deep as he could. “You want my load in you and I want you to remember who owns this ass. It’s mine. Tell me you want it.”

In between body-shaking thrusts, I said, “Yes. Please. I want you to shoot in me. It’s yours to use.”

The talk of ownership almost always sent him over the edge and this time was no different. The thrusts became more frantic and deep. The grunting was becoming frantic.

“Please shoot your load in me. I want it” I said. Never before had I been with a man where there was that level of trust and I considered it an honor for him to breed me.

He loved having his balls played with as he came, so I reached back under and allowed my fingers to touch his balls and could feel them tightening up against his body.

“Gonna breed your ass” he grunted. I loved it when he started to lose control.

With one final hard thrust, he started cumming up my ass, and then with each subsequent pulse, pushed his cock as deep as it could go. I knew how large his loads usually were and could feel the warmth fill me. His entire body jerked as he filled me.

Those moments as he came in me, especially once we went bareback, became the most intense sexual experiences of my life. The mental release of your own orgasm combined with the knowledge that you were used in such a primal manner often gave me jerk off material to keep me happy until the next time we could hook up.

I slowly raised up a little but stayed in position so his cock could stay in me as long as he wanted. He kissed the back of my neck and slowly ran his hands through my chest hair.

As he took a moment to recover and his cock softened a little, I could feel his load and mine slowly start to leak out. I love the sensation of his warm cum as it drips from my ass and runs across my balls and tonight there was a lot. He pulled out, gave my ass a little smack, and looked down to admire his handiwork. He ran his finger around my gaping hole and pushed the cum that had leaked out back in.

I gave him a small kiss as he walked to the shower knowing it would be another week or so before I would get to experience him again.

“Keep it in you. I want you to go out with your coworkers tonight and them not know you have some guy’s load in you.”

Once again, I didn’t need to be told to do it, but I would always go along with whatever he wanted. If it kept him coming back to my hotel and coming in me, I would gladly follow his rules.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32