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After Mandy left, I decided to take a shower, get dressed and go shopping.

I didn’t want to drive down town, so I chose one of the large malls nearby. I parked and headed into the mall. As I was wandering around, I noticed a tall blonde. She was doing the same as I. Idly wandering around, looking for a bargain.

We were going in the same direction that gave me a chance to look her over pretty good. She didn’t have a lot going for her except her looks. She was rather pretty with sharp chiseled features. Her fingers were long and slender. Her legs appeared skinny. I couldn’t spot any sign of a decent ass and she had no tits at all.

Why was my cock stirring? It must have been the sensual way she walked. She didn’t walk, she floated.

After a few minutes of wandering around, she noticed I was following her. We had stopped at the same window. I wasn’t really looking at the window display when she caught my eye. Saying that she noticed I was following her, she asked what I wanted. When I replied “nothing”, she gave a little laugh and, motioning to the window, asked if I was thinking about trying them on.

It was then that I saw the display. A ladies lingerie shop. On display was the skimpiest lingerie possible. It reminded me of that store in Hollywood. I told her that I quit looking at the displays after I spotted her and the graceful way she moved. I felt compelled to follow her. I was intrigued with the way she walked.

Her voice had a smooth melodious tone and her eyes twinkled as she looked at me. I invited her for a cup of coffee so we could get better acquainted. Over coffee, we told each other our names and what we did for a living.

Her name was Elizabeth, but she preferred to be called Liz. She was eager to learn more about how I managed to live quite well on investments. In turn, I wanted to hear more about her dancing. Liz was into ballet and had not yet managed to land a starring role.

After most of the small talk was out of the way, I invited her to dinner that night. Liz said that she would accept, but it would have to be a “late night” dinner as she had to dance. I agreed and she told me that she would leave a ticket at the box office for me.

We parted. She to continue her shopping and whatever else she was going to do. I headed home to see if my Tux was clean. I arrived at the box office in time to claim my ticket and take my seat just before the curtain went up. The girl at the box office was amused that Liz had left a ticket for me.

The show wasn’t anything out of the ordinary like Swan Lake or anything, just a run-of-the-mill ballet. The dancers were graceful, as expected and the show was nice.

When the curtain fell, I went backstage to collect Liz for our “Late Night” dinner. I met several members of the cast and chatted with them while Liz was dressing.

Liz came out of her dressing room and we left. I took her to the Chez Paree’, a French restaurant that specialized in quiet dining nooks. The service was superb. The food was brought to the table on a serving cart with sterno burners to keep everything hot. Our waiter didn’t hover, yet, when out plates looked like they needed more food, he magically appeared and served us.

When we had finished dining, I offered to escort Liz home and she accepted. Driving to her place, we chatted and I learned that she was leaving in a few days. Her dance troupe was going on the road. I walked her to the door and she handed me the key. As I unlocked the door, she invited me up for a glass of Brandy. I thought, “why not,” and accepted.

Her apartment was rather drab. She rented it furnished, so you couldn’t expect luxury. Going on the road as much as she did meant that buying her own place was not very practical.

As we chatted and sipped our brandy, I noticed that, ever so often, Liz would glance at my cock. As she did so, she had a nervous habit of licking her lips. I took the opportunity to look her over. I was right. She didn’t have any tits at all. The gown she was wearing fit like a body suit and didn’t leave anything to the imagination.

Liz got up to pour more brandy. As she walked away from me, I looked at her ass. Although she didn’t have a large ass, it was a very graceful one. she had a slight swaying motion from side to side, nothing exaggerated, but it was causing my cock to swell just the same.

As she handed me the bareback studios porno brandy, I felt my eyes drawn to hers. Taking the glass and her hand, I pulled her toward me. Sitting the glass on the end table, I tilted her chin and kissed her. The response was as though I had let a tiger out of it’s cage. She was all over me. This lady was hot.

After a session of very heavy petting, she got up off my lap and led me to the bedroom. We would have broken a record getting undressed, but I had that damned tuxedo on and there were buttons everywhere. Liz helped though and soon had me stripped. I knelt and, taking the hem of her gown, began to slide it up her legs. As I removed her gown, I rubbed the silk material against her legs and pussy as I moved up past her stomach and tits.

Little quivers of ecstasy traveled the length of her body. Her eyes closed and a low moan escaped her throat. Picking her up, I moved to the bed and lay her down. Then I began a journey of kissing her from head to toe. She just lay there, not moving, savoring every moment.

Once in a while, I’d find a spot that made her quiver and I’d concentrate on it. Deciding that I had worked her over long enough, my tongue found the silken hair of her pussy. As I licked her inner thighs, flicking my tongue over and in her pussy, she began to rotate her hips. She kept forcing her hips higher and higher against my hot tongue.

I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and started licking and sucking her clitoris until she begged me to fuck her. I was hard as a rock by then, so I moved into position to put my cock inside her.

As the crown of my cock slipped past the entrance, she lunged upward, taking the entire length with one stroke. Suddenly, we both were slamming our bodies against one another as fast and as hard as we could. In no time at all, Liz climaxed. I had a “false cum” and idly wondered how many I would have this time. We rested for a while with my cock buried deep inside her. Then, as I began a slow stroking motion, Liz asked me to get off. She wanted to show me something.

As I withdrew my cock from her wet pussy, I noticed that the little bugger had grown to his full 12 inches. This was unusual.

Liz got out of bed and, bending over backwards, placed her hands flat on the floor. Her body formed an arch with her pussy high in the air. She then told me that she wanted me to suck her pussy. When I felt her coming, I was to fuck her in this position. This lady was full of surprises.

The position that she was in not only had her pussy thrust high in the air, but it also had her pussy lips opened wide. I placed my mouth over her sex and began licking and sucking her.

It wasn’t long before I noticed that her whole body was shaking. It took a lot of effort to maintain that position. She begged me to fuck her. I placed the crown of my ready cock at the entrance of her pussy. Taking hold of her ass cheeks, I began to ease my rigid cock inside. Her pussy was very tight. The position had a lot to do with it. It took some while for me to get my cock inside, but the more I pushed and pulled, the wetter she got.

Finally, it became easier to stroke my cock in and out of her tight pussy. The friction soon had my balls tightening and I knew that I was ready to cum. I increased the pace and my balls erupted in a fantastic cum.

I kept fucking her until I had emptied every last drop from my balls. I continued fucking her until my cock began to soften. When I withdrew my cock, she collapsed. I went to wash up while she rested. After she cleaned up, we got dressed and returned to the living room.

As we finished the brandy, we talked. I asked her how she learned that position. Her first ballet teacher, when she was 12 used to suck her pussy while she maintained the balance required of the movement.

Later, when she was adept at the position and was about 15, he fucked her in that position and she loved every minute of it. Since then, it was her favorite way to fuck. She also told me that she had a large dildo. When there wasn’t a man available, she would stick that in her cunt. Then she would put on a pair of panties to hold it in place, turn it on and assume the position. My cock was starting to swell listening to her.

I asked her if the men in the ballet were helpful when she was on the road. She told me that most czech amatör porno of them were gay. Now and then, she managed to find one that would fuck, even if he was gay. She described one guy like that. He invited her to his apartment once. While they were fucking, his boy friend showed up. She laughed as she described the fight they had. The language and the names they called each other was an education.

And, after they had simmered down, she watched them suck each others’ cocks while she played with her pussy. Later, after this guy’s lover drifted off to sleep, she managed to get a fuck after all. As we were finishing our brandy, Liz asked if I would stay the night. Her stories had caused my cock to get pretty stiff and I decided that I would.

We went to the bedroom and climbed into bed. Liz felt my stiff cock against her belly as we cuddled, but told me that she had enough for the time being. With that, we drifted off to sleep.

About dawn, I awoke to find Liz sucking my cock. She had that sucker clamped in her mouth and was working it over good. I was hard as a rock. When she saw that I was no longer asleep, she announced that it was about time I woke up.

She said that I had already had 2 “false cums” and she was ready to fuck. I felt my tight balls and knew that it wouldn’t be long until I came. When I told her this, she straddled my legs. Rubbing my huge cockhead against her hot pussy, she slid down it’s length until it was buried deep inside. Then she moved her legs out to the side in a split.

Using just her hands and arms, she began to raise and lower her hot pussy on my rigid cock. The position caused her pussy to be extremely tight on my cock and the feeling was sensational.

After a couple of minutes, my cock started jerking and cum began rising from my balls. She continued milking my cock until there wasn’t a drop left. I asked where she had learned this position. It seems that she had invented it herself.

We then cleaned up. While I was dressing, Liz made breakfast. After we had finished eating, we turned on the TV and sat on the sofa drinking our coffee.

After a while of commercial TV, Liz asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I asked what she had. She just smiled and went to the TV cabinet and opened a drawer. Taking out a video tape, she put it in the player and started it. When she switched the TV over to tape, I knew why she smiled. It was a XXX-rated movie.

Liz adjusted the sound and sat down next to me on the sofa. As the movie began, she lay down with her head in my lap. Liz said that she had a couple of favorites. This was one of them. After all the screen credits were over, the movie began. It didn’t have any noticeable plot other than fucking.

A woman, presumably Spanish, was sucking on a donkey’s cock. Now a donkey isn’t a very large animal, but his cock was enormous. It had to be 2′ long and about 4″ in diameter. How that woman managed to get that cock hard, I’ll never know.

After she felt that the donkey’s cock was hard enough she moved to a table and, bending over, offered her pussy to the donkey.

The donkey moved toward her and you could see him sniffing the air. As he reached the woman, he shoved his nose between her legs and began to lick her pussy. He kept this up for about 5 minutes. You could see her body responding time and again as she had orgasm after orgasm. I thought she would collapse.

Then the donkey reared up and, placing his front hoofs on her back, proceeded to stick that massive cock in her pussy. The woman reached between her legs and helped the donkey get his cock lined up. As soon as the donkey felt his cockhead slip between her pussy lips, he gave a lunge.

I swear, I don’t know how that woman took it all, but she did. The donkey buried his entire cock deep within her in one lunge. Then, he began the frantic fucking movements that seems common with all animals in heat. Slamming that massive cock in and out of her until he came.

After the donkey got off, the woman collapsed. End of movie.

Watching this, I had gotten horny again. My cock had started swelling. I could see by the little smirk on Liz’ face that she could feel it.

Liz changed the tape, putting on another of her favorites. This one was a little more like an American made fuck film than the first. When the movie began, there were two czech bitch porno teenagers studying in one of their bedrooms.

As they studied, it became obvious that the course they were cramming for was sex education. One of them was Betty and the other was Eve. As they got deeper in their studies, they began discussing what each had tried to learn about sex. Betty told Eve about the black basketball player she had sucked off. Eve, in turn, told Betty about taking on 3 chemistry students who had invented an aphrodisiac. It made you horny and left you with no muscle control. It gave you a sort of “out of body” experience. As the two girls related their stories, I watched as each rubbed their nubile little titties and crotches. The stories they told were turning each other on.

Before long, Betty asked Eve if it would be all right for her to kiss her. Betty explained that she wanted to be more adept at “making out.” She needed someone to practice on that would give her advice. Eve said “sure” and the two of them moved to the bed to begin the experiment. Eve told Betty that she would be the boy. When she reached for Betty, Betty was to close her eyes, think sexy thoughts and just let her lips and body respond. Betty asked how she would know if she was doing it right. Eve told her that she could tell by her pussy juice. Nothing told the truth more than a wet pussy.

Now my cock was getting so hard that it was beginning to be painful. All bound up in my shorts with no place to grow. Liz wasn’t helping matters either with the rubbing motion she had been putting on my cock with the back of her head.

As Eve reached for Betty with her lips slightly parted, Betty closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Eve placed a wet juicy kiss on Betty’s full lips. Then she began to move her head from side to side, ever so slightly, working her tongue deep into Betty’s mouth. I could see Betty was beginning to respond. Her breath was getting deeper and her little titties was starting to rise and fall with the movement of her chest. Eve reached for the buttons on Betty’s dress just about the same time that Liz unzipped my pants. As Eve undressed Betty, Liz reached in and managed to extract my huge cock.

Betty was getting hotter and hotter. Eve removed Betty’s dress and slid her bra up above her little titties. Then, taking a nipple in her mouth, she rolled it back and forth with her tongue. Liz had my cock in her mouth and was sucking it like a day-long lollipop. Betty decided it was time for her to experiment on Eve, so she began to undo Eve’s sweater. When the sweater was off, she removed Eve’s bra. Eve had larger tits that Betty. Taking one in her mouth, Betty imitated Eve’s sucking action by rolling Eve’s nipple around in her mouth.

Liz was stroking my cock, fondling my balls and gently nibbling on my cockhead. I had already reached one of my “false cums” and she was working on another one.

Both Betty and Eve decided to stop and take off the rest of their clothing. This done, they slid into a ’69’ position to experiment some more. When they started licking and sucking each other, I knew they were no longer acting. Liz let go of my cock, raised up and took off her shorts and panties. Then, facing the TV so she could watch, she straddled my legs and aimed my turgid cock at her pussy lips. As my cockhead slipped in, she lowered herself until the full length was inside her.

We watched the two girls in the movie as Liz began to move up and down on my cock. After a few minutes of this, she came and I reached another “false cum.” Liz kept up the movement until the movie finished. Then, she got off my cock and changed the tape. This time she put on a movie that started with a black stud and a white chick. No ordinary bullshit, just plain old-fashioned fucking.

Liz returned to the couch, straddled my legs and stuffed my rigid cock in her hot pussy again. As I watched the action, I got a start. That was John in the movie. I’d recognize that cock anywhere. Liz told me that this was her favorite. She had a fantasy about a big black cock. When I told her that I knew the guy in the movie, she came. After she finished milking my cock some more, she asked me to introduce her. I promised I would if she would be a good girl and make me cum.

Two more movies, 4 more “false cums” and a lot of sucking cock and she finally made me cum. The clincher came when she went to the refrigerator and got some ice. While Liz was sucking my cock, she rubbed the ice on my balls until I came.

After getting dressed again, I figured it was time to go home, so we exchanged telephone numbers. Promising to get together when she returned from her tour, we said goodbye and I left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32