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I always enjoyed my time with Rose. We often had long discussions about why people, other than us of course, did all the strange things they did. We laughed a lot, it seems that one or the other of us would crack a joke every few minutes. If I had to list the one thing that kept me coming back to Rose, it would have to be the hugs. She was a hugger and that is rare in this day and age.

Rose joined the writer’s critique group at a local coffee shop I belonged to and her writing impressed me. We both were amateurs and that was the reason we joined a writers group. Neither of us ever thought that we would get rich from our writings, but we enjoyed putting our ideas onto paper. The group met once a week, but ever since that first day we saw each other more often than that.

The day we met Rose opened her arms inviting a hug instead of the normal handshake. Her hug was warm and close, not the superficial ones common these days. Hers was a full body hug; I remember feeling the softness of her breasts pressed against my chest. She held the hug longer than what I normally experienced in hugs with others. After a few seconds I slid my hands from around her back and onto her sides just under her arms. That’s when I first experienced her wiggle. I don’t know how else to describe what she did. It reminded me of a snuggle inside a soft, warm blanket, but in this case she was snuggling against my chest. It was unexpected, but very enjoyable, if a bit erotic. I returned the wiggle and squeezed her rib cage. She seemed to raise her arms a bit to allow me more access.

We quickly developed a deep friendship and found that we had a lot in common and plenty to talk about. Over the next few weeks we saw each other several times outside of the writers group and each time we said hello with a long hug that seemed to get more physical each czech casting porno time. Our hugs lasted longer each time and were now at least a full minute long instead of the 3 or 4 seconds for most hugs. My hands moved to just under her armpits sooner and sooner and I started to allow them to move to the side of her breasts hoping she wouldn’t notice how I was advancing. She never stopped me and continued her wiggle. She would occasionally pull her body away from me for a moment as if giving me more access to her breasts, but this was something we never talked about.

When we first started getting together for chats and snacks at her home we would hug each other hello and then another longer hug goodbye. After a while, and I’m not sure when this started but we added a hug or two during our stay together. I guess it was after a funny joke or an emotional comment.

I enjoyed these hugs and decided that since Rose didn’t seem to notice if my hands get a little close to her breasts, I would push my luck and see just how far I could go. She has lovely breasts and so soft.

I moved into her open arms for our hello hug and almost immediately moved my hands to just under her armpits. She pulled her head back for just a second and I thought I saw surprise and then a smile as she nestled back into my chest and rested her head on my shoulder. She then did her little wiggle and I moved my hands closer so that I could just barely feel the sides of her oh so soft breasts. I let out a sigh of contentment, which I’m sure she heard. We stayed this way for a long time and I started to massage the flesh under my hands. This hug lasted longer than any before and when if finally broke I think we were both a little disappointed.

We broke out a board game and started to set up the pieces. Neither of us mentioned czech couples porno the change in my hand placement during the hug, but Rose had a flirty, little smile on her face.

She got up to get us both a drink and something to munch on. She sat back down and it seemed to me that her blouse was a bit more opened. We played for a while and started our normal chatting about what to plant in the garden this year, what movies were out that might be worth seeing, books we are reading, etc. I ended up winning this first game and Rose got up, walked around the table to give me a congratulatory hug. We had never done this before, but I was not about to complain.

My hands took up position where they ended after out last hug. This was the new normal and this time she did not show any surprise, but did a bit more of her wiggle. She moved her chest settling into a comfortable position on my chest; I took the opportunity to move my hands up the sides of her breast. There was no doubt now that I was caressing her breasts. Her wiggling seemed to occur more often than normal; it was almost like she was massaging my hands with her breasts. I squeezed and she wiggled. It was highly erotic, but our hugs always had an erotic component. This time we explored that component. Again I didn’t try to push any further. I feared going too far too fast. She could put the brakes on this sexy game at any time. The hug again lasted longer than normal and when we broke we both were short of breath as if we had just expended a lot of energy. Her face was flushed and I felt hot.

We sat back down and set up the game for another round of play while we each caught our breaths and cooled down. Rose asked if I wanted something cool to drink. After my “Yeah.” She picked up my empty glass and hers then disappeared into the kitchen. czech estrogenolit porno My mind reeled with the realization of how forward I had been and that she hadn’t stopped me. In my mind a visual formed of our next hug and of my playing with her breasts.

Rose returned with a couple of iced and sweet drinks and we settled into another game. The time apart had allowed each of us to regain our composure, but in the back of our minds we knew today was different; we had closed a line and there was no return. We would have to play it out to see here it went.

Neither of us paid much attention to the game and it was over shortly as Rose made one mistake after another. We both stood up and just stared at each other for an instant then smiled as we stepped towards each other, her with her arms wide and me slipping my hands back into position. She wrapped her arms around me and snuggled her breasts into the cups of my hands making sure she rubbed her nipples over my hands as well. I moved my hands onto her full breasts as she pulled back for an adjustment I pinched both of her nipples. She closed her eyes and swayed to unheard music. I alternated pinching her nipples and rubbing/squeezing her breasts. After a minute or two she opening her eyes and with a smile moved her hands to my chest. She found my nipples and we played with each other for a long while until we finally broke free of the eroticism gripping us both. We stood there looking at each other until Rose said, “Looks like we took our get togethers to a new level.”

I replied, “I’ve been thinking of caressing your breasts for weeks. Have I ruined our relationship?”

“Not at all, I loved it, but if you stay much longer I’ll be removing my clothes and yours too.”

“If I leave now what happens when we get together next time?” I asked.

“Same as this time, if you like. I’ll wear something easier to get under.” She smiled.

We kissed, first time on the lips. She placed her hands on my shoulders and I placed mine on her breasts, her hardened nipples pushed little indents into my palms. I left knowing that our relationship has started down a new path.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32