I Felt That, Did You? Ch. 3

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Ass Fuck

I was laying in bed staring at the ceiling. This was the third night in a row that I didn’t get one minute of sleep. My wife whimpered all night. I knew that she was in pain and it made me mad that I could do nothing about It. When I married my wife I told her I would always be there for her and protect her. I feel in a way I have let her down. Every now and then my wife would sob and cry a little louder. I imagined that was because her sister was moving her arm around in her sleep.

I looked over at the clock, it said that it was Saturday 7:30 am. I heard the front door open and close. Shit, I thought, that is Kathy trying to sneak out. I panicked thinking that she would get to her car and drive way before we had a chance to talk to her. I jumped out of bed and started to get dressed and then remembered that I had removed the ignition wire from her car last night. I was still worried that she may get mad again and do something like hit the steering wheel or hit the dash causing my wife more pain.

I got dressed and ran out of the door. I could hear her trying to start her car. When I reached her car she locked the doors.

“Your car will not start Kathy. I have removed your ignition wire. I will put it back on and you can leave but you have to do two things for us first,” I said to a very mad sister in-law.

“Oh and let me guess what the two things are you want me to do for you. Pervert,” she said.

“You have this all wrong. I don’t want to have sex with you. We need to have sex with you, but lets not get into that now. The first thing that I want from you is for you to come with me to the hospital, because I think you broke your wrist last night when you punched the wall. Your sister has been crying in pain all night,” I said with a tear in my eye.

Kathy looked down at her wrist and thought for a moment. “Oh god. I forgot that I punched the wall last night. My wrist does feel funny,” she said and grabbed her hand and wiggled it.

The scream of my wife from the house could be heard a mile away. Kathy stopped immediately and started to cry and open the door of her car. She got out and walked over to my car and got in. Kathy never said a word on the way to the hospital. There were only a couple of patients in front of us. So we only had to wait a couple of hours.

It was 11 O’clock when Kathy came out to the waiting room. She had a cast on her arm. She walked past me and went straight to the car. I jumped up and ran to catch up with her. On the ride back home. Kathy asked, “My sister and I made two pacts when we were younger. First was that we would never hurt the other on purpose. The second was that no one other than our parents know about our problem. There is no reason why anybody else needed to know about the freak sisters. I am very upset at myself for breaking our first pact and at my sister for breaking the second. You said that there were two thing you wanted me to do. What is the second?”

“First off, I do not think of you two as the freak sisters. I love you both very much. I want you to come back into the house and talk to your sister and me. Give us a chance to talk to you. Stay the rest of the weekend and go home on Monday like you had planned.”

The inside of the car was so quiet. The sound of the tires on the road grow louder as I waited for an answer. Kathy finally broke the silence. “Okay, I will stay and listen to what you have to say but a want to leave tomorrow morning.”

I shook my head in agreement. When we got home my wife was up and making coffee. We all sat down and I started to talk first. “You have to know that we love you very much Kathy and the only reason that we tried to trick you into having sex with me was that it was our last hope. We feel that the only way for the beyoğlu escort two of you to have a sex life at all is if you move into our bed. Think about it, you have not felt the way you did in my arms the last night in a long time. Between the both of us we can make love to you like no one has ever before,” I said,

My wife then said, “Kathy, you remember back when we were 16 and spent the day touching ourselves. We gave each other the best orgasms of our lives. I have never been able to reach that point again and I do not thing that you have either. I really do think that we all can be very happy if you move in with us and join us in bed.”

We both spent all day and most of the evening trying to talk Kathy into joining us in bed. We wanted her to at least give it a try. Kathy listened but didn’t say much of anything at all. About ten o’clock Kathy said that she was going to bed and she was going to think about what we had said and would let us know tomorrow what her answer is and to fix her car, so that if she wanted to leave in the morning she could.

I sat there holding my wife’s hand as she left the room. I looked in to my wife’s eyes and told her not worry, because no matter what her sister’s answer was tomorrow I would never leave her and I will spend the rest of my life loving her no matter what.

I told her to go and get ready for bed and I would fix Kathy’s car. I put the ignition wire back in her car and headed to bed. We were in bed about 1\2 hour and my wife started to moan. I thought that she was in pain again. She rolled over and cuddled up to me. I felt her hand sliding down my belly and over top of my cock. I felt her hand grip my cock in her hand and she started to stroke it. She pulled my head over to hers and gave me such a passionate kiss that it took my breath a way. My cock stood to attention.

I broke the kiss off and said, “You do not have to do this and may be we should not. Kathy will feel us and may get pissed off again and never want to come near us again.”

“Don’t worry. It’s Kathy that is doing this. I feel her playing with her clit and its sending waves of pleasure through my body. I want you now. Please let me make love to you.”

She swung her leg over me and put my cock at the mouth of her pussy. She pushed back and my cock slid right into her. Wow she was soaking wet. She started to push her body up and down on my cock and she was moaning. I also could hear moaning coming from across the hall. It was Kathy and she was getting louder with each stroke of my cock in my wife’s cunt.

As I played with my wife tits she almost became a blur as she bounced on and off my cock. I came hard in her pussy and she collapse into my arms. We were so tired that we feel asleep in each others arms, With my cock still inside her.

I awoke and found my wife cuddled up beside me. I looked at the clock, it was Sunday 10:00. I jumped up and looked out the bedroom window. Sadness over took me. Kathy’s car was gone. I had thought that last night was Kathy’s way of telling us she would give it a try.

I decided to let my wife sleep some more. There was no reason to spoil her day just yet. I went down stairs and put on some coffee. I walked into the living room and saw that there was a note on the coffee table. I picked it up and sat down to read it and It said.

Dear Sis

I thought about what I did to you the other night. The pain I put you through must have been terrible. I felt so bad. That is why I decided to give you some pleasure to try and make up for the pain. I hope you enjoyed it because I sure did. I thought long and hard on what you and your husband said yesterday and it may make sense to you two but I do not love your husband in that way. I care for him because he is family. I sarıyer escort have to be in love with a man to go to bed with him and the idea sharing that man with you is not in the cards. I love you both very much and hope that you can find another way to keep your marriage together.

Love Kathy

My heart sank and I knew that this would upset my wife very much. I woke up my wife and she read the note and she cried.

Six Months Later

My wife and I are still together. I think as friends more than anything else. She still tries to please me by giving me a blow job every now and then. We even tried to have intercourse once but it did not work. I can tell that she is faking it and once that lubricant dries up my cock starts to get sore.

my wife has talked to her mom a couple of time and she said the Kathy has had a couple of boy friends but none of them had worked out. I did think that one day Kathy would come around to our way of think.

Then came the day the shit hit the fan and my marriage fell apart. I went I to work just like I always did. My secretary that I have worked with the last 8 years, Retired last month and I was given a new girl from the secretary pool. I will tell you this was not girl. She was all woman. She drove me nuts with desire. She loved to wear tight sweaters and pants, mini skirts, low cut tops.

Well on this particular day. I had to stay and work late. I was working away and I looked up from my work and noticed that she had not left yet.

“Sandy. What are you still doing here. Go home, you do not have to be here.” I said.

Sandy got up from her desk and came in to my office and sat on the desk beside my chair and said ” Mr. Wilson. I had some work to get caught up on and since you were working late. I decided to stay and do it just in case you needed me to find something for you.” Sandy said

I could not take my eyes off her. She was so sexy. She had on a very snug sweater and a mini skirt. She had such beautiful curves. I watched as she crossed and uncrossed her legs as we talked.

“I am sure I can find anything I need Sandy. I think you have worked hard enough today. Go home. I said as I undressed her with my eyes.

“Mr. Wilson can I ask you a question?”

“I think you just did. Yes you can, what would you like to know.”

“I have only known you a month but I can tell that you are not a very happy person. I have to tell you that I am attracted to older married men and I find you very attractive. My question is, Would you like to fuck this young hot body of mine?” Sandy said as she grabbed my hand and put it on her leg.

I was stunned and waited to long to answer her back. I guess she took my slow reaction time as a yes. I was staring at my hand on her leg and did not notice Sandy was removing her well fitting sweater. I looked up and saw a pair of breast that were perfect in every way. Even with out a bra which I think she never wore, her nipples pointed to the ceiling.

Sandy climbed down off my desk and as she did my hand that was on her leg slid under her skirt and my hand touched her underwear. I pulled my hand back as quick as I could. She turned my chair to face her. I wanted to put my hands up and stop her from sitting in my lap but my hands landed on her breast. I lost all control over my body. My cock wanted in this woman’s cunt and it would not take no for an answer. my cock throbbed against her crotch as she sat on my lap.

This woman was not faking it. She wanted me and it was driving me crazy. She leaned down to my ear and whispered. ” Tell me you want me as much as I want you!”

I wanted to say no but yes came out of my mouth. She pulled my head to her breasts. I started to suck and nibble on her nipples. Her nipples were hard maslak escort and standing erect. It has been such a long time since I had an aroused woman in my arm. She stood up and pulled her skirt down and then stood up again. I was looking at the most perfect body I had ever seen. her stomach was so flat the her hip bones really stood out.

Sandy pushed my legs apart and climbed in between them and lowered her head to my crotch. She unfastened my pants and pulled my already hard cock out. “Why, Mr. Wilson have you been hiding this big monster from me.?” She said and swallowed my cock into her mouth. I missed having an excited woman suck on my cock. It is at least 75% better then getting one from a woman that not turned on. I could not take to much more, she suck like a Hoover. I told her to stop, I was going to come. She lifted her lips off my cock and said. “Don’t worry honey come in my mouth. It will be my pleasure to have you come in my mouth and it will make me so horny. That I will suck your cock even harder and deeper. When I am finished with you, You will not even remember your wife’s name”. She quickly took me back into her mouth and sucked me until I exploded in her mouth and I do mean exploded. It felt like my cock was being ripped in half as months of sexual tension let loose from my cock.

Sandy did stay true to her word. She never stopped sucking and did take my cock deeper into her mouth. I never lost my erection. She had me close to coming again. So I pulled her head off my cock and stood her in front of me. I kissed and licked every part of her body that I could get to from my sitting position. I dropped to my knees and licked my way to her pussy. She was so wet that my nose was dripping with her juices when I stood up. I had her kneel in my chair and I entered her from behind. I fuck the hell out of her that night. She was hanging on to the chair for dear life. I finally came with one last thrust I sank my cock to the hilt and stayed as deep as I could in her as I emptied my sperm in to her.

Gasping for breath, she turned and Said. ” you are a wild man. I have never been fucked like that in my life. You would think you have not been fucked in years. I would say lets do it again but my pussy’s sore from the pounding you just gave it. Would you like me to suck you off again? I don’t mind, I love having a cock in my mouth.”

“No thanks Sandy. I did enjoy it allot but the guilt of what I did is sinking in. I am going to have to go home and tell my wife that the promise I made to never hurt her, was broken to night.” I said with my head in my hands.

“Your not going to tell your wife, are you? All the married men I screw are to chicken to tell their wives. If I’d known you would tell your wife I would never have fucked you. Even if it meant missing the fuck of my life. Please do not tell her and I will work late with you when ever you want Or you just pop by my place and I will take care of your needs.” Sandy said

Don’t worry I will never mention your name but I do have to tell her. I have never lied or kept anything from her. You get dressed and go home. I will see you tomorrow And thanks. You will never know how much I needed that.” I said.

“Well let me know the next time you need it because in a couple of day’s I will be dying to get fucked like that again.” Sandy said as she dressed and left. ” Bye, see you tomorrow.”

As I dressed I notice that the room smelt of sex. I cleaned up the mess we made and found some air fresher in the lunch room. I sprayed the room and decided to go home. I was driving home and I noticed that I smelt like I had just had sex. I could still smell her perfume on me. I decided to stop at my gym and have shower.

In my drive way at home. I sat in the car and wondered what would happen when I told her that I had just had sex with another woman. Will she understand that I could not last for ever and tell me it’s alright or am I going to be tossed out on my ear.

To Be Continued…?

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