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Gloria is a young widow who receives a pension from her late husband’s employer and this, and some other income, enables her to live comfortably without holding a job. Her marriage was not a happy one and she has no intention of ever marrying again.

When we get together, Gloria likes me to tie her up and then “do unspeakable things to her helpless body”. I’m not very much into bondage but this is just role-playing and all in fun, so I go along. Usually I play the role of a “prowler” who “ravishes her” and that’s what I was most recently.

Because she doesn’t like to leave her door unlocked, I have a key, but I pretended that I had picked the lock. I walked noisily down the hall to where Gloria was waiting in her well-lighted bedroom and she called out “Who’s there?” I didn’t answer, of course, just appeared in her doorway.

“Who are you, you horrid man?” she asked.

I still didn’t say anything but strode over to her, grabbed her hand and tied it to the bedpost with the rope that was waiting there for that purpose. Then I tied her other hand and her feet to the other corners, always being gentle. As I tied her, Gloria pretended to struggle, and even hit me twice with her fist. Both times, it was on my hip where she couldn’t hurt me, although she could have kicked me hard in the crotch if she had wanted to. Neither of us wanted to do any harm to the other. Gloria had provided soft cotton rope, already tied to the bedposts, and I bound her with loose knots that she could pull out of whenever she wanted. While I tied her up she pleaded with me not to hurt her, telling me what a decent and virtuous woman she is.

When I was done I looked at Gloria, sprawled out in the bed. I tore off the paper blouse and skirt that she buys for this purpose, and she lay before me, naked and beautiful. She has a pretty face, long hair and a figure that I would call “voluptuous” and the fashion mavens, who don’t know any better, call “fat”.

“Don’t look at me, you pervert,” she demanded, while wriggling on the bed, thrusting her succulent breasts at me and twitching her pussy. Gloria was getting turned on by our play-acting; I was getting turned on by Gloria’s sexiness.

After removing all my clothing, I sneered and said “I’m going to eat your pussy.” That was the first thing I had said; both of us were staying in character. She called me a pervert and a degenerate and I knelt beside her and started licking her luscious breasts. I gently massaged one gorgeous mound in either hand and licked her erect nipples and each areola, while Gloria kilis escort told me how she was a decent woman and that I shouldn’t ravish her. As she was telling me this, her pussy was squirming and I could smell her delightfully fragrant juices, so I ignored her entreaties, as was the plan, and my tongue continued caressing her beautiful globes. I took one in my mouth, sucking on it and flicking the nipple with the tip of my tongue, and did the same for the other delectable gland. Back and forth, my mouth went and whichever of these twin beauties wasn’t being sucked and licked was being gently kneaded by my hands.

Gloria’s pussy continued producing juices and I left her breasts briefly to devour the nectar, returning quickly to her lovely mounds, to resume licking, sucking and fondling them. I buried my face between the gorgeous twins, with one of them pressing against either cheek and licked the channel between. Sometimes Gloria wanted me to “ravish” her by fucking her there and cumming on her face, but not that day. I continued to lick my way down her soft belly, pausing to tease her navel with my tongue, until I reached Gloria’s pussy, dripping-wet and fragrant.

I got out of the bed and went to kneel between her outspread legs, taking a pillow and placing it under her ass so her pussy would be presented to me as a banquet on a table. Her other pillow was still under her head. While she was calling me a vile pervert and begging for mercy, she lifted her ass up to let me position the pillow perfectly. My eyes feasted on the delectable pussy where my mouth would very shortly be feasting.

I began by licking up all the delicious juices that had already flowed from Gloria’s love hole. She was still calling me a beast but she was humping her pussy up to meet my mouth. After I had relished all her juices, I began slowly nibbling on both her left labia, using only my lips, with my tongue licking from her outer lip to the inner. Gloria’s entire pussy is erogenous, even the area outside her outer lips where the pubic hair begins. She had shaved there that day and was smooth and soft and silky. Shaving makes her even more sensitive than she would be otherwise and she was sighing and moaning as I licked this sometimes neglected part. For now, she had even stopped telling me what a brute I was. I took my time and thoroughly sucked and licked every bit of her pussy lips.

After completing my journey over her left labia, all the way to her mons but passing up her clit, I began on the right pair, first devouring the fresh juices kıbrıs escort in her love hole. I sucked and licked and nibbled on these pussy lips, just as I had on the opposite pair, again stopping when I reached her mons, and kissing and licking her there. By now, Gloria’s thighs had rotated outward and she was fucking her pussy even harder into my face. I began licking the inside of her inner pussy lips, crossing from right to left and back again. Gloria continued sighing and moaning and in between her moans, she berated me as a pervert, although now in a weakened voice. This time I kept going until her clit was in my mouth. I sucked on that sweet love button, and licked all around it as I had sucked and licked her nipples earlier. I could feel Gloria start to cum. The ropes fastening her ankles to the foot of the bed were very slack and Gloria was able to squeeze my head between her voluptuous thighs. Her back arched and her beautiful and delicious pussy was writhing under my face. I continued licking and sucking on her clit until she finished cumming. Her legs spread out flat on the bed and her back relaxed again.

She sighed and berated me. “You monster! Look what you made me do! You made me cum and I am a decent and virtuous woman.” Fresh cum is the tastiest of all pussy juices so I devoured everything there was.

I climbed off the bed, got out a condom and pulled it on my cock. Gloria saw this and demanded “Are you going to ravish me with your terrible organ?”

That was something like what I had in mind except that my organ wasn’t all that terrible; she had enjoyed it immensely in the past, and we both expected her to enjoy it equally that day. I could see her pussy was lubricating again preparing for her to be “ravished”. Instead of treating my taste buds by licking up those fresh juices, I left them to perform their natural function.

Kneeling between her legs, I opened her sweet pussy lips with one hand and guided my cock into her fully ready love hole with the other. As I slowly penetrated her pussy, Gloria was writhing in front of me and her head was thrashing back and forth on her pillow. “Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear,” she was saying but I couldn’t tell if she was complaining or enjoying the feeling of my cock sliding into her pussy. When it was embedded completely in her beautiful love hole I paused briefly, twitching it and watching her responses.

I slid forward and covered Gloria, then leaned on my elbows so my weight was mostly on them and my knees. By sliding my body forward, I had pulled my cock kırıkkale escort partly out of her pussy. I pulled it out farther, then thrust it slowly back in. From this angle my cock was pressed tightly against the top of her love hole and was caressing her clit with every inward thrust. I continued a slow in and out stroking, keeping up the same rhythm. Gloria’s face was close to my ear and I could hear her sighing and moaning and I caught the words “Ravish me” but I couldn’t tell if it was a demand or a complaint. I continued slowly, fucking her beautiful wet pussy, flattered by her sounds of pleasure and the occasional spurt of fresh lubricant. We were both enjoying this too much to want to hurry it, so we took it slowly.

I could feel Gloria’s pussy squirming under me so I raised my upper body, putting my weight entirely on my hands and knees, and continued the slow thrusts that were massaging her clit. Freed completely from my weight, Gloria started shoving her pussy forward to meet my strokes. Her right foot had come loose from its restraints and her leg was wrapped around mine, but she didn’t seem to notice except that she was using it for leverage to push harder, her pussy meeting my cock with squishing noises. Both of us were too happy with our fucking to notice such small lapses from character.

Gloria’s back started to arch and I could tell she was starting to cum. “I’m cumming, you brute,” she said, unnecessarily. I was ready to cum also so I started to fuck with faster and deeper strokes. Gloria’s pussy pounded back just as hard and fast and, when she climaxed, she thrust herself at me one last time as I squirted semen into my condom.

We sprawled on the bed together, both content. Our role-playing was over so Gloria pulled her hands loose from the ropes and hugged me affectionately. “You sure know how to ravish a girl,” she murmured into my ear. My cock, now soft, slipped out of the sweet love hole where it had enjoyed itself so much, and had brought so much pleasure.

I got up to have one last, delicious snack. Condoms are wonderful things; they prevent pregnancy, they prevent the spread of diseases and they keep her heavenly pussy juices from mingling with my own cum. I licked all the nectar from Gloria’s adorable pussy for the last time that day.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32