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If you had your life to live over, in the light of experience, would you change it?

But how much could you change, or would you? Other peoples’ lives entwined with yours will change. And tiny changes can snowball in ways it is hard to predict. I wondered what would have happened if I had made just one choice – between two girls who came to a party, Penny and Jill, who I know now both fancied me then, and had both come to the party hoping to see me. ‘Then’, first time round, life version one, I picked Penny. My friend Len had got to Jill first. But ‘now’ I chose Jill. And everything was different.

So three weeks later, after the application of all my lifetime of acquired wisdom and the confidence that goes with it (especially what I knew about Penny) I found myself in bed with both of them. Jill, the girl I chose at the party turned out to be an adventurous and playful lover, at ease with her sexuality, and attracted to Penny as well as me. Penny, who I knew from life version one was a submissive bi-sexual with strong voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies, had become her lover, and mine.

Would I make that change if I had the chance? Hell yes!

Jill woke me with a kiss, and a soft “Good morning, handsome man.”

“A very good morning, beautiful woman.” I replied. “Indeed an excellent one.”

“Shhh. She’s still asleep.” Jill whispered, “can you slip out so I can get out and go to the bathroom, please.”

We both tiptoed out, and Jill flitted ahead of me to go to the loo. In a minute she called me in, and it was apparent that she was about to brush her teeth. “I’m sorry darling, but I need the loo too, would you mind?” I asked, meaning ‘would you mind leaving.’

“Oh, no I don’t mind,” she said “In fact I’ve always wondered what it looks like when a boy does it,” and she turned to watch.

I’ve never been one to suffer stage fright, but it was disconcerting. However, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

More disconcerting was when she said “Oooh.” and came over for a better look. She ended up about a foot away from me, and the expression on her face was pure fascination. “Wow.” she said. “What does that feel like?”

I laughed. “Well, I suppose it feels the same for girls, relief if your bladder is full, but, it doesn’t feel like much really. I mean, it isn’t like coming, if that’s what you mean.”

Jill shrugged “Yeah, I suppose it can’t be that different from girls doing it. You must think I’m weird.”

“No, not at all. Of course I’ve never seen a girl do it.” I said “but, I’d be interested to see that.”

She looked at me, a bit startled, and then smiled. “Okay. Next time.”

We washed what needed washed and brushed what needed brushed, and headed back to the still sleeping Penny.

She was snoring. Quite quietly. Jill said “Isn’t she cute?” and I had to agree.

We got back into bed, and cuddled and talked in quiet, intimate voices. We talked about school and parents, and my work on the MG and her driving lessons, and summer holidays. I realised it was the first time we had been alone to chat for days, and I was so happy just to talk with this wonderful woman. Then hunger started to make itself felt so I suggested we get up and make breakfast, but Jill didn’t want Penny to wake up with no one there.

“That’s easily sorted then, wake her.” I said.

“No Sean, you wake her. I got the first kiss yesterday.” she said, and slipped over me so I could move beside Penny.

Of course for a moment I had her naked on top of me, which was a highly desirable occurrence, and both of us were tempted. Jill looked at me, and grinned, and said “Later, lover, breakfast first.”

Penny was no longer snoring, but sleeping lightly, and I woke her by gently calling her name. She opened her eyes blearily and looked a little startled, and then grinned. “Oh, Hi Sean”

I kissed her, and she sleepily put an arm around my waist, rolling toward me. I kissed her a bit more. She slowly woke up, and the kiss lingered, and her embrace became more intense. She noticed my erection pressing against her thigh, and giggled. “Oh,” she said “Hi, Sean.”

“Good morning, Penny. Sleep well?” I asked.

“Good morning Penny, do I get a kiss?” Jill asked, popping her head up over my shoulder.

“Yes, and yes.” was Penny’s reply.

“Hmm, thank you,” said Jill, “now Penny bathroom, Sean dress, I’ll put the kettle and toast on, and come up, Sean can make tea and butter the toast while I dress, and we can be ready to go out in half an hour, just in time.”

“Just in time for what?” I asked.

“It’s Sunday morning. What do you think? It’s only a five minute walk to our church, so we won’t need the car, and the fresh air will do us good. Come on, chop chop!” she said and sprang up to go to the kitchen.

Penny and I looked at each other, speechless, and she was out of the door before we could comment. “Is she serious?” I asked

“She sounded serious.” said Penny. “Good job I brought good clothes. Although I’ll have brazzers porno to borrow a hat.”

“A hat? They do hats? I don’t even have a jacket!” I said.

We went to dress quickly. I hadn’t reckoned on church, so the best I had was a pair of black cords, and a white shirt. I’d have to borrow a tie.

I went to the kitchen, and took over, Jill promised me a tie and jacket from her father’s wardrobe, and scurried off. I watched her lithe naked form as she hurried away, and thought about sitting next to her in church. Not the best morning I could plan, but it could be worse.

A few minutes later the two girls appeared, with a jacket that was a bit short in the sleeves for me and a tie I would never have bought.

Penny was in a knee length skirt and had a coat borrowed from Jill, all dark blue, with a matching hat, and gloves. Jill was holding a long grey coat, blue hat with a brim, white gloves, and was wearing a Sunday dress – pale blue with little flower motifs. Both had got flat but not high heeled shoes. They looked the picture of modesty. I smiled, and said they were both lovely. Toast and tea were consumed standing up as I tied the horrible tie and slipped on the jacket.

“Not too bad,” said Jill as she adjusted the collar, “just keep your arms down and don’t stretch too much. Now come on, or we will be late.”

We trooped into the hall where the girls put on their coats and hats, and adjusted them in front of the mirror. When they were happy the two turned to me and Penny said “How do we look? Suitably respectable?”

I smiled as I scanned them up and down. Penny was a very pretty girl, and the outfit was plain but subtly emphasised her blossoming womanhood. Jill would look good in a potato sack, so in that outfit she was stunning. Two tempting innocent nubiles. I whistled. “Utterly respectable, and utterly beautiful, and utterly tempting. Every man in the church will be thinking the same thing as me.”

“And what is that?” asked Jill, playing coy.

“I will be sitting beside you, wondering two things and wishing one. I will be wondering, are those: tights, or stockings? If the latter, what else, if anything, are you wearing underneath those oh so modest skirts? And I will be wishing I wasn’t in church, because I would rather be in bed with you two. And I will bet that even the Minister will be having the same ideas.”

“Oh dear,” said Penny, “That would be very distracting. Would it help if I told you they are stockings, and yes, I have something else on, white lace with a little pink bow to match my bra and the suspender belt?”

“Oh. Yes. Although I’m not sure that makes it less distracting.” I said, grinning.

“And I’m not wearing stockings. Nor are they tights.” said Jill.

“Oh. So what are they?” I said.

“Have a look.” said Jill, an she lifted the front of her skirt, slowly drawing it up. As her long slim legs were revealed I could feel my cock rising in sympathy with the dress. The smooth hose gave way to an embroidered band of elasticated stocking, and then bare thigh, but no suspenders. “Hold ups.” she said, and lifted her skirt higher. “And nothing else,” she added, unnecessarily as my eyes opened wider at the sight of her fluffy brown vee.

“Definitely not less distracting. Gorgeous, sexy, wonderful, beautiful, but definitely not less distracting.”

“Oh dear,” said Jill, “So if you come to Church with us you’ll be sitting there thinking about how I look now, here in the hall with my pussy bare, just ready for you to put your cock in me and take me in my Sunday best, right here against the wall while Penny watches?”

I stepped up to her and took her in my arms, kissing her hard and deeply. My hand found the naked skin of her thighs, and they opened at my touch, my fingers running into her fine-haired bush, pressing open her soft lips, seeking the wet warm opening within, entering her and taking possession of her body.

Jill made a guttural noise as my fingers penetrated her and kissed me back fiercely. Behind me Penny put her arms round my waist and began to undo my belt. I was surprised, but happy to let her. I pushed Jill back against the wall, opening her legs with my knee, squeezing her breast with my other hand as my fingers slipped out of her pussy and rubbed across her clitoris. She gasped and her hips bucked, and I felt Penny pulling my trousers and underpants down. My cock was free and Jill’s legs were open, and I knew what to do. The look in her eyes as I rubbed my tip back and forth along her slit was priceless. Desire, love, joy, anticipation. I put my hands on her naked bottom and lifted her, pushing my hips forward, penetrating her in one firm stroke as I let her down onto my cock. She let go of her dress and put her arms round my neck, locking her legs round me, her soft cheek against mine, she let out a soft sigh, and I felt her flex her muscles inside, gripping me. “Oh god, Sean, oh I wanted this.”

I lifted her and let her drop. Deep inside her I felt her heat and clip4sale porno my cock twitched, I felt her body flex and flow, and heard her breath catch. Her scent was in my nostrils, light perfume, sweet sweat, pussy musk, desire and rapture.

I pushed her hard against the wall, pushing the breath out of her, taking two strokes, lifting her up again, biting her neck, grunting as I drove into her. I felt Penny’s hands on my bottom as she pushed against me. In my ear she whispered “You two are so sexy. I want you next,” as she pulled off my jacket.

I couldn’t get a proper stroke as we were, and lifted and swung Jill round, lowering her to the floor, momentarily slipping out of her. She lay on her back and held up her skirt as I knelt and penetrated her again, sinking full length into her as Penny helped her undo her coat. I took her deep and swift and she quickly writhed towards climax. I concentrated on her responses, wanting to see her come for me, amazed at her sudden frenzy. In moments she had turned from gloriously tempting innocent Sunday-School girl into passionate young woman, flushed with desire, thrusting her hips against me, wrapping her stocking clad legs round mine, biting my lower lip and gripping my back with her gloved hands. I knew she would come soon when she gripped my upper arms and began making little sounds at each stroke, bouncing her hips up against me.

“Oh Sean, that’s it, oh, take me Sean, oh I’m coming, oh my, oh god!”

She wrapped her legs round my waist and gripped me harder with her hands, I held still as she gently rocked and said in a sigh “Mmm hmmm. Sean Carver, you have some very naughty ideas.”

I smiled. “You see that is exactly the sort of thing I will be thinking about in church with you two. Very distracting.” I said, and took another stroke into her depths. She gasped.

Penny said “I think it might be a bit late for church now anyway. Maybe we should just go back to bed.”

“Ok!” Jill squeaked, as I took another stroke.

I kissed her and pulled out, and pushed myself up so I was kneeling on her dress with her naked bottom and pussy exposed to me. She was pink and wet and so inviting that I nearly just took her again. Instead I bent to taste her, licking her sweetness up in one long stroke from beneath her pink crinkled ass right up to the soft hair covered mound above her slit. Jill quivered and moaned, and said “Okay, take me to bed with you please!”

I helped her rise and she got her breath back and looked up at Penny, who was sitting on the stairs. “Hey Penny, we’ve been neglecting you.”

Penny gave an enchantingly wicked smile, and said “I’ve been enjoying the view. And learning.”

Jill walked over to her, asking “Learning what?”

“Learning what you like. I didn’t really believe it yesterday. And when I woke this morning I didn’t believe yesterday had happened at all. But it’s all true,” she said, and hugged Jill, and kissed her. Then the two of them turned to me, and Penny said, “Well you ravaged one little girl in her Sunday best. Want to make it two?”

I growled “Be careful what you wish for, Penny.”

And she giggled and began backing up the stairs, saying “Ooh Sean, whatever are you thinking of?”

I took a few steps toward her with deliberate menace, and Jill stood aside and made a sweeping gesture with her hands to usher me past. “She’s all yours,” she said.

As I passed her I said softly “You had better follow soon, just in case I need a hand.”

The look she flashed me spoke volumes of lust and excitement, as she new exactly what I meant.

I slowly climbed the stairs, mock glowering at Penny as she retreated. She lifted the hem of her dress to expose her stocking top as she said “Now, now Mr Carver, just because I’ve got these on doesn’t mean I’m that sort of girl. I’m a good girl I am.”

“Miss Harty, I know just what sort of girl you are and I expect you will be very good indeed.”

She had reached the top of the stairs, and giggled again as I got closer, then turned and quickly fled towards the spare room. I leapt after her, catching up with her as she went through the door, pushing her on into the room and across to the bed, which she fell onto face down. I flipped up her skirt and the back of her coat and was rewarded with a fine view of her stocking clad legs, bare upper thighs and small white lacy panties that exposed the swell of her bottom and emphasised the cleft between her buttocks leading to her most intimate areas. My hand shot up between her legs, thumb pressing her panties against her ass, fingers curling to push the lace against her pussy. I bent to bite and growl at the soft flesh of the junction of leg and buttock that was exposed between stocking and knickers. She squealed and writhed in a most arousing fashion.

The predator in me was awakened, and I was still in high arousal from being with Jill only minutes before. I pulled her coat and skirt back down and quickly flipped her onto her back, throwing her skirt up again colette porno and plunging my face between her legs, pulling her panties aside, tongue and lips rough on her pussy, sucking her clitoris as I slid a finger inside her and my other hand searched under her coat to grasp her breasts.

She was delicious and vocal in her appreciation, and as I looked up at her I saw Jill climbing onto the bed beside her. Jill had taken off her coat and hat and gloves, and was now undoing Penny’s coat and then her blouse. The two girls kissed as I pushed Penny’s legs up to open her further and slid my tongue deep inside her pussy. I rubbed my fingertip very softly on her ass hole at the same time, and pressed my nose on her bush and the area just above her clit. Penny reacted by pushing herself down towards me, rubbing herself up and down against my mouth and finger. She was suddenly very wet.

Jill was undoing Penny’s skirt and trying to pull her blouse and coat off, which was obviously impossible, so I decided to help her. Between the two of us we had Penny rolled over and stripped of her blouse and coat, bra undone, skirt and suspender belt and panties round her knees all in ten seconds. Then we rolled her onto her back, Jill pulling of her bra as I dragged skirt and knickers and stockings off her legs. She was entirely naked, and Jill kissed her and ran a hand down onto her bush, a finger opening her slit. Penny was no longer in control of herself, her body rocked by the wave of feeling centred on Jill’s finger.

I stripped, while I watched my fiancé finger her virgin girlfriend’s wet pussy and suck on her beautiful honey coloured tits. Her brown crinkled nipples were so inviting that I bounced onto the bed beside her and took one in my mouth as Jill sucked on the other. My fingers joined Jill’s in Penny’s bush, and I slid one in beside hers, lower down. In unison we worked them in and out of the girl between us, and I saw Jill look at me as she sucked on the nipple in her mouth and her eyes sparkled.

I moved up to kiss Penny’s lips as Jill moved down to kiss her pussy. Penny’s hand found my cock then, and she squeezed and stroked me as she jumped and gasped. I was grasping her left breast and rolling her nipple between finger and thumb, and my other hand was gripping her buttock.

“Ten minutes ago you looked like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth,” I said “and now I’d bet you’d like my cock in it.”

She moaned and said “Yes, Sean, give me your cock.” Penny looked at me with wicked eyes as she pulled me up to her lips, sucking me deep and wanking me firmly into her mouth. It was my turn to moan.

While Jill kept working on her pussy, and I enjoyed playing with her smooth and soft warm breasts, Penny sucked me and licked my shaft, dipped her head to lick my balls, and took me deep again, holding my balls as she rapidly stroked my shaft. For a girl who hadn’t touched a man’s cock until the day before she was making a hell of a good job of getting me close to coming in rapid time.

“You’ll make me come if you keep doing that,” I said. “Do you want me to come in your mouth?”

She pulled her head back and looked at me with her dark and wide pupils. In a voice heavy with desire she said “No, I want you inside me.”

My heart leapt, but I had to ask, “Are you sure? You want me to put my cock inside you?”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jill raise her head to listen as Penny said in husky tones “Please Sean, I want it inside me, like you do with Jill, take me like you take her, come in me.”

I bent to kiss her lips then and hug her and drew her up and around so she was lengthwise on the bed and I would have room to lie between her legs and still have my feet on the bed to help me push inside her. My cock was throbbing at the thought. As we moved Jill was pulling the duvet back and guiding Penny to slip under it, and in her other hand was a towel. I helped remove the quilt from the bed as Jill said “Lift your bum,” and she slipped the towel under Penny, and bent to kiss her pussy, running her tongue up her slit to open the lips and leave her wet.

I knelt between Penny’s open knees and Jill quickly sucked my cock, and then took me in hand as I leaned forward over Penny, kneeling with my cock pointed down towards her pussy, kissing a nipple on the way past, ending up looking at her face, her big brown eyes, her lips slightly swollen, face a little flushed. “Penny love, Jill is going to help me put it in okay? I’ll be gentle, just relax. Alright?”

“Yes, Sean, I want this, I want you in me.”

Jill had moved up beside her and was holding her hand as well as my cock, she kissed her shoulder and said “Darling Penny, I am so glad you stayed with us this weekend. We love you Penny, both of us. I’m so happy we can both make love with you.”

Before she could reply I pushed my hips forward a little and my tip came in contact with Penny. Her eyes opened a little more, she made a little gasping noise and she looked nervous, but then Jill started moving my cock around, massaging her friend’s pussy lips and across her mons. Penny relaxed a little, and as Jill used my cock in a circular motion around the top of her slit, brushing her clitoris, Penny relaxed a little more, opening her legs a fraction as she gave a little sigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32