In and Out: A Tryst

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They arrived at the hotel door at the same time, which always happened. They smiled at each other like two people sharing an inside joke. He inserted the hotel card and pulled it out, as she smiled and raised her eyebrows.

“How appropriate,” she said. “In and out.”

They laughed entered the room. Once inside, they turned toward each other and embraced, a warm, but not passionate hug. As they pulled apart he softly kissed her cheek, and she smiled and gave him a look of minor disapproval.

A warm hug, while clothed, was ok. Kissing was outside the rules.

They stood facing each other in the hotel room and slowly they undressed. First he would remove an item, then he would watch her. They stood not quite three feet apart and one by one removed items until they were standing in just their underwear. She looked amazing in a little black teddy, while he looked her up and down in his white boxers. They were both fit, attractive people. Truth be known, one of the main reasons they stayed fit was because they wanted to look good for their little rendezvous. He ached to reach out and pull her toward him, but they both knew that wasn’t Escort bayan going to happen.

Body contact was ok when they were dressed, but only minimal, incidental contact was allowed once the clothes came off. Nude contact was against the rules.

They moved over to the bed and climbed in together, coming close but not touching. They slid into the 69 position, and his hand slid down inside his boxers and around his already hardening cock. She moved her hand down to her warm crotch and began to touch herself, lightly at first but as she watched him becoming aroused it caused her to rub herself harder and faster. He pushed his boxers down so she could watch him stroke his cock, and she watched him, mesmerized. She leaned over and put her mouth close enough to his cock so that he could feel her warm breath. She brought her open mouth to the tip of his cock and came so close that he was inside her mouth without any touching. Then she moved her mouth up and down the length of his cock, blowing lightly and licking her lips.

Teasing was allowed. Touching was against the rules.

He rolled over on his back and she straddled Bayan Escort him now, and his face sat just inches from her now wet panties, and he could smell her arousal. She gyrated above him slowly, closing her eyes, rubbed her clit, and imagining how good it would feel if his tongue was inside her. She moved down so close to him that she could feel his warm breath on her, and she was aching to grind her pussy right down onto his face.

But that was against the rules. No contact of any kind with the good parts.

After a while she climbed off him and sat kneeling beside him. They both continued to masturbate as they watched each other. Slowly she removed the black teddy and panties, and he removed his boxers, and they enjoyed each other’s naked bodies. She moved over to straddle his hips, and once again without touching him, began to gyrate over him. Her fingers lightly caressed her clit as she watched him slowly stroking himself from end to end. From behind, it would look like she was fucking him hard, but there was no actual contact between them.

She knew just how to push him to the edge. As she masturbated herself Escort with one hand, the other came up to her mouth and she sucked each of her fingers long and hard. As he looked up at her he licked his lips in appreciation.

Being irresistible was not against the rules. Torturing the other person with the understanding of unrequited sex was not against the rules.

They knew each other very well, and they could both sense that the orgasms were coming. Their motions became more impassioned, and in the middle of it, it became impossible to avoid all contact, and her body collapsed down onto his thighs and her hands came down onto his stomach as she lost control. The contact, minimal though it was, pushed him over the edge, and his cock exploded into the open air between them.

After a while, she rolled off of him and lay beside him on the bed, and they were quiet for a long time, enjoying the warm feeling of passionate sex, even though it wasn’t quite. It wasn’t quite sex because of the rules, rules that were there because they both had other lives, lives with other people, people who kept them from being unfaithful. The cleaned themselves up, watched each other get dressed, and then headed for the door. They hugged, more warmly this time, but still without passion. A warm, non-committal hug. Which was within the rules.

“In and out,” she smiled. “How appropriate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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