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Chris had asked me if I wanted to soak in the giant Jacuzzi in his backyard or sleep after we got out of the shower. I was so tired from the whirlwind of sex we had experienced over the last 5 hours that I told him I just wanted to snuggle into bed. I followed Chris into the bedroom and waited while he turned down the soft, thick bedspread and then crawled in next to him.

Chris wrapped his arms around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. We laid there talking about life and the things we liked to do for fun. Quite, drowsy talk about anything that came to mind until I found myself falling asleep in his arms.

A couple of times during the day I woke up and looked at Chris laying next me, my long curly red hair mingling on the pillows with his even longer, strait silk black hair. The first that had made me lust for Chris was that hair that reached to his waist, but the entire package now drove me insane. Tall and broad with the most beautiful Native American looks Chris was also smart and funny and most of all he desired me beyond measure.

I had had lovers in my 28 years but somehow I always felt that they were only interested in my chest or were wishing I was something else, thinner, not so tall, more elegant or more sexy. With Chris on the other hand, I was the sexiest I had ever felt and had no doubt he adored my big soft body as well my big chest, heaven knows he had paid attention to every inch of me.

I must have dozed off again because I woke up slowly to the most amazing feeling. At first I could not figure out what was making my nipples feel so good and what was giving me a tingle in my pussy.

I realized that Chris was laying next to me with one of my nipples in his mouth lightly sucking on it as he played with the other one. I lay still hoping he would not stop and then I reached up and cupped the back of his head to hold him closer when he he realized I was awake. I murmured half-developed words of desire and stroked his hair.

After a few minutes when I had begun to squirm with desire he decided to torment me and pull back, I looked up and saw Chris leaning over me with the sweetest look on his face. “Wake up Sleeping Beauty” He leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, “You are so cute when you sleep with your hand nuzzled under your cheek.”

I laughed and kissed him back, “Ummmm I think that is now my favorite way to wake up.”

Chris leaned over and kissed the red mark my knuckles had left on my cheek, “Hummmm, speaking of red cheeks, how is your bottom doing? Still tender from the paddling?” His hand wrapped around me and began to stroke my ass cheeks.

I knew I was blushing as my nipples tightened up at the memory of him spanking my full round ass as I begged for more and then came again and again. I blushed even more at the memory of him fucking me from behind as I leaned over the bed.

“It is well-padded sweetie, don’t worry about making it too sore.” I told him, pushing myself closer to him so that his hard cock rubbed against my belly.

Chris kept stroking my ass cheeks. “I think you are perfectly padded Babe, it makes me want to grab you all the time. So how czech sharking porno about taking that soak in the hot tub?”

I would have been happy to stay in the bed and play some more but the thought of the huge, 8-person Jacuzzi in the fully fenced in back yard had me up and pulling a laughing Chris out of bed. We ran down the stairs naked and laughing like little kids. I bounced up and down on my toes as he made us stop and get towels. “Come on, Come on, I wanna play in the tub.” I chanted and then again as I had to wait for the automatic cover to slide back from the top of the tub.

Chris turned on the jets and looked at me, “Keep bouncing and we may not make it into the tub Baby, I might have to jump you here and now.”

I gave another vigorous bounce and then stepped down into the Jacuzzi. I have a small two-person garden tub in my green house but Chris’ Jacuzzi was at least twice as deep and easily three times as big. Standing in the middle of the Jacuzzi I realized the water was up to my breasts, it was closer to a small swimming pool then a hot tub.

Chris joined me and we sat near each other on the benches that circled the tub with the bubbling water most of the ways up our chests. Chris joked about having to take some of the water out of the tub so that he could see my tits better and I told him don’t you dare as I longed back.

I felt hands on my leg and relaxed even more then realized he was pulling one of my feet up onto his lap. With Chris I was beginning to realize that my entire body was sensitive to touch in a wonderfully sexual way.

“You even have sexy feet.” He teased as he began to rub my foot. I turned a little bracing my back against the formed bench that was shaped like a lounge and lifted my other foot onto his lap as well. I could feel his erection under my left foot as he worked his magic on my right one. Chris’ hands on my feet felt better then any other man’s hands had ever felt on my body.

While we talked quietly about nothing important, I lightly pressed his erection under my foot, flexing and moving my foot in rhythm to his foot massage. Knowing that I had made him so hard, and that he was being as teased as I was, drove me crazy but I was in no rush to take it farther. Yet.

We were talking about favorite music as Chris changed the foot he was massaging and carefully placed my right foot against his erection as he began his magic on the other. I wondered if I would be able to use just my feet to make him cum, but decided it would be a waste, at least right now when I wanted him inside of me so badly.

Chris finally grabbed my foot and held it in place, “If you keep on like that Lola I won’t last long.”

I laughed, “That’s Ok I have to get out for a minute and cool down.” I said, lifting myself up onto the edge of the pool a few feet from him. The air felt cool against my bare wet breasts even though it was late spring and the weather had been warm for weeks now. I shivered a little bit but it was more of a feeling of sensual enjoyment then anything else. I put my head back and looked up to the night sky.

I felt Chris’ hand on czech streets porno my thigh and still kept my head leaning back as he slowly pulled my legs open and began to stroke my thigh. “Keep looking up at the sky darlin’. Keep your head back, breath deep and just feel.” I could feel his hands sliding farther up my thighs, stroking and coxing them apart. I gave a little gasp as I felt Chris’ fingers teasing my pussy lips.

The sky was perfectly clear, the moon was low on the horizon and I could see the black body of its shadow-self held safely in the bright slender crescent of light. The stars seemed to fill the sky and I felt as if I was floating, tethered only by the touch of the hands teasing and tormenting the very center of me.

I gasped as one finger then another entered me, my feet still in the hot bubbling water, the rest of me exposed and open to the air. Slowly the fingers inside of me stroked my delicate wet entrance drawing forth sighs and soft moans. I began to shake and quiver as the stroking of the fingers inside me matched the rhythm of the finger stroking across my clit.

I knew I was close to cumming but I was worried about letting loose and making noise the way I normally do incase Chris’ neighbors freak out.

“Let go baby, cum for me bad girl. Bite your hand and let it loose.” At Chris’ urging I raised my hand to my mouth and clamped down on the pad under my thumb and let myself become totally immersed in what was happening between my legs. I stiffened as the stroking increased, shaking like a leaf as I came, jerking around and screaming against the hand in my mouth.

My orgasm began to end slowly subsiding into pulses. Chris drew his hand away and placed his mouth over my tender little clit, then sucked it deep into his mouth before the orgasm had faded all the way. Again I howled into my hand and started to shake as the fading waves of one orgasm began to increase into a new one, rocking my very center like a storm.

Chris continued to suck and tease my tormented clit, one orgasm flowing into another, I began to feel as if I was a rag doll. Chris quickly stood between my legs, and offering me a kiss that tasted of my own sweet juices, buried himself deep inside of me. I licked my juices off his face.

I wrapped my arms around his strong shoulders and held him close as he rocked himself into me over and over. After a few minutes of fucking on the edge of the tub Chris wrapped his arms around me tighter and pulled me, still impaled on his cock, into the water with him. I was worried about him trying to hold me up like that so I wrapped my legs around him even tighter then realized the water was giving me buoyancy.

Chris held me up with little effort in the warm water and began to move around the tub, each step bouncing me onto his cock. Finally he sat down carrying me with him. I placed my knees on each side of him and began to lift and lower myself onto his thick cock.

I could feel the roiling water around my skin, hear the bubbles, even feel the night air on my chest and shoulders, but all that really mattered at that moment was the feel of the cock czech super models porno buried deep inside of me. Chris was staring at me in the dark and I locked eyes with him as I thrust myself onto his cock again and again. I knew he was watching for my orgasm to build, I knew a lot of guys were uncomfortable with how hard and how loud I came but it seemed to drive Chris wild.

He reached down and lifted one of my breasts to his mouth and sucked the nipple in hard. I slowed my bouncing to a sensual grind that drove me insane as he nipped and pulled my nipple with his teeth. I loved that he was also unintimidated by how much force my nipples could take and how much I loved having them pinched, twisted and bitten.

I threw back my head as Chris grabbed both of my nipples in his hands and began to twist and pull them. I felt him lightly bite my neck, licking and nibbling the tender skin there. It felt so primal to be making wild, passionate love outside, just yards from his neighbors fence.

I began to shake again and Chris could tell my orgasm was coming on me quickly so he caught my mouth in his to control the sounds I would make. I came moaning into his mouth, still grinding myself onto his cock.

My orgasm faded and I had to stop moving for a second. Chris lifted me off of him, “Baby stand on the bench and lean over the side for me, I want to fuck you from behind so I can feel that sweet wet ass against me.” I scrambled up onto the bench and leaned over holding myself up with my hands on the deck.

Chris got between my legs and slid himself into my soaking wet pussy from behind. He wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my nipples, pulling them with each thrust. I wanted him to fuck me all night but I also wanted to feel his cock go off inside of me with fiery burst of cum that would pulse against the walls of my pussy.

I was totally losing myself in the feel of it all when Chris let go of my tits and grabbed my hips to slam himself into me harder. I began to murmur, “Oh yes, oh fuck yeah, fuck me hard.” There was something so primitive about it all, the night, the light wind, the water and this dark man pounding me from behind like an animal. Each thrust made my tits swing and I wished I could lift my hands from the deck to play with them.

The speed of his thrusts had sped up and I knew he was going to cum any moment so I pushed back against him. Chris dug his fingers into my hips and slammed himself into me again then held still as he erupted deep inside of me. Pulse after pulse of his orgasm rocketed inside of me driving me crazy. I collapsed on the deck with Chris laying across me kissing my shoulders.

Chris lifted his body off of me and helped me out of the hot tub and into the house. The downstairs bathroom by the backdoor was complete with another large shower, this one with a bench.

As Chris began to soap me up I laughed and told him, “Now you need to come to my house and play.”

He nibbled my shoulder and asked, “Why do you have some interesting toys there?”

I took the soap and began to stroke his cock, “Did I mention last year I did a web site for a porn store? And they sent me lots of nice fun things, lots and lots of fun things. Did I also mention I have a brass bed with a great head board and foot board and that I have never been tied up before?”

Chris reached up and took the handheld sprayer off the hook and began to rinse me off. “Oh man, so what are we waiting for?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32