In the Alleyway

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She stood at the bar, an attractive lady who drew glances. My eyes traced er body slowly. From her feet up her legs, naked and black. To her skirt, short, red and wrapped around her tight ass like tape. Her waist, narrow and fine led to her breasts which were restrained only by a loosely-tied half blouse. Her face radiated amusement and joviality. She was obviously open to a lot of fun.

I watched as she made her way to the fruit machine and began to play. The lights flickered as two men walked either side of her to offer advice. She flirted with then and smiled as they brought a drink to her.

There was a clatter of winnings and she bent down to collect. My eyes fixed on her fine ass, stretching the red leather of her skirt tight. She seemed to wiggle a little to make her point.

She took her money and sat down on Escort bayan a large sofa. The men sat either side of her. They talked a little until one man put his hand on her thigh. She smiled a little and then lifted her leg so her skirt rose slightly. From this angle I could just see her panties, white against the darkness of her skin.

The man’s hand moved into the shadows of her skirt and began to caress her pussy. She seemed disinterested, even bored and soon stood up and walked away.

I watched her as she walked to me and held her hand out. I took it and she lured me out of my seat to the exit.

We emerged into an alleyway and she turned on me, wrapping herself around me as her mouth engulfed mine and started to tongue me deeply. I responded, my hands running over her smooth back and feeling down to her Bayan Escort ass, grinding her cheeks hard.

She was groaning now and rubbing her leg into my crotch, feeling my hardness through my trousers. I began to gasp as she stepped away. She pulled her half blouse off and stood before me, topless. She started to move to the beat of the nearby pub and took her marvelous breasts in her hands as she did so. She moved them in her hands as her head tilted back and she moaned. One hand then stretched down over her waist and into her skirt, feeling around her pussy and rubbing herself.

I moved forward but she whispered “no” and continued to play with herself. I watched, mesmerized, as her hands rubbed her tits roughly. Her skirt was bunched up round her waist now and her panties were around her knees. I could see her Escort fingers fucking her cunt now, playing with her clit and juicing herself up.

She continued to dance for me, bringing herself closer and closer to a climax when she looked at me and whispered “now.”

I unzipped my trousers and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles. I positioned myself behind her black, shapely ass and bent her over. She put both hands on the wall now and I placed the head of my cock at her pussy lips. She was groaning hard as I sunk my cock deep into her cunt. She thrust her ass back onto my, driving sensations of ecstasy deep into my.

I gripped her ass cheeks in my hands and started to pound her pussy hard and rough, feeling her cunt muscles contract around me as she came. I fucked her hard, watching her ass wobble with each thrust and hearing her gasp with pleasure at each entry. My balls were slapping against her and she reached one hand round to stroke them. At that, I thrust hard into her one last time and felt her collapse onto me as I came in my wife’s sweet pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32