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In addition to its real name, it was referred to as the faculty dorm by some students. Most of the residents were indeed faculty or staff in their late 20’s or early 30’s, except for us two who were in our late 30’s.

Rachel and I both had spouses, no kids. Even so, we had both noted a mutual attraction early in the three-week session and we needed to be very discreet. And we were. I’m sure that sex went on in the dorm regularly, but maybe during the day. But we both had rehearsals all day and night, so late night became our time.

I would come to her room (they were all singles) late at night. We had agreed that kissing and touching would be ok, but that’s all (the goal was to satisfy our needs while not going too far. Being away from spouses for several weeks was tough). We got into the habit of these little nocturnal visits that seemed to satisfy us both. At least for a while.

I would kiss her and we would move to the bed. My hand would stimulate her crotch through her jeans, as she would cum with some simple rubbing. I would then sneak back to my room and cum myself. We both seemed ok with this arrangement, and I certainly enjoyed the fun of discreetly seeing someone grup sex porno else and giving her pleasure. I got used to the self-stimulation.

However, there was one night that was different. It was on the last night of the session (of course).

Her hand moved mine to unbutton her jeans and finger inside her, which I gladly did. Soon she whispered, “Use two fingers.” I inserted both (I wished I could insert something else!) and moved them in and out. She resisted my attempts to give her oral pleasure, preferring the manual stimulation only. Her deep moans of pleasure and heavy breathing gave me great satisfaction, however.

And her breathing was the magic that I really relished. She obviously seemed to enjoy the pleasure, as she gasped at the first insertion and the increases in speed. I tried to massage her clit also, but she was already doing that with her own fingers. Soon she came in a wave that made us both rock with a sense of release, panting with pleasure.

After awhile, I said, “Whew. That was really hot and I’m still really hard; I’ve got to do myself right now- here. You can participate or you can just watch if you want.”

I pulled up latina fuck tour porno my shirt and pulled down my jeans and short, exposing my hard cock that stood up straight. I admit, it’s larger than average – very big, I’m told.

Rachel gasped “Oh! Wow. I think I’ll just watch, if that’s ok with you.”

“Sure. It might be quick tonight.”

I began stroking my cock in front of her. I’d never done it in front of someone, but I thought of Rachel, what we just did, and soon I was getting close. I stroked faster then raised my ass, grew stiff, and in a moment that was particularly intense, shot in spurts all over my chest up to my shoulders. Soon my cock was limp and rested on my stomach. I really didn’t want to, but I was satiated and I dropped off, fully asleep and satisfied.

I vaguely heard her say, “Wow! That was amazing!”

— — — —

The first thing I remember is a rubbing across my cock. I awoke. Rachel had removed her jeans and panties, and was straddling me, facing me across the bed; we kissed. The rubbing was her vagina and the surrounding bush, and it felt very hot. Her bush was natural without trimming, as was mine. lezbiyen porno She rocked and moved back and forth, and said, “Maybe this will make it hard again.” She was right – my cock began to grow immediately, and soon it was pointing upward. It was all a fantasy come true.

Soon, she raised up, inserted it, then began to ride up and down. I was stunned but the sensation was incredible, and I didn’t dare move or she might stop. I grabbed her thighs then her ass, as I began to stroke too. But she really wanted to be in charge and took control with her riding up and down.

She rode for a long time, and I was amazed that I didn’t cum – it felt so good. I reached up under her top to hold her breasts and realized that she had removed her bra. They had been off limits before, but seemed to be ok now. I held her beautiful mounds as she rode up and down. We both were breathing deeper as we went faster and faster.

“Cum inside me! It’s ok. I really need to feel it shoot inside of me.”

“Ok.” Soon, as if on cue, I stiffened again all over and my cock grew larger, and I came and came in waves pumping deep inside her. It was as if I came forever. It felt really incredible to cum while inside and I felt closer to her than ever. We held each other and kissed again as she collapsed.

We both dressed and smiled knowingly. I made it back to my room, fulfilled, as she must have been. We will remember that night for some time and we each had good memories to replay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32