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The sun is just coming up, and I open my eyes. I can feel your body stir next to mine and wonder if you can feel my excitement in your sleep. I reach over and run my finger gently across your bare chest. I feel your breathing get more shallow, but your eyes stay closed. My body is screaming for you.

My hand trails lower, beyond your belly button. I can feel your cock start to move. Harden. A smile draws across my face. I love to see your cock grow. I look back up at you, and your eyes are closed, but your lips let me know with that coy smile that you’re just as awake as I am now. It’s on.

I bend down so my head is level with your member now, as I slowly devour it. My tongue runs up and down your length and I can hear you moan. “Yes baby, just like that.”

“Just like this, daddy?” I ask innocently, batting my lashes at you with a coyness that you’re used to. I love playing the role of innocent brat. Making you come close to the edge as you beg for more, maybe I’ll give in.

My tongue gently curls around your head as I slowly suck your entire length in. I feel it throb in my throat as my lips reach your torso. I make sure to still lick up and down while I deepthroat you. Your hands reach into my hair and grip hard, keeping me down. It takes everything in me not to choke, and I fight against your grip for air. mofos porno Coming up, a string of spit hanging from my lips to your cock. “Hmm, looks like you need more training.” You laugh as I’m gasping for air, playing with my hair gently.

My legs are starting to feel weak. I need you.

“No,” I lie as I crawl ontop of you. “I just need this cock inside of me.” Not entirely a lie. You can feel my pussy drip onto you as I rub your head on my clit. I exhale, my pussy is on fire.

“Quit teasing!” You demand in a low growl that sends shivers down my spine. My body wants to comply, but I continue grinding with a bright smile. “No. Make me.” I try to sound confident, but my legs are already shaking, my pussy begging for you. But I can’t help but be a brat. I love the punishment.

“Make you?” You question while placing your hands on my hips. I nod, unable to get out the words. A smirk comes across your face as you lift my body, suddenly you’re sitting up on the edge of the bad with my body bent over your knees. My ass is in the air, and suddenly SMACK, your hand comes down to my cheeks. I gasp, no matter how much I expect this, it always takes my breath away. “How many for saying no?”

“I-i don’t know daddy.” I look up at you with innocent eyes. My voice shaking, it might come across as nervousness naughty america porno and disinterest, but you know better. You know how much your hand striking down on my poor ass cheeks turns me on. “T-ten?” I ask in a shaky voice.

“Hmm” you force my head back down and SMACK, strike me again. I bite my lip, anticipating the next one. “Maybe I’ll do twenty, just cause you said no.” You say and I shake my head. “Please no, daddy.” I plead, but you know deep down I crave it.

“Only good girls get what they want.”


You continue fifteen more times, even with me begging you not to. When you’re done, you pull my head up roughly and growl in my ear. “I feel you dripping. I know how much you love it.” I let out a sigh of relief, and smile.

“Can you fuck me daddy?”

“Do you deserve to be fucked?” I hated when you played with me like this.

“Please daddy!” I crawl off your lap and onto the floor, arching my back with my pretty, red, fat juicy ass facing you. I look back with eyes pleading for you.

“That’s right baby.” You say proudly, standing up and peeling your boxers off. “Beg for it like a good girl.” Your hard cock appears out of your boxers with a pop and my eyes look at it hungrily.

“Please daddy,” I beg. “Please fuck me. I need public agent porno it. I need you inside of me now, my pussy is craving you. Please daddy. I need to feel you deep-” I don’t finish my sentence, instead I gasp for air as you thrust inside of me without warning. My body wants to fall closer to the floor as you pound me.

“Oh, I love your body. Your cock feels so good inside of me.”

“Yeah? You like taking it all don’t you?” You growl and continue to jackhammer me. Your hand reaches down and presses against my clit, rubbing in circles. I can feel electricity running through my body. I’m about to cum.

You can hear my breathing, and slow your strokes down to match your hand movements. “Oh, daddy. Please keep going. I’m close.”

“You going to cum on this dick?”

“All over it, until it explodes. I want to feel you fill me.”

“Ah, of course that’s what my cum slut wants.” Your other hand grips my hip, going deeper and deeper inside of me. I back up to match your rhythm and suddenly I’m seeing black. My vision has gone out from how good I feel. Your cock pulses, and I know you’re close. My pussy grips onto you like a vice grip, and you can feel my pulses as my legs begin to shake. I’m cumming, and I’m cumming hard.

“Please fill your cum slut daddy. I haven’t had it all day. I need to feel you spray my insides.” Of course, even in my orgasm, I still need your cum. With a deep and hard thrust, I feel your balls drain. You pull out and your cum drips out of me like a faucet.

Within seconds you’re already back in bed, petting my side. “Come on love, come back to bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32