It’s 4:20 Somewhere

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I was first introduced to Danny by my friend Carlos. Carlos and I worked together, but after work we’d all three hang out and get high. As the friend circle widened, Carlos started drifting towards other friends when Danny and I started hanging out more regularly. Carlos wanted to be a gangster, Danny and I just wanted to be stoned all day.

Danny and I were the same age and he had brown hair and brown eyes like mine, but he was about 2 inches shorter in height than I was and a little heavier in weight. He lived in an apartment with his mom and younger sister, but they weren’t around much so we’d usually hang around in his bedroom for hours with weed, cable TV, and a Playstation.

His bedroom was pretty large with his bed centered on the wall on the left side of the room and a corner entertainment center with TV and a reclining chair on the right side of the room. The TV was angled so you could kind of see it from the chair, but for the most part it was angled towards the other side of the room.

It didn’t seem like it at the time, but months became years as I’d come over to his house in the late morning or early afternoon and we’d sti there playing video games and smoking weed all day long. Occasionally, a baseball game would be on instead of Tekken or he had some 1990s rap music playing while we played MLB on the Playstation. The freedom from work, schedules, accountability… it was like a peaceful holiday from the world that soon led to a journey of self discovery.

Danny had a girlfriend named Molly when I first met him, but they brokeup about 3 months after we started hanging out more. She was bitchy and probably would’ve cheated on him in a heartbeat. I think he knew that, or she already did that, but either way he ended it. I never saw her around again or even heard others in the friend circle bring up her name, so it must have been huge. I never asked him about it.

About 2 years after we had been hanging out, there was one day where everything changed. Out of the mental fog of hundred days of high, I remember this day’s details very well.

“My neck is killing me,” I said. Sitting in that chair sort of sideways, to see the TV always required a permanent pivot. Today, it was pinching my shoulder and neck horribly.

“Dude, just sit over here. I’ll move over some,” Danny said as he was laying on the bed propped up by contorted pillows against the headboard.

We had just smoked a few bowls and I was feeling pretty mellow. And, I was definitely tired of that old, hard recliner. I got up out of the chair and knelled on the foot almanbahis of this master bed to start climbing back towards the headboard…

“Shoes off,” he shouts.

I never noticed but he wasn’t wearing shoes so I figured that was reasonable request since he sleeps there. I kicked off my shoes and climbed up.

“Hey, baseball game is on. Where’s the remote?” Danny fumbles around on a table on his side of the bed and quickly turns the TV from Playstation to baseball.

Laying there, watching and listening to the game, I start feeling pretty relaxed. It’s a very comfortable bed. I bring my arms up and behind my head as I start to slouch down so I’m essentially laying down with only my head propped up behind my hands.

“You remember Molly?” he asked suddenly.

“Yeah, sure. Why?” I replied.

“You know that was the last time I got laid.” he said.

“Wow, yeah that was a while ago. What, like a year?”

“Yeah, just about.”

“So what keeps you going then? You got to release, right?” I said.

In some wild act of bravery on his part, he reaches out to touch my upper thigh and says, “I think about you.”

Whoa, I think. I mean Danny was attractive and hanging out with somebody alone for this long, the thought had crossed my mind before. But this is happening fast.

“Surely you could use a release every once in a while too, yeah?” he said as his hand started moving slowly up and down my upper thigh.

I look him in the eyes and I can’t think of a word to say, but I’m also not feeling the fight or flight to pull away either. As I stare, I see in his eyes a glistening, a sparkle, a twinkle maybe? Without saying anything at all, I smile and move my hand over to his left thigh.

Although I was wearing jeans, Danny was wearing shorts. When I touched his thigh I could slide up ever so slightly and feel the edge of his underwear. Once I grazed it, realizing exactly what that led to above that line, I started getting hard and felt butterflies inside me.

“Take those jeans off,” he said with a smirk.

I unbuttoned and slide my jeans down as I lifted up my butt and then kicked them off of my feet to fall to the floor. Laying there with shirt, white socks, and boxer underwear, I decided to be a little more brave of my own. After all, I did have a fantasy or two about this you know.

I sat up slightly, twisted towards him, and put both hands on the top of his shorts waistband. “If I take off mine, you take off yours,” I said as I pulled his shorts down past his white socks to reveal his boxer briefs.

Even almanbahis giriş a blind man could see his bulge growing and I was worried that my hard on would come popping out of the front trap door of my very loose boxers. I pushed up the bottom edge of his shirt to reveal his finely haired belly and I went in for a kiss.

As I placed another kiss on his stomach, my face was close to his cock confined behind that thin layer of cotton. I could see it twitch each time I came in closer. My mind raced with what it might look like. What it might feel like on my lips. What it might taste like.

While kissing his skin, I felt his hand reach up my thigh and towards my boxers. His fingers went up and down my leg and then slide around to my front. He easily found my hard dick and tried to grip it as if to jerk it off, but as his hand moved it also moved my boxers and my dick came popping out of the front trap door. Suddenly, his fingers discovered my free willy and he softly grazed and tickled up and down the shaft.

“Lay down,” he whispered in my ear and gently pushed my left shoulder back. He then kneels up in his bed and hovers over my torso. Staring directly at my dick, I could swear I heard a softly spoken “Nice!” as each index finger goes under my boxer waistband and slides them down to my ankles.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about this day,” he said as his attention moves from my boxers to my fully exposed and vulnerable crotch. His head moves in as his lips kiss the bottom of my helmet. I feel the slight prickle of his very light gotee as he goes in again to kiss from the tip all the way down the shaft as he buries his nose in my balls.

His left hand then comes around my torso, across my midriff, and grabs on to my dick to prop it upright as his mouth engulfs it. His lips feel amazing across my dick as he slowly glides up and down as I look to watch him suck me. I don’t want to cum so soon, but I’m about to go and I can’t even reach my arms down enough to touch him back.

“I’m going to cum. Holy shit, Danny, that feels so fucking good. I can’t hold it…” i tried to say. He heard me, but didn’t stop. My balls tightened and I must have shot 3 huge loads in his mouth but he kept slurping and swallowing each drop. My whole body shuttered.

“Holy shit, that was unreal,” I said as his head came up and his face got closer to mine. I could smell my cum on his breath and it instantly recharged me. I don’t know what came over me, but I kissed him right on the mouth and tasted the remaining drips of my own cum on his lips.

“Your turn now,” I said almanbahis yeni giriş as I pushed his shoulder away hinting that he should now lay on the bed.

He takes off his shirt and lays flat with his hands propping his head up on the pillows. His chest has a very fine line of hair that leads straight down to his belly button. I choose to leave a path of kisses down that line, stopping as my lips touch the elastic band of his briefs. He’s eager for me to go further, so before I have the chance he pulls off his own underwear and throws them across the room.

His dick is perfectly straight and very similar to mine in length and thickness. His pubic hair is thin and neat and his balls are slightly furry with one just a bit bigger than the other. Figuring what he did worked well for me, I leaned in a put my lips on him and kissed up and down his shaft.

I could smell his scent now and it wasn’t at all what I expected. He smelled fresh like he had just stepped out of the shower with a very subtle hint of musk. It was actually a very soothing smell that relaxed me and I wanted to breathe more in. Almost intoxicating. Invigorating.

As I placed the head of his cock in my mouth and I felt it on my tongue, my own dick started to get hard again. It had no taste, but a small flick of his tip revealed some pre-cum and it was so sweet. I want to taste his cum now. This is beyond my fantasy!

I continued to move my mouth up and down his beautiful dick while my right hand went up and down the bottom of his shaft as I couldn’t fit all of his dick inside my throat without triggering a gag reflex.

“Oh, right there. That’s the spot,” Danny said.

Before he said another word, I could feel the head of his cock swell inside me and I heard his breathing get stronger. He placed his right hand on the side of my head and started running his fingers threw my hair as I continued to suck for his taste.

With no more warning, his hot cum shot hard into the roof of my mouth and throat. Oh my God, the taste was fucking excellent. The texture was a bit weird, but the taste was warm and not too salty and just, I don’t know how to describe it, wonderful. I wanted to get each drop. I kept sucking, wanting more, but he started to shiver every time I touched the head. I could smell the cum now. The taste is better. I laid down on my side and kept looking at and kissing his dick as it began to decrease in size.

“That was long overdue,” he said. “We really need to do that more often.”

“Yeah, I could see that happening,” I said with a satisfied grin.

He put his shirt back on. I lit up another joint while we both sat back on the bed against the headboard, side by side with no underwear or pants.

Rocking out with our cocks out — both hopeful the other wants to play some more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32