It’s a Hard Life

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I was so upset when my granny passed away that I cried for nearly a week and even had to take a few days off work because of my grief. I still miss her today and would much rather she was still with us even though she was so generous to me in her will. It transpired that my grandparents were very astute and although they lived very modestly, they quietly built a substantial fortune amounting to nearly one million pounds sterling. My mother and uncle were the main beneficiaries but when everything was finally settled, all five grandchildren received cheques for just over fifty thousand pounds each.

That was a few months ago and although I really wanted to share my windfall in some way with Ebony she refused to accept money so we agreed that I would pay to have a new kitchen installed in our apartment.

After several trips to his showroom and a couple of home visits, Matt Johnson was now sitting at our kitchen table on that Wednesday evening finalising the plans and designs so that Ebony and I could proceed. After a little further negotiation I signed on the dotted line and handed over a cheque for the deposit.

We were all pleased that a commitment had finally been made and we knew that Matt’s team would do a great job. Ebony opened a bottle of wine and brought three glasses to the table. Matt was reluctant at first but agreed to have half a glass to celebrate doing the deal and, with the business completed, we started to make small talk.

“What does the rest of the evening hold for you Matt?” I asked.

“One more appointment this evening and then home.” He replied.

Ebony asked him if he was married and he revealed that his wife had recently moved in with another guy so as far as he was concerned, his relationship was more or less over.

“You’ll be going home to an empty house then.” I said.

“Not quite,” He replied, “She left the cat with me.”

He said it in a humorous kind of way but I detected a hint of bitterness in his voice.

I winked at Ebony and said to him, “You could always spend the evening with us and play some games.”

He took it as a purely innocent comment and said, “Tempting as that is ladies, I must head off to my next call.” Then he finished his wine, closed his case and stood up ready to leave.

At the door he shook both our hands, thanked us for the order and off he went.

As she closed the door behind him Ebony said, “Shame.”

“Crying shame.” I concurred.

We went back to the kitchen to retrieve our drinks, which is when I noticed that Matt had left his ‘phone on the worktop. I rushed out of the building but it was too late and he was nowhere to be seen. I said to Ebony as I got back indoors that I’d drop it off to his showroom the next morning.

About ten minutes later his ‘phone suddenly rang. I answered it and he was relieved to discover that he hadn’t lost it and asked if he could collect it in about half an hour.

“He’s coming back in about thirty minutes.” I said to Ebony.

“What do you reckon?” she asked.

“I think we should try don’t you?” I replied.

She grinned mischievously and said, “Definitely, let’s get organised.”

Slightly earlier than we anticipated, the entryphone buzzed and I invited Matt into the building. I’d left our apartment door slightly open but he was still polite enough to ring the bell before venturing in. I was standing in the hallway wearing nothing but high heels and a neck to toe bright red body net that left nothing to the imagination. I made sure he got a full look at my curvy body, plump breasts and erect nipples before saying casually,” Hi Matt, your ‘phone’s through here.”

I tossed my long peachy blonde hair and could Beylikdüzü escort feel his eyes burning into my rear as he followed me into the kitchen where Ebony was standing in an identical body net in pure white.

He was somewhat flustered and clearly trying his best to act natural by mumbling something about his whole life being in his ‘phone but Ebony and I had decided that we weren’t in the mood to take ‘no’ for answer this time.

Right next to his ‘phone on the kitchen table was the strap-on dildo that Ebony and I sometimes use when we’re alone but he pretended to not even notice it as he dropped his ‘phone into the inside pocket of his jacket. We’d only put the toy there for effect and to see how he would react and fair play to him, he was doing his best to treat the situation as a normal everyday occurrence.

It was Ebony who made the first move by saying, “Matt, sit down please, Candy and I have a few things we’d like to say.”

Obligingly he sat down which was the only signal we needed that he was going to be compliant.

I said, “Ebony and I couldn’t bear the thought of you going home to an empty house with only your cat and your cock for company so we wanted to thank you properly for all your help and advice, what do you say?”

Matt was beginning to get the idea but was a bit perplexed because he thought we were lesbians.

I explained that although Ebony and I had been sexual partners since we were eighteen, we needed both men and women to satisfy our appetites and he began to get more excited when Ebony sat on his lap and placed his hand on her breast. She lifted his chin with her finger and kissed him tenderly on the mouth.

“Is your cock getting hard Matt?” I asked.

“It’s been hard ever since I walked through the door and glimpsed your gorgeous body in that flimsy net you’re wearing.” He replied.

“They’re designed to rip apart easily, do you think you might enjoy ripping them open so that you can get to our sex parts?” I asked.

“Jesus girls,” He gasped, “What are trying to do to me? I haven’t been with a woman for months.”

Ebony got off his lap and said, “Come on Candy let’s give the guy some breathing space.”

We all adjourned to the lounge and Matt slipped off his jacket before settling on one of our sofas. Ebony and I sat either side of him but did little more than just stroke his hair and rub his chest. We told him that neither of us needed to work the next day and we invited him to sleep with us if he wanted to. He made a call on his ‘phone to a work colleague but unfortunately discovered he had a hectic schedule that meant he wouldn’t be able to stay overnight.

We were disappointed of course but he said that he would love to spend some more time with us and, as he put his arms around us he announced, “For the next couple of hours ladies, I’m all yours.”

We all giggled and Ebony got up to open a fresh bottle of wine saying on her return, “Matt, have a full glass this time, relax and enjoy.”

We all sipped from our glasses and began to mellow. Ebony and I leaned across Matt and kissed each other sensuously before letting Matt explore our mouths with his tongue. I started to undo his shirt buttons and caress his smooth bare chest as Ebony unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers. She gripped the bulge in his underpants and began to squeeze it while I massaged his testicles.

“Mmmm nice and full.” I sighed.

“They feel like concrete.” He whispered.

Ebony pulled the waistband of his underpants over his penis to expose it in all its glory and although it wasn’t the longest cock we’d shared between it was gloriously thick. When Ebony got down on it and took it Beylikdüzü escort into her mouth she uttered an approving, “Mmmm.”

When it was my turn, I ran my tongue around the tip and licked off the little droplets of clear fluid that seeped out of his hole before taking his whole length down my throat. Happy as we were in the lounge, we felt it was time to move into our pleasure room, which left Matt open-mouthed as he scanned the mirror clad walls and ceiling as well as the giant king size bed with various sex toys scattered around.

“Unbelievable.” He muttered to himself.

Matt stripped naked almost straight away but was clearly a stranger to group sex and wasn’t really sure what to do next so he contented himself by sitting in a chair and watching as Ebony and I crawled onto the bed and knelt facing each other. We kissed and began to fondle each other’s breasts. I tore away an area of Ebony’s body net so that I could suck her nipple and I felt her hand stroking me between my legs before she plunged her long slender finger through the netting and deep into my moist vagina.

I loved her fingering me and we sort of embraced each other before toppling onto the bed where we just rubbed our bodies together and caressed each other sensuously. As Ebony lay on her back I ripped the netting away from her pussy and leaned forward to lick it. She groaned with the pleasure of it and I ripped the netting away from my pussy also. I opened her legs and could see the bright pink flesh of her damp cunt with a tiny stream of juice oozing out of it. I got into a position where I could rub my pussy against hers and began to gently grind away. We both looked at our juices mingling and observed Matt slowly stroking his cock as he watched us.

We were both really worked up but I wanted to taste Ebony’s juices so I disconnected from her and sank my face into her groin. She tasted wonderful and as I licked her clit I could tell she was quite close to cumming. I looked towards Matt and said, “Come and lick my pussy.”

He crawled onto the bed and I felt his hands on the cheeks of my arse then ripping off more netting so that he could caress my crack before squeezing the soft bare flesh of my pussy. I enjoyed the touch of his tongue licking my pussy lips and probing my holes as I continued to bring Ebony to a climax and it didn’t take long before she gasped and jolted with the joy of orgasm rippling through her entire body. I carried on licking her luscious clit hoping that she would cum again and she did but this time she also squirted a little squirt in my face, which had never happened before but was amazingly sensual.

Matt’s attention to my vagina had progressed to two fingers, which was really nice but I was so ready for his cock that I just blurted it out, “Fuck me Matt.”

He ripped away the last vestiges of netting and without any preliminaries he shoved his lovely fat cock into my warm wet cunt making me groan with pleasure as he started to stroke it in and out rhythmically.

It felt so good and I was grunting softly as I felt Ebony’s hand rubbing the hard button of my clit to bring me off.

Then my body tingled as I felt Matt’s cock pressing hard against my anal hole. I was so keen to have him there that I just relaxed my muscles hoping that my slippery juices would be enough to lubricate the entrance and it was. As the tip penetrated, the rest soon followed and thick as his cock was, my anal passage was able to take him in all the way.

He fucked my arse for several minutes and as Ebony’s fingering got more and more intense, I felt the bubble of an orgasm about to burst. I had no control and I could do nothing about it. I just had to let my body Escort Beylikdüzü succumb to the carnal pleasure as every nerve and fibre was bombarded with ecstatic sensations.

Matt withdrew his cock and let me suck it before turning his attention to Ebony. She lay on the bed with her legs wide apart and ripped away more of the netting. She pulled her pussy lips apart and showed Matt her perfect pink vagina glistening with her juices. He positioned himself and guided his cock into her pussy. She groaned with pleasure as he penetrated her and she grabbed his bum cheeks as he fucked her tenderly.

I sat astride Ebony’s face so that she could lick my pussy and leaned forward so that Matt could suck my nipples. I ripped away the last remaining areas of netting that got in the way and held my tits for his pleasure.

Then we changed position so that I was on my back with Ebony straddling my face and as she was fingering my warm wet pussy Matt entered her from behind with a single thrust. He gripped her hips and as he slipped in and out of her, I was able feel both of them with my tongue. A couple of times he paused deep inside her, which gave me the opportunity to suck his balls making him moan with pleasure.

Although he hadn’t had sex for a while he’d been remarkably good at holding back considering what Ebony and I had been doing to him but the time was rapidly approaching when he’d just have to give in to the inevitable outcome of fucking Ebony’s luscious body.

It was no surprise when he announced that he was on the verge of cumming and Ebony pleaded, “Fill me up Matt.”

His body tensed up before ejaculating his load into Ebony’s succulent vagina and they both moaned as his warm creamy cum pumped into her. I was underneath them waiting for my share and when he withdrew, a torrent of milky manjuice gushed out of Ebony’s vagina all over my face and into my grateful open mouth. It just kept cascading out and tasted delicious mixed with her succulent juices.

I’d already swallowed a mouthful by the time Matt had moved to the side where Ebony could suck him dry and lick the last few precious droplets of his cum as it dribbled out. I caught the reflection of my face in the overhead mirror and was amazed at the awesome mess they’d made on me.

Gradually though, everything subsided and as Matt lay between us, Ebony and I snuggled up to him and we all agreed how lucky we were that that he’d forgotten his ‘phone earlier on.

We then started talking about the forthcoming installation and it was quite a surreal scene with Matt and his two customers naked, covered in cum discussing kitchen furniture, cookers and lighting.

Matt said, I’ll order all the components tomorrow and we should be ready to start in about four weeks time but I’m a bit worried about my fitters.”

“Why?” I asked.

He replied, “What are the chances of this job being completed without the guys getting seduced by you two?”

“Probably not very good.” Ebony replied convincingly.

We all giggled and Matt said, “At least I won’t have to pay them a bonus.”

I replied, “Don’t worry Matt we’ll try to be good girls while they’re here but if you’re overseeing the job, you might have to go through this again at some point.”

His eyes rolled over and he sighed, “It’s a hard life.”

We led Matt to our large walk-in shower where we soaped up each other and although his cock was limp, Ebony and I still enjoyed sucking on it as the shower drenched us all.

Ultimately we all ended up in the lounge and had a coffee before Matt left for home.

We were now looking forward to having our new kitchen installed and I asked Ebony, “Were you serious about seducing the fitters?”

She replied, “Supposing we find ourselves in the apartment with a hunky electrician, a fit looking plumber and a drop-dead gorgeous carpenter, what are you going to do?”

I considered the prospect for a moment and conceded, “Good point.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32