It’s Just Sex Ch. 02

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This story is the follow up to It’s Just Sex – Part 1. Again all true, and appreciate any comments/feedback. Hope you enjoy.

The next day is oddly enough, completely normal. I have a 9:30a.m. meeting with Erika as my co-lead. I sense nothing from her; she isn’t rude or cold, it’s just as if last night never happened. I accept that I had an amazing night of sex with a woman I never would have attempted to meet in a bar. We call it a day early, fully prepared for our presentation to the client later that week, knowing we have tomorrow to review, tweak and otherwise work out all the bugs for Thursday.

As we break for the day, Erika catches up to me and whispers to meet her back at my hotel bar. I almost sprint to my hotel room; put on a clean shirt and brush my teeth, then dash back down to the bar. I am there for about 30 min when she walks in; the first thing I notice is she has changed also. I remember thinking to my self that she made it home and back real quick; but she could have been wearing a burlap bag for all I care. I rise to meet her and she motions me to sit back down. “I only have a minute” she says, and my heart and cock deflate. As she sits, she tells me that she and her husband Dan have gotten a room for the night. I am still wallowing in self pity, not really grasping what she is saying.

Then the bell rings, my head clears and I realize what she has just said; “Are you still interested in experimenting with a guy”. In between the confusion, I nod my head slowly and it dawns on me; she wants me to hook up with her husband. She must have noticed the dazed look on my face and says “Well, not just him silly. Both of us.” I would consider sleeping with a German Shepard and 5lbs of chop meat if it means another chance at her. Almost on cue, her husband walks in and over to the table. She introduces us, and we make small talk. As he is telling her about their bags, room, and other miscellaneous tidbits; I excuse myself to go to the bar and get a round of drinks after getting everyone’s choices. Standing at the bar waiting on the order, I am as nervous as a virgin. It dawns on me; she must have relayed our encounter to him after getting home last night (I can be slow that way sometimes).

As I turn with the drinks, I realize they are both looking at me; I’m being scoped out like a hooker at a brothel…and I don’t care. Sitting down, Dan assures me that he has no problem with my encounter with his wife. He says he has hoping she would find someone that could make her feel more like she used to. With out a hesitation, he asks me what my experiences with men are. I gather she must have given him a “Readers Digest” version of last night. I tell him I have no experience but have been definitely been feeling some urges to expand my horizons. “I never thought of bringing another man into our sex life, I never thought Erika would go for it” Dan says, and adds “Don’t worry, I was nervous my first time. If you feel something goes too far, just say so.” I look over at Erika; she has her finger tip between her teeth and looks anxious. Sure I say, why not; let do it.

We grab our drinks and Beylikdüzü escort head up to their suite. When we get inside, Erika turns and pulls my head down for a deep kiss, our tongues swirling and hands roaming. I feel another set of legs pressing on her ass; male legs, naked legs. Dan is behind Erika and is undoing her blouse. I take my cue and unsnap her skirt, watching it fall. Next her bra flies off and I immediately drop to kiss and suck her tits. I trace my tongue along the bottom of her breast, lifting slightly to get right where they join her chest. Meanwhile, Dan is lowering her panties and as I glance around, he is pressing his face in her ass crack. All the time, Erika is moaning and whimpering in pleasure; her hands sliding around my head and through my hair.

I begin to drop to once again devour that amazing pussy, but she stops me. She pulls my shirt up over my head and next both my pants and underwear come down in one swoop. I am standing there with my cock harder than it has ever been as she drops to her knees; grabs it by the base and licks from the bottom of my balls to the tip; coated in precum. For the first time I actually notice Dan, he is naked with an erection standing straight out; his right hand, slowly pulling the foreskin back and forth. As Erika steps up her effort, I am lost in ecstasy and tilt my head back. Before I realize it, there are 4 hand on my legs and ass; one mouth on my cock and one on my balls. I look down and Dan has joined in.

They begin to pass my cock back and forth, sucking and licking my balls when the other has my cock. Suddenly Dan takes me all the way in, I feel the head of my cock go down his throat, his nose buried up against the base and begins to suck for all its worth. I know he’s looking for cum, and I aim to please; grunting I let loose and feel a huge load come out. He is as talented as any girl that has ever blown me and swallows everything, lightly raking his teeth along the bottom on each out stroke. My legs are starting to shake and I open my eyes to see Erika sitting on the chair, her fingers furiously rubbing her pussy and clit. Her slit is soaked and she begins to shudder and cum’s in an almost violent release. I literally fall in front of her and begin to suck every drop, pushing my tongue up into her, curling it up and scooping every bit of her flow out.

After she comes back down, she looks up at Dan and says “Poor baby, standing there all alone with a hard on. Let me help with that.” She gets up, grabs Dan by the cock and leads in to the bedroom. I follow like a puppy, and watch as he lay’s back on the bed. It’s the first time I have ever seen another mans hard on up close. He is longer than me, probably 9″; I am thicker, and his curves slightly downwards. I watch as Erika begins to lick and suck up and down his shaft, glancing back over her shoulder at me. I know the time is here, the proverbial ‘Shit or get off the pot’. I step over and lie across the bed, my face inches from her face and his cock. I reach out and take it in my hand, feeling its hardness.

Different, yet strangely familiar; I begin to stroke Beylikdüzü escort it, the foreskin going up over the head. I see Erika sucking his balls; she winks and says “Go for it”. I let my tongue reach out and lick the tip, tasting the pearl of precum. Not too different from how I remember mine tasting; feeling braver I take the head into my mouth. It feels good; no it feels amazing in my mouth. I know there is no way to take it all but I continue to suck in more and more, each time pulling my cheeks in and gently using my teeth on the top and bottom. I must be doing well because Dan moans loudly and grabs a hand full of my hair. He’s not forcing me, but I know he wants me to continue.

What the hell, I think; and using my mouth and hands I begin to furiously work over his cock. I feel him begin to stiffen, rising up his hips to push deeper into my mouth; and he begins to cum, shooting ropes of cum into my mouth and down my throat. I wasn’t quite ready for this and pull off slightly, but Erika was ready for my reaction and immediately grabs his cock and continues to drain him.

When she has sucked out the last of his cum, she climbs up and kisses him, passing his cum back to him. I fondly remember our sharing, and watch as Dan’s expression goes from shock to desire. As they are kissing, I move up and put the head of my now hard cock against her drenched pussy lips. When she feels it there, she moves her ass back a little and I slide in all the way to the bottom; making her gasp out loud. I begin to pump in and out like a maniac, as Dan lies under her, squeezing her nipples. I know her face must be pure joy and can see from Dan’s face there is still love there.

Suddenly the commanding Erika is back, as she pulls off my cock; turns, pushes me down and impales herself on it again. Her throaty raspy voice commands her husband to fuck her in the ass. I see Dan’s face light up, as he moves to their bag, grabs some lube and goes behind her. He straddles my legs and she stops her wild lunging long enough for him to position himself and begin to push into her asshole. I can tell from her face it hurts but she almost screams at him to push. There is almost an audible pop as the head enters and I feel him through the membrane separating the two love channels.

He slowly begins to pump in and out, and I attempt to match his strokes. We are both pumping her holes with everything we have, and it drives her nuts. I see she is starting to cry, but quickly realize its tears of pure joy as she announces for the entire city she is Cuming. I feel her pussy contract around my cock; sensing the further tightening of her ass around her husband and she lets out a guttural groan and starts almost convulsing. I feel her fluids pouring out of her cunt, covering my balls and it’s too much. I let loose and flood her pussy with cum. Dan also is caught up and begins to grunt and releases his load in her ass. Erika collapses forward on me; Dan partially supports his weight and in a few moments pulls out of her asshole. There is a wet, almost sucking sound as his cock comes free. Neither Erika nor I have moved Escort Beylikdüzü yet; she is too drained to move, and I don’t want her too.

If I thought it was done I was wrong. I feel Dan push my legs up and open them to give full view and access to our combined juices. I feel him move in closer and begin to lick his wife’s cum oozing asshole. He quickly moves his tongue down to where my once softening cock is lodged in his wife’s cunt; and begins to lick and suck the leaking fluids. I feel her begin to rise and pull off my cock, and a mini waterfall of cum and pussy juice pour out onto my lower groin and over my cock. Dan continues to lick and clean everywhere, causing my cock to harden fully again. Erika lies down and orders Dan to come and fuck her. I watch as he takes his cock and slides it easily into her soaked pussy. As he begins to pump in and out, she pause’s him, looks at me and instructs me to fuck him in the ass. What the hell I think, “In for a penny, in for a pound” (these silly clichés actually went through my mind.)

I grab the tube of lube, coat my cock and pour some on his asshole. He shivers a little as it hits the little pucker spot and moans as I stick a finger in. Figuring I’ve done enough, I place the head of my cock at the hole and begin to push. I am a little hesitant, but Dan tells me to push harder. I do and feel the muscles spread and the head slip in. I stop for a second and then begin to work it in and out, pushing more in each time. I am finally buried all the way, and we both begin to work to find a rhythm. It takes a few minutes, but we get in sync, and the animal noises in the room are incredibly exciting.

Dan is the first to go; amazingly quick since we have all cum twice at least. He grunts, along with some other noises and his head pulls back and I can actually feel the muscles contracting as he shoots his cum into his wife’s pussy. I am amazed at myself, and find I am on the brink; only having to look at Erika and begin to dump my load in Dan’s ass. As if on a directors cue, Erika begins to cum also; groaning so loud I am sure they heard us in the lobby. I pull out of Dan, and watch as a stream of my cum leaks out. I think about diving in, but am not there yet. That fazes no one as, Erika pushes Dan around, so he straddles her in a sixty nine position, and they both begin to suck and swallow the leaking loads.

I look over at the clock, and realize its 2:40 a.m. Erika notices me look and also sees the time. She suggests we all climb under the love soaked covers and sleep. As I begin to fall asleep, I feel a hand on my cock, then another. I realize I may never get to sleep again.

By the way, the presentation was a huge success; the client signed on and the deal netted us both a hefty five figure bonus. We continued to meet a couple times a month. About two months later, my wife met Erika at a company party and they hit it off. After many cocktails and suggestive rubs and touches, she shared with Erika her lesbian experimentations before our marriage. I looked up, and they had disappeared; I later found out they had a little session of their own. She suggested a foursome to my wife, who readily agreed. The encounters have revived both our sex lives and literally saved Erika’s and Dan’s marriage. Recently we took a vacation together, the four of us, and a divorced friend of Erika’s……but that is another story.

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