Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Bikini

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John grew tired of interviewing all these people for the position he had open in his store. The day seemed never ending. He wondered why so many had applied for the job in his pool store. He breathed a deep sigh. And swore the next person who came in had the job. He didn’t care if they the least bit of knowledge. He just wanted this to be over.

He was busy writing on some forms when a light tap came to the door. He looked up and in sauntered this young woman. He looked up and couldn’t help himself but look down at her body. Her curves all in the right places. The dress she had on was revealing. Spaghetti straps, a deep blue mini dress. She had a smile that would make any man do exactly what she wanted. As she walked up to the desk, her hair bounced. It was long and blonde. John couldn’t help but smile and wonder what this girl was really like.

He asked her to take a seat and she handed him her application and resume. He put on his glasses and started to read it. He glanced down, and then back up at her.

“Ummmm Taylor is it. Have you had any experience in retail sales before?” He tried to make general conversation with her.

“I have worked at a bunch of different stores and love working with the public. I know this job is exactly what I want. And I am willing to do anything to get it.”

John stopped. Anything, he thought in his mind. Wow. This is the girl I need.

He stood up and walked around the desk. Held out his hand and said “You have the job”. She was really excited and jumped up and hugged him.

“When do I start?”

“Is tomorrow too soon.”

“No, I will be here bright and early.”

And with that she turned, and walked out the door. Did he hire her because he was really sick of the interviews? Or was it because of her smile, her body? He didn’t know for sure. But he knew he was going to love getting to know Taylor.


The next day John went to work, and waiting at the door was his new assistant. His eyes bulging when he seen what she was wearing.

“Oh is something wrong John?”

“Oh god no. Your outfit is perfect for the store.” A devilish smile came across his face.

She was wearing a yellow bikini swimsuit. With a pareo tied around her waist. Antalya Escort And a pair of heels. If she didn’t attract customers, he wasn’t sure what she would do.

They went in and he started to tell her all about the store. All she had to do was basically ask the customers if they needed help. And work the cash register. John was sure she could handle this job.

The day came and went. By the end of the day sales had doubled what they normally did. John asked Taylor to sit and have a drink with him.

As they relaxed they got talking. The more she drank the more she talked. And opened up. She became so “open” that she walked over to him and ran her fingers along his neck.

A shiver came over him. Going behind him, she ran her hand down his chest, under his shirt. Through his chest hair. Pulling his chair back from the desk. Taking his hand, she pulls him up. Untucks his shirt, and undoes the buttons. Pushing it off his shoulders. And off of his body. She leans in and kisses his neck. And leaving her moist kisses behind, she kisses her way down to the top of his jeans.

As she keeps kissing him, she undoes his jeans, pushing them off. His boxers revealing a bulge. A bulge she has seen after. She rubs the outside of his boxers. The bulge slightly moving. Growing as she does it. She slides her fingers under the top of them and pushes them down. She proceeded to undo her bikini and toss it on the floor.

She pushed him back so that he lay full length on the cot that he had in his office, and told him to remain where he was. She looked in his desk and found some ties. And tied his hands and feet up to the bed in the perfect positions.

She reached for the bottle of alcohol they had been drinking. Next, she poured some of the alcohol onto his belly and straddled him. “I’ll bet you’ve never had this kind of massage before.” She proceed to straddle him, rubbing the alcohol all over his body with her pussy. Long slow, sliding motions caressed John’s whole body.

She reached for his cock. And slid her fingers up it. Making a pouch with the forskin. She poured some alcohol into the pouch she just made. She then pinched it closed with one hand while squeezing the air pocket she had created Antalya Escort Bayan with her other hands. As she released his cock, alcohol spilled out. Taylor pulled his foreskin back, gently tracing the outline of his tip with a fingernail, leaning over she poked out her tongue and eased it into the hole in the tip, gently wiggling it for greater effect. John writhed, helpless.

She turned around, facing John. Taylor smeared her alcohol covered hands across her breasts, pinching and squeezing her own nipples so that they erected, glistening with the oil. Her hands continued, down across her flat stomach, reaching between her legs and parting her lips, raising her body so that John could see the shining entrance.

Holding her lips apart, she shuffled backwards until she was poised above the tip of John’s cock. Gently she lowered herself, until just the very tip of his cock touched her outer lips. She held herself in position, feeling John’s cock twitch and move.

She moved her hips forward, feeling the alcohol covered cock slide backwards moving between the cheeks of her ass. She rose and fell, enjoying the sensation of feeling the slippery beast between her buttocks then returned it to her cunt lips and sat down on it sharply. John exhaled. His eyes wide. Taylor rocked gently backwards and forwards.

“Tell me how long it’s been John, since you fucked a woman like this.”

“Just over a year.”

With that Taylor rose and took held of John’s shaft. She wriggled into position, then lowered herself until the tip of his cock was at the lips of her pussy. Reaching behind her, she spread apart those lips with some difficulty due to her alcohol covered hands. Squatting, she felt her cunt begin to open-so she slowly increased the downward pressure until the tip of his cock was inside. She could feel every centimeter of width he had. She paused getting used to the feel of it. Slowly her pussy adapted and spread to make it more comfortable.

“How does that feel John?”

“Incredible, fucking incredible.”

“You haven’t felt anything yet!”

So saying, Taylor began to move. The stress of her leg muscles was incredible and tiring-yet the pleasure was immense, and obviously so for John Escort Antalya too by the look on his face. Her eyes were closed his face screwed as if concentrating-his bottom lip trapped firmly between his teeth as his breath came in gasps.

Balancing herself on one hand. Taylor brought the other one to her pussy lips and began to manipulate her clit. “Open your eyes, I want you to watch!”

John did as he was told, seeing Taylor before him-riding up and down the cock embedded in her, while she fingered her clit like a demented pianist. Now it was Taylor who had her eyes closed, concentrating on her own pleasure. One finger changed to two, bumping and rubbing-and suddenly she was there. She collapsed along the length of John’s body, causing his cock to spring free from her cunt. Gasping for breath she smiled at him.

“That was magical!” Then she looked behind her seeing his still erect cock. “But I haven’t been fair to you have I? We’ll soon put that right!”

She took his cock in her hand, rubbing it against her nipples. “Next time, you can tie me up- and you can fuck my tits. For now you’ll have to do with splashing them with your cum.”

Taylor sped up her hands using her other one to alternately fondle his balls and play with the entrance to his ass. John jerked and gasped, noises came from him, he panted, faster and faster. With a groan he came, releasing his semen to splash across Taylor’s breasts. Gently she squeezed the last drops from his wilting cock making certain they smeared over her nipple. Releasing his now relaxed member, she massaged his cum into her breasts – smiling and watching his face as she did so.

With a grin on her face, Taylor leaned forward, dangling a breast in front of John’s face. “Open wide.” She instructed. He obeyed and Taylor lowered the cum covered nipple into his mouth. John sucked greedily, circling the nipple, nibbling it with his teeth. “That’s enough.” Taylor rose and left the room. John heard running water, and moments later Taylor reappeared carrying a sponge and a towel. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” She gently washed his cock and rubbed it dry-taking care to get into the crease of skin.

She reached up undoing the ties to his hands. Then turning she undid the leg ties. John sat up and put his hands to his head. Taylor put her suit back on. Ran her fingers threw her hair, and looked at him.

All John could think about was how he never wanted to mix business with pleasure. But man, this was the best pleasure he has ever had with business.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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