Jack’s Apartment Ch. 01

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Jack was sipping his wine waiting for his main course to be served, it had been a long week, but now everything had been put in place, he felt that his life was now going to go through a new phase and he was looking forward to it. Jack was now twenty-five years old. In the last nine years, he had made millions. Jack was an excellent golfer when he was sixteen, he had won the Amateur Medal at the Masters, US Open and the British Open. He had then turned professional, and in the remaining five months of the year, he had earned over eleven million in prize money. Because of his age, he was a very hot piece of merchandise in the sponsorship business.

When Jack was eight, he had been coached by an excellent teaching pro at his local golf club. By the age of ten, he had a handicap of plus two, which was exceptional for a ten-year-old. Henry, his coach, had then been offered the Head Pro position at a very prestigious Golf Club in Germany.

Jack maintained contact with him and saw him at least three times a year when he turned pro. He was his only coach; they both became great friends. Jack would visit Henry’s club in Germany, and because of his position in the World Golf stage, this was excellent publicity for Henry, who now had golfers coming to him from all over the world.

Jack had won several major championships by the time he reached the age of twenty-five then disaster struck. After winning a tournament on a Sunday afternoon he and his caddy were involved in an accident when a drunk driver hit the curtesy car they were being driven. Luckily Jack had been sitting in the front passenger seat, and the many airbags had given him and the driver some protection.

The car that hit them had been travelling at over a hundred miles per hour when it hit the curtesy car.

The driver and Jack survived, but unfortunately, his caddy was killed instantaneously. The driver and Jack had both serious whiplash injuries with Jack’s most severe. They went to the experts in this field in America, Germany and London. The driver was cured in six weeks while Jack was told that he would never play competitive golf again. It would be a struggle for him to walk for three holes, and if he did play competitively, then he would cause permanent damage to his body.

Jack was financially independent; he was a multi-millionaire. He flew to Germany to speak with Henry, who was now seventy, his wife wanted him to retire and return to Britain. Henry had an excellent studio at the Golf Club and suggested to Jack that he should take over from him when he retired. The President of the Club was over the moon with this suggestion as he realised what an asset Jack would be to his club.

Jack was going to buy a house, but Henry suggested renting for the first year to make sure the work suited him. Henry had introduced Jack to Edi, who owned several apartments. He took an apartment in istanbul escort the same block as Edi lived.

Edi was in her sixties, she still played golf and had a single figure handicap. Jack took over Henry’s studio and workshop. Jack had added a lot of comprehensive equipment to the studio; it was now easily the most extensive in Germany.

Jack got a lot of media attention; he was on television, radio and the printed media daily. He would work only five hours a day and charge a thousand euros an hour; he would work six days of the week. He would train the youth of his club and two nearby clubs and wouldn’t charge them a penny.

He was soon booked out for three months in advance. Training the youth for nothing was a masterstroke; the publicity he got from this was enormous. Edi was very good to him, and they soon had a strong friendship going. She was quickly handling all of Jack’s bookings. Jack helped her with her golf, and her handicap was halved within two months. Edi had massive tits which got in the way of her swing; she laughed when he told her, “You’re the first man to tell me that you don’t like my big tits.”

Jack smiled, then said, “I love your big tits, but I’ve changed your golf swing to make you a better golfer.”

Jack’s apartment was in the city. There were an excellent restaurant and bakery a hundred yards from Jack’s apartment; he used it a lot. It had been in the same family for five generations; Jack had a cooked breakfast there every morning. The food was delicious and inexpensive. It opened at seven in the morning and closed at seven in the evening. Their cakes and bread were in a league of their own. Jack would usually have supper there at six-thirty in the evening. The restaurant could seat a hundred inside and in the summer another hundred outside.

One evening Jack had finished his supper, and when he went outside, he saw Beate, the wife of the owner taking tables and chairs from outside into a storage room. Jack had started to help her; she appreciated his help. Her English was good, so he spoke in German and in English. If either of them made a mistake, then the other would correct them, so they soon were both speaking better German and English.

Jack got on well with Beate; she was tall with a voluptuous body, shoulder-length black hair with sparkling bright blue eves. From that evening, Jack had helped her Beate started wearing tighter trousers, which highlighted her fantastic figure. She also started to serve him personally in the morning at breakfast; Jack noticed that her nipples were now rock hard when she served him. One morning Jack complimented her on the tightness of her trousers, Beate replied, “I have very tight leggings which I feel very comfortable wearing but I must wear an apron when I wear them, and I can’t wear them when my husband is around, or he’ll give me a hard time.”

Jack didn’t like şişli escort Hans, Beate’s husband, he was loud and could be offensive to the customers. The next morning Beate had a big smile on her face when Jack arrived for breakfast, she purposefully walked in front of him to his table. Her butt looked fantastic; she had a very sexy walk. Jack liked what he saw. Beate showed him to his table, then went for his coffee. She was wearing an apron which had a slit in the middle and two lengths of material which covered her legs to the knees.

She came back with the coffee, Beate asked, “Did you like it from the back? Hans is doing the late shift today so as he wouldn’t be here I decided to be a little naughty.”

Beate then sat at the table opposite with her facing Jack, she spread the legs of her apron and her legs open to show a fantastic Camels Toe, the tight leggings showed her swollen vulva to perfection, Jack knew that her pussy was smooth and she wasn’t wearing any panties, Beate whispered, “I hope that you like me from the front, I love wearing very tight leggings, but he doesn’t allow me to wear them at home.”

Jack whispered back, “That’s crazy, why does he do that, I’d love my partner to wear that in the house, he’s missing out on something wonderful, I love the length of your sex slit, it looks gorgeous.”

Beate’s face lit up then she said, “Thanks for the compliment, our marriage is not good, we stay together because of our daughter. He has several mistresses; we share the same roof but not the same bed. If we divorced, then I would get half of the property. We are comfortable as a couple, but he couldn’t afford to divorce me. My daughter is now at University; she understands what is going on. At the weekend we work together but as from next week, if I work one day he works the next. Then we will only see each other at shift turn around. I would love your phone number?”

Jack winked at her then said, “I would love your number too. I want to get to know you; perhaps we could go out for a meal sometime?”

Beate smiled, and her eyes sparkled, she whispered as she gave Jack a piece of paper with her mobile number on it, “I’d love that too, I’m sure that we can spend a lot of time together. I haven’t had sex with Hans for fourteen years; I don’t want life to pass me by. I’m a little older than you, is that a problem for you?”

A waitress brought Jack’s breakfast, Beate asked her to bring them another two Cappuccinos, Jack whispered, “That’s not a problem, I’m not the most experienced lover around as I’ve not had many lovers, but I am willing to learn.”

The Cappuccinos arrived as Jack finished his breakfast. Beate asked Jack when his first appointment was, he told her nine-thirty, she smiled then said, “That’s good, we have an hour and a half, and that allows you time to get to the Golf Club, I’d like to show you something before mecidiyeköy escort you go, would you like to follow me?”

Beate then led Jack through a door marked ‘Staff Only’ then opened a door into an office. She locked the door then took Jack in her arms, they kissed and touched passionately. Beate was stroking Jack’s hard cock, she said, “Let’s get naked; I want to make this big boy very hard. I need this so much.”

They both stripped naked; Jack was impressed with Beate’s body; it was curvy, strong and powerful. He was right; she hadn’t been wearing any panties. Her vulva was gorgeous; her Camels toe was at least six inches long. They lay on top of the carpet beside the desk which allowed them to sixty-nine, Beate was excellent, she was soon taking his full length in her mouth, the bulbous head of his cock banging against the walls of her throat.

Jack had spread her beautiful cunt lips open, out had popped her massive clit, it was huge and hard, it was like a little cock. Jack started to suck it as he finger fucked her tight wet cunt with three fingers. Beate was moaning with pleasure as she pushed her hot cunt against Jack’s mouth, twice Jack had felt her warm cum in his mouth, he knew that she was ready for him when she said, “Jack, your cock feels so big, I want you to go deep inside my hungry cunt,” Beate had used the word muschi which is German for cunt, “I’m so hot I need this so much, fuck me hard and deep.”

Jack replied, “Don’t worry, I will do that for you. Would you like to bend over the desk and I’ll fuck your muschi doggy style then I can go hard and very deep?”

Beata answered, “I’d love that so much, my muschi is so wet, over the desk is perfect, then I can watch my big tits bounce, would you like to watch my tits bounce. I want to feel you cum inside me; it’s safe, I was sterilised twenty years ago after Helen, my daughter was born. I didn’t want any more kids with Hans, so please shoot your load inside my cunt.”

Jack bent Beate over the desk; he then slid his cock inside her cunt doggy style. She took his full length quickly, Beate was a gripper, she had mighty cunt muscles. Jack pounded her for the next forty minutes. It was marvellous for both of them; they were giving each other pleasure. Beate’s tits were wobbling everywhere; they looked amazing. Jack was sure that it aroused Beate as she watched them shake.

Then they both climaxed simultaneously; Jack pumped a lot of cum inside her hungry cunt. Beate was noisy as she came, she said, “That feels so good, I needed that so bad. I felt you cum inside me, and it felt so good. I will WhatsApp you and let you know when we can see each other again. Hans goes to a lot of football matches, will it be ok if I visit you in your apartment, Uschi, who works for us lives in the apartment next to you. You know Uschi; she is the very slim girl with the massive tits? Uschi is my friend even though Hans is fucking her; she does it with him because he gives her cash presents and she needs the money. She finds him the same as I did, an in and out lover, he’s so selfish in bed. Jack let’s shower; I want to see a lot of you.”

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