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Author’s Note

I know this is long but it had to be long, at least for me. This is my first erotic story, ever. I hope you like it. I was tempted to break It up into shorter sections but it was written as one piece, not many. If you are looking for a quick ‘slam-bang’ piece of fiction, this ain’t it. This isn’t a shower-sex ‘quickie before work’ – this is candles and chocolate, flowers and massage oil.. There’s a bit of everything in this piece: nonconsent, first time, erotic coupling, romance, etc. I decided that it should probably go in this section as the intent was to portray an erotic coupling.

Let me know what you think.


* * * * *

Damn, it was good to be going home. I’d been away for a long time – way too long, in my opinion.

Texas is a funny thing. It’s got a lot of everything, just with a Texas twist. I drove past big open fields filled with equal parts longhorns and sunflowers. The air was warm and gave that feel of moving from spring to summer. Late May in Texas is a beautiful thing.

Up ahead I could see the beginnings of civilization. Behind, nothing but hundreds of miles of empty roads and curious cows. My ass was sore and my legs were numb from hours of sitting in a car. I could feel the tension behind my eyes from the constant scanning of the road for state troopers. Cheap bastard, should have got a damn radar detector. Those troopers would love the chance to write me a big fat ticket. I knew they wouldn’t take it easy on a 24 year old kid who was, umm, going just a little over the 70 mph speed limit.

I let out a laugh at that thought and caught myself grinning in the mirror. Damn, it was good to be home.

I’d left 6 years before, anxious to get away from Texas and the South. I thought I knew what I wanted – doesn’t everyone at 18? I packed my bags and headed up north and east to go to an absurdly expensive and prestigious East coast school. I kicked around for a bit and then ended up majoring in business. I liked the classes so much I took extra and graduated early. The school practically begged me to join their MBA program so I did and got that bitch done in 2 short years. Needless to say, I was tired of school and ready to see some cash results for 6 years of studying. Granted, I did have a great time in college, both with and without the ladies.

Ahh the ladies. Girls are a wonderful thing. Ben Franklin once said that beer was proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I’m inclined to think it was women old Ben should have mentioned instead. Actually, scratch that. Combine the two and we are on to something.

One of the things I missed most about Texas were the girls. Women up north were fine – get to know them and they were nice enough and some were even pretty attractive. However, there’s just something about Texas and the girls it produces. Damn me if I’m wrong but every third one is an absolute knockout and the other two look pretty dang good too. My grin in the mirror started to take on a bit of shit-eating look and my cock stirred a bit in my pants thinking about those sweet Texas girls.


The next hour passed quickly as I got into the city and past it into the suburbs where I grew up. Nostalgia hit me pretty hard as I passed scene after scene from my childhood. A park where I got into a fistfight… that I won. A ball field where we lost District. My high school football field where, if you include the grass underneath the bleachers, some of my best memories in life occurred. Memory after memory, seeming so close yet so far away. Time does fly.

Soon enough, I was pulling into my old neighborhood. There, third house on the left, was mine. I pulled into the drive and walked up to the ordinary, middle class house. Hmm, my old man has kept the place pretty clean – finally got that damned St. Augustine to grow in completely.

I won’t bore you with the next couple hours – let’s just say my parents were pretty glad to have their ‘sweet baby boy’ back at home. I think I got enough hugs and pats on the back to last me quite a while. Of course, my parents, being the drama whores they are, decided to invite half the family and quite a few family friends. An impromptu party ensued and I was mildly miserable. I mean, I loved the people there but it was too much.

Two people I was particularly interested to see were Brian’s parents, Tom and Anne. Brian was my best friend growing up – we did everything from baseball to car repair together. We kept in touch throughout college and grad school – he was almost a veterinarian now – and were still close. I didn’t see him in the crowd so I made my way over to his dad.

“Mr. Johnson, it sure was nice of you to come over.”

“Please, call me Tom. My pleasure, son, my pleasure.”

His dad was a nice guy, a bit on the large and I-could-kick-the-shit-out-of-you-if-I-wanted side but still pretty cool. He was a tight end in college and then went straight into the big ass porno Marines – he still had ‘Semper Fi’ on his truck.

“You know, we’re just glad you are home! It’s been too long since you kids have been in trouble – place is damned quiet!” He gave off an infectious laugh and then muttered, “Guess I don’t have to buy you boys beer anymore. By the way, Brian said to come over later, maybe around 6 or so. He is off doing something with his girlfriend right now. Kids these days!” With another laugh and a wink, he was off. Probably to pinch his gorgeous wife’s ass in front of a lot of people. Seriously, if I had to live another guy’s life, I might choose him. Rich, popular, and a damned fine wife even at close to 50 – he was a lucky man!

The people finally left and my parents let me alone to go grab a shower. I threw my crap in my old room and washed up. After a couple of hours on the internet checking up on the WSJ and other financial sources, I was ready to go to Brian’s.


A soda and a 10 minute car ride later, I was walking up the massive lawn to the Johnsons’ house. Brian’s parents lived in a very nice neighborhood with very prestigious houses. Hell, their trees probably cost more than my Camry. At least it was a paid off Camry.

After a couple of quick knocks, I tried the handle to the massive door. Nothing. I couldn’t see any movement inside so I skipped around to the back, guessing that Brian was in the garage. Damn am I glad I did.

There’s one tiny detail, insignificant to me at the time, that I haven’t mentioned yet. Brian is not an only child. He has a younger sister, 6 years younger in fact. Mary. What an obnoxious twerp. She was always hanging around us and getting in our way. She’s the one who caught us with the beer in the garage the first time and also caught us the one time we tried weed. If we were having fun, she quickly showed up to ruin it. I think I hated her at times. I knew Brian hated her all the time. She was tall and gangly, all knees and elbows and high, whining voice. Ugghhhh.

Anyways. I rounded the corner of the house after getting through the fence (same code from 6 years ago – not exactly surprising). I saw an empty garage and someone sunbathing by the side of the pool. Their pool is absolutely huge – one of the big ones that you actually swim laps in with black lines on the bottom and everything.

I couldn’t really tell who was sunbathing because they were in one of those long pool chairs that recline, with their back to me. Grinning under my breath, I knew it was Brian. That douche was always the tannest SOB in Texas, constantly ‘soaking up the rays, dude.’ Probably going to die of skin cancer at 30.

Keeping as quiet as I could, I snuck up behind the chair and finally dashed the last 5 yards to jump out and yell, “HEY DICKHEAD!”

It wasn’t Brian. It wasn’t Brian. It wasn’t Brian. Shit shit shit.

Whoa, tits tits tits.

Ok, I know at a moment like this, you would think a guy could do more than just stare that the tits now on display. No chance. They were full and high, tan and firm, with perfect rosy red nipples erect in the slight Texas breeze. I’m guessing a nice size C cup, just like I like them. I think in the milliseconds that I stared, oblivious to the awkward situation, I both tried to burn the image of those perfect, beautiful tits into my brain and felt my cock jump. Impressive, I know. I’m a multitasker.

Giving a quick glance to the rest of the body was no better, or strictly speaking, worse. Long, toned legs with a golden tan shapely drew up to black bikini bottom holding unknown treasures. A tight yet soft stomach just begging to be licked with a cute diamond piercing lay between those golden tits and beautiful legs. The breasts, oh they were fantastic.

Now, while I stared, paralyzed in shock and lust, I evidently gave enough time for the previously sleeping not-Brian girl to jump up, scream, and run to the house. Realizing my predicament, I ran after her, yelling, “Stop, I can explain!” Innocent-sounding, I know.

The girl was surprisingly quick to the door and slammed it shut, locking it as she ripped off her shades. By the way, what’s the deal with girls who wear sunglasses so damned big that it covers 2/3 of their face? Not cool, in my opinion.

Shit. I recognized her. Those little girl features had turned into a stunning young woman. Mary. Her green eyes flashed at me in anger as she ran to the phone on the kitchen counter. I beat on the glass helplessly as she picked up, yelling, “I’m calling the cops you sick PERVERT! Better run, faggot!”

“Mary, it’s me! Jimmy! James Erickson! Brian’s friend.”

The phone was halfway to her mouth at that point when it just stopped. She faced me completely with shock on her face. I barely heard a “Jimmy?” With a sudden glance down at her topless state (DAMN she’s hot!), red suddenly covered her face and she dashed off, giving big tits porno a quick “Uhh nice to see you, Jimmy.”

I did catch a glimpse of her ass as she rounded the corner. Those two golden cheeks were damned delicious looking in that black bottom. Shit shit shit. When had Mary fucking Johnson turned into a babe? What the fuck?

Pondering my options, I finally decided that because Mary hadn’t actually called the cops yet, my best bet was to sit out in the car and try to explain everything when Brian, or worse, Tom arrived.


I was sitting in my car about 10 minutes later when I saw a black Lincoln with tinted windows turn onto my street. It came down past the other massive houses and pulled into the drive.

The first thing I saw when the passenger door open was long, light-brown legs. These were followed by a flowing white sundress, luscious tits with v-neck cleavage, and a Latin beauty with long jet black hair. Her skin was mocha and oh so nice. The breeze blew just slightly, causing her hair to move gently off her face. Wow!

Then, to ruin the moment, that douchebag Brian hopped out the other side with a stupid grin and ran around. He and his evident girlfriend locked some serious tongue for a moment before heading my way.

I hopped out of the car and walked up to them, giving Brian the obligatory hit on the shoulder. You know, man greeting. As I got closer, I noticed that this girl was tall, maybe 5’8 or so. Go Brian!

“Dude, long time. Who’s this lovely lady?”

“Jimmy, Isabel. Isabel, Jimmy.”

“Isabel, I have no idea what you see in Brian but I think I know what Brian sees in you.”

Isabel gave a soft, throaty laugh at that while Brian sputtered out an indignant response.

“I’ll have you know that Isabel is top in our class, dickhead!”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s what caught your eye.” I laughed when I saw her look at him speculatively and a sheepish grin come over his face.

Brian looked at both of us for just a sec, all the world like a kid caught doing something he shouldn’t.

“So uhh, you two thirsty? Jimmy, want a beer?”

Isabel and I looked at each other and gave a laugh as we walked up to this house.

I heard Brian mutter, “Fucking Jimmy. Same old shit.”

It was good to be home.


A few hours and a few beers later, we were sitting in Brian’s ‘garage’ hanging out. Now, it was originally built as a 4 car standalone garage but Tom ended up buying such nice classics that Anne and Brian convinced him he should store them offsite in a more secure location. That meant the garage was empty and thus transformed into the coolest hang out spot I knew of. Pool table, ping pong, darts, foosball, the works. Giant plasma tv, even an indoor hot tub. When Tom does something, he does it right. I was particularly impressed by the animals on the wall. Tom was a pretty avid hunter and managed to hang quite a few record bucks, mule deer, and even a bear skin on the floor. Lucky bastard. Hot wife, lots of money, and cool hobbies.

Anyways, I was playing a game of solo pool while Brian and Isabel were snuggling under the blanket watching a Rangers game. The Rangers were sucking it up in the 7th, giving up a 4 run lead. I guessed that Brian had his mind on other things because I could see the blanket move every now and then and would bet that Isabel would have a sore arm in the morning. Lucky bastard was getting a handjob while his best friend was in the room. She must be a freak in the sack.

Going back to my game, I heard the door open and glanced up to see who walked in. It was a quick glance that became a stare. Mary.

She was tall and beautiful, glowing like a fucking sun. Her long blonde hair came just past her shoulders and shimmered with highlights. Her tan face was framed perfectly by brilliant green eyes, soft pink lips, and white teeth. She was wearing brown, clinging shirt which cut down the middle in a V that just teased at the sides of her breasts. Her white skirt came down to her knees but was ruffled and loose, flowing as she walked. I could immediately picture lifting it up from behind as I had her bent over the pool table. She looked fucking fantastic.

“Hey James, good to see you again. It’s been a long time.” She had a mischevous look on her face as she said that. I hated it when she called me that.

“Bry, Isabel, good to see you guys.”

Isabel jumped, leaving a distraught looking Brian, and ran and gave Mary a big hug. I tell you, I would have paid everything in the world to see those two do more than hug at that point. Damn! Mary was the tall, lean, blonde goddess and Isabel was the sultry Latina with black hair and mocha skin. Smokin!

I suddenly remembered why I disliked Mary so much. She always had this snot-assed attitude with me. Maybe the thing I hated the most was when she called me James. That wasn’t my fucking name! She knew I hated it and did blacked porno it deliberately, just to piss me off. Evidently some things hadn’t changed just because she became a fucking knockout. I suddenly just knew that she was one of those girls who knew she was hot and treated everyone like a bitch because she could. I HATE those girls.

Anyway, after Isabel went back under the blanket to Brian’s obvious relief, Mary sat down on a nearby couch and quickly got engaged in the Rangers game. I didn’t pay much more attention and played a few more games by myself. After a while, Brian suddenly hopped up and dragged Isabel out of the garage. As they went, he slurred something about ‘Gotta get some fresh air and you two don’t kill each other. Jimmy, see ya tomorrow, buddy.’

Mary looked over at me as the door shut.

“Well, I hope she’s a good fuck.”

“What?!!” I was shocked to hear Brian’s little sister talk like that.

“You know exactly what I said. What the hell do you think ‘fresh air’ means?”

“I… I… whatever, Mare, I don’t want to talk about it.” I knew she hated being called that.

“Fine, puss.”

She got up and walked over towards me, watching me play pool.

“Dude, James, you really suck at this. I could kick your ass.”


“Awww, don’t want to get beat by a little girl. I understand, puss.”

Something snapped. I hated when Mary pulled that shit. Hundreds of similar memories ran across my brain in an instant. She was always doing stuff like that when I was in high school, challenging me, making fun of me in front of my friends. It didn’t help that she was always very athletic, making beating her not as easy as it should have been. Combine that with a smart mouth and passion for making me look dumb in front of the guys and it was safe to say I despised her.

“Fine, bitch, let’s play.” I could see something flashed in her eyes when I said that. Evidently none of that aggression she used to have had died down any. Shit, she is a firecracker.

We played a game and she royally stomped the shit out of me. I got exactly 1 ball in and I’m not bad. She is fucking phenomenal. Although, in my defense, I must say that my head wasn’t entirely in the game. She kept bending over to shoot, allowing me to see down that beautiful chest and the cleavage of those perky breasts. I caught a glimpse of a white bra holding them in place. I would have given anything to be that bra.

As the 8 ball found its pocket, she looked up and said with malice, “Man, you really suck. I thought you were supposed to be an athlete. That was so easy it was boring.” I could tell she was really enjoying this. She knew just how to set me off – push my buttons. I guess that’s the problem with people you practically grow up with. Move away for a while, even 6 years, and they still can get to you. The athlete comment really stung – we both knew I played D1 baseball.

“Fine, sounds like you want a bit of a challenge. Here’s one. One game each of pool, foosball, and darts. Best out of three.”

“What’s the reward for the winner?”

“Well for me, you have to stay the fuck away when I’m hanging out with Brian and when we do see each other, you have to show me some damned respect and call me Jimmy, Mare.”

She crowed a laugh at that one. Fuck she was hot even doing that. Fucking bitch. Fucking hot bitch.

“Deal, and if I win, you have to be my little slave for the next 2 weeks, every day. Mom told me you don’t start your new job for at least a month so you have the time. Deal?”

She reached out her hand and I shook it. It was warm, almost hot, but dry and soft. It felt damned good. I wondered briefly what it would feel like, tugging on my cock or massaging my balls. Get your mind right, Jimmy!


So, two games later and into the third, I was losing badly at darts. I was so pissed I couldn’t see straight. Mary had torn me a new one in pool. She sucked, I think deliberately, until I only had one ball left and then ran the damned table, taking ALL of hers and the 8 at once. Foosball wasn’t any better. She kept making comments when she would block my shots like, “What’s the matter James? I would have thought you’d have really strong wrists by now, jerk off boy!” Fucking bitch. Fucking hot bitch.

So, I begged her to make the darts game double or nothing. I would ‘serve’ her for 4 weeks if she won it and she wouldn’t have to do anything if I lost. She agreed.

A few minutes later, it was down to what was probably her last throw and she looked over at me and said, “Bet you are feeling pretty shitty, now, huh? Personally, I’m glad you are mine for the next 4 weeks. Lots of shit around here for you to do.” With that, she looked at the board and quickly threw a strike. Perfect fucking bullseye. I walked out in humiliation, hearing, “Be ready tomorrow” in a mocking tone behind me.

I made my way to my car and pretended not to see two shadows slowly fucking in the pool. Lucky ass Brian.


My phone rang at about 10am. It definitely woke me up. Damn it, I had just graduated with my MBA and had 5 & ½ weeks until my job started. Who the fuck is calling me this early!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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