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(Jerome is one of the male personas along with Danny of my ex-girlfriend, Oklahoma. She created Jerome just for me and has never used him on anyone else.)

“What’s this I hear about ‘around the world’?”, as Jerome had been eavesdropping on a conversation I was having. When he asked me about it, it got me to thinking. I rented a private jet for a month although I didn’t know if it would take that long. I told the pilot to bring his wife and make it a vacation since they were semi-retired.

I gave them a cash advance to pay their bills for a month so there were no worries. Then I explained that there may be lots of sex and I needed absolute confidentiality. We signed the contract. I then called Jerome’s boss and got a leave of absence with a guaranteed job upon his return. I faxed her a contract and then she signed it and sent it right back.

I called Jerome and told him to pack a big bag for a little trip. I already called your work and you will have a job when you get back. Be ready in a couple of hours. The plane headed for Oklahoma. I had a car waiting and I went to pick him up. I walked up and he had a million questions. I turned to his roommate and handed her a wad of cash. Pay the bills and then I handed her cash and said this is for doing it for me.

I picked up his bag and walked out. The questions continued till we pulled up to the jet. We went on board and we were off. I finally said, how do you feel about Scotland? I leaned over, kissed him, and said no more questions about where we are going? Get your mind on sex because we are about to go “around the world”.


We landed in Scotland. There were two cars waiting. I handed the pilot a credit card and said, “Have fun.” I already had our next destination and current itinerary sent to his room. We would be here for 2 days. Jerome and I were off to sight see. We went up to the hills to a historical landmark. I started to stroke him and he was trying to stop me.

I laid down a blanket and then said, “I told you were going to do “around the world”, now how do you want me?” He laid down beside me and we started slow. He rolled on me and we took our time like the days of old. We took our time, learning each other again. This session was slow and methodical. When we finished, we headed to the hotel. We cleaned up and I played with Jerome, but just enough to keep him on the turned on side.

We went to a local diner and then found a bar. We sat in a dark corner, playing with each other and watching the locals. We were getting very wound up so we left and headed for the hotel. We fucked and sucked long into the night, and then waking up in time to check out. We had lunch then left for South America.

South America

We stayed on the plane since it was the middle of the night when we arrived. This would be an almost three day stop. It was amazing to see the wild life, including a couple of deadly snakes. Thank God we were nowhere close. Neither one of us was really motivated to have sex.

Late the second day it started to rain, it was so warm and humid that we quickly found ourselves intertwined on the balcony of our hotel. It was so sensual being naked and having the warm rain splash on our skin. He leaned me over the railing on my back, held my legs and pounded my pussy. I couldn’t help but think that it was a good thing we weren’t in the rain forest. We slept in and then it was time to head from the warm rains of South America to the freezing ice of Antarctica.


We would only be there mere hours to protect the plane because of a nasty storm headed inland. While the plane was being filled and the pilot got some rest, Jerome and I went exploring and found a secluded snow cave. It was cold yet it was a big turn on being snuggled so close, Jerome’s warmth radiating through my body. We came back and everything was ready to leave for Australia.


With time changes we actually lost about twenty four hours. I allotted five days in Australia to let our pilot rest and enjoy the sights with his wife. We were ready to walk so we decided to sight see. It was amazing! We retreated early to our hotel and turned in, curling with each other.

The next morning I woke Jerome with a nice long blow job. I was off in my own world, enjoying his yummy dick when I realized that my pussy was being worked, as I felt an orgasm building up. Before I would let him bring me off, I flipped over and mounted him. We were rocking solidly until he rolled us over on my back, I waited until he was stable then I used my legs to lay him on his side, doing another leg of our trip “around the world”.

We finished and got ready to meet our guide and head for the bush. I had done my research and found a guide that would allow what I had planned. This woman was going to make it hard to concentrate on Jerome and yet very easy to have some fun. We spent a good portion of the day looking at wildlife. Every time we saw a kangaroo casino şirketleri I couldn’t help but think that I wanted to jump someone’s bones.

It was amazing to see the land and all the beauty of the land untouched for centuries. I started teasing Jerome; I was the sight he needed to see. He looked at me and I had that fuck me NOW! look in my eyes, so he lent me a hand. It wasn’t a few minutes later that our guide stopped the vehicle in a lush area of the outback. She grabbed a tarp and blanket and after checking for snakes laid them on the ground. She said, “Come on you two, if you are going to do that, the back of my truck is not the place.” While we were being handsy, she turned her back to us and when she turned around her shirt was unbuttoned. She said, “Can I lend a hand? I have done this for others but you two have had me hot all day in severe anticipation.” I looked at Jerome and we both reached for her.

Clothes were flying and our hands were everywhere. While she sucked on his nice long, hard, wide dick, I ate her pussy driving her to please my man. I could tell he was a little edgy so I got up and stood behind him, rubbing my hands on his chest. I whispered, “Momma wants to see you fuck her the way you do me.” He looked up and I had that look in my eyes for him to know I was serious. He kissed me and then moved down to tattoo her cervix.

He was hesitant at first then she wrapped her legs around him and it was ON! It was hot and fast, then he suddenly flipped her over and put it in over drive. She was screaming in ecstasy, so I slid under her to suck his balls and play with her clit. I put my tongue on her clit and I could feel her tightening on Jerome. She started to squeal and I quit as Jerome went for his last thrusts. They came together and she collapsed on me. I flicked her clit and made her jump.

We decided to head back to the hotel as it was about time for lots of animals to come out and feed. Jerome asked her to join is for dinner and maybe our guide the rest of the week. We got back to the hotel and I said I was heading for the shower, I took Tracy’s hand and we went in. Jerome was going to order dinner and do a few things. Tracy was rather hesitant just being with me, so I backed off. While she was letting the water run over her very luscious body I massaged her back and she didn’t move away.

I came closer and whispered, “What do you want?”

She stood frozen for a second and then whipped around, pining me to the wall. She got her hand on my clit and then she grabbed the back of my neck, practically pulling the orgasm out of me. I came hard and nearly collapsed. She whispered in my ear, “That is only the beginning for what you started this afternoon.” We got out of the shower and come out naked, together. We watched Jerome come to attention very quickly.

There was a knock on the door and Tracy went to let the room service in, naked. He was very composed until Tracy kissed him and shoved him out the door. The three of us set around, naked, feeding each other and talking. We talked about places we wanted to see and things we wanted to do. We asked Tracy to stay with us until we left. She accepted and the left to run a few errands.

Jerome was on me instantly. He fucked me hard and then harder. I said, “Is this must be my punishment for this afternoon?” He slid down and ate my pussy. He was going at me fast and furious. He slipped back up and said, “What is the next leg in around the world?” This happened to be him facing the opposite way as me so it started in missionary and then started to work around. He was reaching places that he not been in years. He finally got to his position and I was panting from the feeling he was fucking back into me and he was grating on my G-spot at the same time. I was going out of my mind. He gave me a few more slamming thrust before he fucked me around the rest of the world. He got back to missionary and pulled out.

I was limp so he flipped me over and propped me up. He inserted and I could feel his dick throbbing. He was going to fuck me like I never had been. He was like a locomotive that has to start slow and then rapidly speeds up. He was pounding my pussy hard; I couldn’t stop from coming again and again. Finally he made two deep hard thrusts and exploded in my pussy. He collapsed on top of me. I said, “Thank you baby. I love you.” and I was out.

When I started to come to I heard voices and they were talking about me. I had been out for nearly twelve hours by their conversation. I started to stir and then I felt hands on me. I opened my eyes and there was Tracy. I kissed her and then slowly rolled over to kiss Jerome. I felt like I had been ripped in half. They got me up slowly so I could go to the bathroom, and then Tracy took a shower with me. Bow legged does not begin to say how I felt. She was gently washing me and letting the water beat on my back. I was starting to move better so we went to get lunch.

I still think I was floating an orgasm. We ate lunch casino firmaları and talked for a while then we went sightseeing. It was fun to tour with a local, seeing things you would not normally see. Of course we also have plenty of naughty playing too. She took us to some of her favorite places. We went and had dinner than she asked if we were game.

She took us to a private strip club, members only. She talked to the door man and hesitantly he let us in. We set in a dark corner and watched the action. It was an all nude strip club but there wasn’t a hands off rule, just no penetration. Jerome and I decided that we would split up since I like to watch action. Tracy must have told some of the girls about Jerome and I’s talents. No one girl really caught my eye but I lent my services to each one and then the feature dancer came out on the stage.

I nearly had to pick my jaw off the floor because Tracy joined her. Jerome came over and said, “Do I hear a threesome in the works for later?” I just kept my eyes glues on Diamond and Tracy. They were hot single and burning up together. Diamond came off the stage and it wasn’t long till my eyes were covered.

She whispered in my ear, “I hear you are quite talented. Care to take a hand at polishing a diamond?”

I took her hand, kissed it and said, “Your wish is my command.”

I spent the rest of the night just watching the girls. Jerome and I headed back to the hotel. He buried his dick in my pussy to calm me down a bit as I was wound tight. When we finished, he headed for the shower. I no more than laid on the bed when the girls walked in. Tracy introduced me to Danielle. It didn’t take long and we were in a pile. I heard Jerome come out but I was a little busy with Danielle on my face. I finally got to be in a daisy chain.

Danielle and Tracy went to sleep while I sucked off Jerome. The next 2 days were more of the same. I called the pilot and said I wanted to leave at 8 in the morning. Tracy took us out one more time. We ended back at the club but this time all the girls turned on me. Finally, Tracy ended back at the hotel and we had one more romp. I knew I would come back. We got up early leaving Tracy sleeping. I left her a note and we left. We got up in the air and I mounted Jerome. He was tickling my cervix before pounding me good. I fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of what had happened so far. We had been on the ground for awhile when I finally came to.


I had one goal in Taiwan and that was to see Pei-Pei. Jerome stayed on the plane to sleep, not wanting to confuse her. It was early evening so we went down the food strip, eating everything. We talked and I told her some of what I had been doing. I met her parents and we went sightseeing. We went to a market and I bought 2 beautiful Kobe beef steaks for her dad and I. Her mom and Pei-Pei made the rest of lunch then I cooked the steaks. He wanted his medium. He couldn’t stop praising me for the steak. I said farewell and then I left. I had to recuperate before we went to Greece.


We arrived in Greece late in the night so we just stayed in the plane. I had another tour guide to take us around. This was going to be another 5 day stay. I was secretly looking for a place to start to execute my plan based on the Olympics. I sent our guide into a shop and I dragged Jerome into an alley. This is the hundred yard dash now fuck me quick. He buried himself and it was a matter of a couple of minutes before he blew.

We went to the hotel and I said its time for the Javelin and the Long Jump. I swallowed his dick to see how long I could blow him. Thirty four minutes I made it, so now it was Jerome’s turn to eat me till I jumped. He was bound to break me but I fought hard. Unfortunately 28 minutes in I about jumped out of my skin.

Then we did the mile in a steady pace. The next day we went to a pool and did the hurdles with him carrying me around while fucking up into me. We spent the next day and a half to prepare for the marathon. We would have a long flight so I wanted to leave in the morning after our marathon. When I got off the phone we had 15 hours till we left. Jerome grabbed me and we were off. Even when we ordered room service we ate while we played, fucked and sucked. I was exhausted when we hit the plane but now it was time to sleep.


We went to the hotel and checked in. I figured we would be there three to five days. I was talking to the desk clerk about the locals and what I was looking for, a hot bar scene or something like that. He made a list and at the bottom of the page there was a name that intrigued me. In American it said Nipples, where the rest were written as native names. I inquired and he told me where it was along with two of the other bars.

I figured that we could hit the bars first, so we got around and went to the first one. The amount of hotness walking around was amazing. I watched for a long time until Oklahoma asked me to dance, Jerome needed a brain güvenilir casino break. He had never been out this long at one time. Oklahoma and I danced but Danny wanted his turn so I said I would see her later. It just happened to be a slow song when Danny came to me. We danced and talked about some of the women at the bar. It was nice but Jerome was ready to have his mamma back.

Nothing really caught my eye so we decided to move on to the next bar. Once again it was more of the same and I sat in the corner again just to watch. I kept catching the eye of this one blond. Finally she motioned for me, and I went to her. We started dancing socially but it got serious quick. Once several of the other girls saw what was up they came to join in the party. There were a couple of girls from the first bar.

Jerome was sitting in the corner with a shit-eating grin on his face knowing what was coming. I was kept out on the floor for a long time till I couldn’t go on. It wasn’t five minutes and I had two drinks and four shots delivered to my table. What the heck did I do to deserve this? I took all the shots and started on a drink but then I was wanted back on the floor. This time things got dirty quick and my hands were guided all over these beautiful women. I had to go to the bathroom, which I knew could be a problem.

When I came out of the stall there was this one amazing blonde. She was not one of my dance partners. She handed me a card and then kissed me on the lips. It looked like a VIP card to the strip club. I had done it again, not even realizing it. I went back out to the girls and danced for a little while but I couldn’t get the card out of my head. I went to get Jerome and we left against great protest. I knew I would be back.

When I arrived at the strip club, I figured out very quickly why I was there. Most of the men were pawing slobs that had no class. I presented my card and I was escorted to a table that had a sign –Sapphire’s Table. I know why she had that name by looking into her eyes. She came out in a sapphire blue outfit and sat down on my lap.

She leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Thank you.” She was American, and then she kissed me taking my breath away. She got off my lap and headed on stage. She was beautiful and an amazing dancer. Oklahoma whispered in my ear, I want that. I agreed with her. I went to the stage and within seconds I knew that was I wanted to worship. I ended up in private rooms several times, and so did Jerome.

I wasn’t sleeping tonight by the bulge in his pants and knowing what Oklahoma wanted. Danny would just have to wait. When Sapphire wasn’t busy she was on my lap and making out barely explained what we were doing. I had already given her an orgasm and her dancing was showing it. The other girls noticed it too.

Baby was the only other girl that did something for me. I rewarded her well. Sapphire was sitting on my lap when she reached into my shirt pocket, finding my room key. She stuck it in her purse and then took my hand. All the girls were on the stage, and if I heard it right it was orgasm time. Usually each girl picks a person but tonight they all picked me. They got to chose by hand or by mouth and I had to see how quick I could do it.

There were ten girls, bets were being taken and no one picked less than ten minutes. Jerome even placed a bet then winked at me. He took less; I was shooting for seven to eight minutes. I started in and was doing good, until I hit the last one, she was a tranny and she picked both. She thought I was going to do one then the other but I didn’t. I was doing her both at once. It was amazing and I finished in seven minutes and thirty seconds. There were a lot of jaws on the floor.

I went to leave but Baby caught me and asked if she could join Sapphire. I kissed her on the cheek and winked at her. We got back to the hotel and it was Oklahoma and I’s turn to play. We were at it hard core when the girls walked in. They just watched for a bit and then joined in. We had been going at it hard for a while and were not quiet. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I got up to answer it.

It was a cop. “We have had numerous noise complaints, can I come in.” She said, “You must be good to have Sapphire. I should write you a ticket but I think I can be persuaded no to since you are a foreigner.”

Oklahoma took care of the two girls while I pleased the officer. I hand cuffed her to the bed and then worshipped her body. In mere minutes she was squirming and begging for release. I took her night stick and used it as a toy, while eating her pussy. I went at her hard till she came at least five times, the last two screaming. I released her and she charged me, laying me back. The four girls ravished me with Baby on my face and the other three pleasing me, while I worked two of them with my hands. Finally early in the morning Jerome climbed in bed with me.

I flipped over wanting it doggie for one more strong orgasm. I went to sleep knowing I was headed back to the bar later. Danny woke me up late that afternoon stroking my body. He gave me a nice slow fuck to let my puss wake up. We talked about the night and he implied that if he could have a chance, he wanted Mercedes. I guess time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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