Jessica and Mr. B

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I generally avoid women at the office. It never ends well and it causes too many problems. But a few years ago an 18 year old started working for the office as a receptionist. Jessica had olive skin, short brown hair and dark brown eyes. It was lust for me at first site even though I was 10 years older than her.

It’s rare, not many women have the ability to make my cock rock hard in my pants anymore just by walking past me, but whenever Jessica walked by and smiled in her mildly inappropriate low cut shirts I had duck into my office or behind a hallway door to hide my thick erection. Jessica is slutty hot, her brown hair bounced as she walked. Her gorgeous tits did the same. As I said she was olive skinned, she was around 5’4″, hardly any ass (a shame, but forgivable), thin – maybe 100 lbs, with a slightly large nose and huge breasts. Her natural 32 Ds were a function of her having a child at 16 she once told me, they grew and never really went back down.

We talked a bit when we’d bump into each other. She was big on leaning over a table to give me a view of her perky, tanned chest. She teased me once or twice with pictures of her at the beach in a bikini. Eventually I got the hint and I asked her to a movie and dinner at my place. Actually, Jessica is really the aggressive type so probably she forced my hand at some point. It doesn’t matter really.

She drove over to my house and we headed out to the movies. I’ll never forget what she wore. She had on a tiny blue jean skirt with a thin pink spaghetti strapped blouse. Under it I could see hints of a strapless lacy bra. She looked hot, slutty and sexy all at the same time. I was doing everything I could to hide my cock in my jeans. I saw us in the reflection of my car’s window, she was so tiny next to my 6’4″ frame. I remember thinking that my cock would Antalya Escort probably lay from her pussy to her navel if I was on top of her.

After we arrived at the movies Jessica led me to the back row of whatever crappy movie we had chosen. I sat down first, she climbed over my legs, brushing me as she sat. As she sat she slide her little skirt slightly higher, nearly exposing her panties to me. I asked if she’s like a drink or popcorn and Jessica smiled, giggled and said yes.

When I returned a few minutes later, Jessica had moved to the end of the row and had spread her legs wide enough to reveal her yellow mesh panties to me. I could see the line of her tight little pussy. She caught me looking and laughed. When I sat down next to her she leaned over and French kissed me hard. It felt almost like high school again.

When the movie over Jessica asked if we were heading back to my place. I said sure, hoping this was as sure of a thing as I thought it was. I darted to the bathroom to clean up a bit and when I came out of the bathroom Jessica was nowhere to be found. I called to her and she answered back, “Just a second!” I wondered what she was doing.

I sat down on my tan couch. Jessica emerged from another bathroom in a sexy Victoria’s Secret flyaway babydoll. It was blue with black lace and barely tied at the top between her huge chest. Her little boyshorts were cute and tiny, but she was so tiny they were still a little loose on her. She smiled at the dumbfounded look on my face.

When she sat down her top popped open exposing beautiful dark brown nipples. She gasped and covered up for a second and then laughed. “I didn’t mean to do that, but whatever.” With that, she bolted into my bedroom where I followed. She flipped on my directional lamp for some low light, got on her Antalya Escort Bayan knees and looked up at me. “I put the ball in just for you…” she said as she showed me her tongue ring.

I almost came right there.

She pulled down my jeans and boxers, leaving just my black dress shirt and undershirt on. All of my 7 inch long and 6 inch around cock was exposed to her. Only then did I notice her french tip fingernails. She wrapped one hand around my shaft and another around my balls. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and starting working her tongue run on the underside of my tip. Her mouth was extremely warm and wet. The small metal ball was smooth and felt amazing. It was my first tongue ring.

She jerked my shaft with her hand and sucked softly while I put my right hand into her hair holding her head. I could feel her mouth through my whole body. In fact I had so much precum she stopped for a second, looked up and said, “Mmm… you taste good. Are you gonna cum 4 me?”

I smiled back, “Not yet sweetie.”

She stood up and removed the flyaway. I slid her panties off, exposing her cute little butt and hairless slit of a pussy. She removed my shirt while kissing me deeply. She wrapped her right hand around my cock and said, “Lay down, I’m gonna fuck you good. I haven’t fucked in two years.”

I complied. My heavy cock resting against my stomach, rock hard was ready for her. Jessica climbed over me, grabbed my cock, paused, looked at me and said, “I’m on the shot, no worries ok?” I smiled, “I have condoms.” She said, “Fuck that” and slid my cock into the tightest, warmest pussy I’ll ever have.

She winced, “Fuuuuck it’s been a long time.” I tensed up, feeling like I was going to cum instantly. She started riding me slowly and maybe only half of my cock at Escort Antalya a time. As she loosened up, I slid in more. Jessica was so wet that she dripped down my shaft. My balls boiled. Her chest heaved up and down. She leaned back cowgirl style and grinded on me.

I grabbed her hips and she smiled. “Want it reverse baby?” She flipped over her left leg and turned around on my cock, without pulling off of me. She proceeded to reverse ride me exposing her tight little ass and slit to me as she bounced up and down.

I pulled her off and laid her down missionary style. I remember her waist was so little. I spread her legs and plunged my cock into her, my face kissing and sucking on her tits. She moaned and as I increased my thrusting Jessica let out a scream, “I’m going to cummmmmm!” Her pussy clenched down on me while her whole body shuddered in orgasm. I nearly blew my cock in her. When she settled for a moment I pulled out and started stroking my cock, mounting her over her stomach. She panted, “Give me that…” and stroked me with her left hand.

I tried to pull away as I tensed, but she persisted. “I want your cum baby, cum for me.” I felt the pressure build as I leaned over her chest, my head aimed squarely at her face. I put one hand on my headboard and one on her hair as cum burst out of my cock. One long rope one her face, then another. My hips bucked. Another on her lips, dripping down her chin. I leaned back. Three smaller shots on her tits as I moaned and my legs went weak. A tiny bit more dripped out of my head and landed on her neck.

She panted and smiled. “Fuckkk yeahhh baby!” She removed her hand from my cock and licked her fingers. Then she wiped her face, chin and tits with her hand and licked it clean. “Mmm you taste good.” I collapsed next to her, expecting a moment of glow, but she popped up, “I gotta get home sugar, but we’ll do this again soon, ok?” She put on her skirt, stuffed her lingerie in her purse and threw her top back on. She blew me a kiss on the way out the door.

I felt cheap & used. I felt like a dirty old man.

I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32