Julia and Rob Ch. 01

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About two years ago, I started dating the woman I was sure I was going to marry. I had just lost a good amount of weight (though I gained some of that back in muscle), and I felt pretty smug when this 5 foot 9, slim dental hygienist with hair so blonde it was almost white swiped right on me on Tinder. Casey and I got serious and moved in together. I loved walking anywhere with her on my arm. She had barely tried to hide that she was asking her friends advice on engagement rings and wedding venues-why should she hide it from me, anyway? I was going to ask her.

The only problem was that she was, as I mentioned, very slim. Don’t get me wrong; she had a beautiful body and had actually racked up the instagram followers to prove that other men knew it just as well as I did. Maybe the fact that I didn’t care more about all of the men salivating over her bikini posts and pictures of her in tight dresses (usually pictures taken by me) should have tipped me off to the fact that we weren’t a match.

I didn’t want to admit to myself that I needed more curves. I needed a juicier ass, and juicier tits—really juicy tits, actually. I went crazy thinking about the woman who was one day going to feed me her milk.

Casey didn’t know about my interest, but she didn’t want to be that woman no matter what. She’d talked openly about how much she wanted to adopt to preserve her body and, allegedly, to help children in need. I say allegedly because she wasn’t the most giving, caring, or empathetic person I’ve ever met. She hadn’t even noticed that I was starting to get bored in bed.

Last summer, her cousin Julia came to stay with us. Her boyfriend had just broken up with her, even though they’d stayed together after college and she had no doubt thought it was serious, and from what I could tell, she planned to lie outside by the pool and read, taking breaks only to submerge herself in the water when she got too hot. I noticed that she read cheap paperbacks that she didn’t mind getting wet. I was spending a lot of time watching her to notice that, I realized consciously in one of the moments when I was studying her in the pool, and my cock twitched a little just admitting how much she turned me on.

Just as I felt that twitch, Julia burst out of the water, her long mane of brunette hair curling suggestively down the sides of her chest, and I felt a real surge of blood in my cock. Her bikini top wasn’t the smallest I’ve ever seen because it had to be enough to support her sizable breasts, but even so, they were overflowing from the cups. I could see water pooling in her beautiful cleavage before slowly trickling through as her breasts jiggled. She climbed slowly up the pool stairs, half focusing on walking and half focusing on readjusting the strings of her bikini bottom to make sure they sat smoothly at the top of her hips. As she stretched back out on her stomach on the long beach chair where she’d left her paperback, I sucked in a breath. Her teardrop ass, barely covered by the bikini bottom, rose cheekily and sexily in the air. I needed to get her a little string bikini top to match her almost-bare bottom. I wanted to see her in little triangles that barely covered the nipples I was sure were so sexy and suckable.

“Rob, lookin’ at the pool? I’m about to go out,” said Casey as she walked up behind me in the kitchen. She grabbed a LaCroix from the fridge and looked out the window. “Oh, God. Does my cousin really need to have her fat ass on display for the whole neighborhood to start judging?”

“There are some creeps around here,” I agreed.

“Here,” Casey took off the sarong she had over her own standard olive-green bikini bottom. “I’ll run up and get another for myself. Will you bring this out to Julia and tell her to cover up a little Antalya Escort bit? And maybe help her put some sunscreen on? I don’t think she understands just how sensitive our skin is. We have the same creamy skin, and she’s a little younger, she doesn’t get how important it is to maintain it.” Casey wiggled her ass at me. It wasn’t nothing, but if she had known I had just been looking out the window getting excited about her cousin’s “fat ass,” she probably wouldn’t have been as enthusiastic about wiggling hers for me.

As Casey darted up to our bedroom, I set off toward the pool.

“Hey, cuz-huz,” Julia called as I approached.

“What does that mean?” I laughed.

“Cousin’s husband!” she said playfully.

“Well. We’re not married yet,” I said.

“You could’ve fooled me based on how Casey talks about how obvious the engagement will be,” she said. “But I agree, I think she needs to appreciate you a little bit more before she pops the question.”

“What?” I said, startled.

Julia propped herself up on her arms. I felt saliva spring into my mouth just a tiny bit extra as her tits jiggled and settled into place, plump against each other as she looked at me intently. “Come on, Rob. I’ve been sleeping in the room right next to you guys for a week. I heard bedsprings once, for about five minutes, and I only heard one moan, right at the end of those five minutes. Is that enough appreciation for you?”

“Maybe we’ve been doing it in the shower to make sure you don’t hear,” I countered.

“I mean, I definitely do want to fuck in that shower. It’s massive,” Julia said mischievously. “But I just don’t think Casey is the type.”

“Good to know that you are,” I said before I could stop myself. “Uh, but—Casey asked me to ask you to put this on. She doesn’t want the neighbors to get offended.”

Julia grabbed the sarong and laughed. “Whaaatever. I’ll do what she wants, but I’m pretty sure no one is sorry to be seeing my ass. Besides HER skinny ass.”

Ignoring this, I said, “She also asked me to tell you to put some sunscreen on.”

This time it was Julia’s turn to wiggle her ass. Waves of her long dark brown hair nearly touched the very beginning of the swell of her ass. I suddenly had an urge to spank it hard enough to watch her sexy flesh meet the hair that almost kissed it.

“Well, put it on,” Julia insisted.

I heard a big huff as Casey reached the pool deck. “Julia, come on, put the sarong on.”

I lay back and closed my eyes.


We watched a movie that night. Julia curled up on a recliner with her cute tanning legs tucked under her body, and Casey and I sat on either end of the couch. At least she put her head on my lap toward the end of the movie, though then she fell asleep. Julia smirked a little as the movie ended and she went off to bed. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra under her oversized sweatshirt, and even the reminder of her beautiful tits made my dick swell. With Casey right there, I figured I could ask for something.

“Babe,” I said. “Babe.”

Casey coughed awake. “What? What’s wrong? Ugh, my neck hurts, I need to get into bed.”

“Well, with your head right there,” I said, trying to sound sly, “I figured you might be interested in…”

“Are you serious? Oh, god,” Casey said, bolting up. “I literally just said my neck hurt, Rob. You are so selfish sometimes.”

She stalked upstairs.

“That’s what I mean about not appreciating you,” Julia said. I guess she hadn’t gone upstairs after all.

“Sneaky, sneaky,” I said. My arms were still spread out along the back of the couch, and my legs were still splayed from my attempt to get my girlfriend interested in my now achingly hard cock. Julia pranced around Antalya Escort Bayan the couch and sat directly on my lap.

“I’ll appreciate you,” she said breathily into my ear.

I sighed. “I feel like I’m crossing a line.”

“Rob. I’m not going to tell anyone. Do you know how fucking horny I am? Max would barely fuck me before he finally broke up with me. It’s been a dry couple of months for me. I need this,” she said. “I mean, I’VE been wet. It’s not like I have a hard time getting wet.”

I could already tell. She was letting her ass move deeper into my lap as she put her arms around my neck and put both her legs on the couch. She spread her thighs and I could see dampness on her soft cotton shorts. She smelled erotic.

She kept her arms around me and began to softly nuzzle my neck. I moaned when she kissed the space right below my ear, very lightly, but with a tiny smack of her lips to make sure I heard it.

I moved my left hand under her sweatshirt, first enjoying the smooth but supple skin of her belly before running my thumb along the bottom of her heavy breast. Julia mewled in my ear. “I’m so sensitive,” she said. “I love my titties so much. I just want you to love them too.”

“Oh, fuck, Julia,” I murmured. “I do.”

“Say it,” she whispered.

“I love your titties,” I said as I put my whole hand over one, cupping it and feeling its weight. “And I’m going to love up on them as much as I possibly can so you’re sure.”

She moaned as I rubbed my thumb over her nipple. I could tell without seeing that she had slightly puffy areolas and I needed to tease the buds of her nipples out. God, I wanted to suck on them already. Julia said fretfully, “I was worried you wouldn’t love them. I was worried you just wanted skinny Casey. She’s always been so much thinner than me, and she’s blonde, and—”

“Julia,” I interrupted. “You’re a fucking hottie.”

She launched herself at me, kissing me sloppily on the mouth and climbing up to straddle me, rubbing her damp crotch on my hardness. “Love my titties, Rob,” she breathed. “Suck my titties, love them.”

I lifted her sweatshirt over her head and saw her chest in the moonlight streaming in through the back window. “Oh my god,” I said. She had creamy white skin and pretty pink nipples, just as I’d suspected, and they were hardening into little buds just for me. She put her hands in front of her, pressing her breasts together with her arms and staring at me through her eyelashes as she unbuttoned my shirt. I felt my cock grow even harder realizing just how much she wanted to impress me and turn me on. I put both of my hands around her and clapped her fantastic ass cheeks.

“Ooh,” Julia sighed. “Do you like my ass too?”

“I like your fat ass and your fat titties,” I said, and she ground her pussy into me and purred with a satisfied look on her face. “I didn’t realize you wanted me so much.”

“I thought you were sexy, but when I heard Casey turn down sucking your cock, I almost stomped my foot I was so mad. I realized that I just wanted to swallow you up and fill my throat with your sexy cock.”

I laughed. “You don’t know anything about my cock.”

“That’s not true,” she said. “You watched me by the pool, well, I watched you too.”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so turned on by our mutual horniness for each other. I moved my head toward her breasts and took a sweet nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, then kissing it audibly over and over for Julia to hear how much I was loving her titties. I sucked her other nipple and then kissed between them, getting sloppy, leaving wetness glistening on her unbelievably sexy chest.

“I was also worried you wouldn’t like them because Max Escort Antalya didn’t,” Julia said. “Part of the reason he dumped me was that I started giving milk.”

I felt a rush of ecstasy so bad I thought I was in danger of coming already. I took my head off her chest and kissed her on the mouth. “What? But you don’t-you don’t have any milk right now.”

“No,” she admitted. “I’m taking a pill for it. But I could probably start again pretty easily. I’m not sick or anything, it’s just something that happened because we were playing with them and sucking them so much.”


“I liked sucking on one of my breasts while Max sucked the other,” she said. “That was usually how I got off. And we would even talk about breastfeeding to get off sometimes. But when it actually happened, he was totally turned off.”

“That would never be me,” I said immediately. She kissed me passionately on the mouth. Her hips bucked on mine and I felt the squish of her breasts on my hard chest. My cock needed her. “Julia,” I said. “Please suck on me. Please suck on my cock.”

She cried out in my ear before scrambling off me. She helped take my shorts off and I spread my legs on the couch, sitting there naked apart from my open button-down. Moans continued to escape Julia’s wet, pink lips as she began to kiss my penis. She ran her tongue over my slit, making me shiver. “You have so much precum,” she whispered before she lapped at me again. “Mmmmm.” She took my cockhead into her mouth, sucking and getting me wet enough that her saliva dripped down the sides of my shaft. She ran her lips up and down my cock, spreading all of the wetness out while giving me pleasure, and when she returned to the top of my cock she easily swallowed the whole length into her throat.

“Put me between your titties,” I said, my own throat dry, revealing my thirst for her.

She wrapped her soft massive breasts around my throbbing cock, She’d gotten me so wet with drool that I slid easily between her tits, but as she gazed down lovingly at my cock, she drooled more. She looked up at me playfully. “I’m stupid for your cock,” she said, letting drool flow out from her mouth. I couldn’t help but gasp at how sexy she was. She bent her head down to take the top of my cock in her mouth again as most of it stayed swaddled in her tits. She gazed up at me like she needed my approval.

“You’re so sexy, babe,” I said.

“Please keep calling me babe,” she pleaded suddenly. “I want to be yours. I don’t want Casey to be yours. I want to be your babe and your big-titty girlfriend.”

Holy shit. I stood up from the couch with Julia kneeling before me. I grabbed her head to thrust my cock as deep into her throat as it could possibly go, hearing her gag on me and gargle her own saliva. I pulled out so she could breathe and I said, “Is that okay?”

“It feels so fucking good,” she breathed. “I need your cock. I need your cum.”

I pulled Julia back onto me and continued fucking her face. As I caught glimpses of her breasts bobbling in front of her and her ass popped out behind her, my balls tightened and I grunted, “I’m going to give it to you.” I barely had to hold her—Julia was pressing her own face into my crotch, moaning and sucking down all of my cum. I growled as I gave and gave.

Spent, I staggered back to the couch.

Julia sat next to me, a hesitant look crossing her cute face. “I’m sorry I made it too real.”

I shook my head. “No, I—it was only too real because as soon as you said it, I felt it too.”

“Can we keep it a secret for now? I don’t want to freak my family out.”

I smirked. “I mean, that works for me. She’s letting me stay in this condo she got with her dental hygiene money, so I don’t exactly want to get kicked out tomorrow.”

“Ah, that sweet, sweet dental hygiene money,” Julia laughed. “All right. Good night, Rob.” She gave me a lingering kiss on the lips and then flounced up the stairs while I relaxed back into the couch and watched her ass float away from me. Good things were to come.

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