Just a Business Lunch

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As she sat across from him in the office, attempting to focus on her laptop screen, she reflected on possibly one of the most uncomfortable business lunches she had ever had. She recalled noticing the two men who sat at the table parallel to hers, and the tone of their amiable conversation in comparison to her table’s terse one. She could almost feel their attention on the conversation between her and her boss, and imagined they noticed it also lacked the typical cordiality involved in business discussions, what with the frequent interruptions of, “This is a business lunch, stay on topic. We are to discuss business.”

She remembered him stopping mid sentence to inquire as to whether or not she was paying attention, and she knew she had an odd look on her face due to the bitter bite of salad in her mouth. How to look interested in conversation, business conversation, when the taste in your mouth is as distasteful as, well, the conversation?

“Are you paying attention? It’s important that you focus on what is being said, because if you were with a client, you would need to be aware…” he stated to her in his almost demeaning fashion.

“I’m sorry,” she said, whilst half covering her mouth as she attempted to diminish the awful taste that she must finish chewing. She took a sip of supposedly sweet tea, which was not actually that sweet considering this was a restaurant in the south.

“Yes, I heard everything you said, but I was distracted by this bitter taste in my salad. Most of it was ok up until this last bite, and it distracted me, hence my disappointed expression.”

She then began to repeat everything he had said to her, albeit a summary, but the general idea.

She really regretted ordering this salad. She was mistaken to think it would be easy to eat a salad and maintain conversation, and the occasional unpleasant flavor didn’t help. She wanted to look at her salad and analyze what could possibly create that foul flavor. However, she did not want to look intently at her salad, or else he would scold her again for lack of attention.

She would occasionally attempt average conversation, maybe a humorous anecdote, and would see a glimmer of a smile on his face, his eyes would relax…but then, no, it would just as quickly dissolve into business face. As if he were striving to not break character.

He would remind her, for perhaps the sixth time now, “This is a business lunch, we are to only discuss business. Any other time, I would be happy to hear your stories, but for now, let’s keep it professional; treat me as you would a prospective client. We are only to discuss business.”

Any other time that she was around him, she could be herself. She could ramble, use her sarcastic wit, voice opinions, and he would follow in kind and the conversation was enjoyable, something she truly looked forward to, but not this time. She honestly did not know where to start, and quite simply, felt flustered, and annoyed. They usually had a casual conversational flow, a repartee, and it was never dull, in her opinion. But this…if she had to hear, “This is a business lunch…” one more time! Well, she wouldn’t really say anything rude, or do anything physical. After all, she needed the job, and she could behave professionally and cordially. That would not stop her, however, from frequently mentally slapping the side of his head for every time he stated, “This is a business lunch, we only discuss business…”. Her employment could not be terminated for imaginary slapping. Besides, she didn’t truly want to inflict violence upon him. Occasionally, in their exchanges aside from this day, a seemingly real side of him would emerge; it was intriguing and she couldn’t help but feel that twinge of interest.

He was a curious character, always back and forth with his attitude, depending on whom he was surrounded by. “Catering to the demographic” is how she considered it. “Know your audience” was another good term. She could not really credit her marketing and customer service knowledge for that, as she had been reading people most of her life, analyzing to see what worked best based on body language, interests, and so on. She may be the stereotypical “baby in the family” in regards to learning how to effectively argue; her mother always said she should have been a lawyer! It did not mean her actions were insincere, she was merely aware of what should and should not be said depending on who she was around. Or so she thought. She had a tendency to say everything Antalya Escort that was on her mind, if she became too comfortable.

That was part of the conundrum in this instance, with this man; she felt comfortable with him from the first time they met in regards to conversation. Yes, they had different backgrounds, to her knowledge, and they were the same age. She doubted that he came from a family as dysfunctional as hers. It was highly unlikely that he carried a multitude of emotional baggage that clouded his judgement. He was a more factual and precise person, whereas she was emotional, analytical, and in the process of mending so many emotional boundaries. They both seemed to be “people pleasers”, although, she suspected it was for different reasons; his was most likely for profitable reasons, whereas hers was more in relation to an emotional defection.

She could not fathom that he would surround himself with people that he found intellectually deficient or lacking in humor, so she doubted that he would strive to please people he cared about by pretending or omitting too much of his true self. He probably associated with people that had similar interests and backgrounds. In that respect, she could not imagine that someone like him would actually show genuine interest in someone like her. This may sound a bit redundant to make such assumptions, but that was how she felt.

She was immensely relieved when the check arrived at their table, as she simply wanted to end this business lunch as quickly as possible. Oh please, let’s go back to normal conversation, she thought. She could always break that evil monotonous cycle of conversation and mention that one sex dream she had about him. That would change the atmosphere quickly! It was a surprisingly vivid dream. At the time, she awoke with a start, and for a full second, maybe two, she could still see him above her, rhythmically thrusting, as she moved her hips with his, grinding against him, bringing him deeper. As she awoke, she could still feel herself throbbing as if he were still there, and she felt quite wet. It was just a dream, but oh goodness, for a second she almost said his name aloud because it seemed so real. Yes, that would definitely switch the track of the conversation, but not for the better, as this was a professional situation.

Her mind snapped back to the current moment, in his office, in a chair, across from his desk. He had spoken to her and tore her from her thoughts. She really should say something now. She remembered that he had suggested something earlier in the day, a tactic that involved getting someone to tell her something without her asking a direct question. Such as: learn how many children they have without actually asking them how many children they have. Swell. She was an “open book” to so many; how to apply this tactic to normal people who do not offer information so easily?

She saw him looking at his computer screen as well. She could always give this tactic a try with him. He seemed more at ease in his office; no more of this, “Only business conversation…”, so this could be a good time to make an attempt!

She was able to get him to discuss his parents, but she suspected she was still too direct, and may have not followed the suggested instructions. However, he did not seem to mind, as he was smiling.

The tone of his voice had changed. What was he looking at on his computer screen? Or was that smile and tone of voice meant for her? His smile had become…sly…mischievous…seductive? His voice had taken on the same quality as he responded to her. Granted, she did look at her laptop screen occasionally during the discussion, so perhaps she did not see if he glanced at her, at all, in order to determine his facial expressions towards her.

She did mention, after getting him to discuss family & life, “See? I can get people to talk about various things as well, without asking directly.” Well, kind of. She tried, after all.

He said, his voice a deep, dark, timbre of…something indiscernible, but enticing, “Yes, I do see…”.

Oh, this is so unfair, she thought. Focus on your screen, just focus on your screen, not his smile or voice. Think of numbers, please. Numbers…numbers…and who looks at a computer screen that happily about business? She supposed she made a similar face when looking at cheesecake, or caramel…or both. He cannot possibly be looking at business matters. And if that look is meant for her, Antalya Escort Bayan well, that’s even more interesting.

Numbers…numbers…focus on the numbers on your screen, she thought.

She forgot about the numbers, and walked over to his side of the desk. She decided to sit comfortably on his desk, in front of him, and crossed her legs, which were loosely covered in a, slightly above the knee, black dress. He gazed up at her, then down to the general direction of her…necklace, which was amply displayed thanks to her neckline, which dipped enough to make her…necklace quite noticeable. Ok, her cleavage; the neckline hinted at her cleavage, just enough to keep it a mystery, and enough to show that one wanted to see more.

She knew she would need to make the first move; she just needed to make that one step past her racing heartbeat, and let instinct do the rest…well, her baser instincts.

She leaned in, her hand caressed the nape of his neck, as she placed her lips on the side of his neck, breathing him in as her lips moved against his skin, her tongue touching and tasting. She heard him breathe in and out, his breaths becoming stronger and deeper. She knew he was surprised, but he definitely did not seem to mind, yet. Her mouth moved to his earlobe, and as she licked and nibbled slightly, she felt his hands on her thighs. His hands moved to her hips as he pulled her into his lap, and she was astride him. In that position, she could feel that he was, quite perfectly, ok with this situation. She felt his hardness against her, and could not help but move against it, pressing it against her need. They looked in each other’s eyes for just a moment, and as her lips parted to possibly speak and fill the brief silence with her nervousness, she saw the expression in his eyes, and what she saw there flooded her mind with a few sensuous ideas that made her bite her bottom lip as a response…and then his lips were on hers. His hands were in her hair, as he pulled her closer, he deepened the kiss, soft warm lips, caressing hers, tongues mingling and tasting. As she felt his kiss, and he gently, but passionately, tugged her hair at the nape of her neck, she move her hips against him, wanting more…she let out a soft moan against his mouth. She realized she sounded increasingly eager, but it just felt so good, she didn’t care.

It seemed that soft moan was all the encouragement he needed to place her back on the desk; he slipped the top of the dress down to expose her breasts, while kissing her neck. His mouth moved lower, kissing around her necklace, deliberately teasing her as he made his way down where she yearned him to go. Her nipples felt erect and strained against her bra, wanting him to touch. He moved her bra aside, and his mouth was on one nipple while his hand caressed the other breast. She felt the warmth of his mouth, almost hot, as he covered her nipple with his lips, swirling his tongue, suckling that increasingly sensitive spot, as she moaned more.

He moved his mouth to the other breast, and began the same activity, suckling and teasing, making her writhe on the desk with need, as he rubbed the other breast that he had been kissing only moments before. His free hand had been on her bottom, holding her steady and rubbing her at the same time. This hand moved to between her legs, underneath her dress. He sucked a little harder on her nipple as his fingers began to stroke her over her undergarments. He could feel the dampness that had already begun, and knew that she was ready, but he was enjoying playing.

She instinctively arched her back slightly, bringing her hips closer to his stroking hand, and angling her breast more into his mouth. The licking warmth on her breast, and the building eruption at her inner thighs, as she felt herself swelling with need, and throbbing against his hand, she was not sure how much more could continue without her volume increasing.

He had now removed her undergarment; she was hazily aware of this before his fingers began rubbing her quite exposed clit. Oh dear! He rubbed slowly, but firmly at first, gradually increasing the pressure and speed, then decreasing the pressure to just enough…rubbing through the wetness…she was so slippery, and warm, and moaning more…how much more could she take?

Up and down with his fingers, rubbing the swollen wetness of her clit, she throbbed beneath him, wanting to pull him into her, but she was currently the only one exposed. Escort Antalya

Oh, she had to regain a modicum of control somewhere. It was difficult, but she managed to whisper against him the one thing she was certain he would agree to stop for, “I want you, in my mouth…now.” He slowly pulled away, which was her moment to go towards him.

She kissed him deeply, moving her lips against his, lightly nibbled his lower lip, then kissed him a little more, before moving her lips down his neck once again.

She then went to her goal, and unfastened his pants. She released his hardness from its dark slacked confines, and had to wrap her hand around it..so hard, smooth, and throbbing…and already a little wet on the tip. He was most assuredly quite aroused.

While he sat in his chair, she eased her way down, and for a moment, squeezed his erection in between her breasts, moving it up and down in between their warmth, his slight wetness helping it to slide easily in between. The rubbing of it there, was so hot, hard, and it made her throb as she continued. Her need was growing, but she was so tempted to make him moan, too.

After that little bit of play, she finally went lower, stroking and squeezing his very tempting erection, she wrapped her mouth around him. She began licking and sucking the tip, while rubbing the base of the shaft, swirling her tongue around the head, sucking on it, teasing, wrapping her full lips around the head as she licked. She gradually eased her mouth down further, her mouth covering him, drawing him in deeper as she moved her tongue against it, increasing the pressure, and level of suction. She heard him moan, as his hands became entangled in her hair. Oh, she really wanted to ride him right now, but this was too much fun, getting this reaction out of him. She moved up and down a little faster now, sliding it in and out, going as far down as she could go, moving her tongue frequently as she did so; that way he could feel the moving of the tongue combined with the suction, almost enough to drive him over the edge.

As she moved faster, sliding far down, then to the top, and so on, she felt him getting harder in her mouth, throbbing, his breathing becoming deeper. His warmth felt so good in her mouth, so sensual, and his hands in her hair, and his moans, she wanted to continue until he filled her with his need. She could feel how close he was getting, so she lessened the pressure, stopped using her tongue for a moment, and only used her lips. He was still inside her mouth, but she used her lips only, sliding him in and out of her mouth, rubbing him with her wet lips, slowly up and down. She felt him straining against her, eager for more than just being inside her and caressed by only lips. She knew he wanted to be sucked, to have her tongue on him again.

But oh, he was throbbing so deliciously now in anticipation. That need would get him there once she decided to resume her normal tongue lavishing. As his hips moved against her mouth, seeking more, she finally gave in, pulled him in as deeply as she could, tongue vigorously moving, stroking and sucking his hard cock, moving up and down faster now. He was overwhelmed with lips, tongue, sucking, up and down, in and out…so wet…so hard. She even moaned against his hardness as she felt him getting closer, so close now. She could not stop her tongue from licking so much as she sucked, wanting all of his need, wanting him. She squeezed him with her mouth, increasing the speed of her tongue, pulling deeper, licking the shaft, sucking hard as he was wrapped in her warm mouth…she felt his body tense as moaned and came…and she felt quite satisfied, but wanting more later.

She abruptly was back in reality, not wearing a dress, but wearing her blue blouse and a gold necklace. He was still at his desk, she was still in her chair. He had asked her a question. Oh no, what was it? She said, “Well, I think I’m going to take my laptop to my office, and research these prospects you suggested.”

He said, “Ok, let me know if you need any help with that…”

“Mm-hm, yes, will do, ok…thanks” and she walked out of the office, down the hall, in the direction of her office.

As she entered her office, she leaned against the wall, and closed her eyes for just a moment.

His mouth was on hers as he pressed her against the wall, his hands going up her dress, hips pressed against hers, she felt his erection, and strained against it, wanting him inside soon..

She opened her eyes. Again, she was not wearing a dress, she was wearing black slacks and a blue blouse. “Oh geez!” she whispered. Get it together, she thought.. .numbers…numbers…think of numbers..69? Very funny. No, think of actual numbers…

To be continued…or The End?

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