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This story is copyrighted to RenzaJones so don’t reproduce it. If you’re under 18 or prohibited in some way don’t read this.

The rest of you enjoy…

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Kylie watched Karen with a faint smile on her lips. She had never been with a woman and she wondered if sex was always like this or if the woman beneath her was the reason she still felt tingles and aftershocks making their way through her pulsing sex. Without even thinking Kylie ran her hands over Karen’s breasts, loving the silky feel of her brown skin.

Karen gasped audibly as Kylie ran her hands over the sensitive skin of her breasts. She was as aroused as she could ever remember being and just the light stroking of the woman’s fingers made her tremble.

Kylie’s actions became more deliberate as she dipped her head, taking one nipple into her mouth and sucking it gently. Having never been with a woman before Kylie met each new sensation and task with the enthusiasm of a novice.

She wasn’t sure what to do so she experimented, pulling Karen’s nipple between her teeth lightly and flicking her tongue rapidly over the puckered skin. Next she tried lightly nibbling the nipple before rolling it gently between her teeth. She alternated breasts testing out new methods and keeping her hand busy so that both breasts were stimulated at once.

Karen felt as though she was being tortured, the sensations were intensely pleasurable but she wanted penetration. She desperately needed to come, the tension had been building since she’d first laid eyes on this woman and now her body was screaming and demanding release.

Kylie was enraptured, she loved Karen’s responsiveness. From the way she arched her back to the way one of her hands gripped Kylie to her while the other tore and grasped at the sheets.

She felt Karen clasp her free hand and guide it between her thighs. Kylie hesitated for a moment before tentivly touching the slick wetness. She ran her fingers up and down the other woman’s slit fascinated with the familiar feeling of her cunt.

Kylie’s finger had traced the same path over her own cunt countless times, and although the shape and dynamics were the same she still felt a thrill at the newness of touching another woman so intimately.

Her finger’s found Karen’s clit and she rubbed the pearl of flesh lightly with the tips of her fingers. Pulling away from Karen’s breast Kylie looked into her eyes for a moment.

Karen had her eyes wide open and her lips slightly parted as she ground her sex into her lover’s hand. Kylie was looking at her now and just before pulling her into a kiss she made one demand.

“Fuck me.”

Following her direction Kylie slipped first two, then three of her fingers into Karen’s pussy and began to thrust in and out.

Her first few thrusts were awkward but she eventually established a rhythm, by simply following the upward motion of Karen’s hips. The feel of the woman’s sex around her fingers made her fully appreciate why some men went to such lengths for a quick fuck.

The velvety, wet feel of Karen’s cunt gripping her probing fingers made Kylie tingle as fresh stabs of excitement flitted through her stomach. She angled her hand a bit causing her palm to rub Karen’s clit with each inward thrust.

Karen was moaning, and panting half sentences through her parted lips. She could feel herself drawing closer to the edge as Kylie’s hand press into her clit and those wonderfully long fingers filled her cunt. Karen grasped the woman’s shoulders as her orgasm tore through her. It had been a long time since she’d had such an intense orgasm.

She felt as though someone had taken her picture using an old-fashioned flash bulb. Spots danced before her eyes and if she hadn’t been laying down chances are that she would have collapsed. The pleasure of climax made her knees weak and her stomach feel as if the bottom had dropped out. As she was relaxing back into the bed she saw Kylie’s face hovering above hers. Her face was worried and Karen heard her asking if she was okay. She wondered if this was the first time she had asked or if it was the first time she had actually heard the question.

Karen smiled and nodded her head. “I’m very okay.” Her reply was a little breathless as she wrapped her legs around Kylie’s waist and wound her arms around her neck pulling her down for a kiss.

Kylie relaxed fully against Karen’s body loving the feel of their breasts pressed together and their cunts rubbing intimately against one another.

When Karen broke the kiss she held her position for a few moments until Kylie pulled away slightly. Reluctantly she loosened her legs and arms.

Kylie pulled back and rested on her knees. She just looked at the woman stretched out on the bed before her. She had of course seen naked woman before, but she had never had the opportunity or inclination to explore the beauty of the female body with her eyes.

She did so now, worshiping Karen’s exquisite body casino şirketleri with her eyes. She marveled at the beauty she was just now discovering in the simple curve of the hip or breast. She adored the subtle dip in the abdomen, Karen was in shape but not overly muscular, her stomach was flat but she still had a marked air of femininity about it.

Kylie leaned forward and pressed her lips to Karen’s belly button, dipping her tongue into the shallow indentation. Then without thought she kissed the space just below the navel. Her lips burned a path down to Karen’s pussy. Without any hesitation at all, she pressed her lips to the wet skin and tasted her.

Karen gasped as she felt Kylie’s lips and tongue exploring her sex. Her hands automatically intertwined themselves in the other woman’s brown hair and pulled her head closer.

Kylie smiled as she willingly pressed closer to Karen and spread her with her tongue. She had found that she immediately loved her musky salty sweet taste. She pushed two fingers into her lover’s pussy as her tongue flipped rapidly over the woman’s clit.

It only took a few moments for Karen to climax, and as she did she wrapped her long nylon clad legs around Kylie trapping her between her thighs.

Kylie could feel Karen trembling from the inside out, and she would have happily suffocated between her thighs, and she very nearly did. Karen’s legs trapped her in the hot musky place where her legs met. When she was spent her muscles relaxed and Kylie pulled her hand from Karen’s body and sat back on her knees. Licking her fingers clean she watched the woman in front of her wondering what she was thinking.

Karen was exhausted, she watched Kylie liking her slim fingers and felt a sense of pride and pleasure. She had thought it would be a bit harder to turn the socialite out but despite her initial hesitation she had willingly succumbed to seduction.

For a split second Karen wondered who had seduced whom. After all Kylie had, had her with a wink and a smile. The thought made Karen grin as she lay there. Kylie was still watching her intently and Karen reached and grabbed her hand pulling her down to lie on the bed beside her.

Lying side by side the woman fell asleep.

When she awoke less than an hour later Kylie was slightly panicked. What had she done?

She looked at the woman lying beside her and was startled to see Karen looking down at her with her head rested on her hand. Kylie wanted to leap from the bed and run as fast as she could but the woman’s leg was thrown across her hips trapping her on the bed.

Karen had only slept for a few brief moments before beginning her observation of Kylie. She Knew that she should have been more careful and eased the woman into sex, but she hadn’t been able to control her lust. That fact alone unsettled her, she was a very passionate woman but she prided herself in having her emotions and actions in check.

She had known Kylie less than two hours and she had lost control of both.

From the, moment Kylie had opened her brown eyes Karen knew she was going to run. She had seen the panic and remorse written all over her face. Shifting her position she moved her leg to allow for Kylie’s departure.

She had no right to be angry she’d known this would happen but still she was upset. As Kylie rose from the bed Karen couldn’t help being vindictive.

“Run run as fast as you can” she said before turning her back to the confused panic stricken woman.

Kylie was torn she wanted to leave but she hadn’t meant to hurt Karen. She thought for a moment how she would feel if the situation were reversed. She couldn’t leave, like this. Sitting down on the bed she reached over to touch Karen’s shoulder.

“Karen…I” Kylie couldn’t think of what to say. Somehow I’m sorry didn’t seem right. She wasn’t sorry that she had enjoyed an afternoon in Karen’s company she certainly wasn’t sorry to have shared her bed.

Karen spared her by turning to her and in a softer tone she said “just go. Call me later.”

With that she rose from the bed and wrote her phone number on a slip of paper.

Despite the fact that just a few moments she had been ready to depart Karen’s dismissal hurt. Kylie took the paper and stood there uncertainly. To her surprise Karen embraced her wrapping her in a strong hug. She relaxed against her and returned the embrace.

Stepping back Karen kissed her quickly on the lips. “Call me when you’re ready to talk.”

Kylie nodded and began retrieving her clothes from around the house.

When Kylie was gone Karen closed the door and took a shower. Inside her bedroom she changed the sheets smiling at the memories of the afternoon. She really liked Kylie and she hoped that she would hear from her again.

Karen had learned long ago not to live a life of regret and she wouldn’t dwell on it if Kylie had just been a fling. That was what she told herself as she ate dinner. She was still reassuring herself as she settled into bed casino firmaları for the night. It’s not like she had feelings for the woman right?

Kylie was surprised to find herself pulling into long gated driveway of her home. She had driven home on reflexes alone. Her mind had been elsewhere. She had no remorse over her infidelity, she knew David had been unfaithful many times over, a fact that he barely bothered to hide.

She had seen lipstick on his collar smelled perfume on his clothes and found phone numbers in his pockets. In the beginning she had called those numbers and heard the hopeful hellos of expectant woman. She had always hung up afraid to say anything.

When she had talked to her mother she was surprised that her mother simply said that all men cheated, that they had needs. It had been ion the tip of her tongue to say woman had needs too but that wasn’t a conversation she wanted to have with her mother. Eventually she had pretended not to notice, and after a while it didn’t bother her at all.

Now Kylie found that her worries were about herself. Although she hadn’t been to church in many years she felt guilty for having slept with another woman. Granted the sex had been amazing, and she had felt more passion and feeling from a virtual stranger than in the last ten years of her marriage to David. However Kylie had always considered herself a good Christian girl and breaking from that was going to be near impossible.

In addition to her new found spiritual tumult there was a thought that was refusing to be banished, was she a lesbian? Was her attraction to Karen some sort of glitch?

Inside of her home Kylie immediately took a shower.

The scent of Karen was all over her, and she felt unclean. She didn’t like this feeling nor did she relish in the new dimension of self-doubt her afternoon had opened up. She vowed not to call Karen but she didn’t throw her phone number away. It took exactly four days to break that vow.

Karen was in her studio painting; she had been in an artistic frenzy ever since She’d slept with Kylie. Although the woman was never far from her thoughts Karen was able to escape through her work. She hadn’t been surprised when Kylie didn’t call, she had been sad but not surprised. As she had all her life, Karen used the solitude of her art to escape.

She was back to her old controlled self when the phone rang. She had just left her attic studio and come down for lunch. Or was it breakfast? Since she had painted all night pausing every now and then to nap and then painted well into the afternoon. She reached for the cordless phone cradling it with her cheek and shoulder as she continued toward the kitchen.


Kylie almost dropped the phone hearing Karen’s low-pitched voice on the line. She had hesitated, reluctant to call. It had taken her five tries to dial the number and not hang up

on the first ring.


Karen was becoming a little annoyed. She hated when people called and took their time about saying anything. She was on the verge of hanging up when she heard Kylie’s voice.

“Hello Karen this is Kylie sorry it took me so long to call I was just wondering if you’d meet me for lunch” Karen smiled as the words tumbled from the woman with no audible punctuation, and in a breathless rush. She wondered how long it had taken for Kylie to drum up the courage to call.

Leaving the kitchen she went to the phone base and checked the caller id, she had called five times. There was no phone in the studio, but from the closeness of the calls Karen knew she had called and hung up probably on the first ring. All the calls had been made in the space of three minutes.

Karen had a few misgivings about meeting the woman for lunch but she couldn’t resist the desire to simply be in her presence.

“Where do you want to meet?”

“The Savoy.”

“Okay give me an hour and I’ll be there”

Hanging up Kylie allowed herself a moment of relief before getting dressed.

She wore a casual light blue dress, with a flared skirt and buttons all along the front. She chose to leave her legs bare and wore matching blue heels. The shoes were sexy in their simplicity, and the heel made her calves look especially good. She applied her makeup and brushed her hair into a loose ponytail.

Looking in the mirror she knew she had dressed for a date, but she liked the way she looked and didn’t give it a second thought. Walking to the dresser she sprayed herself with her favorite scent before slipping her wedding and engagement rings from her fingers and placing them in her jewelry box.

Walking from the house she tried not to tremble at the thought of Karen. She almost managed it.

Karen walked into the restaurant seeing Kylie almost immediately. She took the remaining seat at the table for two and smiled.

“How have you been?”

Kylie looked into her hazel eyes, her heart was pounding and she put her hand on her stomach, unconsciously trying güvenilir casino to steady the waves of sexual desire that rolled through her.

Her voice was barely a whisper as she answered.


Karen took her hand that rested on the tabletop and said,

“Talk to me.”

It hadn’t escaped her notice that Kylie’s hand was no conspicuously unadorned, nor had she failed to see that despite her makeup Kylie looked tired. As she looked into her brown eyes, she saw unshed tears and squeezed her had a little tighter.

Kylie blinked rapidly to hide the tears in her eyes. What was wrong with her? For a few moments she didn’t speak, because she didn’t trust her voice. She was about to try and voice some of her feelings when the waited came over with menus. Before he left Karen ordered coffee and Kylie opted for tea.

When he was gone Karen brushed the menus aside held Kylie’s gaze.

“Talk to me Kylie; you need to talk to someone.”

Kylie looked down and then back into the hazel eyes that hadn’t left her.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

“You’re Kylie. You chair the benefit for the arts foundation and probably countless other charities. You’re beautiful smart and sexy. You’re who you’ve always been”

Kylie was surprised to be described as beautiful, smart and sexy. She hadn’t expected that.

If her mind hadn’t been so full of other thoughts she would have been flattered.

“I’m not the same person I was Five days ago.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, that I’m different.”

“How so?”

“I don’t know, I can’t explain.”

Kylie blushed and Karen’s heart beat a little faster.

“Do you know you blush when you have sex?”

Kylie looked up startled. She had been blushing because she felt like a fool. Now she could feel herself blushing because just the mention of sex had her aroused.

Karen rubbed the back Kylie’s hand with her thumb and her smile widened.

Kylie licked her lips slowly and winked at Karen.

She took things a step further undoing the top two buttons on her dress with her free hand.

Just the simple act of flirting had them both wet. The sexual tension was palpable.

The waiter retuned asking for their order, and for the second time the women decided to forgo lunch and leave after paying for the untouched beverages. The waiter had given them a funny look as Kylie had thrown a few bills on the table and they departed without a word. Karen’s Stomach rumbled in protest but she had an appetite for some thing that wasn’t on the menu.

Kylie was in her car wondering how she had gotten herself into this. She had wanted to see Karen and talk to her but she had hoped they could at least get through a meal before rushing off to ravish one another. Truth be told she had almost fooled herself into thinking she could resist her attraction to Karen.

She had known that wasn’t true, she just happened to be an excellent pretender. Kylie had pulled off lying to everyone else for years that she almost believed the untruths herself This time was different she had known from the moment she had slipped her wedding ring off that she would end up in Karen’s bed.

Karen was in her car trying to rationalize the situation. She really hadn’t planned on sleeping with Kylie. After the last time she desperately wanted to be able to keep herself in check. Although they had only been together once Karen knew something about Kylie was different. She had never wanted someone so much, in fact her want almost bordered on need. It had been a long time since Karen had needed anyone. Kylie was as dangerous as a as a land mine yet she couldn’t stay away from her

Pulling into Karen‘s driveway. Kylie followed her into the house, the door was barely shut before they were all over each other. Hands undid buttons and touched flesh while lips parted to explore. Karen had her fingers in Kylie while her lips teased her nipples. Kylie’s dress was completely unbuttoned and her bra pushed up to expose her breasts.

She had been wearing underwear but Karen had literally torn them off and tossed them on the ground. Leaning against the door she moaned and thrust her hips forward as Karen fucked her.

Kylie’s hand found it’s way beneath Karen’s yellow skirt and she was surprised to find that she wore no underwear. She slipped her fingers easily into Karen and matched her stroke for stroke.

Within moments both women were spent. Karen leaned against Kylie breathing heavily. They removed their hands one from another and stood breathless. Karen clasped Kylie’s sex soaked had in her own, linking their fingers. Bringing their linked hands to her lips Karen began to taste their combined juices, Kylie followed suit letting her tongue run over her own hand as well as her lover’s. Their tongue touched sending a shock through Kylie.

She dipped her head a little and kissed Karen’s lips sucking gently on her tongue.

Breaking the kiss Karen led Kylie a short distance to the living room. Pushing her down on the butter soft leather of one of the many couches. Karen Straddled Kylie and kissed her.

Kylie was glad she was sitting because the way Karen was kissing her was making her dizzy.

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