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Karolina was a young, beautiful woman with a great relationship. She lived with her boyfriend, Will, and worked with him as well. They had met when Will was in law school and Karolina was in financial administration. Will convinced Karolina to join him in law school, and eventually, Karolina joined Will’s law firm, first as a secretary before working her way up. She was now Will’s main assistant, and looking to get a promotion soon.

Karolina couldn’t complain much about her relationship with Will. Will worshipped the floor she walked on, and always supported her in everything she did. Even though they lived and worked together, Will did his best to make every day exciting and romantic.

Karolina did have a few issues, but she kept them to herself. She was a few years younger than Will, and sometimes she secretly found Will a little boring. He didn’t like to go out and party, which Karolina loved. Also, in the bedroom, Will was always loving and tender… which sometimes got on Karolina’s nerves. Karolina loved getting dominated in bed, but Will loved her too much to do that kind of stuff.

One typical day in court, Will arrived with Karolina as his assistant. When the lawyer for the other side arrived, Will immediately recognized him and groaned. Karolina asked Will what was wrong, and Will explained that he had known him in law school as a classmate. As Karolina started law school two years after Will, she didn’t know the man, but couldn’t help but stare. He was fit and handsome, and clearly spent a lot of time in the gym.

Will went to shake the man’s hand with a big smile, but Karolina knew her boyfriend well enough to know the smile was fake. Karolina hung back and kept checking the man out, and she overheard his name was Ben.

The court date was a short one, just a quick meeting before the trial next month. Back at the office, Karolina was curious about Ben and asked Will about him. Will explained Ben was a smart guy, but both a player and cocky, and Will and Ben had not gotten along in law school. The trial was scheduled for the upcoming Monday, and Will was determined to beat Ben.

The Sunday before the trial, Karolina was bored out of her skull at home, and forced Will to take her out. After a ton of complaining, Will agreed to take her clubbing, as Karolina would not take no for an answer. They choose a Latin club that had opened last year.

At the club, Karolina was having fun taking shots and dancing with Will. Karolina had a great body and always dressed seductively when they went partying. Tonight, she wore a little black dress that barely covered her ass, paired with bright red lipstick and bright red heels. Underneath that, Karolina wore Will’s favorite black lingerie; Will did fuck her a little more rough when he was drunk, and she was hoping tonight she could get what she wanted. However, Will was being difficult and refusing to drink.

While doing her best to enjoy herself while Will was being a pain when she saw Ben from across the club. She couldn’t believe he was here as well! She nudged Will and pointed, and he rolled his eyes. “We need to go home,” Will said.

Karolina couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Go home? They had just gotten to the club an hour ago. To say she was pretty upset was putting it lightly. “Can’t we go to another club and keep partying? I want to have fun!”

Will explained to her that he was tired and needed to get his sleep for the trial tomorrow, and that the last thing he wanted to do was be stuck in the same club as Ben. Annoyed, Karolina told Will to go turn on the car and bring it to the front of the club while she had one last drink. Will left and Karolina went to the bar and was ordering a shot when she felt someone sit at the bar beside her. She turned around and saw it was Ben.

“Make the pretty lady’s shot a double shot and charge it to my card,” Ben told the bartender. Karolina gave him a flirty smile as she took her double shot, and Ben was quick to order her another one. Karolina asked Ben what a white guy was doing in a Spanish club. Ben laughed and explained he knew the owner of the club and was here often. Karolina stranded teens porno finished her second double shot, and Ben ordered her another one. Finally I’m having some fun, Karolina thought to herself.

“This music is pretty good,” Ben said. “Do you want to dance?”

Fuck it, Karolina thought. She worked hard every week and she needed to let loose. Besides, Will was outside starting the car. He wouldn’t know about it, and how harmless could dancing be?

Karolina grabbed Ben’s hand and led him to the dance floor. Reggaeton pumped through the speakers, and the loud music and alcohol had Karolina in a partying mood. She didn’t say no when Ben slipped behind her, despite knowing Will would be pissed if he knew she was grinding on any other guy, especially a guy he didn’t like.

That’s when she felt it.

Karolina’s clit throbbed as she felt Ben’s thick cock between her ass cheeks. It was huge. Ben put his hands on her hips and pulled her even closer, and Karolina could feel him start to get hard. It had to be at least 8 inches, Karolina thought to herself as she bit her lip. She knew Will was outside with the car; she had felt her phone vibrating since she started grinding on Ben, but had chosen to ignore it. She knew she should go outside and go home with Will, especially since Will needed to get his sleep. But it was getting harder to concentrate with Ben’s deliciously thick dick rubbing against her ass. The night was still young and she wanted to have fun.

Acting on impulse, Karolina pulled out her phone. She wasn’t thinking about the consequences. All that was on her mind was the baseball bat pressed up against her ass. Karolina had made up her mind. She sent a quick two-word text and put her phone away.

Will was bored and slightly worried in the car. He had called Karolina 3 times and texted her twice but had gotten no response. Finally, his phone buzzed with a text from Karolina… just two words.

“Go home.”

Back in the club, Karolina was having the time of her life teasing Ben by slowly and sensually grinding her ass up and down on his cock. Ben leaned in and whispered in her ear, “I live in a condo about five minutes away. Come join me for a drink.”

Karolina didn’t think twice. She grabbed Ben by the hand and led him outside the club. Her eyes quickly scanned for Will’s car, but it was nowhere to be found. Relieved, Karolina pulled Ben by the hand into the nearest taxi she saw and they got into the back seat. Ben gave the cab driver his address, while at the same time sliding his hand onto her thigh. Karolina could not wait. She pulled Ben close and they began making out, neither of them caring what the driver thought. Getting to Ben’s condo, they pulled away from each other just long enough to get out of the cab and into the elevator before Karolina was pulling Ben close again. The elevator door opened, and they half made-out/half stumbled to Ben’s door. Ben managed to open the door as Karolina bit on his lip, and they almost fell into the apartment on top of each other but managed to get inside and close the door.

Karolina knew what she wanted. The second the door was closed, she was pulling Ben’s belt off and undoing his pants. Pulling away from his kiss, Karolina looked Ben in the eyes and said in a seductive tone, “Drop your pants.”

Ben was more than happy to oblige, and slipped off his pants along with his boxers. Karolina gasped. She didn’t know if it was the alcohol going to her head or the sight of what Ben was packing, but Karolina suddenly felt light-headed. Wow, she thought. It was one of, if not the biggest, cock she had ever seen. The fact that Ben kept it completely shaved only made it look bigger. Thick, long and shaven, Karolina couldn’t help but think it looked handsome. Karolina was mesmerized by its size and how it pulsed like a wild animal. Before she knew it, she was on her knees in front of Ben. She took it in her hand and started stroking it slowly, speeding up a bit as she heard Ben’s breathing pick up.

Karolina made eye contact with Ben as she kissed the head of his cock. She kept eye contact she kissed her way down the shaft, and back up to student sex parties porno the head. Licking her lips, she took the head into her mouth, her bright red lipstick smudging as she gently sucked on it. Ben moaned, and the sound of it turned Karolina on even more. Testing herself, Karolina took a few more inches inside her mouth and held it there.

Karolina was ashamed as she thought she had never had this much fun giving a blowjob, not even to Will. Ben’s cock tasted as good as it looked. Karolina decided to go even deeper, making Ben moan. Karolina decided she wanted to blow his mind and tried to take it all in her mouth. Slightly past halfway, she started gagging. She tried it again, same result. Years of sucking Will off hadn’t prepared her for a cock this size. Settling for what she could do, Karolina paid attention to the head of his beautiful cock, kissing, sucking and licking it. “That feels so good,” Ben breathed heavily.

Karolina stood up and led Ben by the hand to the living room. Ben eagerly followed her, and once there seemed anxious to return the favor. Gently helping Karolina out of her dress so all she was wearing was her lingerie and red heels, Ben pushed Karolina onto the couch. In a flash he was kneeling in front of her, pulling off her panties. The second they were off, he buried his tongue deep inside Karolina. Karolina’s legs were shaking; Will was a fan of going down on her, but he certainly never did it with the skill Ben was showing. Sliding two fingers inside her while he expertly worked her clit with his tongue, Ben had Karolina in ecstasy. Putting his hands on her hips and lifting her slightly, Ben slid his tongue down until it was in her ass. Karolina moaned as Ben flicked his tongue in and around her asshole. Karolina couldn’t take it anymore. She needed that giant cock inside of her immediately. Karolina moaned out loud, “I haven’t been fucked like I deserve in years. Show me you can do what Will can’t.”

Karolina was surprised at herself. Did those words really just come out of my mouth? I’m a bad girl, she thought. She didn’t have too much time to be surprised though, as Ben was climbing on top of her while struggling to remove her bra. Fiddling with the latch, Ben lost his patience and ripped it off of her, immediately taking her hard nipples into his mouth. After enjoying sucking on Karolina’s amazing tits, Ben pushed her back on the couch and threw her legs over his shoulders. Karolina slid her hand between his legs and started to lead his thick, pulsing cock inside of her. Karolina felt like fireworks were going off in her head; Ben’s cock was pure bliss, stretching her out like she had never felt before. Its only in halfway and it feels so good, Karolina thought. Impatiently, Ben slammed the rest of his thick meat inside of her, and Karolina screamed with pleasure as Ben proceeded to go to work. No technique, no loving kisses like Will, no slow strokes. Just raw fucking.

Karolina loved it.

Ben’s cock felt amazing, going deeper than Will’s ever did, the thickness of the shaft filling Karolina to the limit. Ben kept slamming his meat into Karolina, roughly pounding her with that big cock, not giving her a second to catch her breath. Karolina could take it though; in fact, she loved it and wanted more. Wrapping her legs around his neck, Karolina moaned, “Harder, daddy!”

The sheer sexiness of Karolina calling him daddy spurred Ben on and, putting his hands on Karolina’s hips to stabilize himself, he really let loose. Karolina was in ecstasy; she loved Will, but Ben was really putting his bed skills to shame. Toes curled, legs wrapped around his neck, fingers digging into his ass, Karolina couldn’t help but scream as Ben kept burying his cock deep inside of her, hitting spots Will couldn’t even dream of hitting.

Karolina couldn’t believe it. Ben was barely breaking a sweat as he was working her. Feeling an orgasm building, Karolina moaned, “Don’t stop, daddy!”

Not only did Ben not stop… he went harder. Karolina’s body shuddered and her ass rose off the couch as she reached orgasm. Ben kept pounding throughout, and Karolina could do nothing but hold on to submissive cuckolds porno him as Ben made her cum faster than any man had before.

“Damn that was good, daddy,” Karolina purred. “Get on the couch. I want to go on top.”

Ben did as directed, and Karolina grabbed her phone. “Don’t laugh,” Karolina lectured, as she took a photo of him. She knew she’d be playing with herself looking at his abs all week. Ben did laugh a little, but stopped after a death stare from Karolina. “You’re going to pay for that,” Karolina said sternly.

“No, you are,” Ben laughed as he grabbed Karolina and bent her over the couch. Karolina was about to protest, as she really did want to go on top, but all words left her mouth as he slid his rock hard cock back inside her. Ben slapped her ass as he slowly shoved all those inches inside of her, pulling out before slowly sliding inside of her again. Karolina couldn’t take being teased. She really needed to get fucked. Luckily, she knew how to egg him on.

“Fuck me nice and rough… Daddy,” Karolina ordered.

Ben grabbed a handful of Karolina’s hair, pulled her head back, and rammed his cock into Karolina. Smacking her ass to get himself going, Ben decided he was going to give Karolina everything she could take. No rest between strokes, Ben just kept slamming his cock into her, pulling on her hair roughly and spanking her ass hard on both sides until the whole thing was bright red.

Karolina literally whimpered as she did her best to take it. She was getting worked over, no question about it. She couldn’t believe it; no one had pounded her like this for years. Pulling her head back by her hair, Ben asked, “How do you like it, you slut?”

Karolina fucking loved it, and she loved being talked down to even more. “I love it, daddy,” she managed to gasp out as she gripped the couch for dear life. Ben had stamina and he just kept pounding her deeper and deeper. Karolina could feel another orgasm building. How could it not be? Karolina bit the pillow as she came hard, squirting all over Ben’s cock.

Hours and hours. No sleep. Not even stopping long enough to move to the bedroom, just going at it all night on the couch. Karolina couldn’t get enough of Ben’s cock, and lost count of how many times she came. Finally, the sound of an alarm coming from Ben’s bedroom interrupted the passion. “Shit,” said Ben, as he pulled out of Carolina. “It’s 7 am. I have to be at court in 2 hours!”

Ben began to head to the shower, but Karolina pulled him back by the hand. “Wait,” she said. “You need to cum first.”

Ben smiled and asked where he could cum. “After a night like that, wherever the fuck you want,” Karolina said with a laugh.

Ben told her to get on her knees and started stroking his dick. Karolina usually didn’t like facials, but with that beautiful cock inches away from her face, she decided to reward Ben and let him do it. Ben started to stroke his dick faster and moaned, “I’m going to cum!”

Karolina shut her eyes and stuck her tongue out as Ben emptied his balls on her face. She was surprised at how much Ben came; her whole face was covered in a warm, thick layer of creamy cum. Not too bad, Karolina thought to herself. Ben quickly apologized for being in a rush and left her money to grab a cab home before he jumped in the shower, but was considerate enough to get Karolina a towel to clean all the cum on her face. Karolina got dressed and was ready to let herself out when she saw Ben’s briefcase and got an idea.

An hour later in court, Will was too worried to even focus. He had been texting Karolina since last night, but she hadn’t responded. He knew she was okay because she had opened all of his messages… but she was just choosing not to respond. At least Ben was late for court, which gave Will an extra few minutes to calm down. Finally, Ben burst into the court, apologizing to the judge for being late.

Game time, Will thought. It was time to focus and try to win this case. As Ben sat down and opened his briefcase, Will noticed Ben looked exhausted. Good, Will though. He needed every advantage to beat Ben while so worried about Karolina. Something fell out of Ben’s briefcase, and Will’s eyes popped out of his head when he saw what it was.

Panties. Black panties. Not just any panties either. Karolina’s panties. Will knew they were hers because he had bought them for her. Ben quickly picked them up before the judge saw and gave Will a cocky smile.

Now Will knew why Karolina wasn’t answering his texts last night.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32