Kathleen’s Lovers Ch. 06

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The following weekend I’m afraid I wasn’t a good girl either. I was careful to wash my dress without my Mum seeing it and told myself again I wouldn’t behave like that the next time I went out with the girls. What would people think of me if they found out what I had done? I knew the names girls who slept around got called — ‘slag’, tart’, ‘slapper’ …’whore’ even — and I dreaded the thought of people calling me things like that. What if word got back to my Mother what I had done? What would I ever say to her? She’d die of shame and so would I…

I went to my part-time job in the evening as usual and applied for interviews during the day but as the weekend approached, the phone calls began as the rest of the girls planed ahead. I told myself of course I would go out with them but that would be all — have a good time, have some laughs but definitely NO SEX!

My best friend Jenny had gone up to Scotland to see Fraser and so I was going out once again with Jill, Karen and another girl from the holiday, Lynn. They’d chosen a different venue this time but still had the same objective: Go out, get drunk and get laid. I had even bought myself another new outfit that week, a skimpy black satin party dress which I thought was quite tasteful compared to the mini-dress I’d worn the week before. I thought it made me look like Audrey Hepburn but, looking back, I just looked like a teenager in a woman’s dress.

Again I started off at Jill’s house as she lived close by to me. Up in her room she was taking nips from a bottle of vodka she’d sneaked out of her parents’ drinks cabinet and offered me some while she got dressed in front of me. She was only about five feet tall and, like me, had a big bust and curvy figure. It was great fun listening to her give a commentary on her clothing as she got ready, telling me that ‘this bra always works’ and ‘these knickers have seen some action!’, swigging from the bottle as she did and then passing it to me. We were both quite tipsy by the time Karen picked us up in her car an hour later. Once we were on the move, Jill took great delight in recalling the previous week’s events, which brought shrieks of laughter from the others. I glared at her to stop telling them every detail but there was nothing that wouldn’t embarrass her.

“The fucking cock on the guy I was with! What was it like Kath?” she exclaimed in Karen’s car as we drove. I just shook my head and blushed. “…it was like that!” she screamed and measured a distance between her hands to show the other girls the length of it.

“And you wanna have seen her in the back” she went on, nodding towards me.

“Ooh cum on me John, let me see it John, do it all over me John, all over my tummy” she moaned, impersonating me with a high-pitched ‘la-dee-dah’ voice (they all said I ‘talked posh’).

“Jill!” I squealed “bloody hell, I didn’t say that! Stop making it up!”

“Yes you did you bloody liar!” she replied laughing and then turned to the girls “She fucking did say that! She made him pull his cock out and wanked his spunk all over her. I fucking saw you do it you lying cow!”

“Well you don’t have to tell everyone you know!” I blurted back with a grin, knowing it was pointless lying about it. The car was rocking with laughter as I added.

“…and besides, his name was Jim!”

The place Karen had taken us to was a small town several miles away that had a very modest little nightclub in its centre. It was really lively inside though and I soon found myself being approached by guys and chatted up. Watching the other girls in action, I was beginning to see that being bought a drink or being paid a compliment didn’t oblige me to do anything in return, and besides, I wasn’t going to repeat last weeks events even it seemed my friends were determined to do just that.

They flitted from guy to guy and I followed them, invariably being chatted up by one of their friends. I was effectively doing the same as them really, accepting drinks, having a quick conversation and maybe a dance before being pulled away and doing the same thing in another part of the club… all the while though getting more and more drunk. It was great fun and with someone like Karen around, the drinks we were being bought were always double measures and knocked back quickly.

Then she got talking to some guys she knew and, following her like little lambs, Jill, Lynn and I found ourselves being chatted up by them too.

Almost before I knew it, the music slowed down and one of the group of fellas made his move and got me up on the dance floor. As we danced he said his name was Bill. I’d have said he was aged around thirty and quite handsome with big arms and shoulders (by now I was already finding ‘my type’!). He said he didn’t live in the area any more and was staying in a nearby bed & breakfast while he finished off a job in the town and caught up with old friends. Not really taking in what he was saying, I looked up drunkenly into his eyes and I found myself kissing him as we circled slowly on Beylikdüzü escort the dance-floor.

‘What are you doing?’ said a little voice in my head as I opened my mouth to his. ‘You have literally just met him and you’re kissing him! Stop it! Get a grip of yourself! You said you weren’t going to do this. What’s the matter with you? Can’t you say no to a good looking man? You know you’ll feel bad about this afterwards. Do you want Jill telling everyone more stories about you? Do you want everyone to think you’re …a slut?’

“Do you want to come back? It’s only across the road” he whispered in my ear and, without even thinking I nodded my approval.

When the lights came on, we were already making our way out the exit. I hadn’t even said goodbye or told any of the girls where I was going. I could hear myself saying to stop and go back but the urge to be with this guy, to have a cock inside me again was almost irresistible – like an addiction.

Outside we hurried along the street, Bill pointing to the end of the road. As we passed an archway, Bill stopped.

“Sorry luv, I need to take a leak” he said and walked down into the darkness. I needed a wee too and whispered; “Hey, I have to go as well”

It was a covered archway beside a Pub, pitch black and with a cobbled floor, just to make it even harder to find your way along in the darkness. My eyes adjusted a little and I could just make out (but definitely hear!) Bill ‘relieving himself’ against the wall. I was bursting at this point and asked him to finish and leave. It was crude I know but I was unconcerned with being nice.

“Oh just go” he said dismissively. “I can’t even see you, never mind anyone else”

Rather awkwardly, I wiggled into the corner, looking around just in case a door opened or someone came around the corner. I quickly pulled up my dress, tugged my panties to the side and lowered my bottom. In the least lady-like way imaginable, I pee’d and prayed nobody would catch me. I heard Bill zip himself up but he didn’t leave.

“Hey, go away!” I snapped quietly but all I heard was him chuckle to himself and say “don’t worry luv, I’m not looking”

I finished and got up, adjusting myself ready to leave.

Bill had other ideas.

He placed his arms around my shoulders and began to kiss me again. Hmm, he was a good kisser. He stopped and whispered into my ear “Look, none of them can see us can they?” Looking down the archway to the street, people were going by from the emptying nightclub. He was right; we couldn’t be seen in the darkness.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” he said.

I knew what he meant and my heart began to beat faster. He wanted to fuck me here, in this archway, with people wandering by only a few yards away. The battle in my mind was already won by lust and now the sheer dirtiness of what he was suggesting, the most outrageous thing I’d ever heard, had me nodding in agreement.

We shuffled backwards a foot or two and I felt the cold brickwork of the wall against my back as he pressed himself against me. He hand moved up between us, squeezing my left breast through my dress and I ran my fingers through his hair. As we continued to kiss, his hands slid down to my thighs and I felt him begin to pull my dress up. This was what I wanted and let him know it.

“Oh yes” I breathed as I felt the cool night air against the tops of my legs. My panties were exposed and desperate to do the dirty deed, I dropped my hands to his waist and without any encouragement, started to undo his trousers.

“You really fucking want it; don’t you?” Bill said excitedly.

“Oh yeah” I breathed, my hands shaking with nerves “I really fucking want it!”

We scrambled to undress each other. Me fiddling with his buttons and zip and Bill grabbing my knickers and working him down my thighs. We moved apart for a moment as my knickers were pulled down to my knees and then dropped to the floor, allowing me to half-step out of them, leaving them around one ankle (very slutty I know!).

I was able now to open his trousers and slip my hand into his boxers. I felt inside and …hmm. I stopped for a moment as my hand covered a hard, but rather small, penis. My whole hand was able to grasp and cover it completely and I wondered if maybe I hadn’t got hold of all of it. I fished about, genuinely wondering if it was perhaps a bit twisted and there was more but, no… that was it! Thankfully it was so dark Bill couldn’t see the bewilderment on my face but he must have sensed a change in me. He pushed himself close to me, trapping my hand between us, and brought his own hands down my sides, sliding over my rucked-up dress and onto my exposed bottom. We kissed again and, gripping my bum, he lifted me right up against the wall. “Mmmm!” I moaned into his mouth, partially from the surprise of him being able to just pick me up so effortlessly, but also as the wall was rough and it was painful being rubbed up against it. Still kissing, I wrapped my arms around his neck, hoping I was doing Beylikdüzü escort the right thing. I felt his hands fumbling around my bottom and I tried to wiggle a little to help somehow. Then I felt his warm, hard cock press against the cheeks of my bottom. He moved me up slightly and I felt it move a little nearer to its ‘target’. He broke away from kissing for a moment and I waited, hanging onto his big, powerful shoulders while he held me up with one hand while he guided himself in with the other. It seemed faintly comical to be honest and, excited as I was to be down this alleyway with this big, handsome guy about to be fucked again, I was almost laughing at the awkwardness of it all too. Then I felt what I assumed were his fingers against the moist entrance to my vagina and I was suddenly dropped a touch and pressed hard up against the wall.

His hands gripped my bottom as I felt his cock inside me. I wasn’t imagining it but it was noticeably smaller than the others I’d so far experienced. I spread my legs wider, so wanting to feel the wonderful deep penetration I’d felt before but, despite his efforts — and he really was driving me upwards with every thrust — it felt more like being jabbed with his little finger! I closed my eyes as we kissed again. Bill felt so tense and muscular, really pinning me back, making my new dress snag and catch against its rough surface.

Even though his cock felt like it was only barely entering me, our bodies were so close, so much in contact that my clit was being rubbed with every stroke and I gasped at the sensation. Then, just as I was starting to enjoy it, he slipped out. More fumbling. Back in. A few more thrusts though and then he slipped out again. I sighed as, still holding me up; he took hold of his cock and guided it into my wet open pussy again. I could tell he was getting annoyed and tried to be calm him down. “It’s okay” I whispered into his ear as I felt him slip back into me “That’s it…”

He began to pump into me once more and I tried not to move in case he ‘popped out’ again. He really rammed himself into me, his body pressed hard against mine and, after a few minutes, the delicious first exciting tingles of an orgasm began to approach as he ground himself against me. My breathing began to quicken and I felt his fingers tightened against my bottom. We’d been kissing while he’d been fucking me and I felt him tense, even shake a little. Then he gave a little groan and I realised he was cumming, cumming inside me. His hips slammed me against the brickwork and, even though I had been denied my orgasm by seconds, I still enjoyed the sensation of this big, strong man having me in his arms while he pumped his spunk up into me.

Bill relaxed and lowered me to the ground. He was breathing hard there in the shadows as I pulled my knickers back up and wriggled and adjusted my dress back down. I suppose it’d all only taken a few minutes and I should have been frustrated with not only having not cum but also his weeny little cock but somehow in all the excitement, the newly discovered experience of that position and the downright dirtiness of what had just happened still left me smiling.

With a few tugs on my hem, just to make sure I was once more presentable, we slowly crept out onto the street with its bright lights illuminating it. I looked around and there, only twenty yards away, was Karen by her car!

I shouted over to her and she waved for me to come over. I turned around to Bill, still tucking his shirt in as he came out of the archway and said, “Sorry, it’s my mate, I’d better go”

“What?” He answered puzzled “Aren’t you gonna come ba…?” I pecked his cheek, apologised again and skipped over to Karen, calling back to Bill. “Sorry, she’s my lift home… bye!”

Karen was stood by her car, hands on hips, looking agitated.

“Have you seen Jill?” She asked. I shook my head and realised she hadn’t been waiting on me at all. “Well at least you’re here. God knows where she’s got to? Lynn’s over there getting some chips, want some?”

I looked over to Bill while Karen signalled to Lynn that I was here and to get another bag. He arms were out by his sides, hands upturned giving me that ‘what’s going on?’ gesture but I just shook my head and waved goodbye. He turned and walked away and I smiled to myself, with a mischievous feeling that I’d somehow got away with it. I didn’t feel guilty about Bill. It was only ever going to be a one-night-stand, just like Jim the week before. Bill had his fun and I’d had my fun too. Nobody else knew about it and now I was back to my friends without them thinking any worse of me.

The three of us drove back to our home town after a fruitless scout around for Jill, eating our chips and listening to Karen go on about her as if she was her Mother.

“She’s a stupid little cow that Jill. Who was she with? Did you see? Anything could be happening now to her, ANYTHING! I hope you two ain’t that stupid…” and she continued on like this until she dropped Lynn to her door… leaving Escort Beylikdüzü me alone in the car with Karen.

It was the first time we’d been alone, really alone, since that night on holiday. After that I’d at first avoided her and then after a while just made sure I was in other girls company when I was with her. Now I was in the front seat alongside her and suddenly felt very self-conscious. I looked ahead, feeling nervous and looking at the streets, hoping I’d recognise something familiar and know I’d be home soon.

“And as for you little Madam” she said, continuing in her agitated voice “where did you go off to then?”

“Oh, I …I was saying goodnight to that guy I was dancing with” I mumbled, struggling for something to say after thinking she’d forgotten about me.

“Who, that bloke you were snogging on the dance-floor? That’s Bill. I used to go to School with him you know.”

“Really?” I replied. I hadn’t realised Karen knew him or that he was so old — she was nearly forty! (a huge age difference for a teenage girl like me back then)

“Yeah — so why didn’t you tell one of us you were going off with him eh?” she snapped back “I knew who he was but you didn’t! He could have been anyone. You could be lying in a woods being raped or strangled now! You know that don’t you? Well?”

She was quite angry but what she said brought what I’d done again all home to me. How could I have been so stupid — again! I felt tears well up in my eyes as Karen’s words struck me and also the guilt that, once again, I’d behaved like a dirty, cheap slut. Tears ran down my face as I began to snivel.

“I’m sorry Karen… so… sorry”

I hid my face in my hands and wept and felt the car slow down and stop.

“Hey” said Karen, her voice now calm and full of concern “hey, come on Kathleen, its alright”

“No, no it’s not alright Karen… you’re right …I am stupid” I blubbed

“I… I don’t want to be like this… I want to be nice, you know… not some slut who, who…”

I couldn’t even finish what I was saying as I was crying so much. I felt Karen’s arms around me, giving me a protective cuddle and, without thinking about what had happened before, I buried my face into her shoulder, heaving great sobs while she putted my back and reassured me.

“Oh there, there.” she cooed, holding me like the overgrown schoolgirl that I really was “Nobody thinks you’re a slut. That’s a horrible word. Where do you get these ideas from eh? I know you’re a lovely girl Kathleen, we all do. You’re fun and popular. Why’d you think we all ring you now we’re back from holiday eh? It’s because we like you of course and we want you to come out with us.”

I was still snivelling as I felt her push me away from her chest. I hadn’t been aware of her breasts being pressed against me as she held me but now, inches from her face, she brought up her hand and wiped the tears from my cheeks.

“Look, you’re home now” she said, as I realised we were now parked across the road from my house.

“Oh thanks Karen” I sniffed and went to open the door. She put her hand on my leg.

“No wait” she said “don’t go in yet. Not looking like that. Your Mum will be worried and want to know what’s happened to you”

I nodded. She was right of course. My Mum would be worried sick if she saw me like this and would also stop me from going out with the girls again. Karen took a tissue out and wiped my face, talking as she did.

“So, what was Bill Storey like then? We all had the hots for him at school you know”

“Oh… he was nice” I stammered, not expecting her to ask me about him and took aback that she knew his full name and I, after having sex with him, didn’t.

“Oh come on” she said, her hand staying on my cheek “you’ve got to tell me more than that. Did he try it on with you? Did he? I bet he did!”

I smiled a little and Karen squealed

“Ha! I knew he would! I remember my mate Julia, she was a bit like you — nice big boobs, lovely figure — he fingered her in the changing rooms during lunchtime one day. Made her cum in her knickers – and that was when he was still at school! God, I was so jealous of her”

I became aware Karen’s hand was still on my bare leg as she spoke, squeezing it ever so gently as she spoke.

“Here” she asked “He didn’t do that to you did he?”

I felt myself blush and look downwards, still smiling a little.

“Oh my god Kathleen, he didn’t; did he? Where did you go for that to happen?” she laughed. It was strange. I’d been in tears about my behaviour only moments before but now Karen was making me feel good about it.

“We… we went down this alleyway and… it was all dark and no one could see us and …you know” I whispered.

“Oh god Kathleen. Did you? You didn’t did you!” she excitedly replied, her hand now moving ever so slightly from the top of my leg to the inside of my thigh.

Still looking down smiling, I gave a little nod.

“You lucky cow Kathleen!” she exclaimed “You and Bill Storey! You had Bill Storey’s hand down your knickers! Oh bloody hell; I used to fancy him so much at school. I used to fuck myself with my Mum deodorant every night when I was your age thinking about him. God, he was fucking gorgeous!”

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