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I lead you through the main floor of the club. We are going downstairs to a special event. This is my first time bringing a pet to this event and I am glad it is you. I want tonight to be very special and I think you will greatly enjoy what is in store for you.

We stop at the door and I choose the collar you will wear tonight. You balk a little as I choose the collar color that signals to everyone that they can touch you without asking my permission first. I give you a look that is both reassuring but is also a command. This is going to happen. You are nervous but it turns you on even more. Your little thing is hard and erect. I tease you by patting it and tug your chain to make you bend over so I can whisper in your ear that you are going to be a very good slut tonight. I tell you that you are going to be ridden hard and put up wet. I love watching you squirm and giggle.

I lead you through the main floor, weaving between as many people as I can. I can hear some of the other guests making comments and hear you yelp and giggle nervously as you are groped and touched. I am smiling, quite pleased at your experience. Several of the guests make comments of wanting to use you right now. I politely tell them that you will be downstairs at the special event. Some of them cheer at this, some of them pat your ass and tell you that they will be seeing you later. My favorite was when a good friend and fellow Domme tells you that she has a special strap-on that you will be introduced to later and you bite your lip and moan.

As much as I am enjoying this, we have an event to get to and I want to get you there. I’ve been to this event before and I am looking forward to watching you in it, using you myself as the thought of what is going to happen makes me wet, and the thought of you being used as you adore to be used makes me very pleased. We head downstairs and I knock on the red door that is adorned with a sign saying there is a special event tonight. A slot in the door opens and the voice on the other side asks if we have an invitation. I pull out my invitation, not that I need one…I am the cousin of the owner of the club, and we are ushered in. The man at the door sees your collar and gropes your push up bra I made you wear under your pretty pink shell. You groan like the greedy little slut you are lara kendi evi olan escort and I chuckle. So does the doorman. He tells you in a deep, gruff voice that you are going to be used like the dirty little whore you are. I think you might just sink to the floor as your knees go weak and you nearly stumble. I smile and tug on your chain to lead you into the room more.

I take you to the man who is working as the “stable master” for the night. I pat your ass and tell you to be my good little slut and do everything you are told to do and I will see you soon. You look at me and I see the fear in your eyes. I kiss you and whisper to you that it will be alright. You don’t know what is going to happen but your trust in me is absolute. If I tell you that it will be alright, you know it will be and that I will never do anything to hurt you or put you in a situation where you will be harmed and pushed beyond your limits. You meekly give me a “Yes, Mistress,” and I pass your chain over to the stable master.

Now the real fun begins. I join the other Dom/mes and we chat as we enjoy some drinks. We have the advantage of being able to watch as the stable master and other event workers put all the pets, subbies, and so on through their paces and get them set up for the scene tonight. I have asked that you be put into one of the special “rides” for the event.

Now let me set the scene. We are there for an event that is called an Amusement Park. What happens is that there are several “rides.” The pets and subbies are put into specially made equipment that makes them the main parts of the “rides.” Then the crowd upstairs is let in and it is run like an Amusement Park. There are tickets for the “rides” and the patrons are allowed to use their tickets to ride. There are several “rides” and I have put you onto one that is called the Ferris Wheel. You are strapped in on a modified marry-go-round. You can’t move very much and your facing out currently. Every other pet or subbie is set to alternate. You will be switched out later on. You will start off having your mouth used by anyone who comes up to be on the “ride.” Later on, your slutty little ass will be used and I think pounded hard by every strap-on and cock that comes.

I can’t wait.

While lara otele gelen escort there are other rides, I am watching yours. I want to watch you and I plan to be down later on to have some fun riding your ride. I watch as the doors open and the crowd start to file in. The crowd walks around and lines up for some of the “rides.” You look around as though you are looking for me. How you are secured makes it so you can see me when your “ride” isn’t spun away from where I am sitting.

When I can see you, I smile and nod. You look good covered in cum. I watch as you are approached by another Domme who has a pretty purple strap-on on. She comes up to you and I watch you suck on that strap-on like a good little slut. Your eyes look up to me as you do and I smile wide at you. I love watching you be my good little slut. The Domme is wearing a strap-on that has a reservoir to “cum” on you. She pulls out near the end of her “ride” and I see the “cum” shoot out all over your face. You greedily try to lick at the ropey strands near your lips. I am very pleased at the show you put on for all the Amusement Park patrons. My good little slut will be rewarded later on.

I am so wet as I watch you being used by several of the guests. I excuse myself from the group I am with and tell them I am going to go down and enjoy the Amusement Park. I slip on a nice strap-on that has a nice dildo that slides into me. Oh, it feels so good! The best part is that when I use it as a cock to the pets and subbies, it will thrust into me as well.

But my little slut will be first. I approach the line for the Ferris Wheel and I see that you have a nice line. I am ushered to the front though because I am your Mistress. I tell the “ride handler” that after me I want you to be swapped out so your little man pussy can be used and I am going to use it first.

You moan when you see me step up to “ride” you. You are covered in cum. I love seeing you like this. Your pink shell is covered in cum. It is in your wig. Your makeup is smeared. But you are just glowing like you are in heaven. I tap my strap-on against your lips and you greedily take it into your mouth. I caress your cheek and you moan at my touch. I tell you that you are being such a good little slut and how slutty you look lara rus escort all covered in cum. Your skirt is up so when you are spun around everyone can see how wet you are. Your panties are drenched from your own pre-cum. You know you aren’t allowed to cum yet and you’ve been so good to not cum. But I can see how badly you want to and I want to reward you. I tell the ride handler to turn you around. You are spun around on the ride’s apparatus. Now your slutty little ass is in the air and your face is forced low.

Your ass is covered by your little drenched panties. I pull them down and press my strap-on against your ass until it pushes in. You moan and push against me. I slide in further and begin to slowly stroke into you. Every time I thrust into you, the dildo in me pushes into me. It takes me little time to establish a rhythm. You are such a wanton little slut that it takes no time at all for you to be begging me to let you cum. I hear your muffled pleas of “Please may I cum, Mistress?” “Mistress, please may I cum?” I let it go for a little while until the dildo side inside my pussy has rubbed my clit so well and I am about to cum. I tell you that yes, you may cum and immediately I see your panties darken. You cum hard in them. The sight of you being such a wanton slut, begging to cum and then thanking me in an adorable stream and makes me cum.

Once I’ve had my pleasure, I pull out of you and see you are panting and quivering. I turn and see several of the Doms are stroking themselves watching us. I tell them that my little slut’s man pussy is all theirs now. Your line is nice and long. I love it! I know you are going to be used like the little slut you are and I know you will adore me for it.

After a couple more hours, they close the “park.” It is the end of the scene for the night. I walk over to pick you up from the stable handler and we head to the rooms. You are covered in so much cum and that is the cum you didn’t clean up. I tell you to get cleaned up and take a shower. While you are in there I decide to join you. I kiss you and help to wash you off. You are tired and I can tell that you have had a breakthrough. You are so happy but you are about to come down from it too. We get you all washed off and I tell you to put on your little red nightie. Once you have it on, I tell you to climb into bed with me and we cuddle. I kiss you and tell you how proud I am of you. Before we drift off, I tell you that you are going to be eating me out in the morning and then we will pick out your outfit for the next day. You sigh contentedly as you drift off to sleep. I smile as I drift off thinking how lucky I am to have such a good little slut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32