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It took me a long time to get up the nerve to actually call a man and offer myself for sex. It had been a long time fantasy of mine, and plugging myself with a dildo just wasn’t enough anymore. I wanted my first guy to be older and taller than I, experienced, a dedicated Top man, and hung as well as possible. The dildos I had played around with had gotten progressively larger, so I knew he had to be at least eight inches long and two inches thick, or I would probably be disappointed.

I bought a Swinger’s magazine at an adult bookstore. It had several telephone Personal services in the back for gays and bisexuals. I picked one at random, and started calling. There were several good ones close to home that met my criteria. I started out leaving just a message or two, until I got a response.

I was surprised at how many responses I actually got, including a few unsolicited ones to my own personal ad. One of these was a black man with a nine inch cock that sounded really nice, but he was too young. Another guy described how he wanted to fist me, and it sounded exciting, but I knew I wasn’t ready for that. Another black man said he had ten inches, but something in his voice scared me.

I finally settled on a 44 year old named Keith. He said he was divorced, lived in a condo, had an eight inch cock, stood 5′ 10″, and had graying hair. He lived only about 30 miles away, so I called him at home one evening. We chatted for about an hour, about what each of us expected from an encounter. He had a very soothing voice that sounded safe, so I asked him if we could meet. He gave me directions to his home, and we planned to get together that Friday at eight.

I was nervous all day, but I didn’t want to call him and cancel. I was sure that if I could just get myself to his house, undress, get into his bed, and have his cock offered to me, all my inhibitions would disappear.

I dressed in some of my best clothes for the occasion. I really didn’t think I would be in them long, but I wanted to look good for him. Underneath, I wore skimpy black underwear. I put a couple of condoms in my pocket just in case, and left for Keith’s.

I was just a few minutes late. I felt embarrassed now. Would he be upset with me? Would I be someone he would want to have sex with? Being a bottom, I really didn’t know what it was that turned on a Top man. When I looked at pictures of naked men, the most important thing to me was the size of his cock-everything else was secondary.

I parked where he had told me. I still hadn’t lost my nerve, so I walked straight to his door and rang the bell before I changed my mind. What would he look like?

When he answered the door, I was pleasantly surprised. He was an average looking man, but not bad looking at all. He smiled and invited me in. I stepped into his living room, where the lights were dimmed and a porn movie was playing on the VCR.

“To get into the mood,” he said.

He took my jacket, layed it over the back of a chair, then came and stood next to me, his hand on the small of my back.

“Do you want to watch the movie, or just go upstairs?” he asked.

“It doesn’t matter to me,” I said, still very nervous.

He went over to the television and turned it off. Oh, God, we were going to get right to it, I thought. He did give me a choice, I guess. There was no turning back now, as he led me to the stairs, motioning me to go first. As I started up, he put his hand on my ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. “We’re going to have a good time,” he said. I was to nervous to respond.

At the top of the stairs, he guided me to the left by again touching the small of my back. I don’t know if Beylikdüzü escort it was simply his way, or if he just knew how to put someone at ease, but he was actually calming my nervousness somewhat by his touches, and that low, soothing voice.

His bedroom was at the end of the hall, next to the bathroom. A single lamp was on low in the opposite corner, and the twin bed looked as if it had been freshly made up. I walked in ahead of him, and sat down on the side of it.

“I’m very nervous,” I said.

“That’s okay,” he said, smiling. “We’ll start with a massage to get you relaxed.”

He stepped close to me, and started rubbing my nipples through my shirt. I felt them hardening to his touch. I hadn’t known they would be so sensitive, but it was really turning me on. I couldn’t even look up at him, so I just stared down at what he was doing.

He played with them for awhile, and then reached down to pull my shirt over my head. As he dropped it on the floor, I took off my shoes and socks.

Once they was off, he said, “Lay down, and I’ll rub your back.”

I moved up onto his bed and put my head on a pillow, he sat down next to me, and began a wonderful massage. That was all it took for me, really. It felt so good that I very soon was completely relaxed. He noticed, too. After about 20 minutes, he told me to roll over.

When I did, I looked him in the eyes for the first time since we had come upstairs. He leaned over me again and started rubbing my chest and stomach. This man really knew what he was doing. He never said a word as he worked. Eventually he worked down to my pants, and casually unbuttoned them. He hooked his fingers inside the waistband, and when I raised my hips off the mattress, he pulled them down and off my legs, dropping them on the floor. Next went my black underwear.

Now, I was completely naked in front of this man that I had just met less than an hour ago, in his bed, and he was still completely clothed. I felt very vulnerable, but also very excited!

He kept on massaging me for awhile, silently, in the dimness of his bedroom. He worked himself between my legs as he rubbed my chest, pushing my legs apart. The cool air of his room hit my crotch, and suddenly I was feeling aroused. I hadn’t seen his cock yet, but I was beginning to see the outline of it through his pants. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but I didn’t want to be the aggressor. He was doing just fine, taking charge the way he did.

His hands moved from my chest, to my stomach, to my legs, and then across my penis. He stroked it just once or twice, and then quickly knelt between my legs, pulled them up over his shoulders, and stuck his tongue right up against my asshole.

I was surprised that he would want to do that to me, and once again I felt vulnerable, but he dove right in to me, licking all around my hole like he really enjoyed it. It didn’t take more than a few seconds until I discovered I liked it, too. He pushed my thighs up and back, opening me up to him, and ate me good for at least twenty minutes. His tongue bathed my entire crotch and the backs of my thighs in his saliva. What he was doing felt so good, but what finally made me gasp out loud was when he pushed his tongue inside me. I felt so wet down there already, but he fucked his tongue in and out of me as deep as it would go, until I could feel his nose pressing against my crotch and his unshaven chin on my ass.

In and out, in and out, and then around and around the outside again, over and over and over. My legs were beginning to quiver in his hands, but he continued to hold them up and lick me until I felt sopping wet. How was I so lucky Beylikdüzü escort to find this guy as my first?

Then just as quickly as he started, he dropped my legs and got off the bed. I couldn’t anticipate this man. I suppose he knew that, and used it to keep me in a constant state of arousal and anticipation.

Next to me, he began to undress, first his shoes and socks, then his shirt, then his pants. He wasn’t wearing underwear, which I found erotic. But what turned me on most was his lovely cock. He was cut, not fully hard yet, and it swung from side to side over two large testicles in a heavily wrinkled scrotum. I was entranced by it. This was the reason I had come here tonight. This was the cock that would soon be the first to slide deep up into my asshole.

He got onto the bed next to me, his beautiful cock swinging, and knelt next to my head, holding it out towards my face. I immediately turned on my side and opened my mouth widely. I wanted to taste him so badly. He guided it into my mouth with one hand while placing his other hand on the back of my head, pulling me onto him.

I had had no idea what a cock would taste like, but I knew right away that I was going to enjoy sucking them. Since he wasn’t hard yet, I was able to take him all the way in until his pubic hair was tickling my nose. He began to slowly thrust, low groans coming from his throat, both hands now resting on my head.

The feel and taste of him, plus the fact that I was sucking a man’s cock for the first time in my life, instantly made me want him to come. I really wanted this guy to shoot a thick, hot, full load of sperm directly into my mouth, and now!

Again, he surprised me. After just a few strokes, he abruptly withdrew and rolled onto his back beside me.

“Move down here and suck it,” he said, guiding me between his legs.

He was nicely hairy, which only added to my increasing level of arousal. The fact was, I was getting hot! He seemed to know just what I needed, and his take-charge charisma was making me do things I hadn’t thought possible. By the time I moved on my hands and knees in between his hairy thighs, he was fully erect. In this new position, in the low light of the room, I could see how nice his cock was. Pink and shiny with my saliva, with a thick head shaped like a mushroom, he was fully eight inches long, with a slightly upward curve.

I dropped my head at the same time I curled my hand around the shaft, pulling it up, took him as far into my mouth as I could, and started to suck. His soft round head was plunging against the back of my throat in no time as I hungrily sucked him. I couldn’t believe how good he tasted. I used both hands as well, stroking his shaft and balls while I nursed on his head like a little baby. I didn’t care if he couldn’t get it up again, I just wanted him to cum!

Apparently he had other ideas. “Suck my balls. Lick ’em,” he instructed. I obeyed immediately. Pumping his cock slowly in my left hand, I pushed his balls up into my mouth with the other and rolled them around with my tongue. Stealing a glance up at him, I saw he had his eyes closed, and he was moaning softly and saying, “Yeah, yeah, suck it. Suck my balls.” I was so happy that I was able to give him this pleasure, I was moaning a little by now, myself.

I still didn’t get the mouthful of his load that I wanted, though. I felt him sit up and grab my head, pulling me off of him, turning me around on the bed. He started to position me on my hands and knees, but then changed his mind and guided me onto my back. His cock was standing fully up now, and it looked like it was straining to bust out of its skin. It seemed Escort Beylikdüzü like an angry hornet, terrifyingly beautiful.

He quickly moved in between my legs again, which I pulled slightly upwards in anticipation of the hard fucking I was sure I was about to receive. But once again, he changed tactics on me, and dropped down to eat me again.

When his tongue probed me, I shuddered from head to toe. He held firmly onto my thighs just like before, but my calves and feet were jerking and shaking with each stroke of his tongue. With all this foreplay, he had me completely at his mercy, and now I was moaning unabashedly and calling his name, begging him to lick me. He was attacking my ass like a wild man. I couldn’t believe how wet I was down there.

Then, as I tossed my head from side to side, my eyes closed, and my fists balled up in the bedspread, he sprang up on his knees, flipped my legs into the air over his shoulders, and popped the big mushroom head right into my asshole.

“OHHH!” I cried out, more from surprise than pain. Lubing me with nothing more than his own spit, he managed to do something I could only do with patience and lots of Vaseline. My mouth agape, gasping for breath, I looked him at him. Leering back down at me, he placed his hands on the mattress beside me, and began to work his cock into me. It only took him about three tries to get all eight inches of his fabulous meat buried in my ass. He stretched and filled me so much better than any dildo I had ever used on myself.

“OOOOOHH!” I moaned to him. “Oh, yes Keith, fuck me. Please fuck me baby.”

That’s exactly what he did. He pounded me hard, slowing only to raise my ass higher off of the bed, for I don’t know how long. He stayed so hard inside me, I don’t know how he did it. He didn’t even seem to be breathing hard, but I sure was. The heat that was building up in my ass was unbelievable. I never knew it could be so good.

My hands couldn’t seem to find a place to stay. One minute they were caressing his forearms, the next they were desperately gripping the mattress or above my head, squeezing the headboard slats. All the while, Keith’s cock was driving into me, shaking the bed to the floor.

“You feel so good in me, baby. Oh Keith, your cock feels sooo good!”

He wasn’t hurting me at all, but I figured I’d pay for this in the morning…or the drive home! He didn’t say much while he fucked me, but his grunts were enough. I knew he was enjoying taking my cherry as much as I was.

Finally, he let my legs slide off the he sides of his shoulders, and leaned down to me, his face almost touching mine. I thought he was going to kiss me, which also would have been my first, but I was SO ready for it. I put my arms around his back and parted my lips, ready to feel that wonderful tongue in my mouth, when suddenly he turned his face to the side, dropped his full weight on me, and with a loud groan, his hips bucked against me, and I could feel his cock lurch inside me as it poured hot semen into my ass.

Keith was grunting in my ear as he came. I wrapped my arms and legs around his back and held him tightly against me, savoring the moment. I was no longer an anal virgin.

When he was through, he raised up and dragged his cock out of my asshole, and walked to the bathroom. I could feel his cum running out of me and down the crack of my ass. I was too exhausted and weak to pull my legs together to keep it inside. I was still trying to get my breath back when he returned, his once proud cock now limply sagging over his balls.

He sat down on the side of the bed while I got my breath back.

“You were pretty good,” he said. “You’ve got a nice, tight ass.”

“Thanks,” I replied. “That felt great. Can I see you again sometime?”

“Just give me a call.”

I put my clothes back on, and he showed me out. On the drive home, I had a really nice ache between my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32