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About a month after our first and only encounter, Kimberley called me on my private cell phone at 9:30 am last Tuesday. I was in the middle of revamping a client’s proposal, so my mind was eager to wander off as soon as I heard her voice.

“Hi! Miss me?”

“Kimberley, my God! Yes, I miss you! How are you, where are you, what are you doing?”

“I’m in my car, driving in aimless circles around town. I’m bored, and I want to play with someone.”

“OK. Well, Sheryl’s left for her office and I bored, too. Want to play with me?”


“Kimberley, why don’t you drive over here?”

“Alright. I need a good fuck…”

“Kimberley, it sounds like you’re fucking yourself already!”

“I am. I playing with Pussy and Brownie while I’m driving, getting everything warm and wet for you!”

“Hurry over.” Click.

Kimberley’s last visit ended with me jerking off onto her while she lay on the floor of our kitchen with her fist pounding into her cunt. Did I mention that she has a world-class ass, with legs that could chock a horse? I heard her car come up the driveway and around the back of the house. Looking out the kitchen window, I watched as she stepped out onto the tarmac. She was a vision in blue; a light blue button-down shirt pulled wide-open exposing two gorgeous tits, a dark blue denim skirt with the hem tucked up into the waist line exposing a gorgeous cunt, and blue-black 3″ heels that flashed as her gorgeous legs propelled her to the back door.

“Is it party time?” I asked as I caught her up into my arms. Her right hand shot down into my pants to grab my cock, while her left hand captured the back of my head. She smothered me with a power kiss that was more like a quick mugging, all tongue and fluid slobbered into my mouth with a driving intensity. She spun away from me and jumped onto the counter by the sink, spread her legs wide, and pulled her pussy lips apart. “Eat me, please!” was all it took for me to dive into her crotch and start to munch brunch. I could tell by the way she thrust out her hips that this was going to be a fast one, and before I could get my first finger up her asshole, off she went like a rumblin’, stumblin’, cummin’ wild woman. “Suck me, fuck me, eat me,” was the chant as she arched her back and pulled my face literally into her cunt. Her clit slammed into my nose repeatedly as she bucked her way through an orgasm that could have lasted for hours if only I could breath underwater. I clung to her for as long as I could, before turning my head to catch so air. With that, she pulled my face up to hers and started to kiss-lick her way around my chin and mouth, sucking her own juices from my skin. “Oh you poor boy, was Pussy too much for you!” “No, I’m just not used to deep-sea diving in one before. And what’s with the names Pussy and Brownie, for Christ-sakes?!” “I thought you’d like them, since you always say you only screw those whose names you know!” she said as she slid off the counter and onto her knees before me.

I steadied myself with my hands on her shoulders as she pulled out my dick and vacuumed it into her mouth. My hips began a rocking motion that drove me deeper into her throat as she constricted her esophagus and milked me for all she could. This was no ordinary blow and flow, but a real attempt to illegal bahis pull my nuts up through my cock-head slit – a Hoover special designed to teach me who was in charge of this affair. To counter her tactics, and to keep it from being pulled off at the root, I reached down and grasped Kimberley’s tits, full and hard into my palms, and squeezed. At first, the harder I squeezed the deeper and meaner were her sucking motions, but finally she started to relent when I twisted her nipples up to within inches of her shoulders. “Kimberley love, we can’t be so brutal with each other until we have something to be mad about. Why are you swallowing me like a free Nathan at a Jersey truck stop?” She stopped deep-throating me and looked up with my cock head in her mouth. Her eyes, semi-glazed to begin with, filmed over with tears as she began to try and talk around Johnson’s sponge probe. “Richard and his paramour used me as their toilet this morning,” or sounds to that effect came out. This poor woman was either killing me to kill all men, so worked up by what happened that she couldn’t control herself, or so confused she just didn’t realize what the hell was going on. I opted for the last possibility.

I pulled myself out of her mouth, raised her up, and led her to my home office. It took ten seconds to divest her and I of our clothes. As we reclined onto the fold-away couch across from my desk my dick slid into her pussy as slick as a cable cutter into a worn sheath. We started the rhythm of a good fuck as I kissed her eyes, forehead, and mouth. We didn’t talk at all, just maintained a sweet kind of motion that fused our hips and lips. This was sex, not the intern kind, but the deep abiding mating of a man and a woman out of wedlock. We reached orgasm together, both starting up the slope of intensity yet allowing it to build for as long as we could hang on. I came first, no duh! Kimberley following seconds later but at a much more subdued level. My neck muscles strained as I lifted my head high above her. I think I made some animal grunts as I hosed down her womb with a bizillion overachieving spermizoids. She remained quite, flush about the neck and face with her hooded eyes boring into me. I flexed myself several times as I rocked as deep into her as our missionary position allowed. Finally, I dropped down and buried my face into her shoulder as I hugged myself against her warm, sweating body. “Shiiiiit!” was all I could say. My prick deflated rapidly, but she did her best to keep me in place by messaging me with her pussy’s walls.

I hoisted myself up and tried to walk a straight line towards the half-bath located off of the office. My knees bowed like a drunken sailor as I staggered out of the room. Kimberley swung her legs off the couch and slid up behind me, reaching around to grasp my dick like it was a flashlight in a darkened room. “Where are you taking my toy?” she whispered in my ear. “To the garage for a lube and car wash,” I glibly replied.

After a lazy wiz and fast damp-cloth dry, we both settled back onto the couch. I stroked her inner thigh while she teased the underside of my balls with her fingernails. “So what do we do now?” I asked. “I want to fuck again, but this time on top.” With that, she dipped down and sucked on me like I was a Coke float. Straining hard enough to illegal bahis siteleri bust a blood vessel, I just couldn’t get any life back into old roger. I finally had to wrap my fingers into her mane of hair and pull her head back up to mine. “It ain’t dead, its just stunned,” I joked. “Oh, come on, let’s play again!” Kimberley cried as she started to pump her fist around my retreating cock. She suddenly stopped and just held me in her hand. She looked into my eyes, “I know what will get you excited. I know what you like to see and do. Let’s go for a ride in your Navigator and I’ll let you see and do all the things you like to do to get excited!”

Before I know it, we were driving out of town. I had on some old shorts, a polo shirt, and a pair of moccasins. Kimberley had put back on her skirt and unbuttoned blouse, and sat back in the truck seat with her legs spread and her 3″ heels straddling the dashboard. Her right hand casually brushed her clit while her left primed her right tit, pulling the nipple out two inches and twisting it with her thumb and forefinger. My cock was exposed, sticking out of its unzipped home and looking for trouble as usual.

“Let’s stop at the Safeway and pickup some snacks,” Kim said as she reached over to ratchet my crank and sink her wet tongue into my right ear. I grasped her left tit from under her arm and hefted it like a softball. “You better cover these up or the boys at the store will be dick salutin’ before noon!” Kim ducked down to shallow me whole, down to the root as her throat muscles pulled my dickhead deeper into her. I raised my ass up to fuck her face but the steering wheel stopped my motion. My dick popped out of her mouth with a long string of saliva caught on her lips as she raised up to look me in the eyes. “OK, but promise me that you’ll show me off to at least one guy before we leave there!”

We entered the Safeway and headed for the vegetable section. Kim looked edible as she swished down the isle fondling fruit and clicking the tip of her tongue out at me. When we turned the corner by the tubular veggies I pulled her to me and said “This reminds me of Al Pacino in The Sea of Love, where Ellen Barkin seduced him in the corner store while wearing only a raincoat.” “That’s right lover, but she never did this for him,” Kim then pulled an English cucumber from the pile and simply drove it up under her skirt and into her cunt. Her eyes widened, then her whole face softened as the cucumber opened her up. “My juice is dipping down my thighs,” she said as she slumped down against the cooler display – her wrist keeping a constant slow pump on the big green prick lodged in her pussy. She rolled over and crushed her tits down onto the squash, looked over her shoulder and told me to “Fuck me up the ass with something, Now!” I grabbed a fresh carrot, greens and all, and plied it into her anus with only the dew water on it as a lubricant. She stayed still as I forced it deeper into her, finally breaking off the greens top with a flourish and tossing them onto the carrot pile. She straightened up and pulled the cucumber from out under her skirt, then proceeded to lick and suck it while rubbing my cock through my shorts. “Does this turn you on?” she crooned as she turned to walk towards the main part of the store. She flipped the well-fucked canlı bahis siteleri cuke back into the bin and headed over to the soda display. I watched her ass sway away, knowing that seven inches of hard carrot were buried deep into it. Yeah, it turned me on!

She flashed her tits at me several times as we looped around the store, and finally we hit the checkout. The older woman at the register flipped Kim off with her eyes, but the bagboy stiffened up to his forehead. Kim asked him to carry one of the bags to the truck as we took the others. When we reached the tailgate and she lifted the door her left tit popped out right into the kid’s face. Kim continued to hold onto the raised door’s safety strap as her breast wobbled a bit in front of the kid’s banjoed eyes. She then reached around behind her and pulled the carrot out of her ass, handed it to him and said quietly, “When you think you’re ready, I’ll let you be my carrot!” I thought the poor guy was going to pass out as we drove off towards the mall.

Shopping with Kim is truly uplifting when she gets into her sex zone. She would take designer dresses into Lord and Taylor’s changing rooms, call me over for a consultation, then drop to her knees to blow me for a minute while stroking herself through a thousand dollar creation. At one shop she got the sales girl to follow her into the chambers. After a few moments, I maneuvered around to spy on the reflections of the different mirrors and was greeted with the image of a naked Kim up against the wall with the sales girl on her knees muff-diving between her sprayed legs. I caught Kim’s eyes and was rewarded with a big grin and a flash of the other girl’s ass as Kim reached over and lifted her skirt – surprise, no panties, only pink cleft and a pulsing brownie winking at me! They must know each other, I thought, as I reached into my shorts and pulled off Johnson for an airing and stroke. Kim blew kisses and drooled onto her tits as she fixated onto my flying fist. I couldn’t stand it and longer and entered the dressing room with my whacker leading the way. Kim’s friend turned towards me and acted as though my wondering probe was supposed to bury itself into her opening mouth. I lifted Kim up higher onto the wall and tried to pull my dick out of the crouching tigress at our feet. Finally she complied by fisting my dick out of her throat at pointing it up into Kim’s open gash. I drove it home by lifting up into Kim as she settled down into my arms. Little Miss Muffet Diver joined in long enough to push a finger into my butt and mash a lip-lock onto Kim that rivaled a Hoover. I blasted three waves of cum into Kim before slumping back onto my haunches. Kim slid to the floor with her pussy buddy now locked into her crotch, sucking out our combined cum as fast as she could. “I’ve got to get back to the counter,” she bleated out as she backhand smeared our cum across her face and scrambled up to leave the room. Kim and I laughed as we straightened our clothes and stumbled out the back of the store.

“There’s so many more places I want to show off for you,” Kim said as we threaded our way through the parking lot. “There’s the movie theater, the Places Restaurant, the stadium, the Boardwalk, gosh – some many places to expose my pussy and asshole for you to play with!” Standing by the Navigator, I pulled her to me, reached around under her skirt, and sawed my middle finger deep into her ass. “Yeah, and there’s some much time in which to do all of those things! Oh, and did I ever tell you that you’ve got a great pair of legs!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32