Kinzy’s Dance Class Lezdom

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I’m brand new here. I haven’t even lurked. I stumbled on this site and I never thought I would share any of my stories with anyone, but this kind of feels cathartic. I really don’t regret a single minute of any of my experiences or sharing them with others and I think this might be the place to do it.

I am a college junior. Platinum blonde, blue-eyed, five foot seven, long legged, tomboy turned slut. Three years of experiences I never in my wildest thoughts or fantasies thought I would ever experience. I came to this college on a scholarship for academics and because of their well renowned dance program. Little did I know the dance class participants were privately well renowned for reasons far beyond their ability to dance.

I basically grew up in leotards and tights. I had been involved in dance from a young age and with god given genes and a lot of hard work, I had the dancer’s body. Long lean and toned legs, and a tiny waist accentuated what I admit is a gorgeous, super firm and well rounded ass. As I grew older and more confident, I became less self-conscious. So being in the presence of others, male or female, in just a g-string, thong, bodysuit or leotard was nothing to me and I really didn’t think much of it. I never thought of those stretchy form fitting snug leotards and pastel tights of all colors making my long legs an assortment of perfect colors as a fetish. But here I am. I also had a brain, and I was fortunate to excel academically.

That theory about female ballet dancers being lesbian. Mostly true. At the very least bi or bi-curious. Long lean legs covered in silky tights and a tight snug fitting leotard hiding nobody’s secrets, how could one not be curious. I always knew I was, especially as I got older into high school.

Then off to college. I would often scamper with my new roommate from our coed dorm building to dance class in the mornings in just my leotard, tights and sketchers across campus and across busy streets to the dance studio, dance bag in hand. The catcalls and horn honks of appreciation were just that to me. As a freshman, I was a little slow to learn that by the time I made it to the athletic department and up the stairs to the dance studio, my leotard had gathered between my cheeks and entertained more than I was aware. One morning out of the blue right as we were opening the door to leave, my roommate Renee, a sophomore and a fellow dance classmate, asked me for a hug. She reached around my back, her hands gripping the leg openings of my leotard, lifted me off my feet, bounced me up and down a couple of times with my legs flailing and gave me an atomic wedgie, front and back. I went to adjust myself and she convinced me to leave it alone as we walked out the door and walked to class together. For some reason, that walk seemed to take a lot longer than the previous walks and we seemed to hit all the crosswalks lights on red. Renee spent a lot of time staring at my ass herself. Which was okay with me since I spent a lot of time staring at hers and the other girls in our class.

By the end of the first week of my first semester, Renee had me into thong leotards. Most of our classmates were surprisingly already wearing them and I was content to wear out the ones I already had. Renee took me shopping off campus to a dancewear outlet that sat off by itself in an older Victorian style home and we purchased several pairs of long sleeved thong leotards and shimmery pastel tights for the rest of the semester. Actually, Renee picked them for me.

This store, and it’s sales girl, was different though. The sales girl was very cute and petite and seemed to be younger than me, but very knowledgeable about dance. She wore only the skimpiest long sleeved black shiny thong leotard which unless it was designed that way, appeared about two sizes too small for her. She moved with the grace of a ballerina, the strength of a gymnast and the prance of an exotic dancer all at the same time.

The front of the store was typical dancewear, gymnastics, leotards, unitards, tights, shoes, dance skirts. Then the girl took us into the back part of the store. It was an assortment of fetish style spandex wear and footwear. The girl smiled at Renee and asked if I was a new “student”. Renee smiled back and said she thought I was “ready”.

The girl asked me very politely to strip down to just my panty, if I was wearing any. I thought this a little odd, but I complied. I took off my sweater, undid my bra and let my miniskirt drop to the floor. The girl asked Renee, not me, questions as she was taking measurements and placing her fingers at certain spots on my front, back and crotch area. When she was done, she asked if I would humor her and bend over the back of a chair, which I did for some unknown reason. I guess I felt it was okay since Renee was sitting right there. The girl gently moved my feet apart with little kicks from her bare feet, took the thin strip of my g-string to the side, licked her finger and ever so slowly and gently rubbed my asshole. I admittedly became a lot horny Ankara escort and felt myself start to move in unison with her gentle circular strokes. The girl put my string back in place on my moistened asshole, gave a little tug, smiled at Renee, sucked on the finger with which she had just massaged my asshole and said I was a good “candidate”. I had no idea what she meant, but I would soon find out.

As I was getting dressed, the girl pointed at the boot selection and asked Renee, not me, which pair. Renee chose a pair of black patent leather ankle high ballet boots. When the girl asked what size, Renee looked at me. Puzzled, I told them I was a 6. The girl then asked Renee which “set” and Renee told her the “full set”. The girl asked size and Renee told her that I would probably be able to go “extra-large”. I had no idea what any of that meant, but I knew I wore nothing “extra-large”. Renee gave the girl my name and our address and asked that she bill Renee.

The next few days were fairly routine. Except now I was scampering to dance class in a thong leotard and shiny legs. A couple of the girls in dance class who were at first a little standoffish became very friendly, occasionally giving a mischievous lifting tug on my thong or sultry glances and admiring stares when we would stretch or do our barre work.

We were home one evening and there was a soft knock at the door. A plain box with my name laid on the doormat when I opened the door. The girl who had helped us at a the dancewear outlet was already walking away. Renee excitedly took the box from me and smiled deviously. Renee asked me if I was ready to have some “fun”.

Renee, wearing only a pair of gray pastel tights and a tiny cropped tee, led me to the leather recliner we had in our dorm, took a seat and guided me by the hand to sit on her lap facing her with my legs draped over the arms and slowly started to make out with me. I was not nervous or the least bit reluctant. Renee was gorgeous. She was from Panamanian and Greek descent, long brunette curls, tall, slender long legged with huge breasts, a tiny waist and a rock hard firm ass.

Renee’s kisses were wet and deep. Her tongue was nearly to the back of my throat and she tasted so good, so wet, warm and womanly. I could feel myself getting wet as I was only wearing a pair of pink tights and a crop top. Renee slowly pulled my top down and slowly licked and sucked and drooled on my now erect nipples. My nipples were rock hard and my crotch was beyond moist and my legs were trembling as Renee slowly started to clamp her teeth down on one my nipples. Renee had me arch my back and massage the tops of her thighs and her knees, further pushing my modest but perky breasts closer to her face.

Her mesmerizing stare with those deep green eyes, devilish and seductive at the same time, looking into my eyes must have masked the discomfort as Renee clamped harder and harder on that nipple with her teeth, her tongue gently flicking the tip of my nipple and her hands gently caressing and pulling my ass cheeks apart.

While it hurt, I didn’t want her stop or loosen. I wanted her to suck and bite harder. I almost wished she had a second mouth for the other nipple. I found myself reaching with my own hand and forcefully twisting, pulling and pinching my other nipple just as hard or harder than Renee was biting. It was making my pussy clench.

Renee slowly reached around under my tights and began to ever so softly rub my asshole. I found myself slowly squirming, wriggling and actually relaxing as her gentle circular strokes on and around my starfish made me want to spread my legs wider and my ass cheeks apart for her. I was actually starting to quiver as I was ready and wanted her finger to be inside me.

Renee slowly stopped, drooled warm spit into on my lips and into my mouth, looked deep beyond my eyes into my soul and asked if I was okay with this, that she had been wanting to pursue this since the first day I walked into our room. She even recalled my white high heeled sneakers, my white thigh highs, way too short denim skirt and the white high cut bodysuit I was wearing.

I whispered softly in her ear that I was not okay, I wanted more and I was ready.

Renee told me to take the box. It was all mine. Go to my room and change. She was going to her room to do the same. If I was comfortable to wear what she had purchased for me, come out with it on. If I was ready, willing and comfortable, bring only what I would try as far as the rest of the contents.

I hurried with the box to my room, almost slipping on the floor as my feet in my tights slid on the wood floor and shut my bedroom door. It was like an erotic Christmas morning. In the box I found a pair of black crotchless fishnet tights. Those of course, I immediately slithered into. I can’t say why, but I had never worn or owned a pair of fishnets. They were high waisted which was a good thing for the leotard I was eventually going to wear. The little crotch cut out exposed my bald pussy and my landing strip and Ankara escort bayan my cute little starfish when I bent over.

The next item was a shiny purple spandex leotard. It looked way too small even though most do at first. It was long sleeved, had deep scoops off the shoulders in the front and back, was super high cut on the hips, had a narrow crotch in front all the way up and had a g-string back. There was a zipper that ran from just below my belly button in the front to my mid back. I was glad I was bald with just that thin landing strip.

As I slid into and pulled up the leotard, I could not believe how I instantly felt; sexy, slutty, alluring, dirty and fabulous all at the same time. It pulled everywhere every time I moved. When I stretched my arms above my head, it pulled the legs higher and I was amazing. I admired myself for several minutes in the mirrored closet doors, even grabbing my mirror from the bathroom to see what my ass and crotch looked like from behind when I bent over. It looked like I wasn’t even wearing a leotard or any panties from the back.

The next item was the black patent leather ballet boots. These were perfection. Forced onto my toes with a heel to boot. I loved being on my toes and my legs felt and looked a mile high and so pretty in those black fishnets.

The next box was sealed. I slowly opened it to find a set of four stainless steel butt plugs, ranging in size from small, like a finger and very doable, to large and quite frankly on the “I don’t think so” size, more like size of the large trailer ball on my boyfriend’s pickup truck. But I’ll try anything at least three times. And a pair of black Chinese nipple clamps connected by a black chain which just looked sinister. And a ball gag. I hadn’t ever been in a situation when I would want to scream or complain or resist, so I wasn’t sure I would want or need that.

I stared at myself in the mirror, turning and posing in all manners.

Holding all four buttplugs between my fingers in one hand and the clamps and the ball gag in my other hand, I opened the door and walked down the hallway, my ballet heels announcing my return, to find Renee already changed and seated in the recliner, wearing only a shiny long sleeved leopard print leotard that seemed way too small for her, even tinier than mine, and a pair of black patent thigh high high-heeled boots.

At first glance, I thought she had her leotard on backwards. Her breasts with rock hard and pierced nipples were exposed and her beautiful bald pussy was fully exposed. She also had a crotch zipper which she had already opened, front and back. But then Renee stood up to meet me and her g-string went almost to her shoulder blades in the back almost as if that opened thong was pulling her ass cheeks open.

In each hand she held a pair of black padded cuffs with clips. They looked professional grade, not the type a couple would buy for bedroom play.

Renee slowly walked around me, admiring all of me in my cute outfit.

She stood behind me, slowly shaking those cuffs so the clamps would jingle and whispered that now would be the time to discuss my boundaries and limits. I had no idea what she meant. I was well aware of my body’s boundaries, as I really didn’t have any I hadn’t already pushed.

Anything vaginal was in play and anal was actually a favorite of mine, when done properly and I was prepared. As far as limits, I had some naughty times with my high school boyfriend and his two older college aged friends. An alcohol fueled evening in high school resulted in an extended tag team event. Everyone was getting busy at the same time, and I thought at the time it was one of the best experiences of my young life. A little sore afterwards, but still pretty awe inspiring. I learned what they called it from watching porn with my current boyfriend.

Having said nothing in defiance Renee knelt behind me and stroked the back of my legs. She attached the ankle cuffs around my ballet boots and let the clamps dangle.

Renee then stood in front of me and pulled the top of my leotard down under and cupping my breasts. She attached the remaining two cuffs to my wrists, positioning them and attaching them together behind my back. I had never been bound by anything before. I felt myself surprisingly turned on. A vulnerable girl in a thong leotard with her breasts sticking out and her hands bound behind her back.

Renee began sucking hard on my erect nipples. They were somewhat tender from her prior sucking and biting and this was way harder than she had sucked and bit before. I could feel my nipples starting to stretch, throb and become plump. Renee was not being seductive, more forceful and with purpose. I started to say something. But before I could get a word out to discuss her intentions, Renee stopped and placed the ball gag into my mouth and tightened the straps securely around the back of my neck.

Renee then continued to suck my nipples harder, and I realized they were starting to become swollen and my areolas flushed Escort Ankara red.

Even though the pain was starting to become a little less tolerable, I did not squirm or resist. Until the clamps came into play. Renee pinched hard on one of my nipples and pulled it out as far as it would stretch. She even put her hand on my throat so she could pull it harder. Then she put on that first clamp just behind my nipple and the second clamp on the other nipple in the same manner. She repositioned my leotard so my nipples and those clamps strained under the fabric.

Renee then helped me kneel into the recliner on which she had placed a beach towel. She put the foot rest up and attached each of my ankles, one on each side of the footrest, to the metal framework. She undid my wrists and had me squeeze like a bear hug the back of the recliner until she could attach my wrists together.

Renee then made the recliner recline, forcing me to fall forward into the back and putting pressure on those nipple clamps. It started to really sting and I was starting to really think about my limits and those boundaries.

Renee then unzipped the crotch of my leotard from back to front. She slid the material to either side, bordering my asshole and my pussy.

To my surprise, with her hands on my tiny waist, Renee sat on the footrest and began to seductively lick my asshole.

I heard the familiar sound of the top pop open on a tube of lubricant. I felt Renee’s finger and tongue begin to play with my asshole and I started to ignore the sting on my nipples.

I felt the warm slippery tip of Renee’s finger begin to slowly slip partially in and out of my asshole. Quivering then tensing each time she entered and withdrew. Renee eventually slid her entire finger in my ass, twisting and pulsing as I found myself quietly moaning with pleasure and my back arching as if inviting more. I felt myself allow my asshole to relax as a second finger entered.

Then the small plug, which really did not do much for me, found its way up my ass. I owned a foxtail plug from my senior high school Halloween costume, so this small size really wasn’t much more than Renee’s finger.

The second plug was a little more challenging, but still not much. My boyfriend had done this with me and maybe his brother too. So the sensation of stretching that wide open wasn’t too challenging.

What came next was a little mind bending. There is a big difference between a dick or a dildo grinding up my ass and a butt plug filling my ass. A girl’s sphincter, which by the way there are two in the anal cavity, is about a half inch in length and very strong. So I’m getting that stretched open and held open with a dick or a dildo and it eventually relaxes.

That’s how gapes happen.

A butt plug stretches my sphincter open a whole lot quicker with the taper, but then my sphincter slams shut around that narrow shaft on the butt plug while the bulb is stretching me open inside. There is really no taper on the back end as my asshole sucks in that plug then slams shut on the stem. So the relaxed stretch on my sphincter from a butt plug is maybe the width of a pencil. Popping out a larger butt plug through a sphincter that isn’t very relaxed can be an uncomfortably pleasurable experience. That stretch is immediate. That’s why plugs stay inside me and other girls. I can talk for days about that second sphincter in a whole other version.

So that third plug is starting into my hole, stretching me open and my legs are starting to quiver and those clamps on my nipples are really starting to dig in from my upper body weight. Those clamps are vicious by themselves, with little ridges or tits that really dig in.

Renee reaches around and hands me the last plug to hold in my hand. I’m not sure why.

About the time I think I realize the fourth plug dropping to the floor might be a sign to stop or slow down the third plug from going in, Renee started to softly tickle my ass cheeks and whispered ever so gently in my ear to relax and lean in.

Just as she whispered and softly licked my ear with her moist hot breath, my back arched and my leg shivered as I felt my ass suck in and swallow the bulb of that plug and my hole slam shut around the narrow shaft. My hole was tensing and relaxing, having spasms as Renee lightly tickled my back and fiddled with my clit.

I could feel warm lube dripping down my inner thighs as Renee unexpectedly and forcefully popped that third plug out of my ass.

I know I was trying to scream at this time. Its not really that kind of sensuous discomfort anymore. Not that feeling of lying on my back on my boyfriend’s tummy with him holding my ankles above my head with his cock balls deep up my ass while his friend is relentlessly fucking my pussy and his friend decides to join my boyfriend up my ass. No, this fucking hurt.

Then I realized I still had that fourth ball hitch butt plug in my hand. I’m thinking no way. Which is exactly how much arguing I was able to do. Think, since I couldn’t talk or make any signs with my hands. Slobber was starting to stream out of my mouth soaking the beach blanket on that recliner. I could feel lube running down my thighs and Renee now had that fourth butt plug in her grasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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