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After the first night at Kate’s place, Ji Yong rarely went back to his apartment. Being able to spend the whole night with her, waking up in her bed spoiled him. He didn’t want to go back to his lonely bed at home. Of course, the sex was also a factor. No longer constricted to a stolen hour a day, Ji Yong found out Kate’s voracious sexual appetite. It was difficult to keep her satisfied without being exhausted himself.

For the first time in years, Ji Yong found himself rushing to finish work early so he could rush home. Another thing that surprised him was that Kate didn’t like to wear a lot of clothes at home. He usually unlocked her door and found her either wearing some of the lingerie he had bought her, or naked. Every day he anticipated opening that door to see what he would find.

Ji Yong looked at his watch and started to get ready to leave work. Kate would be almost done working at her school by now. Her students loved her, who wouldn’t? Kate was intelligent, and genial in public, in private she became a lot more naughty. If her students only knew what she was wearing, or not wearing, underneath her well fitting dresses he knew those teenage boys would never be able to concentrate. In fact, she usually went to work right after having sex, so he imagined her underwear became cum stained as his semen slowly slipped out of her during her lessons.

As he rode the elevator up to her 20th floor apartment, he wondered what would be waiting for him. Over the past 2 months, he had found her growing increasingly bold. She had pushed him to be more adventurous. Public places were her favorite settings for teasing him and getting him a rock hard. For a man who at 42 had only had sex with his wife in bed, he was starting to understand the thrill of almost getting caught. She had even lured him to her school where she convinced him to have sex with her in a supply closet.

When he got to the door, he punched in the code to unlock it. When the lock beeped, he pushed the door open carefully. The apartment was dark except for a small lamp in the corner by the sofa.

“Kate?” he called, uncertain she was home yet.

She peeked around the corner, he long blond hair loose. “Hey, sexy. Close the door and get in here.” He hurriedly shut the door and took off his shoes. Kate stepped out into view and he realized she was completely naked. “Welcome home.”

He put his arms around her and ran his hands down her bare back before settling on her buttocks. He pulled her against him so she could feel how hard he was, his erection pushing against her belly. He kissed her neck, making her shiver “You sure don’t like wearing clothes, do you?”

“What’s the point? bahis firmaları You’re just going to take them off anyway.” She began to strip him and in no time, he was as naked as her. He hugged her, feeling her whole body with his. He had convinced her to let her pubic hair grow, and he relished the sight of his cock nestling in her pale blond curls.

Taking his hand, she pulled him towards the floor to ceiling windows. The room was dark so there was no reflection, he could see the lights of Seoul spread out below them. The lights of cars crossing the Han river a steady stream of light in the dark.

Kate dropped to her knees before him and began stroking his cock. Bringing it to her lips, she delicately kissed the tip, teasing him with the slightest of touches. He groaned out loud. Kate’s talented mouth and tongue never failed to bring him satisfaction. It was always a struggle to hold back his orgasm when she took him into her mouth.

Her warm tongue traced his whole cock. She followed the underside of his cock, kissing it until she found his balls. She was painfully slow in sucking each one of his balls into her mouth. He felt precum starting to drip out of his cock and went he looked, he could see a clear thread of it connecting his tip to where it had dribbled onto her cheek. He wanted to fuck her so badly.

He hauled her onto her feet and spun her around. Facing the window, hands steadying herself, her breasts pressed into the cold glass he came up behind her. Spreading her legs, he fit himself between them, his cock resting along the crack of her buttocks. He had never fucked a woman standing up before, but he was sure he was going to like it.

He slid his cock in the gap between her thighs, pressing his hips forward until he could feel her hard little clit touch the tip of his cock. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He breathed into her ear.

“Yes! I want you to fuck me.” She ground her hips down on his cock “I want to feel your cock inside me.”

“Then you should bring it inside you.” Kate’s hand slid between her thighs and found his cock. With a trembling hand, she guided it to her soaking entrance. Tilting her hips slightly, the head began to nudge her swollen pussy lips open. Every time she tried to get more of his shaft in her, he pulled his hips back, torturing her with his denial. “Do you want more of my cock?”

“I want it all in me. Please!” He pulled her hips towards his, burying himself inside her. Every time he thrust into her, she pressed against the window. It was thrilling to be fucking her from behind while looking down at the lights. His breathing grew more laboured as she pushed back against him. He angled her hips kaçak iddaa and opened her legs wider so that he could reach around her and rub her clit. The moment he found that hard nub of flesh, he felt her pussy clamp down on him in reaction.

“OH…Don’t stop! Fuck me harder!” She cried. He could see her hands bracing herself against the window, her fingers practically clawing the glass in pleasure. He slammed into her pussy until he felt her lips touch his balls. He had run out of cock to give her. He started pulling completely out of her pussy and penetrating her again, over and over. Kate’s knees grew so weak he had to hold her up to keep her from collapsing onto the carpet. With one hand cupping her breast and another between her legs, he held her against him.

“Cum in me, Ji Yong. I want you to fill me with your semen.”

Ji Yong pounded into her pussy faster. “I’ve got a lot for you. I’ll put it deep inside your pussy.”

“Cum in me” she kept repeating, but then he heard something that made him stop in mid-thrust, “get me pregnant.”

Holding himself steady, he tried to process what he heard. “What do you mean ‘get me pregnant?’ Aren’t you on the pill?”

“I’ve never been on the pill.”

“But…the first night we had sex you took off my condom. You could have gotten pregnant then.”

“I know. I wanted your baby. Even back then, I wanted to carry your child inside me.”

Ji Yong’s control was starting to slip. He wanted to do it. For some unimaginable reason he wanted to get her pregnant. He thought about watching her toned stomach swell with his baby and he wanted that vision to come true. His hips began to move involuntarily, pulling his cock in and out of her slowly.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” His semen was nearly bursting from him as he felt her tunnel tighten around him, massaging his shaft.

“Give me your baby. Plant your seed deep inside me. I want to be pregnant with your child!” She cried out as she reached orgasm. The first spasm of her pussy around him brought him to his own peak. He launched his sperm deep inside her. He coated her cervix with his semen, her orgasm sucking it deeper inside her womb where he hoped it would take root. His throbbing cock let loose more cum than he remembered happening before. He felt its warmth surrounding his head and squeeze along his shaft until it found its way out of her tightly stuffed opening.

“Take my cum. Let my sperm make you pregnant. I want your womb to swell with my baby.” He didn’t pull out until the last drop of semen left his deflating organ.

In the dim light of the moon, he could see the glisten of his cum forming a streak down the inside kaçak bahis of her thigh. He had never fucked a woman to deliberately get her pregnant. His first daughter had been an accident, a happy one, but definitely unplanned. His second daughter was the result of a drunken night out. He didn’t even remember having sex with his wife that night. With Kate, it was a different story. As he saw his cum work its way out of her, he desperately hoped he had left enough of it inside her that he planted his seed.

Two weeks later, Kate’s period was late. Ji Yong had gotten her pregnant. He had accomplished what most middle aged men hope and fear. He had found himself a young mistress and had gotten her pregnant. At 25, Kate was at peak fertility, and at 42, he had proven he still had what it took to get her pregnant. Was there any better way to lay claim a woman’s womb as yours than to plant your child in her?

Over the next six months, Ji Yong was in awe as he saw Kate’s lush body transform. Her already ample D cup breasts swelled even larger. He couldn’t even fit them in his hands. They were even beginning to seep a little bit of milk. Though she didn’t put on much weight, her belly swelled outward with his child. He often ran his hands over the tight skin in awe. He still found in incredible to believe that this young woman was carrying his baby. Inside of her womb there was a perfect combination of his Korean genes and her British ones. He couldn’t wait to see what the child would look like when it was born. Kate’s latest scan showed that it was a boy, they were going to have a son.

Ji Yong felt as though his life had started again. He relished going for walks with Kate. He held her hand as they slowly walked along the sidewalk or in the park. They drew many glances as they went along. It isn’t often that you see a pregnant blond woman with a Korean man. Elderly people looked at them in disappointment, men his own age looked at him in approval with knowing winks. Younger men just stopped and stared in awe. Both their age difference and interracial relationship was exciting for them, they hoped they could achieve a similar situation.

Ji Yong didn’t know what would happen in the future. He wanted to leave his wife, but Kate didn’t want to break up his family. She didn’t have the conservative values he was raised with. Being a single mother didn’t faze her. For now, she was happy being with him and didn’t need anything more. Well, she did still need a lot of sex. Being pregnant had made her hornier than ever. He often woke up to find her sucking his cock, or sliding it into her. He couldn’t complain, it was a great life. He couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do next.


I hope you enjoyed the last chapter of Ji Yong and Kate’s affair. Though this story is done, I’ll be writing more. Follow me and you’ll see new ones pop up now and again. Thanks for reading! XOX

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32