Labor Day Road Trip Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.

Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

I’m not much of a writer, but I wanted to share the events of this crazy weekend, maybe just to have it all recorded somewhere, or at least to get things off my chest. I’ll try to relate what happened as accurately as possible, given my own subjective viewpoint and the rather kinky circumstances.

To paraphrase William Gibson, I’m a very technical boy. My work as a software designer and engineer have brought me plenty of success. I’m not a complete nerd, however. I also like to skateboard and snowboard and go camping when possible. I am tall with an easygoing manner. Pretty well preserved for a guy in his mid 50s, by most accounts.

Seems like I have been surrounded by beautiful, dynamic, incredible women for my entire life. I love them, but they can also be a giant pain in the ass. Other guys might be jealous when I walk into the bar with five hot girls, but then I spend the night fetching drinks and buying cigarettes and listening to them talk. In my experience, women ultimately do whatever they want. You can go with it or be left out. They also form incredibly strong bonds with each other. Men ignore this network at their peril.

About 15 years ago I met my beautiful wife, Jennifer. She is 10 years younger than me, with straight blonde hair, green eyes, big tits, long legs, full lips, and a beautiful smile. Her best feature is her long shapely legs and tight little rear end. She has practiced yoga for many years and has the body to prove it. We have a dynamic marriage and are very happy together. Jen is quite assertive in real life, and maybe because of this she likes to play a more passive role in the bedroom.

We like to experiment with bondage and kinky role playing fantasies. I love to dress her up in slutty outfits and have her do naughty things that entertain me. There is something really hot about having an intelligent and sophisticated women on her knees wearing nothing but a dog collar and high heels. Leash play is a big fetish for me. Jen definitely has a submissive streak. I can switch back and forth between dominant and submissive, but I almost always take the dominant lead with her.

An entertaining aspect of our sex life is Jennifer’s interest in other women. Over the years I have seen some of the world’s most beautiful women just fucking throw themselves at her. Sometimes she is not interested, but other times she is totally up for it. This has led to some interesting situations that had to be handled in a delicate manner. Sometimes these encounters are one night stands, but other times they come back for more. The funny thing is, in all this time, I have never seem a guy throw themselves at her. Maybe because she is quite assertive? Maybe she looks taken already?

Anyway, as you might have guessed, Jennifer has a strong network of girl friends. One of her best friends Ani is also her yoga instructor. They are exactly the same height, and both have green eyes, but Ani has a muscular build with smaller breasts and brunette hair. She is a triple-take girl. You see her, automatically look again, and then try to surreptitiously get a third glance in. Her cut shoulder muscles, powerful thighs and beautiful face attract attention anywhere she goes.

The two have been friends for many years. I would describe Jennifer istanbul travesti as passive and bisexual, while Ani as aggressive and lesbian. Ani is well aware of Jen’s submissive nature and she likes to take advantage of it. There have been quite a few times where they have ended up in bed together. I like to photograph them making love, and also participate in a reserved manner, not wanting to go too far or scare either one of them away.

It’s about time for me to apologize for my writing skills. Almost all of my writing is for technical manuals and PowerPoint presentations. I don’t have much experience writing dialog or documenting personal events. So unfortunately this is may read more like a police report than an erotic story. Anyway here goes…

Summer here in the Bay Area lasts all the way into autumn. The weather turns fantastic with blue skies and placid temperatures for the last few months of the year. We love to go up to our mountain cabin in Tahoe on the weekends. Tahoe has great skiing and snowboarding in the winter, but summers on the lake can be even more fun. The dazzling blue lake gets just warm enough to swim in during the late summer. We definitely wanted to go up for Labor Day, but we were worried about trafic jams on such a popular weekend.

As the Labor Day weekend approached, Jen told me that Ani and a new friend of hers wanted to ride up to Tahoe with us. Her friend was also a yoga instructor, although we had not met him yet. He needed to tow his boat back to the Bay Area before winter hit the mountains. The four of us could take the boat out for the weekend, then I could help him winterize the engine, and tow the boat back to the South Bay. All of this sounded like the start of a fun weekend adventure.

I washed and waxed my classic pickup in preparation for the trip. There was lots of room in the bed for everything we needed bring, and the crew cab provided plenty of room for the four of us to travel in comfort. Depending on traffic, the drive could take between three and five hours. So we got on the road early Thursday afternoon to beat the rush.

We picked up Ani and her friend Clay at the yoga studio. Ani looked great. She was wearing form fitting yoga pants and a matching top. I guess she had been teaching class earlier that day. Clay is younger than the rest of us, in his mid 20s I would guess. He is an attractive guy with dark hair and an athletic build. As a male yoga instructor, I wondered if he was gay, or maybe this is just a stereotype, not that it mattered. He sat up front with me and I was hoping we could find something to talk about, otherwise this was going to be a long ride to our cabin. The girls sat in the back and immediately started chatting away. They always had lots of things to talk about.

Luckily Clay and I hit it off, we have many shared interests, including biking, boating and snowboarding. There was some pretty serious congestion travelling through Sacramento, but after that the traffic thinned. We stopped for lunch in Auburn, and the girls opened a bottle of chilled Sauvignon Blanc for the remainder of the ride. The four of us chatted away and made good time climbing the Sierra Nevada mountain range on Interstate 80 and enjoying the panoramic views.

If you’ve ever spent time hanging out with two beautiful girls who are attracted to each other then you know that there is one thing istanbul travestileri you need to listen out for: silence. When things get quiet something naughty is probably going on. Silence. Sure enough, looking in my rear view mirror, Jen and Ani were kissing in the back seat. They had moved closer to each other, enjoying the wine and quietly smooching.

It took Clay a little longer to notice. He eventually glanced back, did a double take, and then, taking his lead from me, tried to be nonchalant about the situation. We stumbled through some additional conversation, but honestly it’s hard to concentrate when two super hot girls are making out right behind you. I adjusted my rear view mirror to watch the action unfolding in the back seat.

The girls became aware that the boys were watching. Jen tried to break it off, but Ani wanted to continue. In retrospect I think she was showing off for her friend Clay. Showing that she could take this beautiful blonde if she wanted to have her. Jen gave in and they started making out with more passion. Ani had her hands in my wife’s long blonde hair. We were close enough to hear them sucking on each other’s tongues and softly moaning while they French Kissed.

Ani’s hands moved lower down my wife’s body. Dressed for the weather, Jen was only wearing cutoff jeans, a colorful t-shirt, and simple leather sandals. Ani was handling her tits and running her hands up and down her legs. Clay was now discretely glancing back from time to time. I struggled to keep my eyes on the road. Ani whispered something demanding, but I couldn’t hear what she said.

Jen replied, “I can’t.”

Ani responded, “Yes, you can.”

In the mirror I saw Jen’s t-shirt pulled over her head. Her large breasts bounced free. Ani moaned in appreciation and stuck her tongue into my wife’s mouth. Clay gave up the ghost and turned to the side for a better view. There was a large bulge in his pants. Mental note: probably a “no” on the gay question. He gave me an apologetic glance, but I didn’t signal any disapproval, so he turned to watch more intently. I wondered exactly what kind of relationship he had with Ani, and if this was the first time something like this had happened between them.

Ani played for Clays attention. She turned and manhandled Jen into the middle of the back seat, placing her breasts on full display. Looking directly at Clay she offered up Jennifer’s large tits with both hands and started licking her nipples. The situation was incredibly erotic. I was stuck driving. Clay was unable to take his eyes off the girls. Jen was completely mortified. Ani was on fire.

The girls resumed their sloppy make out session with a vengeance, showing off for the appreciative audience watching them play. The atmosphere in the car was electric. Luckily the rear windows are heavily tinted or every passing trucker would be shadowing us and honking. Ani ran her hands up Jen’s legs and explored the inside of her cutoff jeans. Jen layed back in the seat and started slowly panting. The smell of wet pussy filled the cab. Holy shit, Ani was fingering her! Clay gawked helplessly with his mouth open from the passenger seat.

I heard a zipper, Jen protested weakly, and then her cutoffs were pulled down and then off her feet. She was completely naked.

Jennifer was given another quiet command, and I heard her say “No, I can’t.”

I travesti istanbul heard a slap and Ani said sternly, “Yes, now.”

There was a struggle, and then in a low voice Ani said, “Show him.”

Jennifer said, “I can’t.”

Another smack. “Now!” Ani commanded.

My wife reluctantly spread her long legs across the width of the cab. Ani placed her feet on top of the front seats, on either side of the headrests. One foot was next to my left ear, the other ended up approximately in Clay’s face. Jen leaned back panting. Both hands clasped behind her neck. Nipples bouncing with the uneven mountain road. Legs spread wide, wet pussy glistening in the sunlight. Clay was hypnotized by the display of total submission and rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. Every time Jen tried to modestly cover her naked body there was another slap and she returned to her spread position.

“Now stay that way.” Ani scolded. Then she said, “Clay, move your seat up.”

Like a zombie Clay reached down and pulled the bar to scoot up. Ani climbed down into the floorboard behind his seat and proceeded to go down on my wife. She was literally making out with Jennifer’s pussy. The sound of her sloppy blowjob and Jen’s passionate moaning filled the car. The younger man had a front row seat inches away from Ani sliding her tongue up and down my wife’s sensitive clitoris. Jennifer was humiliated beyond belief, she barely knew Clay, but at this point she was so horny that she couldn’t stop. She cried out as her first orgasm exploded with intense pleasure. Her legs shook and trembled, but in a show of pure obedience she somehow managed to maintain her obscene position spread wide across the back seat. Ani knew that Jen could cum multiple times, and she went back down for more.

The situation was entirely out of control. But I had a different problem. Our exit was coming up. Jen had another hard orgasm as I slowed for the ramp. Our cabin was only a few miles away. Good thing too, I could barely drive.

I mumbled, “Hey you love birds, we are almost there.”

Someone responded, “OK,” as we made our way through the woods.

At least the cabin is somewhat private, I thought to myself, as the truck crunched along the gravel driveway. We finally stopped and everyone except Jennifer got out. Ani walked around the side of the truck holding Jen’s clothes and sandals. She reached up and gave me a kiss, and slipped her tongue inside my mouth just to tease me with the taste of my wife’s pussy.

She licked her lips, green eyes twinkling, and said to me sweetly, “Did you bring her collar and leash? Go fetch it for me.”

Fuck! How did she know about that? Jen must have told her about my fetish. There are not many secrets between those two, I thought. There was no point in stopping now. I grabbed the large black dog collar and short curb leash out of my suitcase, along with a pair of black high heels.

Ani took the items and handed me Jen’s clothes. “Thanks love,” she said.

Ani fastened the collar to Jen’s neck while Jennifer slipped the high heels on. Ani led her out of the back seat holding the short curb leash and paraded her around like a naked sex slave in front of the two men. Jen struggled to walk on the gravel driveway in heels. Her long legs wobbled with each uncertain step. She hid her pussy with one hand, but her tits were too big to be covered with her other arm, and they kept bouncing free. I could see from her red face that she was completely humiliated, but also in some kind of sexually charged submissive trance.

“Are you boys horny?” Ani asked with a victorious expression on her face.

Clay glanced at me to see where all this was headed.

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