Lakeside Touches

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James studied his watch, groaned and grabbed the final swigs of black ink that his secretary swore was coffee. He was finished waiting on his six-o’clock appointment. It was now seven-thirty. The last call had said he was fifteen minutes away; that was thirty-minutes ago. He pulled his long, lean arms into the pinstripe jacket and locked up his high-rise office. When he reached the elevator and greeted the janitor and pulled his hat onto his head.

“Another late night; huh.” Gavin pressed the elevator button and leaned on the end of the mop that was plunged deep into soapy suds.

“Yes, but it wasn’t by choice. Got stood up,” James muttered.

“Oh? Making dinner dates at the office now, Mister Tucker?” Gavin lifted a brow.

James laughed. “No. I don’t think that would go over well. I had a client call and reassure me they’d be available at six, then they called and said, six-fifteen. Needless to say it is now obvious he didn’t want to do business with us.”

The elevator came to a stop and the door opened. James stepped out, followed by Gavin. The two men walked down the hall and Gavin lifted his hand to the security guard at the desk. “I’ll get it, take a seat,” he told the officer.

James watched Gavin unlock the building and pull the door open. “At least the night is young. You can get home, catch the game and kick back a couple of beers.”

James laughed. “Nah., I think I’ll head over to the bar. They have a bigger TV than I do.”

Gavin chuckled and waved good bye. He watched the young lawyer make his way across the street and then down the sidewalk. He followed him until he was no longer visible under the iridescent lighting of the city.

“You know you should just ask him out.”

Gavin turned to Daniel and shrugged his shoulders. “Yeah, but he just got over that thing with that guy out in California. Doug or Duke, something like that. I heard the ladies talking about it when they were leaving the bathroom last week.”

“So,” Daniel said, opening a can of soda and taking a drink. “Everyone loses someone and eventually finds someone else. I did. Sherrie and I never would have found each other, if she hadn’t gotten dumped by that ass she was dating, up on the fifth floor. Besides, you don’t really work together. You clean toilets. He cleans wallets.”

Gavin’s laughter echoed through the lower lobby. “This is true. I’ll head to the bar and see if he’s around when I’m finished up here.” He pushed the mop bucket toward the men’s room. “Well, don’t move to fast,” Daniel said.

“Jesus Dan, make up your mind. Hit on him or not?” Gavin rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I’m gonna finish up. You keep the fort down.”

The two men did their own jobs. Daniel took several tours of the floor he was stationed on and two more above him, waving to a few others that frequented the building. He touched base with the third floor security guard and then watched Gavin reappear in clean jeans and a black T-shirt. “If you go home tonight alone, it will be no one’s fault but your own.”

Gavin laughed. “You only say that because I’m gay and you know I’ll not make a pass at you.”

Daniel chuckled and unlocked the front door. “You’re a great guy Gavin and even if it isn’t with the stiff lipped lawyer, I do hope you have fun tonight.”

“Thanks, Dan.”

Gavin left and heard the door lock behind him. He darted across the street, taking the same route James had taken. He rounded the corner and wiped his palms down on his dark jeans. His fingers smoothed down his gray and white locks that curled around his neck. When he passed the bar window, he saw James drinking and tossing darts at a board, tacked to the north wall.

Music pumped through speakers that were unseen and Gavin made his way to James’s side. “Hey there, how’d they do?” he asked the lawyer, now free of the striking business suit.

James turned and grinned. His arm wrapped around Gavin’s shoulder and he squeezed it. “The home team lost, but I’m doing pretty good here.” He released Gavin and sent another dart into the center of the target.

“Great. I’m glad you’re still here. I haven’t been here in a while and thought I’d swing in here and see if you were around. I’m gonna grab a drink. You want one?” Gavin asked.

“Sure, I’ll come with ya though, I’m done here.”

The two men moved to the bar and ordered two beers. Both were handed cold bottles and a couple of paper napkins. They then moved to a table, one of the few that were empty and grabbed a seat. “All done for the week?” James asked Gavin, his gaze shifting from the man across from him to his drink. He was glad to see Gavin show up and was still feeling the effect of having had him close to him.

“Yep, no more for me till Monday. What about you, are you going in tomorrow?” Gavin tipped his beer back and felt James’s eyes on his throat. He slowed his sipping and pictured how it would look to James as the liquid slid down and his muscles worked it.

James eyes traveled the path the hidden liquor took. He Beylikdüzü escort felt his cock jerk and his fingers curled around the neck of the beer bottle. It took a few seconds for him to realize that he’d not answered Gavin’s question. “Oh, sorry,” he answered, shaking off the thoughts that had been running through his head. “I’m off all week actually. That last client didn’t show up. If they had, it had meant coming back in Monday and working out more details. Thanks to him, I’m going to head to the lake and do some fishing.”

“Sounds like fun,” Gavin answered back and finished his beer. “Do you have a place on a lake outside of town?”

“Nah, camping.” James told him.

“Now that sounds like fun. I haven’t camped in years.” Gavin lifted his arm and asked for another round of drinks.

James took his and downed several large gulps. “You’ll have to go sometime. I have this huge tent. I bought it for the times I headed out to California. I’d spend the weekend out in the woods with Dale and the weeks in the city working on contracts.”

“I’ll take you up on it,” Gavin said.

“Great, when?” James asked, with a chuckle under his breath. “Let me know and I’ll see if I can’t fix the time so I can take you up to one of my favorite spots.”

“Hell, I’d go now, if you were serious. I’ve got vacation time and I know I could get the guys to cover for me if I couldn’t get the time off.” He winked at James. “I’d even cook for you,” he told him.

“You’re serious. You’ll head out with me? That would be cool, man. I’ll make it right with your schedule. You just be at my place tomorrow morning, five a.m. sharp.” James pulled a business card from his wallet and quickly wrote his address on the back.

“Ummm five a.m.?” Gavin asked, taking the card and rasing his brow. “I best push this beer back and head out.”

James looked at his watch. “Damn, your right. Fuck it; come back to my place instead. We look about the same size and I have more than enough clothes to get us by for the week. Do you have anything you truly need?”

Gavin felt his palms suddenly break out into a sweat and he wiped his hands on his jeans. “I’ve got a boat. Why don’t I head home now and I’ll just swing by early and pick you up. I’ll be fine and well . . . I don’t want to impose on you too early, you may be stuck eating charred catfish all week.”

The look of disappoint was caught by Gavin, and he felt his gut twist. That look only confirmed that James was interested and Gavin was now going to have to make sure that he kept him that way, but he wasn’t going to push the issue when both had been downing beers.

“Sounds agreeable. As far as charred catfish, we have to catch it first.”

The two men left the bar and walked back the way they’d come, this time passing their employers building and heading to the parking garage beside it. “Where are you parked?” Gavin asked, as James pulled his keys from his pocket.

“Up top. You?” James asked. His finger holding the garage’s elevator door open.

“Down here. Thanks for tonight and for this upcoming week.” Gavin said and turned away. Before he did though, he gave James a long look, allowing his eyes to travel over his entire six-foot three frame and then back up to the dark pools of emerald, and said, “I am really looking forward to it.” He walked to his truck and felt James’s gaze take in every move he made.

James rode the elevator up to the level his car was parked. His cock was raging and he took time to stroke it with a firm, hard grip. “Ohhh fuck,” he muttered under his breath and then squeezed his fingers into a fist, stepped out into the parking garage and headed to his parking space.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Gavin pulled up to the Victorian style house and waved to James, who was just closing his garage door. He parked his truck and jumped out, hurrying over to gather up the supplies that James had stacked at the curb. He tried to still his pulse as James hurried toward him. When the two men met, they shook hands, each holding a little longer than needed.

James was the first to pull apart, the heat of energy that pulsed through his veins the moment he’d seen Gavin pull up only burned stronger when they had touched. He coughed and turned, quickly adjusting himself. He turned back and smirked, winking at Gavin, because he had just caught the gentleman doing the same thing. “Everything is taken care of with work. It helps to be a former lover and still a good friend of the owner.”

Gavin chuckled. “There were rumors, but I never took stock in them.” He helped James put things away and then walked around the front of the truck. “James, I’m not going to lie to you. I am looking forward to this week for a lot of reasons.”

“So am I, Gavin. We’ll take it slow and see what happens,” James opened the truck door and climbed in. He watched Gavin, a man he knew was going to become his lover, climb in behind the wheel.

James gave directions and Gavin stopped only once to top off the tank of the truck, both men grabbed Beylikdüzü escort sodas, refilled the coolers with ice and were back on the road within a few minutes. The drive was uneventful, but emotional. James could feel the tension radiating from Gavin and knew Gavin probably felt it coming from him too. Their gazes had locked during times of dead silence and half-hearted attempts at witty conversation was replaced with heated glances that were forced away.

They arrived at the lakeside campsite, one of many in the large National Forest of the Upper Peninsula. Only eight places existed to set up a tent or park a small camper; all eight were well secluded. After Gavin and James picked a site, James nodded his head in the direction of the pit toilets, told Gavin he’d be back, and left his companion alone. Gavin waved him off and felt his own erection throbbing.

He waited for James to disappear; then slid back into his seat, behind the steering wheel. He angled the wheel up, reached behind the seat of his truck and pulled out an old throw blanket, his sister had given him years ago. He’d chuckled at how happy she was to see it in his truck, the last time she visited. She’d be rolling her eyes if she knew what he was going to use it for now.

Gavin quickly unsnapped his jeans and opened the fly. His fingers worked his cock free of his boxers. Each touch of his hands, one pulling his cock, the other teasing his balls free, brought grunts of pleasure. He wanted to feel James’s hand wrapped around his sex, pumping and pulling his seed from his balls. His eyes closed as he began to vigorously stroke his dick. The pads of his fingers played with the mushroom head. Pre cum oozed down, easing his play. He lifted his hips, driving his cock deeper into his hand. His chest rose and fell; the skin rolled up, covered the tip of his sex and then was pulled back down.

“Ohh . . . God,” Gavin muttered. His balls growing more tight and beginning to rise closer to his body. He opened his eyes and saw James in the distance. He concentrated on the man’s walk. His long legs. His easy stride. Faster his fingers moved and quicker his ass rose to meet his palm’s thrust. When he felt the first shots of come threaten to explode, he gazed into James’s eyes. Ten feet separated them and it all seemed to fade as Gavin focused on James’s lips.


The word wasn’t spoken, simply mouthed by James. It was however, easily seen and heard by Gavin. His cock shuddered in his hands. His eyes rolled back and he felt the jettison of come, fly up. It hit the blanket that lay across his belly. He groaned and stroked out two more squirts of white milk. When he was done, he opened his eyes and saw movement by the door of the truck.

“Unlock the door Gavin,” James said through the glass.

Gavin’s eyes were glassy, as he reached over, not even aware he’d subconsciously locked the door of the pickup. He moved his hand from his half-mast cock and stared into James’s eyes. He could tell from James’s flushed cheeks that James’s had probably gotten himself off. He moved his hand to the back of James’s head and pulled it down to his mouth.

Their tongues touched. Each moaned into the other’s mouth and then let the wet muscles explore. Gavin felt James’s hand move to his limp tool and play with it. “Let’s get camp set up, grab a bite and then,” James paused, “we’ll see what happens next. We’ve got all day, no need to rush things.”

Gavin kissed James again, agreed to everything the other man had said and gave himself a mental shake at the loss that rolled over him when James moved his hand away. Gavin repaired his state of dress and exited the truck.

The nylon tent was much larger than both men needed, but both agreed, by the end of the week, every inch would be covered in dirty, smelly laundry, a few pounds of mud and lake water and probably a snail or two. They worked together in gathering up kindling for the wood that Gavin had loaded in the back of his truck and when Gavin headed inside the tent to lay out sleeping bags. James told him there was no question on where he wanted his bag.

Gavin walked out of the tent and took in the site of crackers and cheese, spread out over the cement picnic table. “Hey I thought I was going to cook,” he said and reached for a Ritz cracker.

“You are, this is not cooking,” James answered back. He passed a paper plate of cheese to Gavin and they ate quickly. Minutes later, both were commenting that the day was hot and a swim would be welcomed.

The lake, surrounded by thick trees, had only one other camper set up. Gavin had made note of it earlier, informing James, who only shrugged his shoulders. They decided to change into swimming trunks and swim from the shore of their campsite, instead of the small sandy beach. “You change first, I’ll put things away,” Gavin told James. “I don’t trust myself with you.”

James laughed. “Well, I hope not, or this will be one boring week.”

Gavin smirked. “Going slow remember,” he winked, “besides, once I am Escort Beylikdüzü in the water, you may change your mind about this one week fling.”

“Gavin,” James called out, after Gavin’s last words. “I came out of a serious relationship already. I don’t mind starting another, but just not as intense. I’ve been attracted to you a long time. I already like you as a buddy. Sure we’ve only passed in the elevator and had the beers yesterday, but I’ve always respected you as I do other men. I don’t want a week fling, but I don’t know if I want marriage either. So. . . . as long as we are both responsible, let’s see how lovers with ummm. . .”

“Others?” Gavin asked.

“Yeah,” James chuckled, “Lovers with Others, great title.”

Gavin laughed. “Yeah, sounds like a porn story for some free site.”

“Yea.” James turned away. “I’m going to change, be back in a few.”

Gavin watched James leave and quickly gathered up the trash that could be burnt and pitched it into the glowing flames of the campfire. He then cleaned up the remaining things, storing them in the cooler as well as in various tote boxes. When James left the tent, Gavin whistled low with appreciation and winked at his friend’s backside.

James rolled his eyes and headed to the lake. “See ya when you get there.”

Gavin scurried about the tent, his cock growing more erect with each passing second. It took him longer than necessary to change; the constant need to stroke his erection, was a recurring distraction he enjoyed dealing with. Down at the lake, he watched James dip and dive into the crystal clear waters.

The sun, hovering around three p.m., added beads of sparkling light on the young lawyer’s skin. Gavin enjoyed each bead of water that dripped from James’s hair and he felt the need to run his fingers through the wet strands that were matted down to the strong scalp. He walked toward the water and saw James turn. Their eyes held and James lips rose in a smirk. Gavin followed the gaze of James’s eyes and stared down at the tent pole that protruded from his pants.

“I bet you twenty bucks this water brings that bad boy down,” James called out.

“You look pretty comfortable out there. How cold could it be?” Gavin asked.

“Come out here and check. You’ll feel how freakin’ cold it is,” James laughed. He watched Gavin smile. His cock jerked. He knew by the time Gavin did reach his side, his cock would be as hard as Gavin’s was now.

James chuckled and hollered, “Told you,” when Gavin cursed at the water’s temperature. He laughed at his friend as he timidly walked into the cool lake. “Just dunk your head under and it will all be over,” James shouted.

“The head is under and believe me it is so over,” Gavin yelled back.

Another round of curses and several “ohhh” “ffffuck” “shiiit” ‘s were muttered across the lake, before Gavin finally dove into the depths of the shimmering liquid and reappeared wet, from head to toe.

“Better?” James asked and swam over to Gavin. He studied his face and felt himself responding to the strong jaw line and the small goatee.

“Barely, holy fuck this is some cold shit,” Gavin muttered. He rubbed his arms and after several smaller laps, he concluded that the initial shock was over and he was sane again.

James swam along side him as well as lounged on his back, enjoying the splay of clouds that danced upon the blue sky. He heard Gavin before he felt him. His eyes stared down the length of his chest and watched Gavin’s fingers move across the soft muscles and the hardened cords that were sometimes less neglected than others. He felt Gavin’s other hand press into the small of his back, supporting his weight so he floated in one spot on the lake.

His breath seemed to be suspended in his lungs as Gavin’s fingers moved over one water-covered nipple and then the other. Touches turned more aggressive when Gavin twisted one than the other and James felt his cock slap against his stomach. He saw Gavin’s lips rise in a smirk. The hand at the base of his back, held him firmly in it’s fingertip grasp, while the other, palm down moved to slide into James swimming trunks.

“Mmm. . .” James moaned and closed his eyes. His lips fell open and air was dragged in as Gavin’s hand circled his cock and began to stroke the meaty appendage.

“You’re so thick,” Gavin muttered and tightened his grip, not quite believing the blood-filled muscle was too large to close his fingers around. He soon found that it was.

“That fills good, Gavin,” James hissed. He groaned as Gavin mouth moved over his lips. They tangled together, gently. Each tongue’s tip caressed the others. They lapped and licked lips, sucked on moist muscles, until both were moving so they were facing one another.

Gavin helped to steady James. He pulled him close, pushing his fingers into his hair and gripping James’s ass with his other hand. Their heads angled, muscles moved in deeper, stroked harder and drove organs to jerk in rage. Eventually, they found their footing and Gavin ground his hips against James’s swollen cock. He felt the warm mass, hidden behind water and cloth, collide with his own. He groaned against James’s ear and nipped at the soft, fleshy lobe. “Slow right?” he muttered and sucked on the pulse point that beat under James’s ear.

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