Lead Me Not Ch. 01

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Somewhere off in the darkness, he could hear screams. The sound no longer bothered him, not even when they rose to such a cacophony that the brimstone walls trembled with pleasure, the echoing rumbles merely part of the constant ambiance of hell. He could only count himself among the lucky that he wasn’t joining them.

Haden opened his eyes from where he lay on his back on a slab of living rock, his only remaining wing draped loosely on the floor. Gone was the stunning portrait of a charismatic young priest, the last echoes still lingering only in his baby blue eyes.

“Hadephobia. You’ve got a job, asswipe.”

Hadephobia—fear of Hell. It had become an appropriate and painful nickname for him down here. He looked up towards the sound of the voice, knowing already who came calling, and it sent his stomach twisting.

Ademkass Desdemona, one of the highest ranking among the defiled, and one of the oldest, as well, a half-breed of incubus and chaos demon. Still, he made for quite the sight standing in the doorway, clad only in black leather pants that clung to his shapely legs like a second skin. Unlike most, his complexion still held a hint of what was once a rich Egyptian tan, overlaid with a series of strange tattoos. Black dashes ran from one cheek to the other, along with a V of them down his shapely chest from nipples to groin, the same V in a mimic on his back, an almost obscene arrow down towards his more erogenous zones in silent invitation, though at the time of their creation, there had been more profound meaning behind them. Black swirls marked his palms and hips as well, perfectly balanced. Red hair fell straight to the small of his back, his eyes black, but nearly luminous in the dim light.

“What’s the matter, priesty? On the rag, or is your other wing twitching itself off of you like the rest of your skin?” Adem’s upper lip curled at that, sneering at the tattered, broken appendage that extended from Haden’s right shoulder blade. The half-breed had lost his own wings years ago, only scars left behind from where an archangel had ripped them from his back.

Sighing, Haden closed his eyes again, his dark hair a mussed, twisted halo around his head. “What is it I have to do?”

For a moment, Adem only stared at him, the monotone response apparently not what he was looking for.

“You worthless sack of rotting flesh. You should be on your knees begging me for an assignment.” He paused for half a second, as if pondering the idea, even as he stepped completely into the side chamber, the door banging shut behind him on its own.

And here it came. Haden refused to open his eyes until he felt the hand on his throat, lifting his limp body up off the slab of hard stone, catching his breath against the other’s palm.

“I believe I told you to get on your knees.”

It was all so predictable, and the same as Haden had been through many times before. It seemed to him the altyazılı porno others, especially the older ones, were nearly programmed, only able to follow a script, follow orders. Perhaps the endless atmosphere of screams, heat, and sulfur would do that to anyone. Even to him, in the end.

The younger creature hit the stones hard as he was dropped, pulling his legs underneath him to rest on his knees, his one wing drooping, dragging on the floor behind him. The left side of his back held a jagged scar where the other one had been, nearly lost in a series of crossed whip marks marring his creamy skin, the blemishes extending from the back of his neck to the tops of his thighs. What appendage remained sprouting from the abused skin was in tatters, one of the bones snapped off close to the base and exposed bare and white, the leathery flesh stretched thin, torn and completely useless for getting him airborne even if its counterpart still remained.


Adem’s voice finally brought him back, looking up to see the older creature pull down the zipper to his pants, peeling them down to expose an already erect cock. Of course, as an incubus, he could have orgasmed on command, much less make it hard at a moment’s notice. Not to mention, he had control of its size, and the demon must have been feeling especially cruel, at least eleven inches greeting Haden’s mouth, the head just pressing against his lower lip, beside the small silver ring that curved around the soft edge of his mouth.

The half-breed smirked, resting his hands on his hips, matching the tattoos together by his palms and tossing his head to get his long hair back into place and out of his way. “Well? Or are you too thick to remember what to do now?”

Haden sighed, quietly, his warm breath washing over the first few inches of the pulsing shaft. There was something still innocent left in him, something naïve and unbroken the way he wrapped one hand around the thick base, pressing his lips against the weeping slit, the cool metal such a pleasant contrast to his skin. Yet, Adem couldn’t put his finger on just what it was about their recruit that made him so undeniably appealing. He was like a mortal still in the way he moved and acted, shrinking away from the other hostile creatures that thought nothing of taking full advantage of him. Perhaps it was only because he had been a corrupted priest, that certain holy air still lingered about him.

In a way, Adem had to admit that it sickened him. His only redemptive quality seemed to be that most of his sins were those of the flesh, and he carried the experience on with him.

Haden hesitated only a moment longer before he wrapped his mouth entirely around the mushroom head of the other’s cock, the familiar salty tang pressing against his tongue. There was something almost bittersweet and tempting about it at the same time, the confusing and alluring scent of an incubus rising thick to him türkçe altyazılı porno as he tilted his head, slowly guiding the inches in. Still, to take all eleven was a daunting task, and he knew Adem wouldn’t let him go until he could.

For now, the younger demon backed off, instead stroking him with one hand, wary of his claws. He watched the soft skin shift beneath his tapered fingers, veins outlined, his steady heartbeat making the shaft pulse and twitch in response. A faint smile quirked at the corners of his lips, if only in the echo of a memory, before he put his tongue to work. Tilting the thick length upwards to point towards the other realm so far out of reach, he lapped at the hairless sac beneath, running his tongue down over one ball, and then the other, sucking them into his mouth briefly. There was something still infatuating, intoxicating about this, and soon he was going at it with the threat forgotten. By Adem’s soft moans, it was well worth it.

He brought his other hand up to stroke at the demon’s inner thigh, nipping the extra flesh between his balls very lightly, careful not to catch his fangs on the sensitive skin, before he licked his way back up to his cock. Closing his eyes and humming lightly with pleasure, he swirled his tongue around the base again, still holding it with one hand, and then ran the slick muscle up the underside, all the way back to the head, licking out the seeping precum almost eagerly. It was a change Adem couldn’t help but enjoy every time.

Smirking around his fangs, the redhead shifted his hands onto the other’s head, tangling into his dark hair, a thick mane that had once been silky and shiny, fallen into neglect since his stay below, unlike some. The touch, however, was enough to spur Haden to greater efforts, feeling the claws rake lightly along his scalp. He took in a quick breath, then engulfed a few inches into his hot mouth again. He sucked hard, flicking his tongue against the sensitive slit again and again, until he felt the muscle of the older demon’s thigh quiver lightly. He backed off slightly, only to press his head forward again, gagging lightly when the tapered head hit the back of his throat. Sucking in an unnecessary breath through his nose, out of habit alone, he swallowed, easing the thick cock into his open throat. He wanted to feel all of it, if only to get some accomplishment out of the punishment, but he wanted to make Adem groan. He wanted to make the bastard fall to his knees and scream with pleasure. It was the only time he would ever be able to make him scream.

Relaxing his throat as best he could, he forced himself down further, sucking and swallowing, his tongue pressed against the underside of his shaft. He didn’t realize how far he had gotten until his nose pressed against bare skin, the incubus completely bare of hair aside from the long bloody tresses from his scalp. Opening his eyes, Haden looked up at his captor, hd altyazılı porno a low moan sending a pleasant vibration all the way up Adem’s cock. The incubus groaned himself, watching the younger demon cup and gently knead his balls as he deep throated him, half-choking on the full length, but managing to hold it for a few moments longer. He backed off again, lathing the salty skin with his tongue, every inch he could reach, before sucking him back into his mouth.

The wait became agonizing, especially with Haden’s own cock pressed against his jeans in an uncomfortable bulge, but he dare not put his hands down and free it. Instead, he worked over his superior, time never a factor below the surface. It could have been minutes, or hours that he pulled and sucked and licked at the hard penis, moaning and murmuring quiet pleas for the other demon to cum, or was it that he was begging to be allowed to do so himself?


The little whimper came as delicate and sweet music to Adem’s ears, curling his fingers a bit tighter into Haden’s hair. Cupping the back of his head, he pulled him sharply forward, thrusting his hips and burying himself all the way once more. Unprepared, the dark-haired man gagged, and the contraction around his cock was enough to finally put the incubus over the edge. Tossing his head back, he gripped Haden’s head and groaned low and long. Six or seven spurts emptied down the back of the priest’s throat before he pulled back, a few more short bursts landing on his tongue before the incubus finally finished, still hard, but apparently sated.

Trembling and gasping lightly, Haden licked the shaft clean, looking up at his superior once more, the taste lingering thick in his mouth. “…My assignment?” He asked, his voice sounding meek even to him by then, still on his knees on the stone floor.

Rolling his shoulders in a stretch, Adem yawned, baring his fangs even as he pulled his pants back up, tucking in his cock and arching his back, extending wings that were no longer there. “You’re one of the only ones that can enter a church without being in pain, and you know how to act as a priest. Go above for a week and gain us some more holy souls. I’ll be watching you.” He grinned, something twisted and manic in the gesture. He reached behind him, pulling black robes from nowhere and tossing them down at the couched, miserable demon. “Have fun, Father. Trust that you’ll be seeing me shortly.”

The door opened, and Ademkass slipped out, his laughter echoing down the hall, mingling with the agonized screams. Picking himself up once more, Haden gathered the clothes against his chest, feeling his hands tremble lightly. Shutting his eyes, he only felt the walls close in around him, the smell of sulfur becoming choking, and the world spun, rose, and burst in a blinding flash of half-forgotten sunlight.


Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy my first submission to Literotica! Trust that they’ll be more to come—I have all kinds of plans for Haden, and Adem shall be returning, usually at the most inopportune moments. Please, let me know what you like and dislike, and what you want to see more of. Authors live and die by comments!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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