Let Me See You Taste Her

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You park your car and take one last look at your phone; ‘I’m headed home from the club now, so I’ll talk to you later’ was written from me about an hour ago. Despite it being late, you figured you’d surprise me. After spending all day being bored and horny, a surprising and forceful fuck session should make you feel much, much better. You walk into the house, up the stairs as quietly as possible. You know I have the house to myself yet you still find yourself looking around for any sign of other people when suddenly a sound stops you dead in your tracks. Whimpering, no, moaning even. And it sounds nothing like me. Much higher pitched, cute whimpering moaning with intermittent begging. You creep up the second flight of stairs and hear the soft music and now, louder moaning, coming from my bedroom. You peek in past the cracked open door and your jaw drops to the floor. Sprawled out on my bed is the most adorable girl you’ve ever seen – with me on top of her, teasing her perfect tits with my tongue. Your hand instinctively moves to your cock, which is suddenly harder than you’ve ever felt it. The girl’s dark hair is splayed out on my pillows as she tips her head back, licking her perfectly red lips, biting them and whimpering as I switch over to her other tit, sucking hard and ferociously.

You blink to make sure this is real, taking in the entire scene. The lights are low and we’re both in our underwear. My black lace bra and panty set is hugging every curve of my body, my ass in the air as I crawl up and down her body. Her tall, skinny frame lays on the bed, back arched to meet my demands. Her hands rake through my hair and everything smells like perfume and sweat. Our two bodies move as one as we grind against each other, moaning louder and kissing harder, passionately, tongues moving between or mouths, my hands pulling on her hair and her screams muffled by more kisses. You lick your lips, taking in the gorgeous scene. Now is your chance, your chance to get involved. You wait for the opportune moment, until we’re both so distracted by playing with each other before you push open the door. Suddenly, like a needle being pulled from a record, we stop moving and look up at you, eyes hazy with lust, alcohol and disbelief.

“Oh my god” I yelp, “What are you doing here?” Meanwhile the girl moves to cover up her chest with a pillow but in her tipsy state, barely covers much and her tits still hang out. You take a step in the room, already in your role.

“I was coming to surprise you but I see that you’re otherwise occupied”, you snarl. I recoil, whimpering slightly, looking bakırköy escort up at you with smudged makeup and doe eyed lust. You shake your head and grip my chin in your hand.

“What are we gonna do about this?” you say, shaking your head and digging your nails into my cheek. I press my cheek harder into your hand and look down, and then at my companion.

“This, is, uhm, this is Ashlee” I mumble, gesturing towards the stunning girl half-laying on the bed next to me. She nods and smiles.

“Pleased to meet you”. You let go of my face and run a finger down her soft, hot cheek.

“Hello to you too,” you purr, looking her up and down like a piece of meat.

“She looks delicious,” you say to me, never taking your eyes off of her. “Let see you,” you say, gesturing for her to get up. She gets on her knees, looking warily back at me but I smile and nod. She lets the pillow fall to the floor and her entire body is on display. Her tight stomach, long straight hair, smokey dark eyes and tan skin with gorgeous, perky handful tits shines back at you. You smile in approval before immediately returning to your domineering attitude.

“What are we going to do about this?” you say to me, looking her up and down. Before I have a chance to offer up a response you say, “I think I’d like to watch more while I decide”. You settle yourself on the couch and gesture for us to resume. Your presence must be turning her on because as soon as you say this, she climbs on top of me and starts kissing my neck and shoulders. I whimper and moan, pressing my tits to hers while she unclasps my bra, letting them fall free so that they are skin to skin. You grip your hard cock through your pants and stare as we make out, suck on each others tits and grind our bodies together.

“You two are very bad girls,” you growl, standing up to let your pants fall to the ground, exposing your cock, standing at attention for us. Ashlee’s eyes widen as she looks back and forth from me to you, confused as to what to do next. You shake your head, girls never know how to do anything useful without being told.

“Take her panties off,” you command, pointing from me to Ashlee, “And then your own. I want to see you both naked. Now.” I do as I’m told, sliding her panties over her hips and then my own down my creamy legs, both pairs soaking wet and hit the floor in a pile of clothing. You grin like a hungry wolf, looking at the two of us in bed together, trembling, hazy, horny and naked.

“Now taste her.” You say to me, pointing to Ashlee’s soaked pussy. She backs up on the bakırköy escort bayan bed and opens her legs slowly, her perfectly shaved pussy on display for both of us. I take a deep breathe and come down onto my elbows, looking over at you with your hand on your cock before tentatively licking her clit. She starts moaning immediately, fingers running through my hair and pulling me closer.

“She wants more, don’t you see that? She deserves better than that. Be a good girl and give her what she wants or you’ll be punished.”

You growl from your seat, jerking your cock slowly. I start licking up and down her dripping pussy, shoving my tongue inside her and her back arches, moans slipping from her mouth, her hands turning to fists in my hair, grinding her hips against my face. I suck on her clit, teasing her pussy with my tongue repeatedly and she’s nearly screaming, playing with her own tits, digging her nails in, eyes shut tightly, head tipped back. You grab your phone and snap a quick shot of this ordeal before standing up. You can tell she’s about to cum and you yell at me.

“Make her cum now or I swear you’ll regret it.”

You reach around and spank my ass so hard that you can hear my muffled moaning against her pussy and suddenly, her moans turn to a tighter, high pitched whimpering, begging for it, muttering ‘yes’ under her breathe repeatedly as she gushes into my mouth. You see my own hand snaked under my body, teasing my clit while I pleasure her. Now’s your chance.

You creep up behind me while I’m still eating her out, now shoving two fingers in her tight cunt and you can hear them sliding in and out as her juicy pussy absorbs them. You get behind me on the bed and without any warning, shove every inch of your cock into my sopping wet, tight pussy. I pull away from her and scream, bucking my hips, shoving you deeper and deeper. Ashlee looks up at you and you tell her that she’s next and she looks nervous but so wildly turned on that it excites you and prompts you to fuck me harder like I’m just a middle ground toy getting you closer to this. She comes up and kisses me and starts sucking on my tits while you fuck me repeatedly. Soon enough, I’m grinding against your dick and cumming everywhere, dripping onto the bed. You pull out as soon as I’m breathing normally and push me out of your way. You want to taste her. While I’m getting myself back together, you lean over and drag your tongue up Ashlee’s glistening cunt and it amazes you that someone can come close to how delicious I taste. You shove your tongue in her like you watched escort bayan bakırköy me do and she writhes around, grinding up against your face until she’s bucking her cunt against your mouth. I lean over and start teasing and sucking her tits, which sends her over the edge and she cums directly into your mouth. You groan as she drags her nails over your shoulders and through your hair, pulling you tighter and tighter against her. Finally, she lets go, her breathing ragged and she and I start to kiss again, whimpering with post-orgasmic bliss. You stand up and put your hands on your hips, your cock standing straight out at us.

“Well, now it’s my turn ladies,” you say, tugging on your cock. We’re unsure of what to do and you get angry; “Get on your goddamned knees and start sucking. I’m going to cum on your faces and that’s that. So fuckin get busy or I will spank you until you’re begging to suck me off”.

Your voice is stern, cut with an insane sense of lust that makes the entire room feel heavy. I fall to my knees on he floor and start dragging my tongue from the bottom of your dick to the top, whimpering slightly as your hands hold my head, sliding my mouth up and down the way you like it. Ashlee comes off the bed then, watching with wide eyes and that same glazed over, turned on look. You smile, and invite her to play too. I pull away and whisper something in her ear and she lights up, nodding. You look at us both in confusion and I grin devilishly; “Ashlee can deep throat” I say, my grin getting larger as I scoot over. Your eyes get wide; you’ve never had that feeling before. She starts licking and teasing the head of your cock before sucking on it with amazing skill. You tip your head back, nothing has ever felt like this before. Suddenly, she grabs your hands and put them on the back of her head, encouraging you to push. You push gently and your cock slides effortlessly down her throat. Jesus fuckin Christ, that feeling. You’re overcome with a surge of lust and you start fucking her face relentlessly. You look down and I’m behind, eating her out while she’s on her knees, her moans and whimpers muffled by your dick shoved down her throat. Suddenly, you can feel yourself about to cum but you want it all over us.

“Get over here”, you yell at me and pull your cock out of Ashlee’s hot, wet mouth. I scoot up quickly and you’re jerking your cock vigorously, staring down at our adorable waiting faces, heaving tits and full lips. You close your eyes as your orgasm surges through your body, starting in your toes and suddenly spraying all over our waiting faces. You hear yourself groaning, mixed with our moans as we take in all the cum all over our faces and tits. When you’re finally spent, you look down at our gorgeous bodies covered in your cum and you smile.

“Good girls,” you breathe, petting us each on the head, “good, good girls”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32