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Dear Nicole,

How are you? Yes, I know…that last letter you sent me was so incredibly hot! I just finished reading it, and I’m sitting here naked at my computer. Oh, my God! Please don’t ever stop sending those encounter stories; you and your Patrick sure made my day today. I was sitting in my closet reorganizing my shoe rack when your letter arrived on my I-pad. So I started reading it right there on floor. Mmm! He actually fucked you right in your own office? Wow! And the thing that really got to me was when he had your tits in his mouth and your secretary peeked in. I bet that scared you for just a second…hahaha! Jason would have been too unnerved to continue, but Patrick never stopped, huh? What did you say to your secretary later? Anything?

I have to admit that part turned me on so bad…Ohhh…I stripped off my shorts and finger-fucked myself right there on the floor of my closet. I could just about feel Patrick’s mouth on MY nipples also! My pussy was so on fire! What a great orgasm that was, and the second one was almost as good! So now I’m sitting at my desk because the mood is right to relate part two of the Mark and Dani Bradley story. Go find a nice, dark closet to read this in…giggle!

Anyway, our work at Applebee’s proceeded as if nothing had ever happened. You would not have been able to tell anything from Mark’s behavior toward us. When he said, “The business comes first,” he meant it. In fact, one night I screwed up the cash-out; he was very hard on me right in front of two other servers and the bartender. Yet, after four weeks, Felecia and I were taking home about $450-500 per pay period; our bank account was growing!

The next part of our sexy adventure happened during our fifth week. This particular Applebee’s had a small banquet room in the back which could hold thirty or forty guests. Mark usually asked the more experienced servers if they would like to work these receptions. I knew we had arrived in his mind when on a Thursday he asked Felecia and me if we wanted to work one of them being held that Saturday night. Felecia couldn’t do it, she had a date; but I said yes.

Everything went off without a hitch and Mark handed me and the other two girls an extra $50 saying, Their tip was exceptionally high!” Then, as we were leaving, he said to me with a wink, “Nancy, if you don’t mind I only need one of you to help me put some of these things away. It’ll take maybe five minutes?”

“Sure, Mark, be glad to help.”

He picked up some of the glassware and started into the restaurant with it while the other two servers left out the back door. With the door shut he turned to me, “So Nancy, that was good tonight. Seriously, are you sure you and Felecia even want to go to college? You could make really decent money in this business.”

“Oh, Mr. Mark, thank you; but if we don’t go I’ll always wonder…and maybe regret not going.”

“I understand, but I’ll always have a job for you,” and with a grin he added, “I mean as servers… although…” We both knew what he meant; too funny! “But,” he continued, “part two of this deal will be coming up next week. I’ve been watching for an opportunity to take you girls home with me, and I think I’ve found it.”

“Okay, and what is that?”

“My wife’s sister Dylan is putting on a birthday party for her daughter Dominique’s sweet sixteen. They need a bigger house than theirs and Dani offered to let her use ours. I need a team there to cater and you and Felecia could serve. After the party I can visualize a lot of ways that it will be just the four of us in the house. How to begin this seduction thing is totally up to you. Are you and Felecia available?”

“I am, Felecia usually goes out with her friend Teddy. But…this sounds like our best opportunity. She’ll be there.”

“Great!” I’ll handle all the arrangements, you and Felecia just come over at noon. I hope you’re looking forward to this, are you?”

God, Nicole, I was already getting so fucking horny just thinking about it happening. I definitely wasn’t getting enough sex; things had been so busy in my world that I hadn’t had anything since our encounter with Mark. Worse yet, I hadn’t even had an orgasm for four or five days, and that was a quick one in the shower before heading out on a shopping trip for school clothes. “Don’t worry, Mark; Felecia and I have a little bit of experience with seducing girls. The only difference here is the age factor.” Scooting up really close to him, I nudged his chest with my shoulder, “And frankly, it’s going to be a lot of fun trying…we’ve never been turned down yet!”

I heard Mark moan softly low in his throat. His eyes looked far-away and I knew his fantasy world was revving up in his dirty, little mind. Laying my hand on his tummy and my head on his shoulder, he looked down at me, “No…I bet you haven’t, you fuckin’ hot, little bitch!” He smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

I really don’t know what it was (and I didn’t really care at the time) but something made me say to him, casino şirketleri “Maybe you could use a good blow-job, right now? That dick of yours might need some sucking!”

“You little fuck! For real? You aren’t kidding me, are you?”

I didn’t even answer, Nicole; I just took Mark by the hand and walked him over to the door. After locking it, I turned and started pulling at his belt. He let me undo it, but before I could pull his Dockers down, he turned my face up to him and we made out insanely for maybe three minutes! God, that was good; I realized then that he was exceptionally good kisser!

Dropping to my knees I yanked his trousers and boxers down and cupped his balls! His cock was crazy hard already from the kissing (my pussy was gushing, if you must know!) Licking up the soft underside of the shaft, I listened for his response and was rewarded with a deep groan! Wetting my lips I let them travel up and down his shaft nibbling his soft hardness, tickling his sac with one hand and softly jacking his dick with the other. Mark was trembling badly! So much so that he had to put both hands on the mini-bar to steady himself.

Letting go of his balls, I sucked his cock into my mouth all the way to his tummy. He groaned again and made a little yelp of pleasure when my tongue found another one of his sensitive spots. “N..n..nancyyy,” he stammered, “you’re so f..fucking y..young, how you know all th..this already?”

I stopped and looked at him with a seductive smile; spitting into my hand I started jacking his rod with it again, “Just practice, Mr. Mark, I think I know what men like!” I did this until his eyes rolled back in his head and I took his cock deep-throat again.

Tightening my lips around the middle of his dick, I grabbed his ass with both hands and began guiding his motions to fuck my mouth. He caught on quickly so I could then reach for the base of his hard-on. My tongue was flaying that sensitive spot just below the circumcised head, and every time it wanted to pop out of my mouth, I sucked harder and wouldn’t let it. Mark was crying out now, “Oh ffuucckkk! Mmm…Fucckkkk! You fuckin’ slut…Uunnngghh…DAMN!”

Pausing for a second, I hissed at him, “C’mon mother-fuck…c’mon! Cum now! Shoot it for me, let me taste you!” Then I sucked him back down.

Nicole, that man exploded! I felt the first shot splash against the back of my throat. Sticking a finger into his ass up to the first knuckle, he almost screamed and grabbed my hair, thrusting into my mouth with each spasm! Mmm…Oh Goddd…it was sooo good! He just flopped into a chair.

He looked exhausted, “You fucking bitch…Goddd…I don’t know what got into you, but thanks! Oh my Goddd…” Elbows on the table, all he could do was hold his head there with both hands.

“I have to go, Mr. Bradley,” I said slyly. “You owe me one!”

He looked up, “No worries, you want me to reciprocate…any time you want!”

The next day was Sunday and I told Felecia about the birthday party; she did have to cancel her weekly date explaining to Teddy that she couldn’t pass up every single one of these bonus opportunities. On Monday we had the lunch shift at work and got off at 5:00 pm. Felecia and I stopped at a Taco Bell and we ordered a Nachos Belle Grande to split. It was then that I told her about the blow job.

“Mmm…” she said, that makes me hungry for a burrito!”

Slapping her on the arm, I retorted, “Smart ass!”

“Hey, don’t, you’ll make me spill my Coke!” she said with a giggle, “I just mean I don’t blame you, Mark’s really fun. Aren’t you glad we took this challenge?”

“Ohh yess,” I drawled, “Although in Dani’s case, I’m not sure what to think. Girls our age seem fairly easy to win over. And older women like Jessi’s mom and my mom have experience. Dani’s never done this before; she might be too nervous to give in to us, ya think?”

“Maybe,” she replied, “but one thing we need to do is talk to Mark tomorrow. He never did tell us about his sex life with Dani. We need her really horny when we try this.”

“You are so devious…and smart; I would never have thought of that! But, if we need him to ‘no sex with her’ this week, we better go back to the restaurant and talk to him now!”

We gathered our things and headed back to Applebee’s. That Mark Bradley! A huge, silly grin spread over his face when we told him what we wanted. “If that’s what you think will work, okay,” he said. “Dani and I have sex almost every day, sometimes twice. If I do this, she’ll be going crazy by Thursday! Should be fun! I don’t know what I’m gonna tell her, but I’ll think of something!”

But Holy Shit! By Thursday…I think it was Mark who was going crazy! In the middle of my shift, Sophie came up to me and muttered, “Oh, my God! What’s with Mark today? Have you noticed how grumpy he is?” Yep! He was grumpy alright. I saw him very short with the bartender once and very intolerant of a couple customers who complained about their food.

I’m not sure he even realized casino firmaları what was happening, but when I mentioned my suspicions to Felecia, she had already noticed it. When he got on her for not taking a drink order quickly enough, I saw her lean over and whisper something in his ear. Mark straightened up, looked at her, laughed out loud, and strode away! The rest of the week, he was fine!

Later on I asked her, “What did you say to him?”

Felecia giggled, “I just said, ‘Hey, ASSHOLE, if you can’t make it until Saturday yourself, then fuck her…damnit! You’re driving everybody nuts!”

I almost peed my pants laughing, Nicole!

Saturday came and right on time we were knocking on Mark and Dani’s door ready to go! According to our plan Felecia and I were dressed like “Hooter’s” girls, with cut-off t-shirts that showed our tummies. We had the short sleeves rolled up above our shoulders and some mad, white gym shorts that flattered our legs and asses. We also had decided to be celibate for the week. Our bodies were on fire with the possibilities, but for some reason, I felt very relaxed and confident about what would happen. I knew what it was…Felecia! She was always amazing in situations like this; her sexual radar was almost supernaturally sharp! Dani and Mark greeted us at the door and like “Wow!” Mark was right, I liked Dani immediately. She hugged us and told us how beautiful we were in our outfits, and how Mark had chosen us because we would be just the right age to serve our fifteen to eighteen year-old guests.

“Mark just loves your work ethic; it’s not often he mentions the servers unless they make a lot of mistakes.”

Felecia rejoined her with, “Well, I hate to admit this, Mrs. Bradley, but your husband is an excellent boss, we love working for him!” I echoed Felecia’s sentiments, all the while winking at Mark.

“Oh, listen girls, you must call me Dani. Mrs. Bradley sounds so stuffy! Anyway, the guests will arrive soon; we have to get going.”

For my part, I was thinking how beautiful this Danielle was. Her long chestnut hair was gorgeous; it flowed around her head and neck like you see on the commercials. She had to be only around 5’1″ with great skin and great make-up, and ohhh…very kissable looking lips. She might have been ten to fifteen pounds overweight, but her curves were sexy. She had on some tight (but flattering) blue jeans and a lemon-colored blouse that was opened an extra button revealing some very nice cleavage.

We headed into the kitchen and I changed the subject, “We love your house, Dani…coming up the drive Felecia and I were “ooh-ing and ahh-ing” about it! I bet you have a garden in the back?”

“Oh yes,” she replied, “I’m glad the weather turned out because we wanted to use it today. I’ve got serving tables set up back there.” She led us outside and we were effusive about how everything looked perfect and what a great party it was going to be! Serving would be easy they said, all we had to do was follow Mark’s instructions, keep the table loaded with food, and walk around with serving trays looking sexy, but as Dani pointed out, “Not too sexy!” Mark took us to the kitchen and we got to work right away with Dani chattering away about her family, and that she knew a lot of these kids, and how great it was going to be!

Right at the end of our preparations though, she turned to Felecia and said, “Mark tells me you gave up a date with your boyfriend to help us, Felecia…is that right?”

“Oh, yes, that’s true I guess; but it’s okay, I wouldn’t have passed up meeting you for anything!” I was watching Felecia’s face when she said this, Nicole. Her eyes were flashing at Dani! I had seen this look from her many times before when she was in that sexual “zone” of hers. The game was on!

Dani replied, “Well, I remember when I was nineteen; you wouldn’t have been able to get me to work anything on a Friday or Saturday if I had a date…Umm…” she looked at Mark, “no offense, honey!”

“But you took on this party today,” Felecia continued, “that’s a lot of work; you and Mark could have had a ‘date’ yourselves!” Felecia looked at me and very obviously winked so that Dani would notice.

“Yes, well, this is family and for the moment at least, that takes precedence.” Danielle looked at Mark and said, “And I don’t think Mark wants a ‘date’ anyway. He has too much on his mind.” Mark rolled his eyes and Felecia and I giggled at him. So this was the excuse he used with her; that awkward moment between them was really quite funny, Nicole! If Dani sounded just irritated enough that we noticed it, she must have been very pissed with Mark for the last four days! Considering what Mark had told us about their sex life, she must have been horny out of her mind!

But Felecia wouldn’t let up, “Whaaat? Has our boss been neglecting things around the house?”

Danielle just smiled, “You could say that; I would also say he won’t be neglecting anything after today,” she turned toward Mark again, “right, Dear?”

Mark güvenilir casino was grinning now, “Oh nooo, Dear; I’ve learned my lesson!” We burst out laughing; even Dani laughed!

Now it was my turn, “Mr. Mark, couldn’t you have just said you ‘had a headache’?”

Mark shot me a good-natured look, “I should have called you into my office and you could have given me the excuses you use, huh?”

Felecia looked directly into Dani’s eyes and said, “I never need excuses; I’m always ready to fuck!”

I know she shocked her because I heard her gasp; yet when we all started laughing again, she joined right in! Then she said to Mark in a teasing tone, “Honey, these two are very naughty girls; I want you to stay away from them outside the restaurant!”

Right then the doorbell rang. The sexual by-play was getting really good, but we had a party to run and Dani’s seduction had to be put on hold. It was a great party, as these things go. Since the adults were here, things stayed pretty calm. We never even saw anyone slip away from the group to make-out or anything, that’s how calm it was! (By the way, Nicole, three of the guys at this party were hitting on the servers! LOL!) Anyway, the food was awesome; Felecia and I had to be careful not to overeat since we had plans afterward…LOL! There was a lot of dancing on the patio, and they made a very big deal of opening the niece’s gifts…four hours later, the party was winding down.

One significant thing happened during the party (and leave it to Ms. Sexual-Radar to spot it.) During the dancing Felecia took me by the hand and whispered in my ear, “Watch Dani closely, Nance!”


“Just watch her closely for ten minutes; pay attention.”

So I did. Felecia wouldn’t have said that if there wasn’t something happening regarding our plan. Sure enough, it took me a little while, but Dani was watching several of the teenagers. I really couldn’t tell if she was looking at the guys AND the girls (not that it mattered.) One time in particular an eighteen year old named Justin was dancing with Dominique. He was extremely sexy looking, Mmm…I loved his arms, Nicole, Oh my Goddd… I think I wanted him myself… hehehe! Anyway, when the dance ended, Dani’s eyes followed him into the house; she was definitely watching his ass and when he disappeared inside she turned away with a “sick” look on her face…and she licked her lips!

It was at that point that I had to go up to her, “Dani, who was that guy dancing with Dominique?”

“Oh, uhh, I think his name is Justin. Dylan tells me she dated him a few times.”

“My God,” I replied, “if Dominique doesn’t mind, I sure wouldn’t mind an introduction; he’s fucking hot!” Then, just for the effect, I apologized, “Ooops! Sorry, that just slipped out!”

Dani laughed, “No offense taken, I can see why you would think that!”

“You do? So you were checking out his form, huh? Mmm…Woww…I wonder…” and I just let my voice trail away.

“What were you wondering?” Dani asked.

“Ohh…nothing, I’m sorry…It was just the ‘horny-me’ thinking things!”

Dani laughed again, “Yes, I understand, the ‘horny-me’ wants to smack Mark awake today!”

Now it was my turn to laugh, “You’re funny, Dani, but I better get back to my duties.” Dani was smiling at me, so I added, “I don’t always need a man anyway.” I watched the smile turn to astonishment as I turned and headed back to the kitchen.

Twenty-five minutes later all the guests were gone, and it was just the four of us in the kitchen setting things in order. Everyone else was talking away about the party, but I was watching Felecia. Something had to happen soon because we were almost finished with the clean-up.

I wasn’t wrong, Felecia looked at me as if to ask if I was ready; I nodded at her! “So Dani, what were parties like when you were seventeen? This one was fun, but pretty tame, don’tcha think?”

“Tame? Well, it was a birthday party,” Dani offered, “that’s a whole different thing than a weekend party when the parents are away.”

“Are you saying that you’ve gone to some wild ones?”

“Let’s just say I made some good memories and leave it at that. Mark doesn’t need to know all my secrets; after all, I’m punishing him, you know!” Dani giggled and Mark blushed.

“Yes, well, we do need to keep SOME secrets,” he said. “Hey, Honey? Wasn’t it at one of those parties that I saw your tits for the first time? Hahahaha…”

Now Dani blushed; she reached over to slap Mark’s arm but he eluded her hand. “You asshole!” she spat, “These girls don’t need to hear that!”

Felecia jumped on her response, “Oh, we’ve seen lots of similar things; in fact, I saw my first erect cock at one of those parties, right in front of about ten other friends!”

We were all intrigued, Nicole…even I had not heard this story. “You never told me that, Felecia!”

“You never asked, silly! But I don’t want to tell about that now; I want to ask Dani another question.” She turned back to our prey, “Really, Dani, I would love to know what you thought of Justin’s ass? Tell us, okay?”

Yep, she caught Danielle off-guard with that one, her face turned beet red, “W..what? What d…do you m…ean?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32