Lexi’s Boy Toy Wears a Special Mask

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Masks are Mandatory

The last few Sundays with Lexi have been amazing. Lexi, 52, has made me, 33, her official Boy Toy. She has allowed me to explore my attraction to older women while unearthing my desire to serve her and be shared with her friends. Seeing her confidence with a hot, younger guy on her arm and at her beck and call, especially when she brags to her dubious friends, has been incredibly rewarding for me.

This Sunday was like the last few before. Our routine is straightforward and seemingly one sided in Lexi’s favor which is the goal. I show up at Lexi’s apartment with her favorite coffee order. She is usually just waking up, sometimes bright eyed and bushy tailed other times groggy from a night out with the girls or a virtual happy hour. Today she was a bit slow to move from the wine she drank with friends last night.

After she accepts my coffee without saying a word I strip down to my boxer briefs.

“What chores do you have for me this morning Ma’am?”

“The usual — clean the kitchen, tidy up the living room, and fold the laundry. I’ll be on the couch, the wine was too good last night.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

The cleaning process usually involves a few other services for her, but for this story we will focus on the laundry.

For context, Lexi is a beautiful curvy woman with a big ass and huge tits. I love exploring every inch of these curves. As I was folding her panties, I noticed they would fit really well over my face.

“Ma’am, I bet I could wear your panties could double as a mask for me!”

Lexi turned from the couch, the proverbial lightbulb going off in her head.

“I will be at your apartment downtown next Sunday. I need you to plan exactly 7 different places to stop on a journey we will go on.”

“Yes Ma’am!” My curiosity and excitement were palpable.

Fast forward a week and Lexi shows up at my condo promptly at 11 AM.

“Adam you gave me a good idea last weekend. I made this for you.”

Lexi handed me a custom made mask that were clearly panties, and clearly her panties from last weekend!

“Now I asked you to come up with 7 stops on our journey because I have worn these for 7 days. After each spot, I will reveal what I did each of those 7 days. Now, lets go and remember masks are mandatory.”

I eagerly put the mask on and immediately was overwhelmed by the rich scents that were now penetrating my nostrils and the subtle tastes I could make out on my lips. I ran to the mirror, curious if it was obvious the mask was a pair of rose colored panties and it was blatant. I loved that. Lexi was smirking with the same enjoyment.

The first stop on our journey was to get a breakfast cocktail. The thought of this all actually made me weak in the knees but I mustered through it. The bar was a few minute walk from my condo and I had reserved a table days before. I wasn’t going to let anything screw up this day.

Muffled through the gusset of the panties I alerted the hostess I was here and was ready for my seat. The 20 something girl gave me an odd look, it was clear she saw I was wearing panties on my face. When she realized I was with a much older Beylikdüzü escort Lexi on a date, her look went from shock to a bit of curiosity and maybe jealousy.

After we took our seats and I reluctantly de-masked we each ordered a Bloody Mary.

“That little hostess didn’t know whether to be disgusted or mad when she saw your face! Too bad for her you are MY Boy Toy. So since we are at stop 1, let me tell you about day 1 wearing those. After you nicely folded them and put them in my drawer, I went and put them back on. I didn’t do anything crazy last Sunday after you left except for a walk in the evening to enjoy the fall weather.”

I guzzled down my Bloody Mary, both to calm my excited energy and to get to the next stop to learn more.

“That is great Lexi. These are one of my favorite pairs of yours. Shall we head to the next stop?”

“Oh Boy Toy, I am going to take my time at each spot. We will leave when I am ready.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

Eventually we made our way to the bagel shop where again, I stammered up to the counter and placed our orders, paid, and joined Lexi at a table outside on the street. When my number was called, I rushed to meet her.

“Bagels. Good choice, you know I love them. Ok you’ve earned day

. Last Monday I wore them all day again and actually did a virtual yoga class with them on. I even cranked the heat in my apartment to get that hot yoga vibe.”

The thought of these panties, which were now fashioned into a mask, getting wedged up Lexi’s ass crack and pussy during a variety of hot yoga poses was enough to give me a full on erection. Lexi saw me adjust my cock, but didn’t acknowledge it.

“Ok, I’m done, let’s go to stop 3.”

Lexi knew I was rock hard and wanted me to have to walk around uncomfortable in public hiding my protruding erection. She can be devilishly sexy when she tries.

“Well Ma’am, I hope you like animals since we are headed to the zoo.”

“Let’s see if you can earn your stripes like the tigers.”

The zoo was a nice break. As we strolled and looked at the animals my erection died down. Hundreds of people were able to see me arm and arm with Lexi, double taking to see if my mask was actually made out of.

Lexi finally revealed what day 3 involved.

“Tuesday me and the girls had a little zoom happy hour for Val’s birthday. We each drank at least a bottle of wine and laughed until we cried. I sat in a big tee shirt and these panties only. I also told them about you and they were all definitely jealous. I pulled up a few of the pics I took of you cleaning in your boxer briefs the other day and ‘accidentally’ showed them the ones of your hard cock you sent me. I was definitely turned on showing you off to them.”

“Ma’am that is so hot. What did they think?”

“At first they thought I was joking but then they realized it was the real deal. Their doubt turned into curiosity. Val seemed to be very interested. She loved your cock. Since you are mine I decided to give her a birthday gift and send her your number.”

“I am yours and if you want to share my pics and number with your friends, that is your choice. Val Beylikdüzü escort did text me later in the week but told me not to tell you…”

“Adam normally I would punish you for that but I will give you a pass. I’ll tell you why after stop 4.”

I figured we needed to refresh our drinks so we went to a local bar. By now, the city was awake and some guys loudly inquired if I was wearing panties on my face. I even saw a few pictures snapped out of the corner of my eye. It didn’t bother me at all.

After a few glasses of wine of Lexi and beers for me Lexi spilled the beans on day 4.

“Val ended up really wanting to hear more about me and you so I invited her over. We had some wine, I showed her all the pics I had of you, told her all the stories about our Sunday sessions, and answered what felt like a never ending list of questions. Finally I told her if she wants to learn more just to FaceTime you…..

And before you try to lie I know she did. And I know she did because while she was on my couch FaceTiming you, I was just out of frame in my bedroom listening. I heard how you obeyed her orders to strip and pull your cock out. I heard how she tried to hang up out of embarrassment but you kept her on the phone. But more importantly I heard how you described in detail how you would bring her to multiple orgasms with your fingers, mouth and dick. I heard how you would cover her huge chest with thick cum. I heard how you would let her do whatever she wants.”

“Yes I did say all of that Ma’am.”

“And the hole time I was laying in my bed, my jeans around my ankles, massaging my pussy and cumming in these panties.”

I nearly passed out. This was so hot, I was hoping she would cum in these panties. I took a deep breath and huffed in. My eyes rolled back in my head a bit before I was snapped back to life.

“So shall we go to stop ?”

Stop 5 was a local boutique. I wanted to go to a retail store where we had to keep the mask on at all times. The staff eagerly tried to help Lexi and confusingly backed away when a much younger man wearing panties on his face came up and made his presence known.

“Pick anything you want!”

“Oh you spoil me. How about these custom pint glasses? You can make me drinks in them and make sure they are always clean!”


“Oh and by the way, day 5 was a full day of classes. It was boring by comparison to the rest of the days but rest assured these panties stayed on all boring day.”

“I am glad they did.”

“Ok two more stops!”

Stop 6 was a major tourist part of the city. We walked around couples picnicking, families exploring, and international tourists snapping photos. We got the bright idea to do a photo shoot of our own, memorializing the day with plenty of pictures of me and Lexi, mask/panties on.

“So the last day was a doozy Boy Toy. I had ordered a new vibrator that got here just in time. This thing massages your clit and mimics a tongue going down on you. I know how much you love Ma’am’s pussy so I envisioned you eating me out for hours, which I am sure I will make you do in the near future. I came 6 times with your Escort Beylikdüzü panty mask stuffed inside my wet sloppy cunt. They were soaking wet by the time I finally put them on and passed out.”

I had to sit down. I could just envision all the sweat, cum, and juices saturating into this mask.

“So where’s spot 7?”

“Ma’am I figured spot 7 would be back at my place so I could please you however you see fit.”

“Smart boy. Well then lets order an Uber. But while we wait for it to get there let me tell you about yesterday. I woke up, spent from cumming 6 times, without doing my normal bedtime routine. I had to pee so bad and as I walked to the toilet and began to squat I realized that maybe I should mark my territory even further. Instead of pulling my panties down I kept them on and pissed through them into the toilet. I have to admit it was hot for me. Afterwards I let them air dry before sewing that mask you are wearing.”

“FUCK I audibly said, loud enough to get some heads turning my way. Ma’am I am so glad you did that, I want you to mark me as your territory.”

I took another deep inhale, trying to discern each scent from the week. Just then the Uber pulled up and Lexi shuffled me to the back row of the SUV. She gave me a look, one I have seen before, which I knew meant “shut up, she’s in control”. Out of eye sight from the driver she undid my belt, unhooked the button in my jeans, and reached down to feel my hard cock. We had about a 15 minute ride and she knew that. After confirming I was in fact rock hard, she pulled her hand away. My eyes darted to her, agony in them. In a reassuring way her eyes gave me peace of mind in response, and she pulled out some hand lotion from her bag. After lathering up her left hand she went back to my cock.

She stroked it with intention and fury. She knew her way around a cock, even in this precarious position she probably hadn’t been in in decades. She saw me adjust myself to make it easier. I stared at her and she stared at me. The Uber drive kept his eyes on the road.

As I got closer I laid my head back on the head rest. My hands clutched at the seatbelt. I breathed deep into the panty mask like I was huffing anesthesia for a surgery.

As we got a few blocks from my apartment it was clear Lexi wanted me to cum before we left the car. She focused, I focused. Holding back a moan I pulsed out a huge orgasm. My boxer briefs were quickly filled with sticky cum. Lexi pulled her hands out, half covered in lotion and cum, right as we pulled up to my house.

“Thank you sir, 5 stars!”

I barely had my wits about me and stumbled out of the Uber and got us into my apartment. I threw the mask off and kissed Lexi deep.

“What an amazing day Ma’am. I love the mask.”

“I knew you would. Now take your pants off.”

I dropped my pants and Lexi grabbed the waistband and peaked down at my cock.”

“Oh Adam it looks like you had a little accident! Better take those off!”

Lexi pulled my boxer briefs down carefully, my still hard cock springing up with a string of cum attached. She dropped her pants to reveal she was going commando. I could see a stain in her jeans from the days excitement. She then put my boxer briefs, full of cum, on. I watched her massage my load into her pussy enjoying a brief moment of pleasure.

“You can get these back next Sunday. See you at 10AM with my coffee.”

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