Life of Shay

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Shay Connors had everything going for her. She was a young 21 year old woman with a full life ahead of her. She is a stunning blond. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. She six foot tall and very slim. She has large breast and a very huge ass.

Shay would make any guy’s or girls heart drop. Shay is Bisexual.

As I said before she had everything going for her. She was in a relationship with a beautiful girl named Katt and the perfect Job working at a local fast food place. It was actually the people at that job she liked verse the Job it self.

But all that change when Shay found out her Mom was sick. This forced Shay to move to Atlanta to take care of her. Shay was forced to break up with Katt and quit her job.

Shay’s mother unfortunately died six months later. This devastated her to no end. Also her mother’s hospitality bills were piling up. What’s worst is she had a dead end job that barely pays the bills.

Shay worked as a housekeeper for a cheap Motel. Her boss was a beautiful but mean girl about her age.

Her name is Rachel. She has red hair and green eyes. She is shorter then shay. She is very slim.

Rachel was always a very mean boss. She would talk down to everybody and humiliate any of her co-workers.

Everyone hated her. So shay decided to make the biggest mistake of her life. She stole money from the motel safe. She saw Rachel punching in the code. She knew where it all was.

She really needed it. So she planned it out carefully or so she thought. She waited for everyone to leave and while Rachel was busy at front desk. She when to the safe and stole the money and walked out without anyone noticing.

However Shay Didn’t realize that Rachel had place security cameras near the safe. The next Morning Rachel called Shay into her office.

Shay was Sitting nervously in her chair a cross from Rachel, who was sitting at her desk.

“Shay do you know why I called you in here today?” Asked.

“No ma’am.” She replied.

Rachel sighed.

“Really your playing this game?” She angrily asked.

Shay started shaking with fright.

“I don’t know what you mean.” stammered shay.

Rachel turned on a TV that sat behind her. The screen showed Shay Clearly stealing Money.

Shay breathe in hard. Tears began to fall. Rachel turns off the TV and gives Shay a Very aggressive look.

“Give me one good reason not to call the police!” Yelled Rachel.

“Oh God! Please Rachel? I only stole the money because I really badly need it. My mom died and I needed to pay her hospitality bills. Please give me another change I will do anything? Please Rachel.” Begged Shay.

A big smile grew on Rachel’s face. “Anything?” She asked.

“Yes, please don’t fire me.” Shay begged.

Rachel looked at shay with great nişantaşı escort interest.

“You know I could have you locked up for this, Right? Said Rachel.

“Yes Ma’am” replied Shay.

Rachel got up and walked behind Shay. She went to a closet and pull out a collar and leash. Shay looked at the items in disbelief.

“Here the Deal then Shay. I will not call the police or Fire you. Instead I will give you a choice.” She said.

Shay looked on with extreme anxiety.

“I can call the police and have you put in jail or we can fine a way for you to work this out.” Continue Rachel.

“What do you want me to Do?” Asked Shay.

“You will be my sex slave. I will use and abuse you however I see fit. You will be my Property and I will have full ownership of your body.” Said Rachel.

Shay looked on in pure shock. She had no idea how to respond.

“Or I could just throw you in Jail. It’s really your choice.” She said.

Shay sighed. She was in a very bad situation. The last thing she wanted was to go to jail but being a sex slave to her boss, whom she hated was no better. Shay decided. It probably won’t be to bad to be a sex slave. She was Bi and she hasn’t had a good pussy in a while.

“Ok I will be Your Sex Slave.” Said Shay.

Rachel smiled with Joy. She walked over towards Shay. She grabbed her blond hair.

“On your knees Bitch!” Yelled Rachel.

Shay fearing Rachel’s wrath quickly dropped to her knees. Rachel put the collar around Shay’s neck. She then hooked on the leash.

Rachel walked to her desk and grabbed a pair of scissors. She face Shay and began cutting off Shay’s clothes.

“You don’t need those things anymore. My Slaves are never allowed to wear any clothing ever.” Said Rachel as she was continue cutting Shay’s Clothes.

Rachel laughed as tears fell from shay’s eyes.

“So I am never allow to wear clothes? What about when I work as housekeeping?” Asked Shay.

“You will be completely nude. I don’t care if the guest see you or not.” Said Rachel.

Shay looked down in extreme humiliation. Rachel cut off all Shay’s Clothes leaving her completely nude.

Rachel was giving her New Toy and look over. Shay had a nice body and a shaved pussy. Just the way Rachel liked.

“Mmm. It seems I was right about this. Setting you was the best thing I ever did.” Said Rachel.

Shay mouth fell in shock and disgust. “What!”

Rachel sadistically laughed. “Well, it doesn’t matter now but I had set this whole thing up from the moment i hired you. From the moment I first laid eyes on you I knew you were the perfect person to be my slave. So. I Called up a friend who well verse in enslaving woman. She suggested I black mail you. So I purposely allowed you to see the money i put in the safe as well as şişli escort the code.” Rachel explained.

Shay couldn’t believe what she just heard. Shay thought to her self. How stupid could she not clearly see the set up. It all made perfect sense now. Shay was screwed since day one. But it’s too late now. The damage was done.

Rachel started playing with shay’s hair.

“Now, we must get on to the rules. As I stated before you are never allowed to wear Clothes. You are to be naked for every possible scenario. Secondly, you are to only to refer to me as Mistress. And the last thing you are going to move in with me at this motel. Your apartment and all your stuff will be sold. My slaves aren’t allowed to own anything. Do you understand?” Asked Rachel.

Shay close her eyes tight and sighed in defeat. “Yes, Mistress.”

Rachel began to pet her new Slave girl. Shay nervously looked at her new Owner. Worry fills her eyes. Rachel grabs the leash and walks shay back to her desk. Rachel unbuttons her blue jeans and drops them to her ankles. She then jumps on top of the desk and spreads them.

“Start licking Bitch!” Yelled Rachel.

Shay went to work licking the edge of Rachel’s pussy. She decided on a circular motion. With each round she got slightly closer to the middle. Rachel was getting wetter with each lick. Once shay reach the middle she started drilling her tongue in Rachel’s pussy. Rachel began experiencing the best Orgasm she ever had. Shay keep it up. Rachel’s eyes were getting blurry. she is so close. Finally in a epic fashion. All of Rachel’s juices came rushing out.

Shay got a full taste of Rachel. To Shay surprises Rachel actually taste pretty good. Rachel gives herself a few minutes to recover.

Suddenly her breathing returned to normal and her heart rate became normal.

“Oh My God! You did just a good job.” Said Rachel.

“Thank you, Mistress.” Said Shay.

Rachel began to seat up. She pulled her pants back up. After she pulled her pants. Rachel walk back to her Chair with Shay still on the leash.

“Unfortunately we have to get down to punishment. I still have to punish you for stealing the money.” Said Rachel.

Take took a seat in her chair and pulled shay closer to her.

“I am going to spank you.” Said Rachel.

She grabbed shay arm and put her over her knee. She began rubbing shay ass.

“This will be your first taste of real punishment slave.” Said Rachel.

Shay close her eyes tight again and sighed. “I’m ready for my Spanking, Mistress.”

Rachel raises her high and Drops it with all force in her.


“ONE!” Yelled Rachel.

The blow hit shay hard. She try to put her hands over her ass. This angrier Rachel. Rachel throw her shay’s arm away. She then grabs shay by the hair.

“Bitch! mecidiyeköy escort You don’t ever do that again. You just earned yourself 10 more.” Yelled Rachel.

Rachel hit shay with full force again.


“Two.” Counted Rachel.


“Three!” She continued.


“That makes Four.” she said.


“Five.” She continued.

Rachel started rubbing Shay’s ass again. The painfully blows started making Shay Cry. Rachel moved her other hand near shay’s pussy. She started fingering Shay. Shay started getting turn on. Her nipplesp3 when hard. Rachel realizing this. Shay was near climax when Rachel pulled her finger out. This frustrated shay to no end. However it was very Short lived as Rachel began to spank her again.


“Six.” Said Rachel.

Rachel began to Laugh. Shay began to a Cry.

“What? You thought I was going to let you Cum? Ha HA Ha Good Girls get to Cum.”


“Seven.” Said Rachel.


“Eight.” She said.


“Nine.” Rachel continued.

Rachel raises her hand back as far as she can. Every ounce of power was put into the blow.

Slap! The blow hit Shay the hardness. Tears came flooding down her face.

“Ten.” Said Rachel.

Rachel with Shay still over her lap, opened the top drawer to her desk. She pulled out a black leather paddle. She began rubbing Shays ass with it.

“You know if you had been a good Girl. You would not receive these next ten spankings. ” Said Rachel.

Rachel brought down the paddle hard against Shay’s ass.


“Eleven!” Said Rachel.


“Twelve.” She Counted.


“Thirteen” said Rachel.


“fourteen.” She continued.


“Fifteen!” Yelled Rachel.

She once again softly started rubbing Shay’s ass. She then took the handle of her paddle and inserted it in Shay’s pussy. Then she began pushing it in and out.

Shay’s pussy is on fire. She desperately wants to Cum. But before she is able, Rachel pulls the paddle out and continues her spanking.


“Sixteen!” Yelled Rachel.


“Seventeen.” Counted Rachel.


“Eighteen.” said Rachel.


“Nineteen.” said Rachel.


“Twenty!” Said Rachel.

Shay ass was now Completely red. Rachel throws her off her lap. Shay hits the floor.

“Crawl to that corner on all fours. Once your in that Corner sit up on your knees with your hands over your head.” Ordered Rachel.

Shay obeys her mistress. Feeling completely Used and humiliated. Shay knows this is only the beginning.

Rachel watches shay as she enters the Corner. She picks up her cell phone and takes a pic. She then goes into her contacts and Selects a number with the name GM. She sends the pic with a text.

The text reads: Just got me a new Bitch. How you doing on yours?

Rachel smiles with pleasure.

The end

Part 2 is coming.

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