Locker Room Fun

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From when I was little I knew I was different from the rest of the boys. I was never really into girls. Inside I knew I was attracted to the other boys in my class. When I went to the gym I would stare at the other guys while they changed.

My name is Rob and I’m an average 18 year old. I’m 75% Irish and 25% Italian. Im not that dark compared to other Italian kids my age. Im about 5’6″ and with short, brown hair. I have acne on my face but its not too bad. I went to the gym often with my best friend jack.

I was in love with jack. He was really sexy looking. He had big muscles and the smooth, flawless skin that I wanted to just caress all day. He had a six-pack, which followed deep muscles right down to his crotch. He had the tightest ass that I would act jokingly and slap it on occasion. I stood at 6 foot and was much taller than my 5’6″. He had a warming Sicilian tan and really dark black hair, which was always cut short.

My Beylikdüzü escort friend Jack and I where at the gym, one day, working out together. It was a tough work out and we where sweating a lot. When we were finished we decided to take a shower in the locker room. Since it was late at night (around 9) we decided to take a shower in the locker room. It was empty when we got there. The showers were fairly clean and had blue tiles on the floor and walls. There were no stalls for the showers so I just chose the shower next to jack, hoping to get a glimpse at his cock. When I turned my head to look what I saw was jack’s 7-inch cut cock dangling with two pretty big balls right behind it. It looked massive compared to my 4-inch cut one. I looked away quick not knowing when he would notice me staring. I tried not to think about in fear of getting a hard on right there next to him. But it was no use, my cock started to get hard and stick up. Beylikdüzü escort After about a minute I looked over at jack again and what I saw shocked me!! He had a hard on too. Next thing I remember he walked over to me with a grin on his face and he started to stroke my cock. He was so sexy and I loved to way he stroked my cock. In seconds I was fully hard and he whispered, “You want to take it the next level.”

This awed me and I was just mesmerized I didn’t know how to answer it. My wildest fantasies where finally coming true and I couldn’t speak.

He asked me again, and I finally squeaked out, “lets do it.”

He went lower, lower, and lower, until he was staring face to face to my cock. He licked it up and down then popped one of my balls in my mouth. It felt so good to have him suck on my balls but it didn’t last long. He soon let go of my nut and started to suck my cock. He started slow then he got faster and faster. Escort Beylikdüzü

By now I was fully hard sticking out 7 inches. I grabbed hold of his head and said, “Take in you sexy beast.”

He started shoving his head back and fourth as deep as he can go. My cock swelled and for one last time drove my cock deep inside him before I blew my hot sticky cum all in the back of his throat. I let go and came on his face too. I lifted him up and helped him lick all the cum off his face. He grabbed hold of me and said, “I’m gonna make you my little bitch.”

His cock was now a full 10 inches and was thicker than before. He turned me around and plunged his rock hard cock deep inside of my virgin hole. I groaned and moaned, “Fuck me harder sexy.”

He fucked me harder and harder telling me to, “take in bitch. You like that don’t you.”

I screamed in pleasure, “oh yes uggggh harder, harder.”

He pushed me into the wall and fucked me even harder. He finally blew his load all in my hole. He got down on his hands and knees and started to suck his cum out of my ass.

It was the best shower I ever had. He said, “This was fucking awesome. We should do this more often.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32