Lori and Tom Learn to Swing Pt. 02

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Lori and Tom Learn to Swing Part 2 © 2021 Arpea, all rights reserved.

This is a stand-alone story, but you will enjoy it more if you read the first part first.

“What should we wear, Tom?” Lori asked.

“I don’t know, Lori. I was going to dress for a yard party. Isn’t the idea of a house party to get out of your clothes? Seems to me we shouldn’t overdress.”

“Yes. I think you’re right. I’ll wear a halter top, shorts and sandals.”

Lori and Tom were both in their mid-40’s. They lived in a prosperous suburb of a major American city. Their children were both in college and living in their own cities. They had become empty-nesters.

At Lori’s suggestion, they had decided to try swinging to spice up their sex life. Their first experience had been with Lori’s workout friend, Jill Sullivan, who was the same age, and her husband Randy, who was sixty. That experience had been both unexpected and unnerving. Although neither Lori nor Tom was aware of it, Lori had submissive tendencies. Randy picked up on it and took control of her. What started out as a dinner date with the four of them, ended up with Lori going home with Randy and Tom taking Jill home. Randy totally dominated Lori, fucking her many times and taking her anal cherry. Lori enjoyed the evening but went way beyond what she and Tom had agreed to do. When Lori and Tom traded stories about the night, they had a long talk with each other, and then with Randy and Jill. They cleared the air and set some limits.

Since then, they had enjoyed several swaps with the Sullivans, with all in the same room. Tonight, they were attending a house party at the Sullivan’s house. They had to get tested first, as did all the invitees. They had never been to one, and they were both looking forward to having sex with others. At the same time, they were anxious.

Lori tied her shoulder-length blond hair back in a ponytail. Then she went over to her dresser and pulled out some clothes. She put on a white halter top that cupped her firm B cup breasts, clearly revealing their shape. Her nipples poked through the cotton material. The cups had two strings that went up around her neck and tied behind her neck. Below the cups was a two-inch band of material that wrapped around and hooked in the back. The effect was to leave most of her back bare. The band rode above her navel, leaving her midriff also bare.

She then put on a pair of white cotton gym shorts, which fit tightly around her waist and on her butt but the legs in front were loose. The crack of her butt, her pussy and her light brown landing strip were clearly visible. She then put on low heeled black patent leather sandals.

“How do I look, Tiger?” she said as she extended one leg in front of her slightly.

Tom laughed. “You won’t be wearing that long.”

“How far can I go tonight?”

“You can fuck anyone you want. But if anyone starts ordering you around, you are to say you only take orders from your master.”

She laughed. “You think that will protect me?” She went back to the drawer and took out a black silk band with elastic and put it around her neck. It fit like a silk collar and had “Tom” embroidered on it.

“When did you get that?”

“I ordered it online. There. Now they know I belong to you.”

“How does that work?”

“If a sub is collared, other doms know enough not to interfere without permission. Otherwise, they’re looking for trouble.”

Tom laughed. “Thank god for the internet. You learn something new every day.” Tom put on a white tank top, loose fitting blue cargo shorts and deck shoes.

“What about our same room rule?” asked Lori.

“I don’t know how it will work,” said Tom. “We should be conscious of it but flexible.”

“OK. I’ll keep that in mind. I have a little freedom. Jill said 7:15. We have half an hour. Let’s have a martini by the pool before we go,” said Lori.


They drank their martinis and walked over to the Sullivan house, which was only two blocks away. They arrived promptly at 7:15. Jill answered the door. She was wearing a black gauze baby-doll that barely came down over her ass. Not that it mattered, it was completely transparent. Her shaved vulva with the bush of flame red hair above it was clearly visible through the gauze. The sides of her C cups were uncovered by the gauze, and her nipples were visible through the cups. Spaghetti straps went from the cups over her shoulders. She had on black high heeled pumps.

“HI, guys. You’re right on time.”

“Hi, Jill,” said Lori. “I wish you would have told me to dress up.”

“Nonsense, hon, you look luscious. Besides in an hour or less we’ll all be naked. Everyone else is already here, so come on in and I’ll introduce you.”

As Jill ushered them into the living room, Randy got up to go make them drinks. There were four other couples there. All of the women were attractive, and height-weight proportionate, but none were as stunning as Lori or Jill. All were seated and sipping on drinks.

The four men were all escort izmir staring at Lori. Her bleached ponytail accentuated her good looks. She was excited, and her nipples poked out through the cotton material of her halter top, which clung to her breasts, clearly outlining them. Even though she was wearing low heels, her 5’9″ frame made the men take note of her height and her long, tan and muscled legs. Her hips flared out below her bare midriff. She exuded sex.

Randy returned momentarily with martinis for Lori and for Tom. Randy was the same height as Tom, 6’1, but was more muscular and about 250 pounds whereas Tom was a fit 210. Randy had played football in college, whereas Tom had played baseball.

As he handed them the drinks, Randy said “Everyone, this is Lori and Tom. Lori and Tom, this is Marty and Terry, Ralph and Mandy, John and Linda and Bob and Christina.” Their names went right over Lori and Tom’s heads except Tom’s eyes fixed on Terry.

She was a tall blonde, wearing a red mini with bare legs, red heels and a red floral lace blouse with no bra. The contrast between her lily-white skin and the red of her outfit was striking. Her nipples poked the through the lace and her pinkish areolae were clearly visible. She saw him look. She looked right into his eyes and flashed him a warm smile. She very deliberately crossed one leg over the other, flashing her bare pussy at him. Then she winked.

Jill had noticed it also. “Lori, why don’t you get acquainted with everyone while you have your drink. Tom, let me show you the house. Terry, why don’t you come with us?” She grabbed Tom and moved him towards the hallway.

Tom wondered about being shown the house because he and Lori had swapped with Randy and Jill in this house, and he knew the layout. They walked past the bathroom and guest bedroom and went into the master bedroom.

When they got there, Terry put her arms around Tom’s neck and pressed her practically bare tits against his chest. He could feel her nipples through his tank top.

“Hi, Tom, glad to meet you. Hope we can get together tonight.”

“Jill, what’s going on? I know the layout of the house.”

“I know, Tom. But when we have a new couple, I always take the husband on a tour so the men can get to know the wife.”

“Will they try to fuck her right away?”

“Well, it has happened, but out of respect for our agreement, Randy told them that was not in the plan tonight.”

Randy had agreed with them that Lori was only same room with Tom present for the foreseeable future.

Tom looked at Terry. “So why did you bring Terry along?”

Jill laughed. “I saw the way you two looked at each other. I thought I’d break the ice for you.”

* * * *

The three of them left the master and went upstairs via a back stairway. Upstairs was a study, two more bedrooms, an alcove with another bar, another bathroom and a balcony overlooking a small lake. Tom chit chatted with Terry. She was a lawyer, as was her husband, Marty. They were late 30’s. As they passed the alcove, Jill made the three of them another drink and led them out to the balcony. There was a sofa there, and Tom sat in between the two women.

“Jill tells me you are a very good lover,” said Terry. “Marty and I have been doing this since law school.” As she said this, she ran her hand up and in the leg of Tom’s shorts and grabbed his naked cock, squeezing it.

“Yes,” said Jill, “I love fucking Tom. His dick is just long enough to hit my cervix without reaming me out. He makes me cum a lot.”

Tom laughed. “I guess there are no secrets here. So how does this work, Jill?”

“Well, we just pair up with whoever wants to at the time. We usually start off in the family room, where everyone else is now. But all the rooms are available, and if you want some privacy you can go to one of the bedrooms and lock the door.”

Terry turned to Tom, put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. Tom kissed her back and his hands moved to her breasts, encased in transparent lace. He felt the heat of her flesh through the lace. Her tits were fuller than Lori’s and her nipples immediately became erect. She massaged his hard-on as he did so.

“Mmmm. Terry, you are luscious. We better be getting back downstairs, though.”

He got up and put out both hands. Both Terry and Jill took one hand. He put an arm around each of their waists, and they headed downstairs and back into the family room.

Although no one was fucking, things had begun. Randy was in his easy chair, naked, and a black-haired woman, Mandy, Tom recalled, was fellating him. Lori was sitting in Marty’s lap with her legs across his and spread wide. Her hand was underneath his t-shirt playing with his pecs. His hand was shoved up the legs of her shorts, playing with her pussy. Ralph was making out with Bob’s wife Christina and Bob was with John’s wife Linda. John, sitting on the sofa, was watching all the action.

“You stay with Tom, Terry. I’ll go take care of John,” said Jill.

She izmir escort bayan walked over to John, pulled the baby doll over her head and dropped it on the carpet. She pulled John’s T shirt over his head. Then she pulled down his shorts, exposing his erection. Naked now except for her heels, she reached for John’s cock, placed it at the entrance to her pussy, sat on it and started to bounce.

Terry turned her back to Tom as she peeled the lace top over her head.

“Would you unbutton my skirt in the back, hon?” she said. Tom did that and then peeled off his tank top and shorts. Terry turned back around, and they were now both naked. Terry had trimmed her pussy, but still had a nice bush. Tom could see that she was a natural blond. Tom took her in his arms and kissed her again. She rubbed her pussy up and down his cock. He pushed on her shoulders. She dropped to her knees, thinking he wanted a blow job.

“No, Terry, lie back on the carpet.” She did. He licked her from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. He took her clit in his mouth and sucked on it, then ran his tongue under it. He took it in his teeth and bit it gently. Then he ran his tongue down to her lips and stuck his tongue as deep as he could into her vagina.

“Oh, shit, you need to fuck me now. Stick it in me,” she said as she turned over and got up on her hands and knees.

Tom got up on his knees and put his fully erect 7 inches against Terry’s pussy lips. She was dripping wet. Tom was 7 inches around, however, and his dick did not immediately go in any further. He thrust his hips forward, pushing it in about halfway.

“Oh fuck, that feels good, Tom,” said Terry. “Give it all to me. Fuck me.”

Tom pushed the rest of the way in and began a steady rhythm. As he did, he looked around the room. Clothes were now strewn all over the floor and everyone was now naked. Jill and John were still fucking on the sofa. Marty was now lying on the floor naked, and Lori was riding him as Marty played with her nipples. Mandy was riding Randy reverse cowgirl. Bob and Linda were on floor, doing it missionary. Ralph and Christina were across the room doing it doggie and watching them, The smell of sex permeated the room.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” said Terry as she pushed her ass back into Tom’s crotch.

“Me too, Terry, where do you want it?”

“Fuck, Tom, I want it in my pussy! That’s why we get tested. Pump me full of cum. I want to go home tonight with lots of loads of cum in me!”

Just then Tom started to cum. He pushed hard into her with each spurt until he felt he was nearing the end. Then he thrust his hips forward and spurted once more as he held his dick deep in Terry’s cunt. She thrust her hips back against his and came one more time. Then they collapsed on the floor.

In a short few minutes, all had finished round one except for Mandy and Randy, who were still going at it. Mandy, a tall woman, was shaking her black hair around her shoulders. With her olive skin and big tits, she was still bouncing on Randy’s 9 1/2 inch cock. Randy was known for his stamina. Her eyes were closed, and she was grimacing as her tits flopped around her chest. She was pulling on Randy’s balls. Her muscles tensed as she started to cum.

“Oh shit, Randy, I’m cumming on your big dick. Don’t stop!” She came for a good thirty seconds. Then she opened her eyes and smiled widely. “Thanks hon, I needed that,” she said as she raised herself off his dick, stood up and went and sat down next to her husband, Ralph, who was petting Christina’s pussy.

“You’re welcome,” said Randy, whose dick was still fully erect. “Who wants a drink or water?”

“Water,” said everyone in unison. Randy got up and went to the kitchen. He returned with an ice chest full of ice and bottles of water. Everyone took a bottle. The group sat around naked for several minutes, talking to each other.

Then Randy stood up, walked over to Linda and took her hand. Round two had begun. Linda was about the same height as Jill, and a little heavier but not overweight. She had brown hair and blue eyes. “Terry, you coming with us?” he said. Terry stood up and followed Randy and Linda into the guest bedroom. They left the door open.

Jill stood up and walked over to Marty. “Come on, Marty, I need my ass fucked,” she said as she took his hand and led him up the stairs.

Ralph stood and took Lori’s hand. Lori grabbed John’s and the three of them went to the master bedroom at the end of the hall. Tom looked at Christina, who was the only one left in the room.

“Shall we join them?” he said. “Sure,” she replied, and the two of them followed Lori down the hall.

Christina was a Latin beauty. She was only 5’1″ but she had muscular legs, a tight ass, and 34 C breasts, which on her small frame really stood out. Her pussy lips were shaved smooth, but above her clit was a full bush of dark, curly pubic hair that now was all matted with cum. She barely weighed 100 pounds. She had tan skin, long dark brown hair that hung below her shoulders izmir escortlar and deep brown eyes. She obviously worked out. Tom couldn’t wait to sink his dick in her.

When they reached the master bedroom, Ralph was laying across the bed with Lori hovering over him sucking on his six-inch cock. John was behind her, with his tongue in her asshole and his fingers in her pussy. Tom turned to Christina, leaned down and drew her head to his, kissing her. She responded enthusiastically, rubbing her tits against his chest as they tongued each other’s mouths.

Tom reached down to Christina’s pussy and pushed two fingers in. She still had Ralph’s cum in her, but she was secreting her own juices in anticipation of fucking Tom. Tom lifted her up by her waist, put his hands under her muscular ass, and placed her pussy over the head of his cock. She was so light that it was easy to move her up and down on his cock.

“Oh, damn, Tom, that feels so good. Don’t stop, I’m gonna cum again,” Christina said. Then she began to suck on Tom’s neck.

On the king bed, John now had his tongue in Lori’s pussy and was lathering her asshole with lube and fucking it with his fingers. Lori raised up and slung one long leg over Ralph’s torso, grabbed his cock, and sat on it, taking it all in one move. Then she lay down on Ralph’s chest, and kissed him, grinding her hips on his cock and rubbing her nipples on his chest. John got behind her and pushed his cock to the entrance of her asshole. His cock was about the same length as Tom’s, seven inches, but not as big around. He pushed the head into her ass.

“Fuck, that feels good,” said Lori, pushing her ass back on John’s cock. Randy had fucked her virgin ass on her and Tom’s first swap. Since that night, she loved to have her ass fucked. She held still as Ralph and John got into a rhythm. They fucked her hard for 20 minutes, with John pushing all the way into her asshole as Ralph pulled back from her pussy. Then Ralph pushed in, and John pulled back. Lori started to convulse. “Ohh fuck, I’m cumming,” she said as an orgasm washed over her. “Shoot your cum in my holes. Fill me full of sperm,” she yelled as she clamped both her asshole and her pussy down on their dicks. They both started to spurt then, letting loose of their cum and causing Lori to cum again. Then John collapsed on Lori’s back. Both men left their cocks in Lori, and she reveled in being full of dick.

Christina rubbed her ample tits against Tom’s chest as he moved her up and down on his dick, at the same time thrusting his hips upwards into her. Christina was cumming about every two minutes. Tom’s legs began to tire, so he laid her down on her back on the bed, next to where Ralph, Lori and John all lay in a puppy pile. He began to fuck Christina missionary. She was really mobile, undulating her hips up and down on his cock as if they were hinged and rubbing her nipples against his chest at the same time. “She’s one hot fuck,” he thought to himself. “I’ve got to do this again.”

Christina started to cum again. “Pump me full,” she whispered in Tom’s ear. As she did so, she stuck her finger in her pussy with his cock, got it all covered with her cum and placed it on Tom’s asshole. She penetrated his crinkle hole, found his prostate, and massaged it.

“Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum,” said Tom. “Yes,” said Christina, pumping her hips upwards, “pound my pussy with your cock. Pump me full of cum. Make me all messy.”

Tom did just that, filling her with sperm. On his last spurt, he thrust as far into her as he could and held it there, deep in her pussy. Then he collapsed on her, gasping for breath.

Tom enjoyed soaking his shrinking dick in Christina’s cummy pussy for a few minutes. Then he went back to the family room, got the ice chest and returned to the master bedroom. The five of them talked and re-hydrated as the remaining guests slowly filtered into the master bedroom.

They all talked for a few minutes, and then people began pairing up again. Lori got with Bob and Tom got with Mandy. Tom sucked on Mandy’s olive-skinned tits and brown areolae as Mandy took his balls in her mouth and sucked on them. Mandy had a full bush of black hair, and it was all matted with Randy and Bob’s cum. Tom sucked on Mandy’s clit, twirling it with his tongue as he finger fucked her squishy pussy. Then he put her on her back and sank his dick into her pussy. Mandy, who was at least 5’10”, wrapped her long legs around Tom’s back and dug her heels into his shoulders as she thrust her full hips up to take more of his cock.

“Tom, you’re gonna make me cum again. Fill my cunt with more cum.”

Tom pounded away at her for a good ten minutes, making Mandy cum once more. Then Jill came over to him and got on her hands and knees near his head, beckoning at him. Tom dismounted from Mandy and got behind Jill, plunging his cock into Jill’s pussy in one thrust while sticking two fingers in her cummy asshole.

This time was more like an orgy, as they all readily changed partners every few minutes. After Tom fucked Jill doggy for a few minutes, she pushed Tom on his back and mounted him again. Then she had Bob fuck her ass while Tom was pounding her pussy. Then she paired up with Terry for a while. Everyone was fucking everyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32