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This is my first story . . . leave comments and part two can improve upon this beginning.


Mmmm, mmmm, oooh my God . . . .

I rubbed my clit furiously while reading this story about a maid getting fucked by her boss. It was a pretty ridiculous plot, but it did everything for me. Her sexy older boss knew exactly how to get her to stop masturbating on his bed while he was at work. Fuck it out of her. I was soaking wet just thinking about it. But I couldn’t hit an orgasm. Ever.

I had been 18 for almost three whole weeks and was by far the last girl from my high school’s graduating class with her virginity. Which, based on my public appearance as a high honor student and captain of two varsity sports, was not that surprising. Most people would even suspect that I was doing it, (or not doing it, depending on the way you saw it) on purpose. But I had this secret life as a dirty slut that watched porn, read dirty stories, masturbated while thinking about older men. Which would be enough to get me by until college started, if I had ever been able to bring myself to an orgasm. I had tried everything, read tips in magazines and online, gotten vibrators, and still nothing.

Which is why I made a plan to get fucked in the summer after high school ended. I was legal. I was free. I had nothing in the way of losing my virginity. I’m not exactly a supermodel, but I am pretty good looking. Nice curves, lean muscles from twelve straight seasons of varsity sports, with C cups, long, wavy brown hair, and blue eyes that set in really nicely with my lightly tanned summer skin. But I didn’t want some quickie with a teenage guy in the back seat of the car he borrows from his parents. I knew this wouldn’t satisfy the slut that I become in the privacy of my bedroom. I needed a man. I even had one in mind.

The assistant rowing coach, Brian Andrews, from my school. He was only five years older than me and whenever we talked it was like he was flirting with me, or at the very least liked me subconsciously. This one time when driving down to a regatta three hours away, he and I ended up sitting next to each other. He sat down in the aisle seat and even though there was room for us to be farther apart, our thighs and arms touched the entire way down. When he reached over me to pull down the window, my arm touched his crotch lightly, and when he sat back down I could tell he noticed, but he didn’t say anything. And, on my god, he had an amazing body. Four years of rowing division one in college made him tall, tan, and a perfect example of lean, strong muscle that rippled down his body.

Even though I planned on sleeping with him and we lived in the same small town, I had no real plans on how kartal escort bayan to run into him enough to get him to fuck me. Until, in the middle of July, I was presented with an opportunity. I normally run a few laps around a local man-made pond that served as swimming hole. It was almost an exact mile around and I liked to make use of it in the early morning so that I could see the sunrise as I drove up. However, this one day I overslept. Not one to miss my run, I headed out about an hour later than I was used to, knowing that by that time I probably would have to deal with at least a dog walker rather than the nice solitude I preferred. As I pulled in, I saw the expected two other cars. One of which had a woman and her yellow lab climbing out. The other car’s driver seemed to be swimming the length of the pond for laps. I stretched out my quads and calves, very aware of the woman’s judgmental eyes on my very short spandex shorts and semi-loose exercise tank top. Rolling my eyes, I began my run, enjoying the scenery and the strong back muscles of the man swimming.

Four laps and about a half an hour later, I jogged back to my car, covered in sweat from the rising sun and my long ponytail becoming annoying loose. I got some water stretched and stripped my tank top so I could change into a drier shirt. As all of this was happening, I barely noticed the swimmer leaving the water, toweling off. Then he called out to me.

“Hey Eliza,” he said, his eyes glancing over my semi-clothed body almost too quickly for me to notice. Almost.

“Hey Coach, I didn’t realize that was you in there,” my heart was racing as I responded to my dripping wet fantasy standing directly in front of me.

“Eliza, you graduated, I think at this point you can just call me Brian. It’s great to see you,” he said, opening his arms for a hug. I walked over to embrace him thinking about how I could slowly spend the rest of my summer at this pond, getting him to lust after me.

The hug was warm and kind, and as he pulled away, my plan was shot in the face as my body took over and kissed him. This was definitely not what he was expected, and to be honest, not what expected at all either. He fell into the kiss for a second, but then quickly, but gently, grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back, shock on his face. I think I might have actually turned red so deeply that it probably looked like I had painted my face for a football game.

“Umm, wow, I’m really sorry . . . I don’t what just happened, I wasn’t thinking. Sorry,” I stammered out pathetically. God, I thought, I am so pathetic, there goes any chance I might have had. Brian face was unreadable, he was unknowingly torturing me with words escort maltepe he hadn’t even said yet. Then he smiled, confusing me beyond belief.

“Eliza . . . . I’m not your coach anymore, we can do what we want.”

“We? As in you like me too?” I felt relieved that I wasn’t getting lectured, but I was too used to thinking of this as a fantasy that I was suspicious.

“Of course, I spent this past year trying to keep myself from flirting with you, and I’m not always sure I was successful. I really like you too.” His smiling face was so amazingly gorgeous that I think he dropped my IQ about ten points.

“Oh. Well, that’s insane,” I said, just short of being shocked into silence. Then it really hit me and I realized that I could actually have him. Then I kissed him again. It was amazing, perfect, and it made me glow. I almost couldn’t even kiss me for smiling so much, and when I pulled up for air, I could see he was smiling too.

“Do you maybe wanna come over to my apartment for breakfast?” He asked, as though this wasn’t the craziest thing to ever happen in the history of our combined existence.

I somehow managed to get out a “sure” and then keep my car on the road as I followed him for the short drive to his place. I even manage to walked the few flights of stairs and keep up small talk. How, I will probably never know, but I did it. Then, the unexpected happened, we walked in, he closed the door, and, in the quickest of moves, he pressed me up against the closest wall and brought me into the most passionate kiss of my life. My body took over from my mind as I wound my hands in his still wet hair and my tongue explored his. His hands explored my body, moving strongly from my upper back down towards my thighs, lingering at my hips to circle his hands around my ass. Then he kept moving, finally stopping to grab the crook of my knee and bring it up to wrap around him. My hands found their way under his shirt, feeling his tight abs and strong chest. After a few moments, or it might have been a few days, he broke the kiss. Both of our shirts were on the ground, we were breathing heavily and our hair was laughable.

“Eliza, do you really want to eat breakfast because I had something else in mind that we could do,” his eyes and grin were spelling out the message with perfect clarity. He wanted me, and of course I wanted him too.

“I already ate,” I said with a small smile. “But I should tell you . . . I’m a virgin,” internally cringing as I thought about how he would react to this news.

“Okay, we only have to go as far as you’re comfortable with,” he said, thinking I was saying no to sex.

“No, no, I want to go all the way, I was just hoping pendik escort you we’re okay with it. I mean, I am so ready to have sex, I masturbate all the time, and I just can’t orgasm, and I mean, if you want me and I want you too, I don’t see anything holding us back . . .” I trailed off as I realized I was speaking way too fast and giving out way too much information. Luckily, he smiled.

“You’ve masturbate all the time?” His smile turned into this sexy wicked grin. I was suddenly very embarrassed.

I nodded, mortified.

“Well, aren’t you a dirty girl?” This was definitely not how I expected things to go, I couldn’t even speak. “I think I can help you out with that orgasm problem,” he said before picking me up over his shoulder before I could even think of responding and walked me over to his bedroom, eventually dropping me lightly on his bed. He pulled off my shoes and socks, followed by shorts.

This whole process got me very wet, especially now that I was only in a sports bra and a thong on the bed of the man that had been occupying my fantasies for months. I propped myself up on my elbows and smiled at him, hopefully projecting a confidence I didn’t have. He leaned over me and gave me quick kiss before pulling off my sports bra. I was really hoping he couldn’t hear my heart about to burst out of my chest. Then he tweaked each of my nipples and moved his head down to kiss around each of my perky breasts. He continued to trail down my stomach with kisses, and I was surprised with the amount of anticipation I felt for what was about to happen. I knew from reading and from some of my friends that a guy going down on you could be really amazing, but I just never really thought of someone doing it to me before. I was dripping with how erotic this morning had become.

He was past my belly button at this time, about to hit my thong. As he got closer to his destination, his hands reached down from their position of fondling my breasts to pull down my thong, throwing it behind him to reveal my completely shaved mound. He then kissed each of my pussy lips before pushing my legs as far apart as they could go. I felt his warm breath on me as his tongue found my clit. I arched my back and leaned into him as far as I could manage. He was taking my breath away. I was bursting with pure pleasure. Then he took two fingers and stuck them inside of me, fucking me quickly. The pleasure built as he continued to lick and suck my clit with what was obviously an expert tongue and all of a sudden I exploded. I cried out as tremors shook my body, my back arching higher and my toes curling as I had the first orgasm of my young life. He continued to finger fuck me as I rode this intensity to the end.

I was breathing heavily as my body calmed down, still shaken with small aftershocks of the orgasm. Brian brought his body up onto mine, smiling at my reaction.

“Well, I guess now we’ve gotten that first out of the way,” he murmured.

To be continued . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32