Love over the Alps

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It is summertime here in the States, and I am on yet another long flight from JFK on a business trip to Frankfurt. Thankfully this is a direct flight, and I will have time to catch some sleep when I get to my hotel.

I am in Business Class, seat 4B, the airline having recognized and rewarded my loyalty as a frequent flyer. I settle back and nurse my favorite scotch, and I am in a very relaxed mood.

‘Excuse me please, may I pass, that’s my seat – 4A’. I turn and notice a tall redhead with the longest pair of legs I have seen in a long long time.

‘Oh, sorry! Here let me help you’, I say, remembering my manners in time. “Would you like me to help you with that bag” I said motioning to the overhead bin. Our fingers made contact as I took the handle of the bag from her hands. They felt soft and warm, in the cool of the aircraft cabin.

‘Yes, thank you’ she says and steps past me into her seat. I catch the faint whiff of her perfume. Was it Chanel? This must be my lucky day indeed, a sweet smelling woman seated next to me.

She smiled at me as I sat down. We exchanged a few pleasantries, talked about the weather, work, our busy lives and schedules. She was traveling to Spain on a vacation, and would be spending some time in Barcelona,.

Soon dinner was served and it was very well presented, Ataşehir Escort although it seemed like it was portioned for kids rather than adults. A little later, the lights were dimmed in the cabin. I could hear people talking around me, and other gently drifted off and dozed, and the hum of the aircraft engines had its effect on us, and slowly both of us talked less and less and pretty soon she was asleep.

I am a light sleeper. I must have been asleep maybe for an hour or so, before I woke to feel her against me. She had turned so that she was resting against me. Her face was turned towards mine, and her lips were inches from mine. Her breath felt so sweet. I was tempted to almost steal a kiss. Those full lips that I had noticed earlier were so luscious and tempting.

A soft moan escapes her lips. I look around to see if anyone had heard her. The seats across and behind are empty. All is quiet, the lights are out, and everyone is fast asleep. I wonder what she is dreaming of. Evidently something that was igniting some passion in her mind. She snuggled a little closer. I move gently to make her more comfortable. She was now supported against my body and my arm holds her so she would not completely fall over on to me. I was hesitant to wake her. I enjoyed the fact that I was holding such Ataşehir Escort Bayan a beautiful woman in my arms. She moved again and now my forearm is pressed against her breast. I can feel the hard nipple underneath through the silky material of her blouse. I am a bit nervous, of where we are, and what if someone were to discover us?

I notice that the top buttons on her blouse are unbuttoned. Her hand moves and rests lightly on mine. Slowly she moves my hand up till it cups her left breast. I can feel the nipple coming alive and she moans and arches herself. I turn in my seat to hold her as she slides on to me. She slips my hand past the waistband of her skirt, and I come into contact with bare skin. I throw caution to the winds. I slowly slide my hand down and encounter the silken down together with the moistness of her sex. She is so very wet. My fingers do what she wants me to do, and our lips meet and we kiss passionately.

She unlocks the clasp of my belt, and unbuttons me. Then she proceeds to slip my engorged throbbing cock, dripping precum all over fingers out of my boxers. In one quick move, she lifts her skirt and straddles me, my throbbing palpitating cock now sucked in, and sliding past her hot wet pussy lips. She is lithe and agile, and her hips do miracles as we kiss, Escort Ataşehir fucking me, riding me, grinding onto me. She is slowly fucking me, and the most incredible sensations flood my loins as our lips and tongues are dueling it out. She bites my neck, sucks my throat, she is a sexual beast ravaging me.

I feel the tension building, her motions are ever so gentle, and in the restriction of movement, each thrust seems magnified a million times, I can feel her pussy walls clenching and releasing me, I feel the gravelly sensation in the pit of my stomach build up. She senses it too, and she whispers “It is okay, cum in me”. I can wait no longer, I groan as an avalanche of cum builds up and rolls down my shaft, pulsing, shooting creamy cum as her walls grip and milk me dry. She continues to sit there as I grow limp in her. She takes one of the serviettes and slides it under her as she rolls off me. I pull the blanket up and cover myself, I swear the whole cabin smells of sex. She cuddles next to me, this stranger, now joined and familiar to me through our sexual tryst.

We touched down in Frankfort Main, and as we were taxiing to the gates, she is awake, and reaches across and wipes her lipstick off my lips. Leaning across she says ‘Thank you for the wonderful conversation, and I had a good time.’, She hands me business card, and tells me that she will be back in New York in a couple of weeks. “Call me” she says as she steps into the aisle.

I let her pass, and watch as she walks away to catch her connection. Did I imagine all this? Her soft musky scent on my fingers tells me that it was not a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32