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Note: Thank you for all the feedback on Loving Sam’s start. I welcome any and all comments that you readers have–both positive and negative! If you catch something out of place or have any questions, please send me a message! I’m more than happy to address any concerns, etc. Thanks, LitLovers! 😉

* * *

A look of panic swept across my face. “Fuck!” I whispered and the two of us dashed out of bed and started to dress as fast as we could.

“Sam?” We heard a male’s voice on the other side of the door. Who the hell is that? My hands were fumbling as quickly as my hands would allow, but my zipper was stuck. Sam stopped a moment to zip me up and placed a kiss on my shoulder.

“Ryan,” he said, as if reading my mind.

“Coming!” Sam called and looked at me, adding, “That’s what she said.”

I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t suppress the grin. “That’s what I said,” I replied smugly.

Sam waggled his eyebrows at me and unlocked the door, letting my sister and Sam’s best man, Ryan, in.

“Sam!” My sister yelped and leapt at him. Her husband was taken aback by the abrupt gesture and held her. “Hayley,” he whispered, surprised at her sudden movement, and helped her stand up straight.

Ryan looked over at where I was awkwardly standing against the dresser. My hands and feet were fidgeting. I gave him a faint smile and immediately felt paranoid—did everyone know? Could Ryan tell what had just happened in here moments ago? I felt like he could. I felt like Hayley could. I felt like the whole world knew what a homewrecking slut I was. I had to get out of here.

“What were you doing up here?” Hayley asked. Sam had lied her down on the bed and helped her out of her shoes.

“Stomach. Hannah came up to check on me,” he offered and she smiled at me.

“Thanks, Han. You’re such a good sister—to me and now to Sam!” She beamed and touched Sam’s face at the words. I felt like vomiting, but I mustered back a weak smile.

“My work here is done,” I said before exiting. Ryan jumped at the opportunity to get out of this increasingly awkward situation.

“Mine, too” he said, bahis firmaları quickly walking behind me and letting the door slam behind us. I heard my sister start to giggle and Sam’s boyish laughter filled the space we were leaving. In that very moment, I wanted to die. I wanted to literally expire at the thought of those two being together, but who was I kidding?

Ryan Bell and I walked in an awkward silence back to the elevator. He stood 6’5″, 220 pounds of pure toned muscle, with dark hazel eyes that blended perfectly with his tanned skin. His shaggy blond hair was worn in a faux-hawk, which I had always detested, but Ryan Bell and his David Beckham-like appearance could pull it off. On all accounts, Ryan was sexy, too. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t taken my turn crushing on the unattainable Ryan Bell– Ryan had been a basketball star in high school, class president, and valedictorian of Hayley’s class. Two years my senior, he drove the fastest car, had the savviest ambitions of being a lawyer and was the nicest guy you would ever meet. He had to be gay.

“I still can’t believe Sam finally did it,” Ryan said, holding the elevator doors open for me. My heart froze. “I just mean, I can’t believe Sam actually got married. I never thought I would see the day!” Ryan flashed an adorable grin at me and I smiled back.

“My sister is one lucky girl,” I offered, relieved Ryan didn’t seem aware of what had just happened. “There aren’t many guys like Sam anymore.”

“That’s true. But, Hannah, c’mon—where do you think he learned all that charm? This guy right here.” He pointed at himself and I had to laugh.

“If you say so, Ryan.”

“What?” He gave me an exaggerated hurt look. “You don’t think I’m charming?”

“I never said that.”

“Then what is it?”

I stood there, watching the numbers light up on the elevator floors, nearing the third floor where both my and Ryan’s rooms were located.

“Hannah, what?”

I bit my lip. “Well, um, aren’t you gay?”

Ryan let out a loud laugh. “Gay? Why? What makes you think that?!”

I shrugged, suddenly feeling very embarrassed kaçak iddaa and self-conscious. “I-I don’t know. You just never had many girlfriends in high school and come on—look at you. You’re hot. What gives?”

He smirked and moved towards me. At once, I felt a charge of electricity between us, followed by an overwhelming desire to explore Ryan’s tattooed body.

“I’m a gentleman, Miss Daniels. I take pride in my metrosexuality. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to please a woman.”

I felt my pulse climbing. “I bet.”

“For instance,” he said, stroking the side of my face lightly, “I want you to know that you, my darling, are quite breathtakingly gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” I said weakly.

“But I want to rip your dress off and fuck you right here, in this elevator. I want that tight shrine between your legs,” he reached down against my crotch and teasingly left his palm there, “to envelop my cock and milk me dry.”

My heart stopped. “W-what?”

“You heard me,” he growled and in an instant, his lips met mine and he devoured at my mouth hungrily. I placed my hand around his tie, bringing him closer to me. Ryan’s kissing was phenomenal, too much for me. My head was spinning. What would he say if he knew I had just taken his best friend’s load there only a short while ago? Why was I kissing him back? Was it my built up sexual frustration? The interruption of my sister and Ryan just as I was planning on fucking Sam with abandon? And just as quickly as it had started, he stopped.

“But,” he said, standing up straight and adjusting his tie, “I believe in chivalry. A gentleman would ask the lady to join him for dinner first.”

I frowned, baffled. He smirked and led me down the hallway towards the block of rooms reserved for my sister’s wedding guests. “Key?” He asked, gesturing for my room key. I opened my clutch and gave it to him, and as he swiped access into my room, I felt incredibly alive. Two men? In one night? How slutty could I be? Maybe the better question was how slutty I was willing to be?

“Goodnight, Hannah. Sweet dreams,” he said, placing a kiss on the kaçak bahis side of my cheek and trotted down the hallway.

What the fuck?

In the shower, I mulled over everything that happened–finally being with Sam, the taste of his cum, the feeling of his tongue inside of me. The thoughts warmed me between my legs. And then I remembered the adrenaline in almost getting caught–Hayley’s voice at the door, the dashing Ryan stepping in behind her. And Ryan. My god Ryan Bell! His forwardness in the elevator…

Without realizing it, I had my fingers exploring my bare pussy in the shower. Lightly caressing myself, feeling incredibly turned and on and inexplicably horny. Yes, Sam had been here….but yes, I had wanted Ryan in here, too. I thrust two fingers deep inside of me at the thought of taking the two of them at once, Sam’s cock filling my mouth, Ryan fucking me from behind. The slutty ambitions I held for wanting both of those men to fill my holes…it was electrifying. I gripped the bar of the hotel’s shower and forced my fingers in deeper, water cascading around me, the steam only adding to my arousal.

“Yes, fuck me,” I whispered, feeling how close I was, my fingers darting in and out quickly. “Yes! Like that!” I moaned and felt the familiar climbing in my legs, picturing Ryan gripping my hips and spanking my ass while Sam plunged his cock in and out of my mouth. I imagined them cumming at the same time–Ryan deep inside of me and Sam shooting his load down my mouth again. I came at the the thought, too–shuddered, feeling my climax, my pussy throbbing around my fingers and I closed my eyes, deep in thought, too numb to move.

As I laid curled up in the hotel room, I glanced at my phone: two unread text messages.

From: Sam Jackson

Sunday, July 15, 2012 1:08 A.M.

I got off in the shower thinking about us again. I love you.

My heart melted. Sweet Sam. Sweet, married Sam.

From: Ryan Bell

Sunday, July 15, 2012 1:30 AM

Dinner on Thursday. I’d like you for dessert.

A wicked grin spread across my lips. Why bothering replying to either text tonight? They could certainly wait, right?

I drifted off to sleep, sexy thoughts of two sexy men filling my dreams that quickly turned into a nightmare about Hayley discovering Sam and me together.

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