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The rain beats softly against the window as I stare out toward the view, papers in hand. People walking the streets below, look more like robots from this height. The tree- lined river running along the street, makes a hard left and fade off in the distance. I pause. Oh well, back to the matter at hand.

I am just a junior partner but it’s something I’ve always wanted. Only three members in this firm, and I am an important part of it. I worked hard for a law degree and I want it to mean something. I am where I want to be, even in the place where I came from, Colorado. And, right now, I am with the person I love and care for. It couldn’t’ be better.

“What ‘s that Sam? Yes, I’ll be right there.”

Time to go see my boss on this and wrap it up. It’s 4:30. I better start home. The traffic Is murder this time of the evening.

I’ve been driving this car for some time now. Perhaps a new one is in the works, with the new job, I think to myself, as I pull out of the parking lot and head toward the freeway. The wipers swish away the rain drops as I head for home.

“Oh god it’s 6:30 already, and beginning to get dark,” as I pull in the driveway. “Where is she? She didn’t call or text me.”

Last casino şirketleri night, she said something that made me think. She said she’s been watching me. I’ve been rooming with this tall, leggy blond for years. Lucinda is kind of crazy that way. She says some funny things some times. Most of the time I blow it off. This time it was different and I’m curious.

Oh well, as I retrieve my things. “I’ve got to get in the house.”

I open the door and duck, placing my book over my head to shield from the rain. As I push the door shut, I’m shoved against the side.

“What the fuck,” as the book falls to the driveway.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

“Lucinda, is that you?”

“Quiet. You want the neighbors to hear?”

I hear nothing else, my back against the car, as I feel my blouse being undone one button at a time. By now, my hair is soaking wet, rain dripping down my face, in my eyes, and off the tip of my nose. My clothes are wet too. I feel the cold metal of the car on my back, as my blouse comes off. She presses herself against me, reaches underneath and behind me and undoes my bra. As the straps come off my shoulders, I think to myself, is this Lucinda?

She is now at my jeans, casino firmaları unzipped and halfway down my legs. Water is running slowly down between my breasts; my nipples rock hard. I feel a strange desire as I methodically step out of my jeans. This is the Lucinda I’ve been around for years, even saw her naked and thought nothing of it. But now this was different. My god she is at you like a pack of wolves after a wounded sheep.

Now her mouth is pressed against mines, her tongue frantically searching my mouth. I grab her and pull her close, as I feel a deep desire arising out of me, opening my mouth to her. Our tongues dance for a while. She finally releases.

Rain is dripping off of both of us, as she moves down, alternating between both nipples, eagerly sucking and biting them. I grab her head, moaning, my breathing increases, as I begin to feel that stirring between my legs, those tingles, that swelling. The tension increases.

“I had no idea.”

She is now tugging at my rain soaked panties, effortlessly moving them down to my ankles.

Now her tongue is at my bellybutton and moving down slowly. My wet hands, my nails are digging into her back as she grabs my hips and begins to kiss me all over güvenilir casino there. I can hear her breathing and her moans as she finds my clit and begins little circles around it with her tongue. I let out a loud moan, and thrust my hips against her, as she takes my clit in her mouth and begins to suck it. I arch my back, my head against the car.

A little stream of water trickles down between my breasts, down the front of me, down between my legs, and on to her face, as she begins to bite and pull at my lips. The rain can’t match my wetness. I feel flushed, my pussy is throbbing.

“Oh my god, “I moan, as I feel a finger slip inside me, now two. I jerk my hips and cry out, “Lucinda!”

Now she has a thumb on my clit wagging it back and forth, as she moves those fingers in and out rapidly. I feel pressure building. My pussy is pulsing; my stomach begins to flutter. I grab my rain soaked breast, my mouth open to the rain. It’s coming.

My moans come quicker, as I feel the contractions. Oh fuck, I scream softly. Waves of pleasure shoot through me as I let go and uncontrollably squirt all over her face, and then again, and once more, now momentarily lost somewhere.

My legs give and I slide down the side of the car, gasping. My naked butt slaps against the driveway, my legs spread eagle, as I open my eyes. She is sitting there, her hair, her clothe soaking wet, rain dripping off her smiling face.

“Welcome home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32